Automatic cat feeders: Types, Selection rules best cat Feeders buyers guide

The cat’s health and mood depend on how she eats. It is necessary to provide the pet with a correct and balanced diet. In addition, it is very important to ensure that the cat eats regularly. Special automatic feeders are great helpers in the care of pets. It’s worth getting to know these useful devices.

Automatic Cat Feeders

How does Automatic cat Feeders work?

The automatic feeder works very simply and clearly. In operation, such a device also demonstrates unpretentious and quiet light. This device works as follows:

  1. the device has a special loading capacity, pour the right amount of feed into it, which you usually feed the kitty;
  2. the container with the feed poured into it must be carefully closed with a lid and securely fixed, so that you protect the feeder from attempts by the animal to open it;
  3. then you can start the timer available in such a device – you must set the necessary time intervals, as a rule, it is 8, 12 and 24 hours;
  4. you can safely put the feeder in the usual place for the cat, where she is accustomed to eating.

There are more functional models with the option of audio recording. If your device has a similar addition, then with its help you can set a conditional call signal for a hungry pet.

Kinds of Automatic cat Feeders

Automatic cat feeders are different. Today on sale you can find several varieties of these devices.

  • Mechanical feeders. The simplest, of course, are the inexpensive mechanical options for cat feeders. Such devices are characterized by a simple, but very reliable design, not prone to breakage and also for outdoor automatic cat feeder. In such a product, it is necessary to fill the container immediately after the pet eats. For this reason, we can conclude that there is no need to talk about the proper diet with a mechanical feeder.
  • Puzzle feeders. More interesting and expensive are special items combined with a puzzle for a cat. Such devices will especially appeal to cats, which are naturally quite curious and inquisitive. In these models there are peculiar labyrinths that must be overcome. The food in these devices remains fresh, while the pet itself significantly increases vital activity, the level of intelligence increases.
  • Models with multiple compartments. Devices with several separate compartments are very popular today. Typically, these options are battery-powered. At a specific set time, a food compartment opens in such bowls. It is allowed to apply not only for simple dry but also for wet foods (you can also fall asleep natural food if desired). Ice is embedded in one of the departments of such models, which prevents wet food from deteriorating.
  • With a timer. Another popular and popular car model is equipped with a timer. Such a device is very convenient and useful, as consumers say, who bought it for their pets. These options are also divided into several departments, which are revealed alternately at the appointed time. On sale there are different options for such car. You can choose the option only for dry food, and it is possible to find a model designed for all types of food for the animal.

So, one of the most effective and practical is the feeder, which provides for feeding the cat for as long as 90 days.

  • With a dispenser. No less comfortable instance – automatic feeders with dispenser. In these dosed models, the shutter slides back at the right time. After this, the food is poured into a bowl.
  • Electronic models. Functional electronic models for cats are popular today. Such a smart bowl is the most convenient to use. Such a device will be especially useful if not only one, but several domestic animals live in the house, eating in different modes. They are intended for a long absence of owners and are equipped with the following useful digital functions:
    • a display on which all the data necessary to adjust the flow of a new portion of food into a cat bowl is displayed;
    • sensors responsible for the direct operation of the device;
    • the ability to record the voice of the owner who calls the animal.
  • Remote controlled devices. Many consumers today choose the most convenient remote-controlled devices in operation. These models are able to connect to the Internet to communicate with a cat through a smartphone, computer or tablet. Due to the smart service, the owners can be in the know at any time and keep control of the cat’s food supply. It controls both the amount of feed, and the time of its feed, and even the percentage of unnecessary impurities in food.

Such an interesting and thought out to the smallest detail device is able to calculate the necessary dose of food, taking into account the age, weight and direct behavior of the cat.

Best Automatic Cat Feeders

  1. petsafe healthy pet simply feed automatic feeder
  2. SuperFeed CSF-3
  3. Lusmo
  4. PetSafe 5 Pet Feeder

4 Best Automatic cat Feeders Review

If you decide to purchase an automatic feeder for your pet, then you should choose the right models from branded and high-quality copies. Such options last for a long time and, as a rule, are not damaged. Let’s get to know more closely some popular and well-established instances that are in enviable demand.

petsafe healthy pet simply feed automatic feeder

Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder

 Petsafe automatic feeder device, the owners have the opportunity to independently dose certain portions of food, as well as properly configure them. If you want to limit the power of the animal, then such a device is best for you. The main advantages of this device are the following:

  • durable materials of which the feeder is made;
  • this model is very easy to configure;
  • you can customize portions;
  • you can configure the device so that the animal can eat 12 times a day;
  • prevents the rapid consumption of feed with the function of its gradual feed;
  • the device is equipped with a bowl made of stainless steel (it is very convenient to wash in a dishwasher);
  • With the pause function, you can stop the feed cycle.
  • petsafe six meal automatic pet feeder

True, this device does not have a timer and an AC adapter.

SuperFeed CSF-3

SuperFeed CSF-3

 is another functional automatic feeder that can be a real salvation for an avid traveler who is absent from home quite often. This device automates the process of feeding pets. Its main advantages are the following:

  • relative flexibility;
  • the ability to customize the food delivery schedule;
  • food breaks do not need preliminary programming;
  • This device works especially well with fine granules;
  • the lid is durable and cannot be opened;
  • works for two cats with eight feeding programs.

But such a model is not so easy to assemble, and also it does not have a backup power source.



Lusmo is a great automatic feed dispenser with which you can easily control your pet’s weight. This feeder has an attractive design and is easy to carry from place to place. Its main advantages are the following:

  • the ability to regulate portions of food served;
  • mealtimes can be changed at different times;
  • full stock in this device can be stored for 10 days;
  • the cover is easily and firmly locked;
  • The LCD monitor is easy to read and displays the time and condition of the battery.

But in the dishwasher this model cannot be washed, and also it does not work with all types of feed.

PetSafe 5 Pet Feeder

PetSafe 5 Pet Feeder

is another popular model of petsafe healthy pet simply feed automatic feederSuch a device can feed a pet at least 5 times a day, but you can install only 4 dishes. The main advantages of this model are the following:

  • reliable polypropylene from which the device is made;
  • the presence of several compartments and one dry free tank;
  • the presence of a protective system against vandalism from the side of a fluffy bully;
  • this model can be easily programmed;
  • the presence of a digital timer can be considered another important plus;
  • the presence of a removable tray, simplifying the cleaning of the structure;
  • for the device to work, you need to have only 4 batteries;
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

This model is quite noisy. Batteries in the kit usually do not go, they need to be bought separately.

Pros and cons Automatic Cat Feeders

Caring for pets lies entirely on the shoulders of their owners. Despite the fact that cats are considered one of the most unpretentious pets, they still need to ensure proper care. It is very important to properly feed a mustached domestic friend so that he is healthy and active. It is for this that modern automatic feeders are used. If you want to purchase this useful and necessary device, then you first need to find out what its advantages and disadvantages are. Let’s start with the good – we will analyze the advantages of such items.

  • The main advantage is that it feeds the animal automatically. A person does not need to take any action – do not pour food into a bowl, the feeder will do it for you.
  • Thanks to such a device, it is possible to control and comply with all the nutritional standards necessary for cats. In this case, not only daily feeding is implied, but also the instructions of veterinarians.
  • With this device, you can safely leave the cat alone at home for about 5-7 days, without fear that she will be hungry and there will be no one to feed her. Of course, the indicated norm of 5-7 days directly depends on which model of the feeding trough you selected. They vary in their volumes.
  • On sale, you can meet special models of feeders, which are designed to feed the feed for as long as 90 days. Of course, these copies are more expensive, but they are very effective and useful when compared with standard options.
  • If the owners are forgetful, and the cat himself is not used to loudly demanding delicacies, then an automatic feeder can be a great way out of the situation. The animal will always be full, even if you forget to feed him.
  • Such devices are absolutely safe, since, as a rule, they work on batteries.
  • Thanks to a high-quality automatic feeder, the feed always remains protected from moisture or drying out. Food for the cat will remain fresh and tasty.
  • In some models, there are several compartments at once, in which not only ordinary dry, but also automatic cat feeder wet food can be. In addition, clean fresh water can also be poured into such devices.
  • In unplanned times, such feeders never open. The food from them will not be lost anywhere, the animal will not reach it ahead of time.
  • Thanks to the timer, the cat develops a special acquired instinct in the auto feeder, because of which it will definitely not miss the mealtime.
  • There are modern models of automatic feeders with voice recording.
  • Interesting are special feeders equipped with a labyrinth at the top. Such devices are designed specifically for smart and smart cats that prefer to “fight for their piece of bread.”
  • With such a device, it becomes possible to effectively distribute the nutritional load on the body of a pet. The gastrointestinal tract works better under such conditions, which positively affects the general health of the cat. This effect is especially true when it comes to a glutton cat that eats too much at one meal.
  • The range of cat feeders pleases with its variety. The choice of consumers presented a lot of different models of such devices. They differ in functionality and volume, as well as in price. On sale, you can find not only expensive but also budget copies of feeders.

There are a lot of positive qualities in modern automatic feeders. However, this does not mean at all that they are ideal and devoid of weaknesses. So, if you are used to feeding your pet not with dry, but with automatic cat feeder wet food, then you will have to invest in a special model with a cold element. But even such a device will not make it possible to leave the mentioned type of food in case of your long absence – even with cooling, wet food can not be stored for more than one day.

There are also such varieties of cat feeders in which there is a timing for opening the compartment with food. Typically, these devices have large and capacious containers for food – these options are ideal for situations where you plan to be absent for a long time. However, such devices have a serious minus – with such storage of feed with the ingress of air, bacteria enter the product. In addition, the food can begin to harden, acquiring an unpleasant musty aroma and not the best taste.

Selection rules

The automatic pet feeder should be selected very carefully. It is recommended that you pay attention to several, particularly important criteria.

  • Color and workmanship. It is necessary to choose models made of high-quality plastic or metal. Do not buy devices with chips, scratches or other similar damage. If you feel an unpleasant chemical smell from the product, then it is also not recommended to take it. Take a look at the colors of the model. It should not irritate the eyesight of the pet.
  • Mode of operation and programming. It is recommended to choose models that are designed for programming for several days.
  • Capacity volume and method of food supply. Tank sizes may vary. In some models, they are approximately 3 kg, and in others – not more than 1.5 kg. The most convenient options are those that serve large portions of feed-in separate compartments.
  • Device Security Level. The model must be absolutely stable so that the cat cannot drop it and knock it over. In addition, it is important to pre-allocate space for this device. Take care of the comfort of the pet so that it does not starve.
  • Efficiency and application features. Even in the store, you need to make sure that the selected model is working properly. Use the feeder only in accordance with the instructions that come with the kit.
  • Warranty. Buy only branded models covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Such devices can be repaired under warranty. This is especially important if you have an electric feeder with a complex structure.
  • A store. It is not recommended to buy such things in obscure street shops. Go shopping for a quality branded feeder in a specialized store. Thus, you will protect yourself from buying a low-quality model that will quickly fail.

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