TOP 10 best antiviruses for computer Free and Paid 2022

Each user of a personal computer with an Internet connection thinks about the security of his device. Computer viruses are malicious programs or pieces of code that can seriously damage the hardware of a device. With their help, they also steal the user’s personal data, remotely control the computer, and so on.

10 Best Antiviruses For Computer Free And Paid

Here we will discuss 10 Best Antiviruses For Computer Free And Paid. Today, the most dangerous are Trojans that disguise themselves as ordinary software so that the user can install them on his computer with his own hands. They can delete data of the owner of the computer, steal them, including passwords from browsers – this leads to the loss of access to social networks, e-mail. In addition to Trojans, there are also a very large number of viruses that can infect a personal computer or laptop. In order to prevent this, there are special programs – antiviruses that timely detect such software and do not allow the user to install it.

The choice of antiviruses is large – there are paid and free types with different degrees of protection. Finding the right one for yourself is not as easy as it seems at first glance. To make this task easier for you, we decided to devote this review to antivirus programs. Before proceeding with the analysis of the applications themselves and their capabilities, we decided to give the main points that you need to focus on when choosing an anti-virus program. So, we will start with them.

What are features of good antivirus?

There is no consensus on which antivirus is better and which is worse. This program must necessarily contain an anti-virus monitor. This is a special section that analyzes folders and files with which the user most often works – it is in them that in most cases the antivirus gets.

What Are Features Of Good Antivirus?

Another important function is a scanner, which at regular intervals examines the hard disk and RAM for viruses. The scanner is most useful when analyzing the contents of external media.

The possibility of self-defense of the virus will not be superfluous – it allows the antivirus to protect itself from the penetration of malicious program code. There are virus programs that deliberately penetrate the antivirus, disable its functions and disrupt its performance. This program also has the ability to monitor the operation of applications – if a Trojan gets into them, the antivirus will begin to correct functions and return the application to its normal state.

It is very important to be able to safely surf the Internet. This type of control provides traffic control, preventing the download of potentially malicious scripts and preventing the user from visiting sites with suspicious elements in their code. New dangerous programs appear almost every day. Security software developers know this and regularly release database updates so that antiviruses can detect threats in a timely manner. Most programs are equipped with an automatic update system, which is very convenient, since the user does not have to think about this.

Many antiviruses available on the market are characterized by high consumption of computer resources. It is advisable to choose software that will not overload the RAM. Otherwise, it will not be very comfortable to work with such a computer.

Our rating, in fact, consists of two parts – in the first, we looked at free applications that may be useful for home computer owners. The second group includes an overview of paid programs installed in office machines. When compiling the rating, we took into account the reviews of users and professionals, the ratio of the price and quality of the product. We hope that after studying it, you will be able to choose the most suitable application for yourself, which will provide the highest level of comfort.

Best Antiviruses For Computer Free

Microsoft Windows Defender

Microsoft Windows Defender

This is software released by a company that develops Windows operating systems. It is used to protect against the occurrence of malicious spyware modules. The application first appeared in Windows XP systems, now it is regularly present in all operating systems. This program uses a number of additional security modules that can track the appearance of malicious software in different parts of the OS in real time. It analyzes the list of programs that are launched automatically without the user’s knowledge when the operating system boots. It also checks the components associated with Internet Explorer. All actions performed by applications are also closely monitored. If there is a suspicion of incorrect operation,

All information about emerging threats is automatically sent to the developer, but before each sending the program will ask the user for permission. If necessary, a person can select a file or program that will not be tracked by the antivirus. This software has an original function called “Autonomous Defender”, with its help from the computer quickly eliminated programs that can cause the greatest harm. After activating this feature, the computer will restart, and a comprehensive analysis of the software will take about 15 minutes.

  • A good filter of potential threats when used as the main browser Internet Explorer;
  • There is no need to install it separately – its installation file is included with the operating system;
  • Doesn’t load RAM;
  • Convenient interface.
  • Doesn’t work very well with external media;
  • The databases are updated quite rarely.

Comodo Internet Security

Comodo Internet Security

Best Antiviruses For Computer Free. This application is absolutely free software, thanks to which you can not only reliably protect your personal computer from viruses, but also from sites that can cause harm. This is done thanks to the built-in Firewall. The program is very easy to install, so it is well suited for novice users. It is completely Russified, which makes it very convenient. After installation, it is imperative to update the anti-virus databases, after which this software can be used. The application will check absolutely all files received on a personal computer, including those in the archives. The interface is very clear, there are a large number of settings, so the user, if necessary, can configure this antivirus for himself.

This application requires a minimum amount of system resources to run properly. It allows you to quickly detect and remove spyware, well protects the most important files that are responsible for the correct operation of the operating system. Potentially dangerous programs are blocked even before the installation process begins. This program works well with all modern operating systems released by Microsoft. For it to work stably, you need 128 MB of RAM and about 400 MB of free hard disk space.

  • A large number of various protective tools that ensure the normal operation of a personal computer;
  • Cloud scanning, thereby increasing its efficiency;
  • Easy application setup.
  • It is sometimes not entirely clear for which protection element a particular program component is responsible;
  • The signature bases are a bit weak.

Panda Free Antivirus

Panda Free Antivirus

This antivirus uses in its work innovative methods of protection, and the latest technology of collective intelligence is involved in the scan, which provides the maximum possible protection against new threats that were previously unknown to this program. Not too much system resources are used during operation – this indicator can increase depending on the need. The anti-virus functions as quickly as possible largely thanks to the latest local protection technology. Its work does not provide for updating virus databases – any suspicious file is sent to a remote virtual server, where it is scanned as deeply as possible.

All possible threats are identified automatically, and this happens almost instantly. Antivirus leverages the data it collects from many millions of users around the world, which allows it to calculate even new threats. It operates in the background and does not in any way affect the performance of your computer or laptop. The interface is quite simple and straightforward, the user can, if necessary, quickly customize the program for himself. It is fully Russified, can work in all modern operating systems from Microsoft, starting with Windows XP. When suspicious files appear, it prevents them from being downloaded and then launched. It checks all external media well, it only needs 64 MB of RAM.

  • Quite broad and user-friendly functionality;
  • Scanning, including deep scanning, is performed as soon as possible;
  • Does not allow hacker attacks from the outside;
  • Low system requirements;
  • Availability
  • You shouldn’t install it on a computer that already has an antivirus – this can lead to a conflict between these programs.

360 Total Security

360 Total Security

In second place among the best free antiviruses for a computer is this rather powerful program, which uses several antivirus engines in the process of its work. It has two types of protection – local and cloud, provides a so-called “sandbox” where all dangerous and suspicious applications are sent, provides a reliable degree of protection while working on the Internet. The anti-virus quickly analyzes the state of connected external media, prevents malicious programs from gaining access to the device’s webcam, blocks access to all system services and the registry, that is, to the places of the operating system that are most often attacked by viruses. If the computer is connected to the Internet, then the online work of the antivirus is automatically activated.

Network protection includes a Firewall, it is possible to check how secure a Wi-Fi connection is, it also examines the status of programs downloaded from the Internet, does not allow access to dangerous sites. There is a function of monitoring network activity – this function is called GlassWire. With its help, the user can check which programs and services on his computer use the Internet. In addition to the direct functions of the antivirus, this program allows you to perform operations to clean and optimize the operating system. With the permission of the user, it removes unnecessary files and documents, cleans up registry keys. Through the sandbox, you can run suspicious or unknown files without fear that malicious code can penetrate the computer itself.

  • A very effective means of protecting your PC from potential threats;
  • Doesn’t need a lot of system resources;
  • Does not require constant access to the Internet;
  • Works on several anti-virus engines at once.
  • A large number of advertisements;
  • There is no way to disable pop-ups.

Avast Free Antiviru

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast is best antivirus for computer and phone. This application rightfully occupies the first line in our roundup of the best antiviruses for computers in the free segment. It provides the highest degree of protection. With its help, you can establish a blocking of all potential pests that regularly try to enter your personal computer. If necessary, in the process of work, the user can additionally install updates – about the need to do this, the antivirus will inform the person with a notification. It can be either accepted or rejected. The application has a fairly powerful scanner – during the scan, all existing systems, archives, registries and similar places are thoroughly analyzed, which are regularly infected by virus programs. There are three scanning options in total – fast, selective and deep. This program is quite simple,about:blank

With its help, you can check individual folders, files, drives, and so on. The application helps to determine the parameters of the virus threat. If this fact was confirmed during the analysis, then the location of the dangerous software is immediately calculated and its further blocking. The program is quite simple to use – even a novice user will be able to figure it out. There are not too many settings, but they are all very useful. It is worth noting the versatility of the application – it interacts well with other antivirus programs, without coming into conflict with them, even enhancing their effectiveness. It works in the background and does not in any way affect the computer’s performance.

  • It searches well for any viruses, including encrypted ones;
  • Checks how secure a particular Wi-Fi connection is;
  • There is a so-called “game mode”.
  • Not found.

Best Antiviruses For Computer Paid

Norton Security Deluxe

Norton Security Deluxe

The software was created by a well-known developer – Symantec, and it can be used on a variety of platforms. This antivirus combines nine different products at once, making the antivirus very high quality and reliable. With this utility, your computer is reliably protected even from threats that the user does not even suspect. In addition, it increases the efficiency of the computer, increases the level of its performance, and allocates resources in the most optimal way. The anti-virus thoroughly scans all sites, programs and resources with which the user is currently working. The program automatically assigns them a reputation, based on which access to them can be allowed or blocked.

Monitoring is done even before the operating system is turned on – thanks to the latest SONAR technology. All threats are eliminated even before they penetrate the computer. There are several scanning options, and the antivirus is configured to intelligently search for and eliminate the most complex threats that other similar applications cannot cope with. The antivirus protects email and browser well, blocks spam, all kinds of mailings, and prevents the user from opening letters from scammers. Social networks are also analyzed, all personal data is protected comprehensively, including online payments for purchases, money transfers, and so on.

  • Fast and accurate detection of any threats;
  • Convenient and fully Russified interface;
  • Identifies potential threats at any level;
  • You can use it for free for 3 months.
  • It needs a lot of resources during a full scan.

BullGuard Internet Security

BullGuard Internet Security

One of the distinguishing points associated with the use of this antivirus is the ability to use it for free for a whole year. It includes the antivirus itself, Firewall, antispyware, the ability to perform backups, and there is also web protection against threats coming over the Internet. The annual maintenance cost is not very high, so this product is perfect not only for organizations, but also for home use. The anti-virus shows itself perfectly in different types of operating systems – Windows, MacOS, Android. The interface is multilingual, but there is no Russian language in the list, which may cause some inconvenience. This antivirus has everything you need for stable operation and normal search for potential threats.

The utility has a special Game Booster mode, which reduces the impact of the application on the performance of the computer itself, including when using games. A parental control system is provided, ensuring privacy while working on the Internet. This antivirus allows you to back up data to the cloud, checks how secure the Wi-Fi network to which the user intends to connect is. Thanks to all these possibilities, the product is very balanced.

  • Good and reliable protection against viruses;
  • Supports parental control function;
  • There is a possibility of data backup;
  • A large number of tools.
  • Somewhat more expensive than analogues.

BitDefender Internet Security

BitDefender Internet Security

In third place among the best paid antivirus software for a computer is this rather interesting product, which, in addition to the basic functions, has a file shredder, a password manager and even its own secure browser. In general, this is a real complex containing a spam filter, Firewall, parental control system. It also provides access to an encrypted data store. All security decisions are made automatically in the background, the user does not take any part in this. The interface is quite user-friendly and graphical. There are icons for accessing various security tools.

Based on our malware blocking tests, this product is capable of detecting over 90% of the latest virus samples – a pretty good indicator. You can use both the browser itself and a special extension if a person is used to accessing the Internet through another program. Regardless of this, a good countermeasures against phishing threats are provided. The password manager carefully monitors all types of passwords, and then notifies the user that one of them is very weak and needs to be strengthened. This antivirus provides thorough blocking of access to files and folders of the system type, well protects documents and photos of the user.

  • One of the cheapest paid products;
  • There is a password manager;
  • Advanced functionality;
  • A module for protection against hacker and phishing attacks is provided;
  • Checks the security of your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Some users note that the interface is not very user-friendly.

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security

Another complex product developed by a Russian company. It is the best antivirus for computer speed. It contains the antivirus itself, a spam filter, convenient phishing protection, and a parental control system. The product has several additional tools, each of which is characterized by a high level of quality and efficiency. Antivirus is universal – it can be used on Windows, MacOS, Android platforms. If even the slightest problem is detected, the user receives an instant notification. Tests have shown excellent performance in protecting a personal computer both offline and when connected to the Internet. One of the main features of this product is the automatic Firewall. All potentially malicious programs are quarantined. If the user is sure of them, he can grant access to them.

A feature of Firewall is the presence of a large number of various settings, in particular, a gradation of levels of trust in applications is provided, and the user can change them if necessary. However, the manufacturer does not recommend doing this. The anti-virus has all the necessary protection mechanisms that protect the personal computer from any type of attack. The spam filter also has a significant amount of flexible settings, the same can be said about parental control – it provides for blocking sites, blocking access to the Internet.

  • A very clear and convenient Russian interface with a large number of settings that even a novice user can figure out;
  • There is an automatic update not only of the antivirus itself, but also of other programs installed on this computer;
  • There is a “Safe Money” mode;
  • Good protection for webcam access.
  • The program can be purchased for at least two devices, which is not very profitable.

Avira Prime Total Security Suite

Avira Prime Total Security Suite

best antivirus for computer 2022. No wonder this utility ranks among the leading antiviruses for a computer. It meets the highest requirements for the safety of work on a personal computer, including the Internet, the same can be said about the speed of the device. The protection is as effective as possible, there is support for cloud technologies, the antivirus protects well against all available varieties of malware and threats. A special blocker is provided that prevents almost all companies that monitor users’ online activity from entering a personal computer. All threats are classified in real time, the system is scanned within a few minutes, and this does not affect the computer’s performance at all.

During the development, a special artificial intelligence technology was used, which makes it possible to reliably protect even from the latest threats. Email will also be fairly carefully protected from receiving spam, various mailings and other products that could cause potential harm. There is a system for recovering damaged files, so the OS starts to work stably. The possibility of self-protection against penetration or disabling of viruses is provided. It is very convenient to work with such an antivirus for a number of reasons: first of all, there is no advertising in it, it is able to function in the background without once again distracting the user. Firewall is the most reliable antivirus solution on the market. It is equipped with an intelligently understandable control panel,

  • There is a special utility that optimizes and accelerates the operating system;
  • There is a VPN with several levels of protection.
  • It will be quite expensive.


Our roundup of the TOP 10 Best Antiviruses For Computer Free And Paid 2022 has come to an end. We hope that from the list provided you were able to choose the best option for yourself. If you still have certain questions, you can ask us in the comments to this article – we will try to answer them as quickly as possible.

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