Best Asus Touch Screen Laptops | Old & New Asus Netbooks

Controlling the gadget by touching without using a mouse or keyboard is typical for mobile devices that do not have a place to place a manipulator. The Asus touchscreen netbook is a portable laptop that lets you work with email, web applications, and Microsoft Office on the go or on vacation. Here is the listing of the best Asus touch screen laptops.

Best Asus Touch Screen Laptops

Older Best Asus Touch Screen Laptops

Asus released the first netbook with a touchscreen in 2009. It was the Asus Eee T91, which was running Windows XP and had a mechanism to allow the display to rotate 180º. The disadvantage of this model was the lack of multitouch technology.

Next up was the Asus Eee PC T101MT with Windows 7 Starter, which enabled multiple touches. Complaints were caused by the inability to resize images and the small viewing angle of the WSVGA screen. The later modifications 1008 and 1018 turned out to be expensive and did not gain popularity.

In 2012, a new generation Eee PC 1025C netbook appeared on the market based on the Intel Atom platform with a battery capacity of 8-10 hours of operation, a matte display that does not show fingerprints, and power consumption of 6.2 W. The disadvantages of users attributed to the presence of 1 speaker and audio jack.

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Asus X102BA

In 2013, Asus discontinued the Eee line and introduced the Asus X102BA to the market, which is not inferior in technical characteristics to laptops (Table 1).

ViewA typeVolume
Operating systemWindows 864-bit
CPUAMD A4-12001000 MHz
BatteryLithium ion3000 mAh
ScreenWXGA LED10.1
HDDHDD 5400 rpm SATA III500 GB
Video cardAMD Radeon HD 8180225 MHz
RAMDDR3 1066 MHz4 GB
AcousticsSonicMaster2 speakers

Table 1. Characteristics of the X102BA group.

Laptop dimensions 266x185x29mm, weight 1.13 kg. It provides Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless communication, contains USB 3.0, USB 2.0, HDMI, RJ-45, VGA connectors, card reader, combined audio jack and 0.3 MP webcam.

Asus X102BA
  • built-in Asus Splendid with 4 modes: Normal, Eye Care, Vivid and Manual. Normal starts at power on and maintains an eye-identical image; Eye Care reduces blue color; Vivid enhances brightness; Manual allows you to manually adjust the image quality;
  • Asus AudioWizard technology with a choice of listening to music, game effects, films, speech stream and recording;
  • sensitivity of the touchscreen to the touch diameter up to 5 mm, which ensures accuracy when drawing;
  • work without charging for 4 hours and save open files if the level drops below 5%.
  • processor performance by 3.1 points;
  • no additional slots to increase the amount of memory.

Asus x200ca

The netbook belongs to the latest version of this model range and has the differences shown in Table 2.

ViewA typeThe size
Operating systemWindows 8Pro
CPUIntel Celeron 1007U1.5 GHz
BatteryLithium ion3300 mAh
DisplayLED Backlight11.6 ″
Video cardIntegrated Intel® HD Graphics780 MB
Netbook with touchscreen Asus X200CA.

Table 2. Characteristics of the X200CA series.

Dimensions: 302x200x25.6 mm, weight 1.24 kg. This modification eliminates the shortcomings of previous versions: the Shift key on the right and the size of the touchpad are increased. The set of interfaces is identical to Asus X102BA. Table 2. Characteristics of the X200CA series.

  • the ability to view FullHD movies;
  • exit from sleep mode after 2 seconds;
  • performance score of 2715 points, which is higher than other devices in this price range.
  • deterioration of light transmission in comparison with the previous model;
  • work without charging 3 hours.

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Asus Zenbook line of netbooks

The touchscreen Zenbook series share common hardware and software features:

  • Intel® Core processor;
  • Nvidia GeForce graphics card;
  • monitor based on IPS technology;
  • multi-touch touchpad with zoom, scroll and drag;
  • the amount of RAM is not less than 8GB;
  • operating system Windows 10.

Consider the features of the latest versions of ultrabooks.

The Asus ZenBook 13 (UX331UN) group was introduced in 2018. Device configurations may differ in memory capacity and resolution, but their advantage is the GeForce MX150 GPU with a core clock speed of 1468 GHz, which allows games and movies up to 60 frames per minute. Available in 2 models: with Intel® Core i5 and i7 processor and 8GB and 16GB RAM, respectively). The dimensions (310x216x13.9 mm) and weight (1.12 kg) make the netbook easy to carry.

In the center of the lid, there is a logo, from which radiating concentric circles resembling a vinyl record. This design distinguishes Asus products and is used in all subsequent models. According to the test data, the noise level in stress load did not exceed 34 dBA, which corresponds to the norm.

In 2019, the Asus ZenBook Duo UX481 laptop with 16 GB RAM was released. It features a second Screen Pad Plus, located above the keyboard. It is used to browse the web, draw with a stylus or launch applications. Both screens are anti-reflective.

Asus' Zenbook Line Of Netbooks

The touchpad is located to the right of the keys, the graphics are based on the GeForce MX250. The organization of the workspace is unusual but expands the functionality. The novelty supports Wi-Fi 802.11ax technology at a speed of 9.6 Mb / s. The Screen Pad Plus is touch-sensitive, and the vertical display is a matte Full HD panel.

Asus Chromebook Flip C302

The hybrid Chromebook, which hit the market in 2017, has the Chrome OS operating system and works with android apps. The cover is connected to the base with a hinge, which allows it to be rotated 180º and 360º. The position is fixed with a magnetic clutch.

The transformer can be used as a tablet (the keys are recessed) and as a laptop.

Equipment and characteristics:

  • touchscreen 10-finger display;
  • keys with a movement depth of 1.4 mm;
  • touchpad protected from accidental touches;
  • USB-C ports (2) with a capacity of 5 Gb / s;
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ac with a frequency of 5 GHz and a speed of 866 Mb / s;
  • autonomous work up to 10 hours;
  • RAM 4 GB;
  • six-core Rockchip RK3399 processor.
Chromebook Asus Chromebook Flip C302.

The advantages of the Chromebook are its thinness (15 mm), lightness (1.19 kg), anodized surface coating, a thin frame (2.29 cm), a light sensor that changes the brightness of the screen. Two speakers at the bottom of the bezel provide sound quality. A 16GB SSD can be expanded with cloud storage.

Chromebook entered the top 15 devices of its class in 2017

Asus VivoBook with optional Screenpad

The VivoBook lineup in 2019 has been updated with portable devices with an additional 5.65 ″ Screen Pad 2.0 touchscreen display, which is located in the place of the touchpad.

The color screen contains shortcut buttons, a set of numbers, setting blocks, and media player controls. This is done using the new ScreenXpert program. Integration with Office allows you not only to launch applications but also to customize them. The function key F6 switches between touchpad and screenplay modes.

The NanoEdge monitor with slim bezels (5.2mm) on 4 sides covers 88% of the lid area. When open, the ErgoLift hinge raises the bottom 3º for improved cooling and key handling. The infrared camera is capable of face recognition, wireless connections: Bluetooth 5 and Wi-Fi 802.11ax technology. Harman speakers with Kardon Dolby Advanced AudioTM technology deliver sound quality. The computer is equipped with an Intel® Core processor up to i7 and a PCIe hard drive with memory of up to 1 TB.

The dimensions of the device are 322.3×213.7×18, weight 1.4 kg. The declared autonomy of the battery is up to 13 hours. Two USB 3.1 ports with Thunderbolt 3 40 support provide transfer speeds up to 40Gbps.

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