12 Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers for 2023 Expert Quality

The speaker is an invention of the American engineers Edward Kellogg and Chester Ryson. It has become a part of the life of mankind and since 1924, the year of its birth has repeatedly undergone changes and improvements.  Electroacoustics does not give up hope of creating a perfect structure, which, with external rigidity, would have a light membrane and transmit the ideal sound in a wide range.

How not to make mistakes when choosing the best budget floor-standing speakers and buying the right device? The editors of the xoptimum website bring to your attention an overview of high-quality floor-standing speaker systems for the home for 2023.

Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers

Today, there is a large selection of acoustic systems on the electrical equipment market. The variety of electronics allows you to use it in rooms of any size and at events of various formats: these are shelf, hanging and floor models. Each has its own purpose. For the home, according to connoisseurs-music lovers, floor structures are more suitable. They are believed to have a powerful and wide range.

List of Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers

  • BEHRINGER Eurolive B205D
  • JBL EON208P
  • Subwoofer Sony SA-CS9
  • YAMAHA NS-F150
  • Canton GLE 490.2
  • YAMAHA NS-125F
  • Dynavoice Definition DF-8
  • HECO Victa Prime 502
  • Magnat Shadow 209
  • Focal Chorus 726

Features of Floor Standing Speaker sstructures

An uninformed person will immediately say: hanging or shelf speakers are thicker, their height is small. Floor-standing models have a different design – they seem to be directed upwards, “slender” and sonorous. The popularity of models is not only due to the appearance. An important role is played by the “filling”, which allows sounding even spacious halls. For cramped rooms, compact bookshelf speakers are more suitable.

For the correct sound, it is also important in which room the acoustics are located. Every sharp corner, every piece of furniture can affect the details of the sound. The best option for installing floor-standing models is not in corners where bass is lost, but on straight vertical surfaces.

The best floor-standing systems are with dome or ribbon tweeters for more precise sound processing. Experts also note that of the speakers offered on the market, when it comes to sounding modest-sized rooms, you should opt for equipment with a sensitivity below 88 dB. Spacious rooms require higher ratings.

What are the acoustic systems:

  • Active type.

The design has a built-in amplifier. These acoustic systems, as experts assure, “feel” the sound thinner and cleaner.

  • Passive type.

An external amplifier is being used. The resulting sound is natural.

How to choose Floor Standing Speakers

For a home theater, full immersion in a computer game or enjoying your favorite tunes, you need to choose high-quality speakers.

How To Choose  Floor Standing Speakers

Floor standing Speaker selection criteria:

  1. Which type – active or passive – is preferred by a particular user. Whether the amplifier will be additionally used, or the speaker owner is going to do without it, affects the choice of the type of equipment.
  2. The number of bands on an electrical device is of great importance for sound quality. Two bands are responsible for low and high frequencies. Three bands provide a plus for clear midrange. “Four-band”, as the manufacturers promise, will allow you to plunge into the sound world, where every note, part of every instrument is transparently audible.
  3. Another important point is the power of the equipment. Product specifications always contain data about such a parameter. The more power, the more square meters the sound will “cover”. It is believed that for standard rooms in average apartments, speakers with a low power – up to 70 W. Spacious halls will require much more powerful equipment.
  4. When studying the features of the speakers, you should pay attention to the sensitivity, which is responsible for the sound volume at a specific power. Average sensitivity parameters are within 89-92 dB. Below 88 is low, above 94 is high.
  5. Range. The most convenient models are universal, with a frequency of 20 to 30 thousand Hz and above.
  6. Nice interface. The best choice is electronics with XLR, professional connector. Convenient enough TRS, the latter interface is necessary for concert equipment.
  7. For what purpose the acoustics will be used. What position will the speakers take: they will stand as a rear channel – for enveloping with sound – or as a central channel – for the main transmission of sound and music. The specification indicates the purpose of the device, you should pay special attention to this.
  8. Colour. The loudspeakers are available in a variety of colors. You need to choose one that is more harmonious with the design of the room.

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How to make a speaker system with your own hands

Craftsmen in love with good music are trying to improve the existing speakers. As a rule, engineering feats are pushed by dissatisfaction with the sound, which once purchased inexpensive, but not very high-quality speakers can afford. The main and first reason for creating a speaker system on your own is to achieve the absence of sound distortion.

To make speakers, you need to be proficient in woodworking, have an understanding of electronics and not neglect the help of professionals, whose advice will be very useful.

Step-by-step instructions for making a column at home:

  1. You will need well-drawn drawings. What should you pay attention to first of all? The shape and size of the speaker. According to experienced music lovers, a “horn” model will save from standing sound waves inside the “box”, that is, the rear panel should be narrow, but the front panel should be wide. Parallel side panels may have a slightly concave shape. Such a performance, according to experts, allows you to achieve a natural sound. If there is any doubt that the blueprints and diagrams of the electronic miracle will be correctly drawn up, it is worth contacting a speaker manufacturer. There they will prepare a project for a fee.
  2. Bass reflexes need to be installed behind the speakers. They will help equalize the pressure inside the structure.
  3. The interior of the case should be divided into “shelves”. It may seem to an uninformed person that they are superfluous, but these bulkheads are necessary for the strength of the structure.
  4. For the manufacture of the case, plywood is suitable, for smooth panels 18 cm thick, for the side panels, thinner sheets can be used, however, in several layers. You will also need a bar – for internal fasteners. All details are pre-drawn on a Whatman paper and then used as a template. Joiner’s glue and self-tapping screws will help to fasten the panels. The joints must be sealed with sealant. Made of plywood, the top cover slips over the speaker at the last moment. The panels must also be drilled to fit the electronic filling.
  5. The insides – all the walls of the sections – are lined with batting. This will eliminate the occurrence of resonances.
  6. Crossovers are installed at the bottom of the “box”.
  7. When the body is assembled, it is sanded, putty, and the surfaces are brought to a smooth perfection.
  8. The next step is finishing. For these purposes, veneer is used. The required dimensions are preliminarily applied to the Whatman paper, a template is drawn, and already made from veneer. Finished parts are applied to plywood using glue for these works. The dried veneer is periodically rolled with a roller so that no “bubbles” appear.
  9. This is followed by grinding and staining. The best choice is acrylic paint. Several layers are applied.
  10. When the body is ready, the legs are adjusted.
  11. Insert the phase inverters and proceed to work with the acoustic terminals, which need to be soldered.
  12. Finally, the speakers themselves! They are installed in the “pockets” prepared in the plywood panels in advance and rubber inserts are glued from the inside at the edge. This must be done to prevent the penetration of air into the box.
  13. After all these work, it remains to check the impedance and connect the amplifier.
  14. The homemade column is ready. The final point is a test for purity and depth of sound.

However, if there is little knowledge in the field of electronics, but you want to enjoy high-quality sound, you should take a walk through the shops where it will not be difficult to buy new electronic equipment.

best speaker brands in the world for floor standing speakers

The market is so rich that today it is easy to buy budget and at the same time quality goods. The best manufacturers target a wider consumer audience, which is why many popular models from well-known brands are sold at prices that won’t intimidate the average consumer. The recommendations of sales consultants will help you choose the right product.

Another option is to study the content of sites on the World Wide Web. In the online store you can find a “dream column”, and at an affordable price. Complete (or almost complete) information about the product is presented on online trading platforms: description, photos, characteristics. Here you can also find out how much the product costs and order it. Online shopping is one of the most beneficial for people who are under pressure. Before paying, you should make sure of the seller’s reliability and honesty by looking at the sites of independent forums and reading reviews about the store itself, the service provided. It is also easy to get information about which product is better to buy and where it will be cheaper. The most scrupulous buyers are not too lazy to go to the official websites of manufacturers in order to finally decide which company is better to buy equipment. Here, as a rule, there are materials telling about what types of equipment are produced by the company, which of them are in the favorites, and which are the discount. After analyzing all the information, it is not difficult to make the right choice.

Best Speaker Brands In The World For Floor Standing Speakers

The editorial staff of the XOptimum website offers to get acquainted with the list of the best brands and manufacturers in the field of floor-standing speaker systems.


The company was founded in 1989 in Germany, the founder is an engineer Uli Branger. At the moment it is a multinational “family”, as the leader himself calls his team, and is included in the rating of the fourteen best manufacturers of audio equipment. The goods are exported to 130 countries. Since 2002, Behringer has a factory in China, Guangdong province.


American brand. The company was born in 1946 and owes its existence to James Bullo Lansin. The headquarters is located in California. The focus of enterprises is audio for home use and professional equipment.


Brand owner – Japanese corporation Sony Corporation. It is one of the largest electronics manufacturers. She declared herself in 1946. Its founders are Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. The first name of the successful production is Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo. The Sony company has been named since 1958.


Japanese trade mark. The company was founded in 1887 by Thorakus Yamaha. At the beginning of the journey, the enterprises produced Western musical instruments. Since 1971, the focus has been on the production of microcircuits. By the way, large-scale integrated circuits began to be produced in 1976 at the YAMAHA plant. Today, the company’s products are acoustic systems, sports equipment, sound equipment. The enterprises of this brand operate in different countries. Therefore, you can purchase high-quality YAMAHA acoustics from any country.


The German brand has existed since 1972. The company first declared itself as a manufacturer of bookshelf speakers, stating that compact equipment can and should be of high quality. Since the 80s of the last century, the production of floor structures has also begun. The head office is located in Wilrod.


The Swedish company JWS AB founded Dynavoice in 1977, which became a manufacturer of acoustic equipment for home theaters and stereo, confirming an impeccable reputation year after year with quality products. Dynavoice engineers declare their acoustics are suitable for any environment.


German mark. On the electronics market since 1949. Keeps traditions, but at the same time supports innovative solutions, thanks to which the products of this brand are popular. The company’s achievements have been repeatedly noted with expert awards in many competitions in the audio industry, and have stood the comparative tests brilliantly.


Another German company was established in 1973. It first announced itself with the release of the Magnat All Ribbon 10 model in 1978. Then she pleased car enthusiasts with a powerful audio amplifier for cars, the next step of the company was the creation of High-End acoustics. Today the products of this brand are in demand in fifty countries.


French brand. Known since 1979. The founder of the design bureau, from which the history of the company began, is Jacques Machoul. Focal loudspeakers have gained popularity all over the world, the company’s products have been repeatedly awarded at international exhibitions. It was the French inventors who came up with the idea of ​​the inverted dome tweeter.

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Best floor standing speakers for 2023

Readers are presented with two lists of floor-standing speakers of this type: active type and passive. here are the best budget floor-standing speakers.

5 Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers Active model

The top five, according to buyers, floor-standing speakers in this segment include products from the brands BEHRINGER, JBL, and Sony.

5. BEHRINGER Eurolive B205D

Concert monitor single-way speaker with bass reflex and built-in amplifier. Useful for a beginner and experienced vocalist, for a press conference, and a home concert. The design uses revolutionary, according to the manufacturer, Class-D technology, which brought a special “flavor” to this model and made it quite popular.

BEHRINGER Eurolive B205D
Range (Hz)105-10000
Sound pressure (maximum, dB)112
Woofers (size, mm)113
Parameters (WxHxD, mm)290x185x220
Weight, kg)3.2
  • Strong body;
  • Low weight;
  • Purity of sound;
  • Compactness.
  • Without load indicator.


Portable concert system with the ability to connect a microphone and instruments. You can transmit sound directly from your mobile phone. A convenient device in a comfortable format for concert performances, and festive events.

Range (Hz)60-20000
Stripes (number)2
Sound pressure (maximum, dB)121
HF emitter (mm)25.4
Woofer (mm)203.2
Body (material)plastic
Weight, kg)17.6
Bluetooththere is
  • Original design;
  • Power;
  • Long cord;
  • Good staffing;
  • With bluetooth function.
  • No bass adjustment;
  • Weak bottoms.

3. Subwoofer Sony SA-CS9

Brand manufacturer model. A subwoofer with a surround sound that does not overwhelm the ears will fill a small room with music to the taste of any music lover, but is not intended for large disco halls. Can be used for movie shows – improves sound quality. A satellite can be used with it.

Subwoofer Sony SA-CS9
Power (maximum, W)115
Frequency (maximum, Hz)200
Dynamic emitters (size, mm)250
Parameters (WxHxD, cm)295х345х400
Weight, kg)11.5
  • Good bass;
  • Decent build
  • No phonite;
  • Surround sound;
  • Nice price;
  • There is a possibility of adjustment.
  • Bulky.


Concert two-way speaker system with a built-in amplifier and a frequency range from 37.5 to 20 thousand Hz. The model in a plastic case with a stylish design with bluetooth and 12-hour battery life will create a festive mood outside the studio.

Included1 loudspeaker
Maximum power (W)150
Maximum frequency (Hz)20,000
Dimensions of dynamic emitters (HF; LF, mm)25.4; 203.2; 203.2
Dimensions (WxHxD, cm)25.5×39.9×29.1
Weight, kg)eight
3.5mm Jack outputthere is
2 USB ports for chargingthere are
  • Good functionality;
  • Surround sound;
  • With battery.
  • Channel 3 lacks gain.


Portable concert model with front speakers (Width – 3 cm, Height – 42 cm, Depth – 24 cm). Can be used up to 12 hours on battery. The easy-to-use equipment will fill audiences with a capacity of up to 250 people with musical colors, useful for presentations, school festive events. And at home it will help to create an indescribable festive atmosphere.

Includedone loudspeaker
Speakers (LF, mm)203.2
Body (material)plastic
Weight, kg)8.2
Stripes (number)2
Power (nominal, W)40
  • Practicality;
  • Good working battery;
  • Simple setup;
  • Purity of sound.
  • Not seen.

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7 Best Budget passive Floor Standing Speakers

The “Magnificent Seven” of the best speaker systems are represented by models from well-known brands: YAMAHA, Canton, Dynavoice, HECO, Magnat and Focal.


Two-way speaker system. Hi-Fi loudspeaker with 88dB sensitivity. Range 37-30000 Hz. The type of acoustic design is bass reflex. There are grilles that can be removed if desired.

Maximum power (W)180
Impedance (Ohm)6
Emitter dimensions (HF; LF, mm)25; 2×165
Dimensions (WxHxD, mm)200x1030x362
Weight, kg)11.2
  • Sounding at the full range, in the measure of power and softness;
  • Decent appearance;
  • No sub needed.
  • Resonance within 1000 Hz;
  • Marked coating.

6. Canton GLE 490.2: best budget floor standing speakers for music

The German loudspeakers of the presented series are, first of all, distinguished by their modern design, thanks to which the model will be appropriate in any interior. The front panel of the 3-way speaker unit features Soft Domes for enhanced sound.

6. Canton GLE 490.2
Range (Hz)20-30000
Crossover frequency (kHz)3.2
Sensitivity (dB)90.5
Impedance (Ohm)eight
Speakers (HF; MF; LF, mm)25; 180; 2×200
Dimensions (WxHxD, mm)210x1060x310
Weight, kg)19.2
  • Clear bass;
  • Natural sounding;
  • Bass reflex location in front.
  • The middle frequencies “give off” metal.


The average price is 15980 rubles.

Front loudspeaker with Hi-Fi. Two-way model. The range is from 60 to 35000 Hz. According to music lovers, a subwoofer is needed to use the system as a front.

Maximum power (W)120
Sensitivity (dB)86
Crossover frequency (kHz)6
Emitter dimensions (HF; LF, mm)22; 2×80
Parameters (WxHxD, mm)236x1050x236
Weight, kg)7.2
  • Sounds natural, clean;
  • Stylish design.
  • Instability of the leg;
  • The surface attracts dust, easily soiled

4. Dynavoice Definition DF-8

Dynavoice brand. 200W 4-way speaker system with a front speaker. Model with two tweeters – dome and ribbon, which provides better and more comfortable sound for hearing. Jumper connectors allow adjustment of the HF / MF range.

Dynavoice Definition DF-8
Range (Hz)23-32000
Sensitivity (dB)94
Dimensions of emitters (MF; LF, mm)165; 2×203.2
RF emitterdome
Dimensions (WxHxD, mm)240x1105x380
Weight, kg)28.1
Removable grillthere is
  • Decent open sound;
  • Crisp timbres.
  • You need to warm up the columns for several months;
  • Rustic design;
  • Heavy.

3. HECO Victa Prime 502

The model is considered quite compact among floor-standing models. The manufacturer promises the pure sound characteristic of HECO speakers. Interesting design, modern acoustic solution attract many music lovers.

HECO Victa Prime 502
Compositiontwo loudspeakers
Range (Hz)28-40000
Sensitivity (dB)91
Crossover frequency (kHz)3.25
Speakers (size, mm)HF-25; LF-170; SCH-170
bi-wiringthere is
Latticethere is
Thornsthere are
Dimensions (WxHxD, mm)203х977х315
  • Good acoustic performance;
  • The speakers do not conflict with receivers of other models;
  • Elastic bass.
  • Dull high frequencies.

2. Magnat Shadow 209

Three-way speaker with bass reflex from a German manufacturer. Design Features – High sensitivity tweeter annular diaphragm. This is an engineering decision made by Magnat laboratory specifically for Shadow. The models are considered universal and are suitable for both powerful bass lovers and concert music.

Magnat Shadow 209
As part oftwo loudspeakers
By appointmentHi-fi
Range (Hz)20-48000
Impedance (Ohm)eight
Crossover frequency (kHz)3
Sensitivity (dB)92
HF emitter (type, size, mm)dome; 30.5
Midrange emitter (mm)165
Woofer (mm)3×165
bi-wiringthere is
grill (removable)there is
Dimensions (WxHxD, mm)190х1150х350
Weight, kg)22.5
  • “Adult” acoustics;
  • External data.
  • Heavy speakers.

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1. Focal Chorus 726

Engineered construction with Polyglass cone, TNV tweeter with concave aluminum-magnesium material that emphasize the detail of sound, will be a good gift for lovers of quality music. The design development belongs to the well-known Parisian studio Pineau & Le Porcher.

Focal Chorus 726
Range (Hz)49-28000
Crossover frequency (kHz)3
Sensitivity (dB)91.5
Hi-fithere is
HF emitter (mm)25
Woofer (mm)2×165
Parameters (WxHxD, mm)222x990x343
Weight, kg)23.5
  • Bass out front;
  • High-quality body material;
  • Brand;
  • Good build;
  • Beautiful design;
  • Clear sound.
  • Weight.

The rating is based on customer reviews on the Internet.

If you have experience in purchasing and using floor-standing speakers, leave a comment. Tell us which models, in your opinion, are the best and have left the best impression.

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