10 best camera for travel bloggers in 2023

We present to your attention universal cameras that you can take with you on a trip. In this article you will find an overview of the Best Camera For Travel Bloggers that can easily cope with most tasks during the trip. Most often, we take the most pictures when we travel. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a decent camera to capture the long-awaited vacation as much as possible. Today you have more choices than ever before. Therefore, regardless of your skill level, budget, or type of travel camera, you can find something on this list.

10 Best Camera For Travel Bloggers 2020

The cameras on this list are quite diverse, so choosing a winner is difficult. If you’re looking for the perfect pocket-sized camera, the Sony RX100 V is hard to beat, but the Panasonic G9 is a great choice for those who want to combine compactness, advanced controls and the ability to replace lenses.


What camera do you need to be a professional photographer?

Many people prefer to choose something light, small and restrained – so that you can carry it in your hand luggage. There are several cameras on the list that can fit neatly in your pocket. But others prefer to arm themselves with something universal and able to demonstrate all the delights of travel in the best possible way. If you are looking for something that you can put in your pocket and be sure of excellent quality, then the Sony RX100 V will provide an advantage over photographs that you can take with your smartphone. Thanks to its powerful sensor and f / 1.8-f / 2.8 lens (wide aperture), it is great for shooting in low light, and the tiny little body gets even smaller thanks to the retractable viewfinder. All this is available at a very high price, but you have to pay for compactness and quality.

If your budget is more compressed (which is typical for most travelers), then the Panasonic TZ200 will also be a great choice. With it, you get 10x optical zoom and full manual control. The lens is not as light sensitive as the RX100V, but if you are in sunny countries, then this is not such a big problem. Panasonic also retains its TZ100 in the lineup, which you can get at half the price.

For those planning an active trip, the GoPro Hero 6 is the obvious choice. With it you can capture all your skis, water sports, descents, kite surfing or something else that you like. The primary function is shooting video, but the camera is also capable of capturing still images. This tiny little device fits nicely in a bag and is waterproof. The battery life is a bit limited, so be sure to bring an extra battery with you. You can put all this in travel backpacks.

The Fuji X100F is a bit of a niche product, but it got on the list for several reasons. First of all, it’s the awesome APS-C size sensor and a 35mm combination of lenses for taking pictures in the city. For those who care more about scale when shooting on a safari, the Sony RX10 IV is a fantastic choice. It’s not cheap (around $ 2,000), but you get a one-inch sensor in combination with a 25x optical zoom in a case with a wide selection of controls. This camera saves you the hassle (and weight) of multiple lenses on one device. Take a look at the old RX100 III if your budget is not ready for such a waste.

But if you want maximum quality to remember a trip for a lifetime, nothing can do better than an interchangeable lens. The Panasonic G9 is probably the best camera to offer fantastic image quality in a variety of environments. Due to the (relatively) small size of the sensor compared to DSLRs, this camera is also convenient for traveling. You can pack the G9 and a bunch of different lenses in a compact bag by hand luggage. In addition, the Nikon D500 is an excellent universal DSLR. You have the opportunity to choose from a huge range of lenses, but pay attention to 16-80 mm f / 2.8-4.0 and enjoy the benefits of the APS-C sensor. So what do you choose? – Read on to find out a little more about each of your Best Camera For vlogging.

Best Camera For Travel Bloggers

  • SONY RX100 V
  • PANASONIC GX9 Camera
  • Camera SONY RX10 IV
  • NIKON D500

10 Best Camera For Travel Bloggers

PANASONIC TZ200 best camera for travel photography

PANASONIC TZ200 Best Camera For Travel Photography

The best compact zoom now offers even greater coverage with a one-inch sensor and 15x optical zoom. For the ultimate balance between compactness and high image quality, the TZ200 is currently one of the best options. Panasonic has kept its predecessor TZ100 in the line, giving you two new options depending on your budget.

The new TZ200 gives you more flexibility with a 15x optical zoom lens, a higher resolution electronic viewfinder, a slightly better screen (which is touch sensitive but locks in place) and improved battery life. Ergonomics have also been improved by adding stripes along the front of the camera. Despite its relatively high cost, the TZ200 is a fantastic station wagon without undue compromise.

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SONY RX100 V: best budget camera for travelling


Pocket camera with high price


  • Sensor Size: 1 inch
  • Resolution: 20.1MP
  • lenses: 2.9x optical, 24-70mm (equivalent) f / 1.8-f / 2.8
  • Viewfinder: 0.39-inch retracting viewfinder
  • Display: Tilted, 1,228,000-dots
  • Video: 4K

Sony’s most premium camera is a truly compact camera and you won’t find anything better on the market. Unfortunately, you also will not find anything more expensive – but despite the cost, this camera can be considered a good value for money. For your money, you get an excellent sensor combined with an excellent low-light lens. The RX100V can also record 4K video.

CANON G1X MARK III: best dslr camera for travel


You do not have space for a SLR camera in your bag? This camera can be easily pocketed. If you do not want to take your DSLR DSLR on a trip due to lack of space, then the Canon G1X Mark III is a reliable alternative. It offers a DSLR size sensor (APS-C) in a camera that can fit in your pocket. There is always a trade-off, so in this case you get only 3x optical zoom and the aperture range is a bit limited, but for traveling photographers who don’t want to compromise on image quality, this is an ideal choice. Be prepared to spend about $ 1,000 for this little miracle, and pack a spare battery if you can. 



A small and light alternative to a SLR camera for your vacation. If interchangeable lenses and a large sensor are your pursuit while traveling, but you don’t want to bring a heavy SLR with you, then the GX9 is a great choice. There is a 20.3-megapixel sensor, built-in image stabilization, a touch screen and an electronic viewfinder. With Panasonic, you get 4K Photos and Videos, as well as the ability to shoot at 30 frames per second, receiving frames of the most magical holiday moments.

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Camera SONY RX10 IV

Camera SONY RX10 IV


  • Sensor Size: One Inch
  • Resolution: 20.1MP
  • Lens: 25x optical zoom, 24-600mm f / 2.4-4
  • Viewfinder: 0.39-inch electronic
  • Display: 3-inch, tilt, 1,440,000-dots
  • Video: 4K
  • Super long lens
  • Cost: about 2000 $

The RX10 IV camera redefines the genre, representing an excellent station wagon, which is aimed specifically at travelers. With it, you get the image quality of a camera with interchangeable lenses and a bunch of optics, without having to carry them with you. Here you have a 25x optical zoom lens as well as a high-quality EVF, a fantastic autofocus system and a very good sensor. Take this camera on a safari and you will not be disappointed. But be prepared to shell out a lot of money.




  • Sensor Size: APS-C
  • Resolution: 24.3MP
  • Lens: 23 mm (35 mm equivalent) f / 2.0 fixed lens
  • Viewfinder: Hybrid optical and electronic viewfinder
  • Display: 3-inch fixed screen with a resolution of 1040 KB
  • Video: Full HD

Ideal for urban landscapes. The X100F is one of the best travel cameras on our list. Retro style design is more than just a camera. The FUJIFILM X100F has a fantastic APS-C sensor that is perfect for a 23mm f / 2.0 lens and gives you the equivalent of 35mm. Although some may not appreciate only one focal length, it makes you think about composition much more universally. It is a pity the camera does not have a touch screen, and the price is quite high for what is ultimately a niche model. But you will get travel photos that are very easy to fall in love with.

GOPRO HERO 6 The best action camera on the market

GOPRO HERO 6 The Best Action Camera On The Market


  • Weight: 118g
  • Water Resistance: 10m
  • 4K video: 60fps1080: 240fps720: up to 240fps
  • Screen Resolution: 12MP
  • Battery: 1-3 hours
  • Small and light
  • Easy to use

Is GoPRO good for travel photography?

GoPro holds on to the crown of the best action camera of 2018-2019 with its latest Hero 6 version. Waterproof to 10 meters without the need for an additional case, the camera is trustworthy to accompany you on almost all adventure holidays. An additional housing allows you to dive even deeper, while a massive set of compatible mounts and accessories continues to grow.

Other impressive features include an improved touch screen, 4K video recording up to 60 frames per second (without image stabilization at this level), and the ability to create movies using the QuikStories app – perfect for capturing all your holiday memories.

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Pocket 10x zoom with inch sensor and manual control



  • Sensor Size: One Inch
  • Resolution: 20.1MP
  • Lens: 10x optical 25-250 mm (equivalent) f / 2.8-5.9
  • 0.2 inch electronic viewfinder
  • Display: 1040-inch touch screen Video: 4K

The compact sector of the photographic equipment market remains one of the most interesting. Here we have something not offered by any of the other competitors. This is a 10x optical zoom, which makes the camera particularly attractive for the versatility it gives when traveling. The one-inch sensor takes vivid photos, and the maximum aperture of the lens starts at f / 2.8 – but quickly drops to f / 5.9, which makes it less useful in low light than its rival Sony RX100 V. However, there is a small (but useful) one viewfinder, touch screen and 4K video recording – all with a very compact form factor.

NIKON D500 best slr camera for travel

NIKON D500 Best Dslr Camera For Travel

One of the best travel SLR cameras.


  • Sensor Size: APS-C
  • Resolution: 20.9 MP
  • Viewfinder: 100% optical viewfinder
  • Monitor: 3.2-inch touch Video: 4K

While many people use pocket cameras for traveling, someone still prefers to take the maximum out of the trip. The Nikon D500 is perhaps the best DSLR APS-C available today, offering 10x zoom, a large viewfinder and high-performance sensor. The 16-80mm f / 2.8-4 lens is a great option for travelers, giving you the option to take more flexible shots.

PANASONIC G9: best camera for travel vlogging

PANASONIC G9| One Of The Best Travel Cameras
  • Sensor Size: 4/3
  • Resolution: 20MP
  • Viewfinder: OLED electronic viewfinder
  • Display: TFT LCD 3-inch touch
  • Video: 4K


One of the best compact travel cameras on the market, the Panasonic G9 is a great all-rounder for a wide range of travelers. If you shoot wildlife, shooting speeds of up to 20 frames per second (at full resolution) will definitely come in handy, while the fine details and excellent colors reflect landscapes, portraits, and everything in between.

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