12 best camera for youtube recording for beginners In 2023

Creating YouTube videos has become a true profession. Vlogs today are not just a hobby. This is a way of earning, which saved many from having to go to work. Extremely popular have become the so-called vlogs (short for “video blog”). But the most difficult question for beginners: what device to use to record your first video. We have prepared a list of the best camera for YouTube Recording, taking into account their cost, quality, and popularity.

Best Camera For Youtube Recording

When purchasing a camera for a video blog or youtube vlogging, you need to consider factors such as budget, sound and video quality, portability, available recording time, and battery life. Which camera is right for you? It depends on what exactly you are trying to shoot.

If you are a vlogger tourist, you need a camera with excellent image quality to show your viewers amazingly beautiful places. Those who shoot training videos need clear optics, fast auto focus and high-quality audio. Family vloggers will appreciate portable devices that can work in harsh conditions and not break. After all, when shooting children, you often have to move and run a lot, anything can spill onto the camera, in the end it can just fall.

What should I look for when buying a vlogging camera?

We have selected for you the most popular and high-quality cameras for blogs and found options for any task and budget. For the most part, these are not the newest devices. We deliberately did not review the latest versions, as this can significantly increase costs, which is unjustified for beginner video bloggers.

Digital SLR Cameras (DSLR)

SLR cameras have long been considered the gold standard when it comes to photography. But they are also ways to shoot great videos. Endowed with the largest number of functions. The main advantage is the ability to change lenses. Fully customisation ISO, focus points and depth of field. Even in low light, you can achieve excellent image quality. But DSLR’s are not without drawbacks: high cost, heavy weight, complicated development process – all this creates some problems for beginners.

Mirrorless cameras

While professionals carry their mirror units in large bags, elegant and small mirrorless mirrors begin to rule the ball quietly. Mirrorless cameras in recent years have become extremely popular among photographers and videographers due to their relatively light interchangeable lenses, versatility, and crystal clear images.

Pocket Digital Dusters

The main advantage of these cameras is their small size. You can carry them with you in your pocket anywhere and everywhere. The disadvantage is the lack of the wide capabilities that the SLR is endowed with by default. But if you look in the direction of more expensive models, then among them you can find worthy candidates that allow you to get great shots and high-resolution video. Some instances are endowed with manual controls similar to SLRs.

Action camera

Action cameras are designed and presented as devices that can be fastened to the chest when you do skydiving, dive into the water or engage in other extreme sports. Some even attach them to the front edge of the surfboard to create spectacular videos of their activities on the wave. Action cameras are small in size, tough and reliable. Even in the most severe conditions, they will retain all the captured video content.


Initially, camcorders were created in order to create stunning videos. They are lightweight and portable. They are primarily intended for people who want to focus solely on video, not photography.


The chances are that you already have a powerful blogging tool. Indeed, today every well-known manufacturer of mobile devices is trying to reach a new level in the quality of photos and videos. Even some Chinese low-cost smartphones shoot high-quality video content. And the main advantage of these devices is that they are always with you.

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What vlogging cameras do YouTubers use?

To prove to you that it’s not necessary to purchase expensive professional devices to shoot a good video, here is a list of what world-famous video bloggers shoot.

  • Zoella – video about a beauty salon (11 million subscribers): Canon 70D ;
  • MyLifeAsEva – lifestyle, beauty, comedy vloger (9.5 million subs.): Canon 5D Mark IV ;
  • FaZe Rain – gaming, lifestyle (5.2 million sub): Sony RX100 V ;
  • PointlessBlogVlogs , blogger lifestyle (3.9 million): Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II ;
  • Casey Neistat , lifestyle (10.9 million): Sony RX 100 VI ;
  • iLustine Technical Blog (5.6 Million): Canon 80D .

Best Camera For Youtube Recording For Beginners

List of Best Cameras Check Price
Camera of a good smartphone
GoPro HERO 4Check Price at Amazon
GoPro HERO 7 Black Check Price at Amazon
Logitech c930e Check Price at Amazon
Sony RX100 Mark IV Check Price at Amazon
Canon EOS 750D Check Price at Amazon
Canon Powershot G7X Check Price at Amazon
Canon 70D Check Price at Amazon
Sony A7R II Check Price at Amazon
Canon 5D Mark III Check Price at Amazon
Panasonic Lumix GH5S Check Price at Amazon
Canon EOS C100 Check Price at Amazon

best camera for youtube beginners

If you are a beginner and are not sure if you want to invest in equipment, you need to pay attention to entry-level cameras. They will help you try your hand at filming and decide what features you really need. In large cities, you can rent a camera for one day or a week. You can take this as a way to check which model fully meets your needs.

In the meantime, we describe several inexpensive models that are worth paying attention to. Although these cameras do not have a large set of functions, they are easy to use, inexpensive, and make good videos for starters.

Can I use my phone for YouTube videos?

Having all youtube equipment for beginners. Many photographers will agree with the statement that the best camera is the one that is always with you. And the smartphone fits perfectly into this description. Today, even low-cost models are capable of shooting video in 4K. But when choosing a suitable model, it is better to pay attention to devices that shoot well even in low light.

Camera Of A Good Smartphone

DxOMark has compiled its rating of the best photo smartphones at the moment:

  • Huawei P20 Pro;
  • iPhone XS Max;
  • HTC U12 +;
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9;
  • Huawei P20;
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus;
  • Xiaomi Mi 8;
  • Google Pixel 2;
  • iPhone X
  • Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

Among these models, there are devices cheaper , and there are those that cost expensive. In order to save money, you can pay attention to older models in the line or to purchase a smartphone on Avito.

GoPro HERO 4: Affordable camera for YouTube Videos

GoPro HERO 4

This powerful small camera is not just for adventure. She is small, strong enough. This allows you to take it with you wherever you go to shoot 4K video. GoPros is also endowed with features such as adjusting the number of frames per second, capture slow motion and the ability to change the width of the frame. These devices are suitable for vloggers who are constantly on the go. If you love adventure and travel and want to film them without worrying about the safety of your equipment, GoPro Hero 4 Silver is a great choice for you.

GoPro HERO7 Black

GoPro HERO7 Black

This model offers even more features and an even better picture than HERO4. The 12-megapixel sensor is very sensitive in low light. 4K video can be shot at up to 60 frames per second. Improved waterproofing and enhanced creative capabilities, as well as a user-friendly interface for new multimedia tools. The live broadcast mode will automatically exchange frames and broadcast live video to social networks and Youtube.

Suitable for blogging in the first person, filming outdoor activities, tourism and adventure.

Logitech c930e

Logitech C930e

This is the flagship webcam that connects to a computer and allows you to capture 1080p30 video. Although webcams have obvious flaws (for example, lack of portability), they can be a great inexpensive tool for filming instructional videos, conducting webinars, or filming unpacking small items. In general, if you plan to make removals while sitting at a computer table, this camera is for you.

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Sony RX100 Mark IV

Sony RX100 Mark IV

To shoot video and still be able to get beautiful sharp photos, you can pay attention to the leader of the digital dust camera segment – Sony RX100 Mark IV. The main advantages of the camera are its compactness and shooting quality. Shoots gorgeous videos and surprisingly beautiful photos. Settings are set automatically. If the cost of $ 1,000 is an unbearable amount for you, you can search for older models from this line in the secondary market. They are also very good.

The only negative: there is no interface for connecting an external microphone. Therefore, the sound will have to be recorded on a separate device. And do not try to shoot video with a built-in microphone: scare viewers.

best budget camera for recording youtube videos

Vloggers looking for better performance and quality need a mid-range camera. Most of the devices from this list have manual settings for better control, a rotary screen that allows you to see yourself during recording, fantastic image quality, external ports for microphones and video recording with a resolution of 1080 or higher. These models represent an ideal ratio of price and quality.

Canon EOS 750D

Canon EOS 750D Good Mid-Range Youtube Cameras

Canon’s EOS product line has long been seen as the starting point for people who want to take DSLRs. And now, thanks to the impressive video capabilities, it is also becoming one of the most popular cameras for video bloggers. This digital SLR camera for beginners and intermediate videographers provides ample opportunities and power at an affordable price. Thanks to Wi-Fi, a folding screen, 19 cross-type AF points and the ability to record video with a resolution of up to 1080p, the 750D is becoming the first camera for serious video blogging in our opinion. The main advantage of this model: high-quality video at a fantastic price.

If you can pay a little, you can purchase an updated version of the EOS 800D and later models. But we deliberately wrote about the 750D to help you save.

Canon Powershot G7X

Canon Powershot G7X

It is believed that the Canon Powershot G7X is the best blogging camera because of its many features, small size and incredible video quality. Despite the fact that it does not have the capabilities of DSLRs in low light, its sensor is 1 inch, which is larger than most digital dust boxes of this size. The matrix captures a lot of light and gives clear, rich images. G7X is good for everyone.

Today a more sophisticated and expensive model of this line is available: Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II. In our opinion, the main advantage of the device is the built-in image stabilizer Dual Sensing. A nice feature is also the manual control ring surrounding the lens for quick control of exposure settings.

By the way, both models easily fit in a roomy pocket, so that you can carry it with you all the time. It’s only a pity that she has not yet learned how to make calls and go online. This would be a good alternative for a smartphone))

Canon 70D

Canon 70D

It is believed that Canon 70D is the best digital SLR camera for video bloggers. What can you do, all the cameras in our review are somewhat better.

The main advantages of the model are: long battery life (920 shots without the need for recharging compared to the average DSLR of 894 shots), a reliable autofocus system and a convenient touch screen. This camera supports recording in Full HD 1080p at a speed of 30, 24 and 25 frames per second and is a favorite among video bloggers of lifestyle, beauty and travel who need fantastic image quality.

For those who want something cooler, an updated version in the 80D line is available, which has significantly more AF points and the maximum frame rate when shooting 1080p is increased to 60 frames per second. The large touchscreen display and extended ports are also strong reasons for purchasing this camera. Here you can find best interchangeable lens cameras.

Expensive best camera for recording youtube videos

If you are a fan of the very best, there are several solutions on the market for you. All these cameras support external microphones, provide excellent image and video quality, have fast and accurate autofocus and interchangeable lenses. Although learning to use all of these features is not easy, the results are worth it. These are some of the coolest cameras you can buy for money!

Sony a7R II

Sony A7R II Expensive Best Cameras For YouTube Vlogging

Sony’s mirrorless camera system stormed the world of photography. And a7R II can rightfully be considered an excellent choice for both photographers and vloggers. This camera boasts a full-sized 42.2 megapixel sensor housed in a small package. There is built-in image stabilization, support for high ISO values ​​(up to 25,600 in video mode) and compatibility with lenses of other brands. This device is suitable for video bloggers on Youtube who want to get high quality and at the same time compact size.

Today an updated version of the a7R III is endowed with a set of modern technologies. If $2500 for the camera is not a problem for you, you can safely buy it. Or you can take the good old EOS 750D, and spend the remaining amount on something more useful))

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 5D Mark III

And we continue to discuss what else amateurs can buy to spend money on photographic equipment for YouTube. And the next representative of the parade of the best cameras is the legendary Canon 5D Mark. This is a respectable workhorse in the world of photography. And although he lacks such convenient things as a flip screen or WiFi, he is on this list because he is really good. This camera has a full-frame sensor, 61 AF points, excellent performance at high ISOs and excellent dynamic range. 5D Mark III is suitable for bloggers who demand incredible image quality, but without losing portability. A favorite choice of those who remove makeup or studio interviews.

An updated version of the 5D Mark IV is now available for sale.

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Panasonic Lumix GH5S

Panasonic Lumix GH5S

GH5S boasts almost everything that photographers may like, but is endowed with features that are designed for videographers. The camera is capable of unlimited internal capture of 4K video, while transmitting the picture through a full-sized HDMI port to an external recorder. The maximum shooting frequency in Full HD format reaches a record 240 frames per second, which makes it possible to slow down the video tenfold.

This is a small but powerful mirrorless camera that allows you to take beautiful photos and high-quality 4K videos. This thing can handle almost everything that a video blogger shoots. It is suitable for youtube users who want superior optical quality in a portable case.

Canon EOS C100: Best Professional Camera For Youtube Recording

Canon EOS C100

C100 Cinema Camcorder is not an easy device for serious guys. This is one of the most powerful camcorders on the market. With a hinged screen, ISO capabilities of up to disastrous 80,000 and lightning fast autofocus, this camera is for professional videographers and very cool vlogers. The C100 is a great choice for vloggers who flirt with the idea of ​​becoming directors as well. But to buy this device, and even lenses to it, you have to sell a car. If you are a big enthusiast and are ready to sell even a kidney, you can safely order an updated version of the EOS C200, (by the way, this is slightly less than the new Lada Vesta).

Best Microphones for YouTube

Do I need a mic for YouTube videos?

We could not ignore this topic. After all, vlogging is not only the creation of beautiful videos, but also high-quality sound. Internal microphones in cameras are notoriously bad. If you are going to take your video blog seriously, you will need an external microphone.

Before we get to the list of the best microphones for YouTube, let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of different types.

Types of Microphones for Vloggers

Lapel Microphones

These microphones are also called lapels. They are fastened with clothespins to the front of the shirt, which allows a person to move more freely and not to hold the device in his hands. Suitable for bloggers who shoot interviews or demonstrations of something.

Gun microphones

Gun microphones are mounted on the camera’s hot shoe. They are able to perceive unidirectional sound. If you are shooting a video in a noisy room, but want one of the people’s voice to stand out from the others, use this type of microphone. Suitable for those bloggers who travel a lot or go out to shoot on the street and want to block background noise when shooting.

Condenser Microphones

Condenser microphones are useful for voice over and audio recording in a controlled environment. If you need a microphone that will stand on a desk and record your conversations, a condenser is a great choice. These microphones are loved by bloggers who shoot games, video tutorials, and beauty and makeup channels.

Some high-quality models for all occasions

  • Audio-Techica ATR-3350 : This is a chest microphone suitable for training videos, interviews, etc.
  • Rode VideoMic : Professional, directional microphone with shoe mount.
  • Shure VP83F : on-camera microphone of the “gun” type, which allows you to remove the entire gamut of sound vibrations in a certain direction and cut off the noise from the side and back. Designed primarily for use on SLR cameras. Suitable for video blogging.
  • Mlue Microphones Yetu Snowball : Easy to set up and best suited for dubbing.
  • Blue Microphones Snowball : A condenser type microphone that can switch from unidirectional to omnidirectional mode.
  • RodeLink Wireless Filmmaker Kit : This is an entire radio system with a loop, which allows you to transfer sound from a microphone without using wires. Mainly suitable for the film industry. The kit includes a camera receiver, a compact transmitter and a small lapel microphone.
  • VideoMic GO Shotgun : model with a sporty design without the use of a battery. It consumes very little power. Ideal for shooting long events that require the active movement of the operator.


Frequently Asked Question About Camera For Youtube Recording

What camera do beginner YouTubers use?

Mostly Beginners Youtubers use

  • Smartphone camera
  • Cheap Cameras like GoPro HERO 4

Which mobile camera is best for YouTube videos?

best photo smartphones at the moment for recording Youtube videos

  • Huawei P20 Pro;
  • iPhone XS Max;
  • HTC U12 +;
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9;
  • Huawei P20;
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus;


Video blogging can be an interesting way to tell your stories, get recognition, or even make a living. If you want to make a video blog of your dreams or just want to shoot funny videos to entertain your friends, you can always find the right camera and the best camera for youtube recording! And remember, if it’s hard for you to make a decision, a rental service can be a good way to decide. Try working with different cameras before investing in one. So you will be sure that you will get exactly what you need.

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