7 Best Lenovo Laptops For Gaming For 2023 Expert Choice

Modern games requires powerful processors and graphics cards. The Lenovo gaming laptop of one of the famous lines will allow you to enjoy even the most demanding games. Here in this article we will focus on best lenovo laptops for gaming based on user experience and specification and demands.

7 Best Lenovo Laptops For Gaming In All Price Range In 2020

Features of Lenovo laptops

Gaming notebook models differ from the usual ones with increased performance and power. They won’t beat desktop computers with expensive components inside the system unit, but bulky PCs are not always convenient. Lenovo gaming laptops are not much worse than these PCs and also guarantee a pleasant time on the new products of the gaming industry.

Choose a gaming laptop for the main parameters. Even those users who have little understanding of graphics cards, processors and RAM can do this. Games usually have minimum system requirements that can be used to determine if a computer is suitable to run.

However, it so happens that there is little difference between several compared models, but the price is still different. For clarity, information is presented with all the characteristics, reviews and user ratings. Typical new-format gaming laptops are equipped with at least 7th generation processors and 10-series graphics cards. The amount of RAM in them is usually at least 8 gigabytes.

Lenovo Gaming Laptop Lines

The Lenovo brand does not have a large number of gaming laptops, but there are also lines for applications with increased system requirements. Among the brands Legion and IdeaPad, there are models with acceptable technical data and prices. They are suitable for most games, as well as creativity, study and workflow.

Lenovo Gaming Laptop Lines

lenovo legion Line

Lenovo’s Legion range is a great choice for enjoying next-gen gaming. Notebooks of the series are made of quality materials and equipped with the best “internals” for their price. In total, it includes about 10 copies, some of them are sold with both 15- and 17-inch screens. Computers of this model are good in sound, color rendition and even a Wi-Fi module.

Lenovo ideaPad Line

IdeaPad notebooks are available in three series: 500, 300 and 100. They are universal, as they are not intended for something specific, but for all areas of life. Therefore, their parameters are balanced, and not focused on something specific. But this does not at all make the series worse and unattractive. If you want to play games on laptops instead of pc then must read Best Laptop To Replace Desktop.

Prices and characteristics of Best Lenovo Laptops For Gaming models

The characteristics and advantages of each model depend on its cost. But the advantage of Lenovo laptops is the low price when compared with similar options from competitors. Because of this, it is not difficult to choose a laptop that satisfies both in price and in components.

Best Budget Lenovo Laptops For Gaming

This list comes from models like the traditional ThinkPads or the all-around IdeaPads. Such laptops have a number of significant drawbacks or not very high performance, but they are suitable for games.

2. Lenovo ThinkPad X280 laptop

The Lenovo ThinkPad X280 gaming laptop is lightweight at just 1.1 kg. This is achieved through a metal (magnesium) and plastic housing. The small screen allows you to carry your laptop in your bag to the office or study. The color scheme and the picture on the display are pleasing to the eye and do not look unnatural as in previous models of the series.

Lenovo ThinkPad X280 Laptop

The laptop is equipped with 2 USB 3.0 ports, USB Type-C port, Intel Thunderbolt 3 port, HDMI port. But fans of the ThinkPad series may not appreciate this option, as it differs from the previous models (X270 and X260), especially the keyboard.

Lenovo ThinkPad X280 Pros & Cons

  • Robust case
  • Comparatively compact
  • Lightweight cover
  • Webcam shutter
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Natural display colors
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports
  • Long battery life
  • No removable battery
  • Inability to add RAM
  • Inconvenient screen format
  • Lack of discrete graphics
  • Imperfect micro
  • SD card reader
  • No unique features
  • Not the nicest design
  • No Ethernet port

The model is not exactly a gaming laptop, but the parameters are quite suitable for this description. The price of a Lenovo gaming laptop with such characteristics is extremely democratic.

Display diagonal (inches)12.5
Maximum screen resolution1920 × 1080
CPUIntel Core i5
CPU frequency1.6 gigahertz
Video adapterIntel UHD Graphics 620 (Integrated)
Available RAM8 GB
Operating time without recharging8-16 hours
Weight1.13 kg
Dimensions307.7 x 209.8 x 17.8 mm

1 Lenovo IdeaPad S340-15 laptop

The model is practical and lightweight. And not only in weight, but also in use – thanks to the ergonomic keyboard and the screen with a narrow frame. Lenovo IdeaPad is designed to solve a wide range of issues, including running games with high hardware requirements. To do this, SSD drives are installed on special gaming models, which make a quick login to the system and accelerate the launch of programs and applications.

Lenovo IdeaPad S340-15 Laptop

Lenovo IdeaPad S340-15 Pros & Cons

  • Aluminum body
  • Thin bezels
  • Half terabyte of internal storage
  • Excellent Full HD image
  • Quiet cooling system
  • Natural display colors
  • Good keyboard and touchpad dimensions
  • Just understands
  • Poorly responsive touchpad
  • Soldered RAM (4 GB bar)Cheap materials
  • Few USB modules
  • Difficulties with Linux
  • Hard cover
  • Problems with the Wi-Fi module
  • Heats up a lot during prolonged use

The performance is not very high, but for running most games at settings at least below average, it is more than suitable. The cost of different configurations may not coincide, but buying a Lenovo gaming laptop will be inexpensive.

Display diagonal (inches)15.6
Maximum screen resolution1920 × 1080
CPUIntel Core i5
CPU frequency1.6 gigahertz
Video adapterIntel UHD Graphics 620 (Integrated)
Available RAM4 GB out of 12
Operating time without recharging6-10 hours
Weight1.79 kg
Dimensions358 x 245 x 17.9 mm

For school and college student Best Lenovo Laptop For Students To Work And Study.

Best mid range Lenovo Laptops For Gaming

The range of Lenovo Legion gaming laptops has average prices. PCs with such a price are usually already definitely gaming and this is how manufacturers position themselves. Also, these models are common and often available in online stores.

3. Lenovo Legion Y520 laptop

The slimness and compactness of the model allow you to carry it with you whenever you need it. But best of all, the Lenovo Legion Y520 gaming laptop is suitable for enjoying the games you like in the best quality. The performance is ensured by the next-generation processor and graphics card. For a long game in any light, the computer is equipped with a powerful cooling system and backlit keys.

3 Lenovo Legion Y520 Laptop

Lenovo Legion Y520 Pros & Cons

  • Low noise level
  • Almost does not heat up
  • Excellent CPU to GPU connection
  • Comfortable gaming keyboard
  • Fast SSD performance
  • Loud speaker sound
  • High performance discrete graphics
  • Nice looking design
  • Small amount of RAM
  • There are fingerprints on the case
  • Poor display brightness
  • Not very stable monitor
  • Weak battery
  • Quite awkward touchpad
  • Low Wi-Fi connection speed
  • Disadvantages in display color range

Processor performance allows the latest games to run at above average settings. Although for this, the Lenovo gaming laptop needs additional RAM. The price ranges from 57 to 95 thousand.

Display diagonal (inches)15.6
Maximum screen resolution1920 × 1080
CPUIntel Core i7
CPU frequency2.8 gigahertz
Video adapterNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
Available RAM4 GB out of 16
Operating time without recharging4 hours
Weight2.4 kg
Dimensions380 x 265 x 25.8 mm

2. Lenovo Legion Y530 laptop

In second place in this price segment is also the Lenovo Legion gaming laptop, but with a newer configuration. It strikes a balance between power, convenience and style. The model is convenient for playing at night, as it is equipped with not too bright and flashy white backlighting and quiet cooling. The 15-inch screen has narrow bezels and stunning FullHD resolution for an immersive gaming experience.

Lenovo Legion Y530 Laptop

Lenovo Legion Y530 Pros & Cons

  • No busting with “gamer” design
  • Modern IPS screen
  • Heat is not felt on the keyboard
  • Practical assembly
  • Sleek design and light weight
  • Backlight neutral color
  • High quality hard drive
  • Bright screen
  • Lack of microSD card reader
  • Bad cooling system
  • Imperfect color scheme
  • Short operating time without recharging
  • Camera location
  • Inconvenient touchpad
  • Poor speaker sound quality
  • Fragile lid fixings

The computer is not intended for supernova games, but it copes well with their launch at low settings. Price: from 55 to 90 thousand. But reviews of the Lenovo Legion Y540 15irh gaming laptop make you think about considering buying this model.

Display diagonal (inches)15.6
Maximum screen resolution1920 × 1080
CPUIntel Core i7
CPU frequency2.2 gigahertz
Video adapterNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
Available RAM8 GB out of 16
Operating time without recharging3-5 hours
Weight2.3 kg
Dimensions365 x 260 x 24.2 mm

1. Lenovo IdeaPad L340-15 laptop

This laptop will surprise everyone with both a good picture and excellent sound. Graphics quality is guaranteed by the GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card, and the Dolby Audio system is responsible for the pleasant sound of the speakers.

The manufacturer calls an interesting difference between the model the ability to switch between active and quiet modes. Fast battery charging is also important for a computer, and the Lenovo IdeaPad L340-15 gaming laptop has this option.

Lenovo IdeaPad L340-15 Laptop

Lenovo IdeaPad L340-15 Pros & Cons

  • Next generation processor
  • Opens almost 180 degrees
  • 80% charged per hour
  • Stylish exterior design
  • Heats up poorly with moderate work
  • Soft buttons
  • Fast processor and hard drive
  • Long work without charging
  • Sound volume not very high due to speaker location
  • Small viewing angles of the screen
  • Short charging wire
  • Marked case
  • Complex OS installation
  • Few USB inputs
  • Unsoldered RAM, but there is a free slot
  • Lack of backlight

For its price, this is a good option in a row. It will be possible to buy a Lenovo gaming laptop for 50-75 thousand.

Display diagonal (inches)15.6
Maximum screen resolution1920 × 1080
CPUIntel Core i7
CPU frequency2.6 gigahertz
Video adapterNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
Available RAM8 GB out of 16
Operating time without recharging6-8 hours
Weight2.2 kg
Dimensions363 x 255 x 24 mm

Best Premium Lenovo laptops for gaming

Premium and Expensive gaming laptops are the must have for gamers who want to get maximum pleasure from everyone, even the newest games. But such copies usually have six-figure price tags, which is very off-putting.

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2. Lenovo Legion Y740-15 laptop

The Legion Y740-15 gaming laptop houses a powerful Intel processor and a powerful NVIDIA graphics card under a sleek aluminum case. The level of picture quality will provide the user with the maximum pleasure from the world of games. A notable feature of the model is its RGB lighting from Corsair.

Lenovo Legion Y740-15 Laptop

Lenovo Legion Y740-15 Pros & Cons

  • Quiet processor
  • Power and performance
  • Unique illumination
  • Excellent color rendering
  • High quality materials
  • Nice and small touchpad
  • Excellent built-in cooling system
  • Soft and quiet keyboard
  • Bulky power supply
  • Strong heat
  • No face or fingerprint scanner
  • The keyboard seems to be shifted from the side panel
  • Short battery life
  • Row of keys on the left
  • Inconvenient fan control profile
  • Slightly fragile lid

The Legion Y740-15 gaming laptop from Lenovo is an excellent option for enjoying any game released to date. But the sale is mostly carried out at inflated prices.

Display diagonal (inches)15.6
Maximum screen resolution1920 × 1080
CPUIntel Core i7
CPU frequency2.6 gigahertz
Video adapterNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti
Available RAM16 GB out of 32
Operating time without recharging3-5 hours
Weight2.2 kg
Dimensions361 x 265 x 23.85 mm

1. Lenovo Yoga C940-15 laptop

The Lenovo Yoga C940-15 is called an “entertainment generator” for a reason. This is an ideal model for full immersion in the game world and beyond. So, the laptop is designed for work, and for learning, and especially for creative activities. The processor has 8 cores and increases the frequency to 5 GHz, which will definitely not make the user wait for the program’s response.

The PC is a representative of the 2-in-1 line, that is, it can be used both as a laptop and as a tablet. And the speakers are built into the pivoting hinges, which is why the sound is constantly accompanied by the effect of presence.

Lenovo Yoga C940-15 Laptop
  • Very high quality components
  • Ability to use in 2 modes
  • 8-core processor
  • Excellent discrete graphics
  • High quality build
  • Dolby Atmos sound system
  • Two USB-C 3.1 ports
  • Convenient-sized keys
  • Very high price
  • Performance is slightly below competitors’ options
  • The battery is of insufficient quality
  • Nice but not the best display
  • No card reader
  • Not the best graphics performance
  • Relatively small amount of RAM
  • Not very thin

The price for such a device is mostly high. But it is recommended to look at the 2-in-1 models of competitors.

Display diagonal (inches)15.6
Maximum screen resolution1920 × 1080
CPUIntel Core i7
CPU frequency2.6 gigahertz
Video adapterNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 MAX-Q
Available RAM12 GB out of 16
Operating time without recharging10-14 hours
Weight2 Kg
Dimensions355.5 x 238.5 x 19.7 mm


When choosing a laptop, you need to take into account experience and preferences so as not to overpay for parameters that may not be needed at all. When actively using a PC, you should be careful about both its case and internal components. In particular, you need to monitor what is loaded on it. Lenovo gives its models a year of warranty.

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