9 Best Lenovo Tablets for 2023 with and without keyboard

The day has come when you need to carry out your plan to buy a tablet. For your self or a loved one, but it must meet certain requirements: size, performance, price. Lenovo tablet computers occupy one of the leading places in this market, according to all ratings. Let’s choose the best Lenovo tablets suitable for the tasks assigned to it.

Best Lenovo Tablets

Originally a small Chinese company founded in 1986 by employees of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it has grown to become a giant in the global computer market and got its current name in 2003. Lenovo “New Legend”. The company specialized in the development of computer equipment for the PRC and the adaptation of software to hieroglyphic fonts. However, after 5 years she began to develop her own software. And in the early 90’s to produce computers, components for them. The firm’s explosive growth came in the early 2000s with the placement of shares on the Asian stock market. In 2005, the firm acquires a US-based PC company from IBM. Lenovo now has office and production facilities in China and the United States, being one of the largest manufacturers of computer equipment.

How to choose a tablet

A tablet is a device for surfing the Internet. Quick search for the necessary information, convenient communication in social networks, watching videos, taking photos on the road or relaxing while playing, all these are the functions of the tablet. How to choose the right one for you?

Experts advise paying attention to:

  1. Performance – the number of cores, the amount of RAM, clock speed – characteristics that affect the speed of the device.
    • RAM must be at least 2 GB, because the main processes of the device will eat from 500 MB. The remaining memory should be sufficient to run the required applications. Lack of RAM will affect the quality of graphics and video.
    • The number of cores – from 4 – is the minimum number in the Lenovo PC.
    • Frequency starting from 1200 MHz for simple functions, and higher for video processing, heavy games.
  2. Screen size is primarily about your convenience – from 7 to 12 inches. Small devices will easily fit into a medium-sized bag, larger ones are needed for 10 “-12”. However, the size and weight are still not comparable to laptops.
  3. Screen resolution – no graininess, the clarity of the transmitted picture gives a comfortable viewing.
  4. Operating system (OS) – Windows or Android.
  5. Internet access – connection to the Internet can be established via Wi-fi or 3G (LTE). It is convenient to use a device that has an independent source of Internet access. However, devices with only Wi-fi are cheaper – you can connect by turning on the distribution from your smartphone or by finding a free source (cafes, transport, libraries, etc.), the number of which is increasing daily.
  6. The camera – the quality of the pictures, the video will make it possible to capture the important moment of life.
  7. Mobility – battery life is a very important selection criterion. Of course, different functions require different energy consumption, watching a movie consumes battery faster than reading mail. But it is more convenient to charge the device no more than once a day.
  8. Expandable memory – for storing photos, videos, presentations, applications.

Let’s take a look at the best Lenovo tablets and arrange them according to the most common selection criterion is screen size.

Best Lenovo Tablets

  1. Lenovo Miix 520 12 i7
  2. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet (Gen 3) i5 8Gb 256Gb
  3. Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 10 8Gb 128Gb LTE
  4. Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 PRO 4Gb 64Gb LTE
  5. Lenovo IdeaPad D330 N5000 4Gb 128Gb LTE
  6. Lenovo Tab 3 Plus 8703X 16Gb
  7. Lenovo Tab 4 Plus TB-8704X 64Gb
  8. Lenovo Tab 4 TB-7504X 2Gb 16Gb
  9. Lenovo Tab 3 Plus 7703X 16Gb

Best Lenovo tablets with keyboards

This category includes tablets with large screen diagonal 12 and 13 inches. They are positioned as an alternative to a laptop. The only thing missing is the keyboard. However, Lenovo’s developers offer several models of tablet computers with it. What are the characteristics and usability of such a truncated version of laptops.

Best Lenovo Tablets With Keyboards

Lenovo Miix 520 12 i7

Lenovo Miix 520 12 I7

This model is suitable for active users on the road, creating a full-fledged workplace in any environment. This is a computer with a detachable keyboard and all the necessary connectors. The control system is located on the side, powerful active cooling from the laptop. The battery in autonomous mode will work for about 7 hours. The screen resolution is sufficient for a 12″ diagonal. The rechargeable stylus allows you to draw, take notes on the screen. Read also best tablets with keyboards.

  • USB 3.0;
  • built-in memory size – 1 TB;
  • an opening stand on the body is convenient for use in tablet mode.
  • thickness 16 mm, too much for a tablet;
  • weight – more than 1 kg;
  • cost.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet (Gen 3) i5 8Gb 256Gb

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet (Gen 3) I5 8Gb 256Gb

Presented as a 2-in-1 device, equipped with everything necessary for a system administrator to work. With a 13 ″ screen, the device weighs less than 1 kg. Voice control will quickly wake it up from sleep mode. Information will be reliably protected by face and fingerprint recognition systems. Gorilla Glass 4 protects the screen well from the outside world.

  • 2 Intel Thunderbolt 3 ports;
  • Fingerprint’s scanner;
  • thickness 8.9 mm.
  • cameras are not the strongest point of the tablet;
  • short battery life.
SpecificationsLenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet (Gen 3) i5 8Gb 256GbLenovo Miix 520 12 i7 8550U 16Gb 1Tb LTE
OSWindows 10Windows 10
RAM, GB8sixteen
CPUIntel Core i5Intel Core i7
Memory, GB2561024
Processor frequency, MHz16001800
Screen size, inchthirteen12.2
Camera, MP2/85/8
Weight, gr 12701250

Best 10 inch Lenovo tablets

Tablets with a large 10 “screen are very popular. The less eye strain is, the longer and easier the user can work, watch videos, play. Such a gadget should be equipped not only with a high-quality screen, but also with an impressive filling.

When using a 10 ″ device, pay attention to the size of the battery. It should not be less than 5000 mAh.

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 10 8Gb 128Gb LTE

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 10 8Gb 128Gb LTE

The device is positioned for use in business and corporate environments. It has a powerful processor and graphics. Resolution 1920×1200 pixels. 10-hour battery life even with the power-hungry Windows 10 system installed on your tablet. The system is especially convenient for working with office applications. 8 GB of RAM allows simultaneous work with presentations and complex spreadsheets. The fingerprint reader will reliably protect information and simplify access for the owner. The amount of main memory will allow you to store all the necessary information on the device itself.

  • memory size;
  • sensitive sensor;
  • data processing speed.
  • the operation of the operating system is not always stable;
  • heating the battery.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 PRO 4Gb 64Gb LTE

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 PRO 4Gb 64Gb LTE

The PC can project an image onto any surface up to 70 ″. 4 speakers with Dolby Atmos support. Unusual comfortable body, adapted for grip with one hand, equipped with a built-in stand. 2 hybrid slots for microSD, microsim cards. Battery 10200 mAh, in projector mode it can work up to 5 hours, in standby mode up to 5 days. The RAM has been expanded to 4 GB, which removes previous complaints about poor performance. Supports fast charging.

  • multi-window – the ability to work in parallel up to 3 applications on the screen;
  • powerful rechargeable battery;
  • projector.
  • operating system Android 6;
  • poor optimization of games for the processor.

Lenovo IdeaPad D330 N5000 4Gb 128Gb LTE

Lenovo IdeaPad D330 N5000 4Gb 128Gb LTE

Ergonomic tablet with high resolution IPS screen, turns into a computer when you plug in a keyboard. Convenient for using office applications, watching movies. However, the model does not apply to gaming devices. According to reviews, inexpensive and functional, it fully justifies the investment in itself. According to the manufacturer’s website, this is a compact universal device with a keyboard that can be fastened in two directions. Take a look at Best ASUS Tablets for money.

  • product weight without keyboard – 660 g;
  • low cost;
  • slow battery drain.
  • mismatch between the input and the charger;
  • lack of a stylus with the declared possibility of its use;
  • weak battery.
SpecificationsLenovo Yoga Tablet 3 PRO LTE 4Gb 64GbLenovo ThinkPad Tablet 10 8Gb 128Gb LTELenovo IdeaPad D330 N5000 4Gb 128Gb LTE
OSAndroid 6Win 10Win 10
CPUIntel Atom x5 Z8500Intel Celeron N4100Intel Pentium Silver N5000
RAM, GB484
Memory, GB64128128
Processor frequency, MHz224011001100
Screen resolution2560×16001920×12001920×1080
Battery, mAh10200 mAh39 Wh5080 mAh
Camera, MP5/132/52/5
Weight, gr6656601106

Best Lenovo 8 inch tablets

8 “tablets are the optimal size for most users. They combine compactness, lightness with high functionality. However, they are less convenient for working with business applications than larger devices. Our rating was topped by:

Lenovo Tab 3 Plus 8703X 16Gb

Lenovo Tab 3 Plus 8703X 16Gb

The device has a nice rough surface of the case, a fairly high-quality assembly. It is possible to install 2 SIM cards, one of which is replaced by micro SD. A pair of speakers allows you to experience stereo sound. 16:10 screen makes it possible to conveniently work with documents, but only indoors, the screen brightness is not enough for active work outdoors. 3GB of RAM is enough for the simultaneous execution of several tasks. 16GB of ROM is not enough for storing files, but it is expandable with a memory card. The 8MP camera takes good shots in natural light. The battery has a capacity of 4250 mAh, but the high resolution of the screen discharges it quickly enough, in 6-8 hours.

  • screen aspect ratio;
  • the presence of 2 speakers;
  • high quality sound.
  • lack of conversational dynamics;
  • no oleophobic coating;
  • weak cameras.

Lenovo Tab 4 Plus TB-8704X 64Gb

Lenovo Tab 4 Plus TB-8704X 64Gb

A thin, laconic and stylish tablet, in comparison with its younger brother, has a larger amount of main memory (64 GB) and RAM (4 GB), an 8-core 2.2 GHz processor, a 4850 mAh battery for up to 10 hours of operation with a weight of only 300gr. and a thickness of 7 mm. This filling is sufficient for most tasks and even today’s demanding games with high graphics settings. The sleek, crisp 1920×1200 resolution screen is comfortable to view. Multi-user profile customization is convenient for the whole family. Children are especially happy about this opportunity – it makes it easier for them to communicate with the device. An advanced Wi-fi module will make it possible to work at speeds up to 1Gbps. The tablet is equipped with 7 Android.

  • high-speed performance;
  • fingerprint sensor;
  • high-speed internet lte, wi-fi.
  • 5 + 8 MP cameras, nothing outstanding for such a model;
  • glass back, on which all fingerprints are visible.
SpecificationLenovo Tab 3 Plus 8703X 16GbLenovo Tab 4 Plus TB-8704X 64Gb
OSAndroid 6Android 7
Number of Cores88
Memory, GBsixteen64
Processor frequency, MHz20002000
Battery, mAh42504850
Camera, MP5/85/8

Best Lenovo 7 inch tablets

This is the most popular budget category. Despite their small size, they perfectly fulfill all the necessary functions: watching a simple video, chatting in messengers, simple games. Very good as constant interlocutors in transport (lightweight and compact). We often give these tablets to children. After all, they themselves are a wonderful toy.

Pay attention to the possibility of making a call to another subscriber! Small-sized devices are convenient to use as a phone!

Lenovo Tab 4 TB-7504X 2Gb 16Gb

Lenovo Tab 4 TB-7504X 2Gb 16Gb

This small, compact tablet from the Tab 4 line is mid-range but wins against the competition. If necessary, you can use a complete telephone module. Despite the small size of the ROM – 16 GB, an SD card with a capacity of up to 128 GB will help to expand it. 2GB of RAM should be enough for basic applications to run comfortably. The modest 7 ″ screen has a pleasant 16: 9 aspect ratio. It is possible to use both a single-band Wi-fi module and an output through the networks of mobile operators (the tablet is equipped with a 3g system). 2 and 5 MP cameras will provide online communication and shooting simple videos. Operating system based on Android 7.

  • aspect ratio – comfortable to hold;
  • the presence of nano-sim – autonomy of work;
  • expandable memory;
  • lack of frames at the edges;
  • bright screen.
  • small size of RAM;
  • one speaker;
  • weak rear camera;
  • inability to use an SD card for running applications.

Lenovo Tab 3 Plus 7703X 16Gb

Lenovo Tab 3 Plus 7703X 16Gb

This is the simplest of the tablet options presented in the review. He’s the cheapest. A nice thing for those who like to travel without extra load. There will be enough entertainment on the road: watch a movie, enough memory to download several movie novels; play games; read a book; see friends. The presence of a GPS module allows you to use it as a navigator in a car, conveniently positioned on a torpedo. However, the geolocation speed is slow. Fast due to the 4 core processor. The battery lasts up to 9 hours, depending on the applications used. Operating system – Android 6.

  • bright screen;
  • capacious battery.
  • small memory and lack of the ability to combine with an SD card;
  • slow geolocation;
  • the need to clear memory;
  • weak point – USB port.
SpecificationsLenovo Tab 4 TB-7504X 2Gb 16GbLenovo Tab 3 Plus 7703X 16Gb
Number of Cores44
Memory, GBsixteensixteen
Processor frequency, MHz13001200
Size, mm193 / 98.7188/98

For the right choice, take your favorite tablet in your hands, try to turn it on and look at the screen. You will feel the device and understand whether it will be convenient for you to communicate with it every day. We hope that our review has helped you navigate the best representatives of Lenovo tablet computers currently on the market.