5 Best Micro Sd Card For 4k Video 2023 (128GB Options)

Shooting video in 4K resolution is carried out not only on professional photo and movie cameras, but also on quite ordinary smartphones, action cameras or DVRs. With the processing of large amounts of information in a short period of time, fast microSD cards of the V30 video recording class, which have a minimum recording speed of at least 30 MB / s, do well. And although 4K video shooting means large file sizes, many of the devices still support memory cards up to 128 GB. We selected five drives of this “caliber” for this article. Each of them is presented on store shelves in a wide dimensional grid for any user needs.

best micro sd card for 4k video

A few parameters of flash drives from the selection are given for comparison in the summary table of fast microSD cards adapted for video recording in 4K resolution. The whole variety of memory cards is presented in the corresponding section of the catalog.

5 best micro sd card for 4k video

micro sd card for 4k videoCheck Price at Amazon
1Samsung EVO Plus A2 V30 UHS-I U3 128 GBCheck Price
2Silicon Power Superior microSDXC UHS-1 C10 V30 A2Check Price
3Kingston microSDXC Canvas Go! Plus 128 GBCheck Price
4Transcend microSDXC 340S 128 GB Check Price
5SanDisk Max Endurance microSDXC 128 GB Check Price

Samsung EVO Plus A2 V30 UHS-I U3 128 GB

samsung evo plus a2 v30 uhs i u3 128 gb
  • Compliance with the declared speed characteristics,
  • all-protected design,
  • 10-year warranty,
  • price.
  • The “passport” does not indicate the maximum speed of data recording.

Samsung’s large ecosystem includes not only electronics, but also the necessary accessories for it. For example, chargers for gadgets, power banks, external data drives, etc. The popular model EVO Plus A2 V30 UHS-I U3 is included in the category of “fast-thinking” microSD flash drives from the South Korean brand.

All the ins and outs of the drive is revealed in the name. So, the model guarantees the smooth loading of mobile applications due to compliance with the A2 standard. The V30 and UHS-I U3 classes indicate the minimum data write speed of 30 MB / s – it does not fall below this mark, which is suitable for shooting 4K video without dropping frames.

For some reason, the manufacturer does not disclose the peak speed threshold for writing information to a USB flash drive. But the speed of reading information from the drive reaches 130 MB/s. In the 128GB version, the memory card holds over 7.5 hours of 4K video and up to 20 hours of Full HD video. The number of photographs in similar frame resolutions is measured in five to six tens of thousands.

Samsung provides a 10-year limited warranty on the product (does not apply to the flash drive if it is installed in DVRs and CCTV cameras with continuous recording). The high degree of reliability of the drive is reinforced by protection against water, temperature extremes, x-rays, and magnetic radiation, drops, and wear. The decisive argument in favor of the model is the affordable pricing policy.


Silicon Power Superior microSDXC UHS-1 C10 V30 A2 + Adapter 128GB 

silicon power superior microsdxc uhs 1 c10 v30 a2 adapter 128gb
silicon power superior
  • Full compliance with the declared speed characteristics,
  • high IOPS (class A2),
  • built-in error correction algorithm,
  • all-protected design.
  • There are no significant downsides.

Not every memory card is suitable for shooting in high resolution and bitrate. If we ignore the microSD form factor and look at the portfolio of Silicon Power, the Superior microSDXC UHS-1 C10 V30 A2 flash drive shines as a bright spot in it.

The model meets the requirements of UHS-I Class 3 and Video Speed ​​Class 30 speed ratings. Accordingly, data is written to it at a speed of at least 30 MB/s. The “ceiling” of the speed performance of the drive is about 100 MB / s for reading and 80 MB / s for writing information. In practice, these values ​​are achieved both in synthetic tests and in real life (using a device with a suitable configuration).

The suitability of the drive for smartphones and tablets is determined by the class for mobile applications A2. According to it , a random read speed of 4000 IOPS and a random write speed of 2000 IOPS are provided, which in practice translates into lightning-fast application launches and smooth operation of running programs.

The Silicon Power Superior microSDXC UHS-1 C10 V30 A2 features a waterproof, shock and temperature resistant design. Also, the drive is not afraid of exposure to x-rays. Among other things, they note the built-in automatic error correction code (ECC) function, which allows you to avoid misses when copying data to a USB flash drive.

Kingston microSDXC Canvas Go! Plus 128 GB

kingston microsdxc canvas go plus 128 gb
kingston microsdxc canvas go plus 128 gb
  • The actual write speed is higher than stated,
  • high IOPS (class A2),
  • all-protected design,
  • lifetime warranty.
  • There are no significant downsides.

Kingston Canvas Go! Plus is assigned to the strong medium segment of microSD storage. It gives good speed indicators for reading and writing files, has an indestructible character, and a lifetime warranty. But let’s talk about everything in order.

The memory card is marked with several important markings. The inscription “U3” on it indicates support for the UHS-I Class 3 bus with a guaranteed linear write speed of at least 30 MB / s. Approximately the same meaning is embedded in the symbols “V30”, which is a video recording class for the drive. The performance level of a flash drive, when used in conjunction with a smartphone or tablet, is labeled A2 – models with this tab speed up running applications.

Kingston microSDXC Canvas Go! Plus fully complies with the speed performance in read mode (up to 170 MB / s), and when writing data, the model demonstrates superpowers instead of the declared 90 MB / s, it easily “overclocks” to 120-130 MB/s. With such characteristics, the drive will fit for shooting 4K video with a frame rate of 60 or even 120 fps. Moreover, the flash drive will also pull 8K video with a frame rate of 30 fps.

The model has a special endurance. It’s no joke, the flash drive captivates with water resistance, shock resistance, vibration resistance, X-ray protection, as well as a wide operating temperature range from -25 ° C to +85 ° C. As proof of its indestructible properties, Kingston kindly provides a lifetime warranty on the product.

Transcend microSDXC 340S 128 GB 

transcend microsdxc 340s 128 gb
transcend microsdxc 340s 128 gb
  • High data rate,
  • high IOPS (Class A2),
  • rugged design,
  • data recovery software subscription,
  • reliability and durability.
  • There are no significant downsides.

The Taiwanese company Transcend is a guru in the storage device industry for storing user data. For use with smartphones and for video shooting in 4K resolution, a miniature microSD flash drive with the model index 340S is sharpened out of the box.

The drive provides a speed of writing information at the level of up to 125 MB / s and “reads” data at a rate of up to 160 MB / s. Among microSD cards, these are very outstanding figures. In addition, the model has been assigned the highest speed classes UHS-I Class 3 and V30 – both parameters indicate a minimum guaranteed write rate of 30 MB / s. This means that video shooting in 4K resolution and saving arrays of RAW photos is given to a flash drive without the slightest hitch.

The Transcend microSDXC 340S is a great option for expanding your smartphone’s storage, delivering high I/O operations per second (IOPS) and boasting faster mobile app startup times . At this point in the program, the flash drive is marked with a class label for A2 applications.

Transcend microSDXC 340S multi-level protection system vouches for the reliable storage of information and the longevity of the drive itself. In particular, the model is made in a shock-resistant case, which is resistant to dust and moisture, X-rays, static voltage . As a bonus, the owner of the flash drive receives an adapter for an “adult” SD-size and a subscription to RecoveRx proprietary software for recovering deleted or lost data.

SanDisk Max Endurance microSDXC 128 GB 

sandisk max endurance microsdxc 128 gb
sandisk max endurance microsdxc 128 gb
  • Enhanced reliability in loop recording,
  • rugged design,
  • 10-year warranty.
  • There are no significant downsides.

The league of performance cards SanDisk Max Endurance microSDXC was released with an eye to the continuous recording of video surveillance data in a cyclic mode. The models delegated from it will fit 4K video recorders, high-definition video surveillance cameras, they will perfectly prove themselves when shooting video on top cameras with interchangeable lenses.

The resource of the memory card in the “no breaks” mode is 120 thousand hours, which is over 13 years of non-stop video recording. Let’s be honest, not every camera can withstand such a long marathon of use. The performance of the flash drive is maintained in the temperature range from -25 ° C to +85 ° C, and its case has a shock-resistant, waterproof and X-ray resistant design.

With high-speed indicators of reading and writing files, the model has all the rank of a plane tree. Data transfer from a flash drive is performed at a rate of up to 100 MB / s, information is written to it at a rate of up to 40 MB / s. The minimum guaranteed bar for recording is 30 MB / s. It is reported by the UHS-I U3 and V30 classes assigned to the drive.

Potential drive failures are covered by a 10-year flash drive warranty directly from the American manufacturer SanDisk. For mobile phones and portable video equipment, memory cards of the Extreme and Extreme Pro series from the brand’s portfolio are also perfect. They are covered by a lifetime limited warranty.

Questions about choosing micro sd card for 4k video

How big of an SD card do I need for 4K video?

As the size of your 4K video footage will largely depend on the resolution and frame rate you’re shooting at. However, a general rule of thumb is that you’ll need an SD card with at least 64GB of storage space to store your footage. If you’re shooting in Ultra HD (4K) resolution or higher, you’ll likely want to use a 128GB or even 256GB SD card for optimal performance.

Is UHS 1 enough for 4K?

For starters, 4K movies are typically shot at a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. That’s four times the resolution of a 1080p movie. However, most current UHD TVs only support resolutions up to UHS 1 (3840×2160). That means that unless your TV is specifically designed for 4K gaming or streaming, most 4K movies will look pixelated and fuzzy when played on it. 

What SD card do you need for 4K 60fps?

A modern-day SD card is essential for 4K 60fps recording. Here’s what you need to know to choose the right one: 

  1. Minimum capacity: Minimum requirement for 4K 60fps recording is a minimum capacity of 64GB. This is because the frame rate drops as footage size increases. 
  2. Speed: Higher speeds will result in smoother footage, but also come with an increased price tag. SanDisk Extreme PRO cards are the fastest options, reaching up to UHS-II standards, but they can also be the most expensive. 
  3. Class 10 or UHS-I: A class 10 SD card provides faster read and write speeds than a class 6 SD card, but doesn’t support 4K 60fps recording.

How many videos can a 400GB SD card hold?

SD cards have become increasingly popular in recent years for their convenience and capacity. However, some people may not be aware that SD cards can hold a lot of videos. In fact, a 400GB SD card can hold up to 380 hours of high-definition video or 18 hours of standard-definition video. This means that an SD card can store a lot of footage from your camera or camcorder, and you won’t have to worry about storage space anymore.

Do you need a special SD card for 4K?

In general, most devices that support UHD do not require a specially formatted SD card. However, there are a few exceptions. Some 4KTVs and cameras require an SD card with a UHS-II speed rating in order to capture or playback UHD videos. Additionally, some gaming systems that support 4K display require an SD card with faster read/writes speeds in order to minimize input lag when playing 4K games. So if you’re unsure if your device supports UHD or not, be sure to check the device’s specifications or consult the manufacturer’s website.