5 best midi keyboard budget 2022

Today there is a huge selection of musical instruments. Sometimes it’s even hard to imagine how you can fit several at once at home or in the studio. And if you come to the music store, it turns out that each of them individually costs a lot of money. The midi controller will help to solve the problem. A keyboard instrument that, when connected to a computer, can synthesize all kinds of presets.

Best Midi Keyboard Budget
5 Best Midi Keyboard Budget

This article will focus on Best Midi Keyboard Budget selection of classic MIDI devices from the middle and low price categories. We will not give exotic species like MIDI guitar controllers that resemble the shape of a real instrument. Classic keyboards only.

Best Midi Keyboard Budget

  • Akai Pro LPK25
  • IK Multimedia IRig Keys 25
  • Korg Microkey 2-37
  • M-Audio Axiom Air Mini
  • Acorn Masterkey 61

5 Best Midi Keyboard Budget

Akai Pro LPK25

Akai Pro LPK25

Midi controller Akai Pro LPK25 is one of the most affordable keyboards at the moment. On board has everything you need for a comfortable game. Very portable and lightweight, which allows you to take it with you and write songs right on the road. Twenty-five independent dynamic keys provide smooth keystrokes and quick response. All you need is to connect this midi controller to your computer or laptop and start composing music at any time.

Simple and convenient design will not leave indifferent any musician. Moreover, this keyboard does not require the installation of additional drivers, unlike competitors, which makes it even more mobile.

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IK Multimedia IRig Keys 25 | best midi keyboard for beginners

IK Multimedia IRig Keys 25 | Best Midi Keyboard For Beginners

Another mini-keyboard from an inexpensive segment. This midi controller is made with emphasis on the minimum number of settings, but the maximum quality of the keys. All 25 keys are sensitive to speed and force of keystrokes – this is very important for professionals recording music in the studio. But to the detriment of this, you lose a lot of integrated subtle settings that are present in the analogues. Roughly speaking, this is the most basic, but the highest quality keyboard of all those presented in today’s top. If you do not need additional settings and built-in mixers, this tool is your option. An important point: this controller consumes little power, and this is undoubtedly a huge plus.

It is also worth noting that the kit comes with software, the installation of which and work in it will be convenient for beginners.

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Korg Microkey 2-37 – experimenter

Korg Microkey 2-37 - Experimenter

The next challenger is the Korg Microkey2-37 midi controller. As in the previous version, there are not too many settings in this keyboard, however there is one significant difference – 37 keys. That is another additional octave. Despite the large number of keys, manufacturers were able to make this keyboard compact. And it is still suitable for traveling and playing on the go. Also, this is so far the first keyboard in our top, in which the “Modulation” function is present. The modulation wheel allows you to raise / lower the tone right during the game. This is a very often used option, sometimes even determining the purchase of a device.

Made all in the same simple black style. It has a shortened key length, which can also be both an advantage and a disadvantage. These keys, of course, will need to get used to. But in the future, playing on such a keyboard will not be a problem.

In the kit, upon purchase, you will receive software for connecting to mobile devices. Yes, this midi controller is capable of supporting mobile gadgets. Korg Microkey2-37 has a jack for connecting a damper pedal.

The combination of characteristics of this keyboard hints that it is designed for experimentation and is perfect for making dreams come true when writing non-trivial music.

M-Audio Axiom Air Mini – DJ Studio

Now consider the completely opposite approach to music. An example to consider is the M-Audio Axiom midi controller. Perhaps this is the most sophisticated keyboard from the budget segment. The fundamental difference from analogues is the presence of eight pads and eight knobs of flexible settings. The pads are very convenient for writing beats or preserving drums / percussion. In fact, integration turns your device into a midi drum controller.

In addition, this keyboard is endowed with handles and buttons with very flexible settings. Wide functionality becomes an occasion for purchase for both novice professionals and professionals. The M-Audio Axiom still falls under the definition of a compact keyboard with 32 keys on board.

Navigation through the vast library will impress even the most sophisticated music lovers. Of the disadvantages, only the lack of a modulation wheel can be noted. But be sure that everything else is there.

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Acorn Masterkey 61 | Home Orchestra cheap midi keyboard 61 keys

Acorn Masterkey 61 | Home Orchestra Cheap Midi Keyboard 61 Keys

This is the only keyboard that falls into the budget segment and has 61 keys. It will be honest to call it a true analogue of the electronic piano. Moreover, manufacturers focused on the quality of the keys and the convenience of playing on all octaves.

Of course, this MIDI controller can hardly be used as portable, however, a wide range of sound is simply necessary for writing truly complex tunes.

The developers have pleased us with a modulation and pitch wheel, which is also good news, but more flexible settings are still missing. Most likely, this option is suitable for a person for a measured home game, who would like to purchase an electronic piano connected to a computer.


Now you know about the Best Midi Keyboard Budget among the low budget range. For obvious reasons, wireless midi controllers did not enter the top due to overpriced. We hope that this article helped to decide on the choice of a tool, and in the future you will have no doubts when buying.

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