10 best programs for drawing tablet

Technology today allows phones and tablets to accommodate a myriad of useful applications. But these are not only messengers or readers. There are many drawing programs that are used by both beginners and advanced artists. Here we are discussing the best program for drawing tablets.

Best Programs For Drawing Tablet

Rating of Best Programs For Drawing Tablet

It doesn’t matter what a person draws for: for fun or for work. Modern applications allow you to hone your skills, create sketches, redraw photos. You just need to download the desired drawing from Google Play.

Best Program For Drawing Tablet RatingCharacteristic
Adobe illustrator draw 9.9 / 10Good drawing
Adobe Photoshop Sketch9.9 / 10Many options
Autodesk Sketch Book9.8 / 10For drawing and sketching
ibis Paint X9.8 / 10Saves the drawing process to a record
Medibang Paint9.7 / 10To create comics
Artecture Draw, Sketch, Paint9.7 / 10Universal drawing tool
Art flow9.7 / 10Standard set of options
Infinite painter9.6 / 10For working with brushes
Paper Color9.6 / 10Huge number of brushes
Flipa Clip: animation9.5 / 10Creation of cartoons
Pixel Studio9.4 / 10For pixel art
Simple Draw9.3 / 10Simple program

Which of these would you prefer?

10 Best Programs For Drawing Tablet

Adobe illustrator draw

The app syncs seamlessly with other Adobe products.

One of the best apps developed by a graphics specialist. There is all the functionality necessary for the creative process. The artist can easily switch between layers, change brushes, zoom in up to 64x.

The developers provide paid and free versions. But in the free program, some of the options remain unavailable. Therefore, for full-fledged work, you still have to download the full version.


  • There is an increase in the picture
  • 5 brush configurations
  • Working with layers
  • Synchronization


  • The main functionality is in the paid version

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Adobe Photoshop Sketch

In second place in this top is another product from Adobe. This program allows you to use a wide variety of tools – from a pencil to a brush to an ink pen. There are also additional tools here – cropping, eraser. The user can easily create any multi-layer drawing, and after saving, exports it to a computer program.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

All functions of the application are easily customizable. The artist can adapt the program to suit his needs or use the basic settings. In any case, Adobe Photoshop Sketch allows you to create unique drawings.


  • The program is free
  • Excellent sync
  • Lots of drawing tools


  • Not always suitable for beginners

Autodesk Sketch Book

Great drawing tool with a lot of tools. Any user will find here everything that is needed to create a picture, sketch, drawing. The interface is really impressive: there are markers, pencils, brushes (about 200 pieces). Colors – a whole Copic library. Basic options have been developed for beginners.

Autodesk Sketch Book has additional features. These are sketch scanning, automatic correction of curved lines, smooth scaling. You can draw with a stylus. Paid and free versions are available.


  • The convenience of use
  • Advanced functionality
  • Suitable for sketching


  • Only 10 tools are available in the free version (more than 100 in the paid version)
  • High cost of the full version

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ibis Paint X

Ibis Paint X records all the actions of the artist when creating a drawing.

An excellent shareware application that is easy to download and install on any device with Android OS. It works quickly, allowing the user to create designs in comfort. The advantage of ibis Paint X is that it was designed for beginners. But experienced artists will also find a lot of useful stuff here.

The developers have installed 800 fonts, 300 different brushes, more than 10 filters, various effects. The application allows you to blend layers, use any tool, and automatically saves the image.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • The paid version only costs $ 5
  • There is all the necessary functionality
  • Drawing creation record


  • The free version lacks many options

Medibang Paint

This program is easy to download to your phone from Google Play. First of all, Medibang Paint is suitable for those who prefer to draw comics, manga, digital art. Everything is provided here to create a full-fledged comic. The sheet is immediately divided into special panels. The artist can easily save all pages later into one file.

The program can be easily installed on any device, so a drawing started on a smartphone can be finished on a computer. The functionality is great here: a large selection of varied brushes, a vibrant palette, free fonts, over 800 free tones.


  • Advanced functionality
  • Installation on any device
  • Save all drawings to one file
  • Using a branded cloud service


  • For some options you need to pay extra

Artecture Draw, Sketch, Paint

An excellent drawing for those who are going to create real masterpieces – this is how the developer presents the application. As soon as the user installs the drawing tool on his phone, a lot of useful tools will appear at his disposal.

There are more than standard art brushes or a vibrant palette here. To create a unique drawing, pencils, pens, markers are provided. The artist gets access to different layers. It can invert shades, blur the background, use ready-made underlays, import and export a drawn image.


  • Is free
  • Advanced functionality
  • Import, export of a picture


  • Beginners need to practice

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Art flow

Not a bad drawing tool for Android that allows you to easily make sketches or full-fledged drawings. For this, the developer provided the artists with a standard set of tools. You can use your finger or stylus – the program recognizes both without problems.

Basic options are available in the free version. This is enough to get you familiar with the application. The user can draw a simple drawing, but for a more fruitful creative process, the tools of the paid version cannot be dispensed with. For little money, he gets access to work with layers, colors or masks.


  • There are different options
  • Getting the original image from the camera
  • Using the stylus
  • Image import, export


  • Paid version availability

Infinite painter

There are 160 brushes, but there are additional functions.

An application specially designed for painting with brushes. Therefore, a special drawing algorithm is installed here, simulating stiffness, streaks, texture and other types of interaction with paper.

The artist can easily work with layers, paint complex three-dimensional paintings, create sketches from scratch or use ready-made sketches. Infinite Painter makes it easy to create a light drawing or a complete painting. But developers charge a small fee for additional options.


  • Creation of three-dimensional pictures
  • Nice toolbox
  • Convenient functionality
  • Suitable for beginners


  • In-app purchases

Paper Color

In this drawing, the artist can easily find a huge number of brushes that allow the most accurate representation of nature. The developer has also installed the contour tracing module. With its help, the user can easily load a picture from the device and overlay it in the form of a translucent layer on itself.

This allows the app to be used for initial training in sketching or various patterns. The rest of the toolkit is standard, there are all the options necessary for drawing. The user can easily apply his own logo to the finished image.


  • Large selection of brushes
  • Separate sketching option
  • Use of the logo
  • Intuitive interface


  • Users pay for the full version

Flipa Clip: animation

Created cartoons are sent by users to contests in the developer’s community.

One of the best apps for drawing animated objects. Beginners can easily walk through the basic level of cartoon making with Flipa Clip with constant practice. The basic version of the program is provided free of charge. Users save the resulting cartoon in a standard video format, and export individual files as pictures.

You can add music to your video. The drawing process itself takes place using a standard set of tools. There is a function of adding text to the picture. In the free version, only 3 layers are available, in the paid version 10. Flipa Clip works great with a stylus.


  • You can create cartoons
  • The app saves the video
  • Many options are available for free
  • Convenient interface


  • Over time you will need a paid version

Pixel Studio

The program is specially designed for people who want to try their hand at pixel art. This direction allows you to create drawings using dots, so a separate application is required. Pixel Studio is an excellent editor with support for canvases of different sizes, the ability to compose your own palettes, and image previews.

But the developers did not stop there, giving users the ability to create animations. The app is great for professionals who want to practice in their spare time, as well as for beginner pixel art artists.


  • Convenient interface
  • Good toolbox
  • Animation creation


  • Some options are provided by the developer for a fee.

Simple Draw

Very simple, but at the same time convenient drawing for beginners. The interface is simple, intuitively simple. Instead of a background, users choose any image from the phone or a white sheet. The image is subsequently saved to the phone for further transmission.

The set of tools is standard. There is a choice of brushes, a bright color palette, work with layers. The user can undo previously applied effects or customize instruments to suit their own needs. Such an application is not suitable for professional artists, but it will allow everyone to draw.


  • Is free
  • Standard tools
  • Saving a drawing
  • Cons:
  • Too simple

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Conclusion: editorial advice on choosing drawing app for Tablet

So here is our rating of the best programs for drawing tablets ends. Modern technologies allow not only drawing on photos. A smartphone or tablet easily becomes a real tool for creating a picture, comic book, or cartoon. Therefore, when choosing the appropriate application, we recommend that you study the options set by the developer and give preference to the device most suitable for your requirements. You often have to pay extra for using the broader drawing functions.

Artists use not only paper but also graphic tablets or various applications on their gadgets. This allows them to constantly hone their skills. But choosing a good app depends on many factors, including reviews or ratings.