10 Best Robotic Vacuum for pet hair cleaning

Best Robotic Vacuum For Pet Hair

In a family where they love and keep pets, such as dogs and cats, there is a problem, like constant hair in an apartment or house. It is important to deal with dog and cat hair, especially in those houses where an allergic person lives, and especially a small child. To facilitate cleaning in apartments and houses, people acquire various additional household appliances. For cleaning, many users prefer to buy a robotic vacuum cleaner and start looking for Best Robotic Vacuum for pet hair. Just before buying, it is important to understand the technical characteristics and functionality, so that it is a robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning animal hair and long hair. Next, we will tell you how to choose the right machine and which models in 2023 are the most effective for cleaning the floor.

Selection rules for Robotic Vacuum for pet hairs

Most users, when buying a robot vacuum cleaner for animal hairs, ask themselves: by what criteria should they be chosen, and which is better from the proposed options? After all, theoretically, almost any model is suitable for animals or pets hairs. But since such garbage quickly fills the container and clogs the filters, you often have to clean the device, which is not very convenient.

In order to understand how correct it is to clean a cat and dog hair from carpets and smooth coatings, you need to know certain selection criteria. In such devices, the correct functions and certain elements must exist, due to which the cleaning efficiency is improved and time is saved.

Functions that a robotic vacuum for pet hairs should have:

  1. Scheduled work. This function allows you to plan the day and time of the device.
  2. Virtual wall. So that you can restrict the movement area next to the plates of pets.
  3. Local cleaning when the appliance itself cleans a heavily soiled area

In addition to the listed functions, the robot should be equipped with a central brush, it better removes wool and long hairs. Its effectiveness depends on the design and material of manufacture. Optimum and more effective is considered a turbo brush made of silicone. Thanks to such a nozzle, the fibers are cleaned better and better, and cleaning the brush itself is faster.

It is considered important to choose the correct suction power. After all, it will depend on the power of how a robot vacuum cleaner for hairs and wool will suck in and remove debris from the coating, especially from the carpet. The greater the power, the more efficient the floor cleaning will be.

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Best Robotic Vacuum For Pet Hair

  1. iRobot Roomba 650
  2. Clever Panda i5 (Pet series)
  4. Gutrend Fun 110 Pet
  5. Dyson 360 eye
  6. Neato Robotics XV-21
  7. iClebo Omega
  8. Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One
  9. LINNBERG Drive

Best Robotic Vacuum For Pet Hair cleaning according to customer reviews

When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner whose main task is to remove pet hairs, pay attention to its brush. It should be designed in such a way as to reduce the chance of winding hair. We have compiled a rating of the best robotic vacuum cleaners for hair cleaning in 2023, which differ in equipment, modes, and additional functionality.

iRobot Roomba 650

IRobot Roomba 650

It takes first place in our TOP. The round robotic vacuum cleaner with a diameter of 32 cm and a height of 9.5 cm is designed for dry cleaning. Like all models in the rating, it collects dust in a cyclone filter and is additionally equipped with a fine filter that cuts off even allergens. The dust bag volume is 0.75 liters. It is equipped with a side brush, a bristled turbo brush for collecting debris and hairs from carpets, and rubber for smooth surfaces. Optical sensors are located on the body of the vacuum cleaner, which will determine the obstacles to bypass them. Several operating modes, including automatic and local. Depending on the mode, it can move in a spiral, zigzag and along walls. You can program the switching time by day. The kit includes a virtual wall that limits the cleaning area. Automatically calls at the base. Equipped with a 3000 mAh NiMH battery, which runs up to 120 minutes. It takes 180 minutes to charge. Management can be done with the remote control or buttons on the case. 

  • easily overcomes obstacles of 1.5-2 cm;

  • good absorption capacity;

  • a sufficient set of brushes;

  • fast, with a good cross;

  • cleaning time programming;

  • a high-quality collection of various garbage;

  • leaves no uncleaned plots;

  • easy maintenance.

  • chaotic movement;

  • the rubber brush is quickly erased;

  • whistle when charging;

  • no remote control included;

  • in the corners not everything cleans;

  • noisy.

Clever Panda i5 (Pet series)

Clever Panda I5 (Pet Series)

A hybrid robot vacuum cleaner with a diameter of 30 cm has a small height (6 cm). It is chosen due to the possibility of entering almost any furniture. Weighs 2.3 kg. Makes dry and wet cleaning. 0.5 L dust collector. The main brushes of the vacuum cleaner are absent, but the quality of cleaning remains high due to the high suction power. There is an automatic flow of water to the cleaning cloth with a warning of the consumption of too much liquid. The excess of the latter is immediately removed. Sensors and indicators help to navigate in space. Four operating modes: automatic, local, around the perimeter, delayed start. It allows you to schedule cleaning. The vacuum cleaner adjusts its work plan by itself while compiling a map of the room. It is equipped with an HD camera and Wi-Fi, which makes it possible to perform the function of a home watchman. Having noticed extraneous movement in the apartment, the robot will immediately send a message to the phone. To recharge, the station returns automatically. 7,000 mAh Li-Ion battery The vacuum cleaner runs for 140 minutes on a single charge. Charging lasts 180 minutes. The power of absorption is 125 W. Noise level 56 dB. It is controlled by a smartphone. 

  • very miniature;

  • good patency in hard to reach places;

  • highly intelligent navigation system;

  • high-quality cleaning of any floor coverings;

  • built-in camera;

  • control from a smartphone via Wi-Fi;

  • high suction power;

  • scheduled work;

  • variety of modes;

  • automated mopping with a damp cloth;

  • lack of a brush that saves from winding up of hairs;

  • very capacious battery;

  • low noise.

  • sometimes moves randomly;

  • if there is an obstacle in the form of furniture on the way to the base, there may be a problem with the race;

  • the program is not compiled by the days of the week, only daily.



The vacuum cleaner is 28.3 cm wide, 33 deep and 14.5 cm high. It weighs 4.17 kg. Produces dry cleaning. The device is equipped with a five-stage filtration system (removable, washable filters). The capacity of the dust bag is 0.6 liters. The main work is carried out by an electric brush having a system against hair tangling on it. Optical sensors provide unimpeded movement of the robot. Modes of movement: a snake and along the walls. Performs the function of local cleaning. There is a timer to set the cleaning schedule. Self-builds a map of the room before work. To recharge, it is installed on the base itself. Powered by a Li-Ion battery for 90 minutes. It takes 240 minutes to charge. Consumes 310 watts. It has a suction power of 120 watts. Noise level 58 dB. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with the ecosystem of LG Smart ThinQ, works in the “smart home” system. Management is carried out from a smartphone. 

  • a good cleaning in corners and near walls;

  • thoughtful navigation;

  • building a map of rooms in the house;

  • works for a long time on a single charge;

  • enough modes;

  • can be controlled through the application from anywhere.

  • high (does not pass under furniture);

  • the originally set cleaning schedule cannot be changed;

  • weak camera;

  • may get stuck in the legs of chairs.

Gutrend Fun 110 Pet

The robot is a standard round shape with a diameter of 30 cm, a height of 7.5 cm and a weight of 1.8 kg with a soft-touch bumper. Two-stage filtration system. Able to wipe the floor with a damp cloth. The dust container volume is 0.6 l. Equipped with two side brushes and a central electric. There are 28 optical motion sensors on the case. Performs 6 modes of operation. It moves in a spiral and along walls. It is possible to set a scheduled cleaning using a timer. There is a backlit display and a built-in clock. It is equipped with a cleaning zone limiter in the form of a virtual wall. The charger is sent automatically. It is powered by a 2600 mAh Li-Ion battery. On one charge takes 110 minutes. Recharging lasts 240 minutes. Power consumption 50 watts. The maximum speed of 13.2 m / min. A low battery and a jam are notified by a sound signal. Noise level is 50 dB. It is controlled by a remote control. 

  • design;

  • many modes;

  • good cross;

  • high suction power with small dimensions;

  • wet cleaning;

  • the presence of a virtual wall;

  • remote control;

  • easy to maintain;

  • the presence of a delayed start;

  • easy replacement of brushes and filter;

  • rich equipment;

  • independently chooses a trajectory of movement;

  • large cleaning area on one charge;

  • high-quality cleaning of surfaces.

  • noisy;

  • does not move in a zigzag;

  • movements are somewhat chaotic;

  • dust remains in the corners;

  • does not clean carpets;

  • To enter the base, it is required to leave a sufficiently large empty space near it;

  • small wet wipe, dries quickly;

Dyson 360 eye

The vacuum cleaner has an original design. Compartment for collecting garbage 0,4 l. Equipped with an electric brush. Optical sensors are responsible for the free movement in space. Soft bumper protects against hitting obstacles. Self-builds a map of the room. The station becomes automatically. The battery lasts 20 minutes. It is controlled from a smartphone via Wi-Fi. Additional functions: tracked operation and the motor has a rotation speed of up to 100,000 revolutions per minute.

  • stylish appearance;

  • rides tracks;

  • very high absorption capacity;

  • wide brush;

  • controlled from a smartphone;

  • easy to clean the dust bag;

  • sufficient working time;

  • high-quality cleaning of surfaces;

  • cool and advanced robot, according to buyers.

  • there is no indicator of filling the dust bag;

  • tall;

  • problem with cleaning corners;

  • expensive.

Neato Robotics XV-21

A robot vacuum cleaner in the form of the English letter D, it has a width of 32, a height of 10.2 cm. There is a filter that delays allergens. Optical sensors are mounted in the housing. 360 degree viewing angle. On the side surface is a soft touch bumper. Timer and display, you can program the start of work on the days of the week. He makes a map of the room before cleaning. The cleaning area is delimited by magnetic tape. It independently gets to the base and is installed for recharging. Battery life is 90 minutes. It takes 180 minutes to charge. When stuck, it beeps. The kit includes a toothbrush for removing animal hair. 

  • highly intelligent device;

  • good navigation, no beacons needed;

  • cleans carpets well;

  • cleans well in the corners, despite the absence of side brushes;

  • excellent passability;

  • easy to clean;

  • the possibility of limiting the cleaning area;

  • proper cleaning planning;

  • high-quality brush;

  • quickly cleans up.

  • noisy;

  • sometimes gets stuck;

  • near the baseboard remains an uncleaned strip of 2-3 cm;

  • no side brush;

  • no control panel;

  • no components;

  • insufficient battery.

iClebo Omega

Robot vacuum cleaner with a slightly elongated rounded shape 34×35 cm (height 8.5 cm). Weight 3.1 kg. It has 5 stages of filtration. To collect dust, 2 side brushes and an electric brush are used. 35 sensors are integrated into the case, ensuring high-quality passage. It moves in a zigzag and along a spiral path. Local cleaning mode, as well as a turbo with increased suction power. There is an additional function in the form of fluid collection. Wet mopping is carried out using a cloth fixed to the bottom. Equipped with a timer, backlit display, built-in clock. Able to build a room map. The role of the limiter of the borders of cleaning is performed by magnetic tape. It is sent to charge independently. Powered by a 4400 mAh Li-Ion battery. Operating time 80 minutes. It takes 180 minutes to charge. It moves at a speed of 21 m / min. Noise level 68 dB. It is controlled by a remote control. 

  • high build quality and reliability;

  • clever;

  • fast;

  • powerful enough;

  • capacious battery;

  • well oriented, even in the dark;

  • the garbage container is well located;

  • the possibility of wet wiping;

  • turbo mode;

  • fluid collection function;

  • informative display;

  • mapping the premises;

  • qualitatively cleans surfaces.

  • no programming by day of the week;

  • inconvenient to use magnetic tape;

  • sometimes when parking it shifts the base;

  • no remote control application.

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Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One

The model is round in shape with dimensions of 35.5×35 cm and a height of 9.65 cm. Weight 3.5 kg. Can perform wet mopping with automated water supply. The capacity of the dust bag is 0.64 l, the capacity for water is 140 ml. Dust collection work is performed by the side and electric brushes. It has 13 optical sensors that provide the free movement with avoidance of obstacles. Produces a laser scan of the room. 360-degree viewing angle. Several operating modes, including local and quick cleaning. It can move in a zigzag along the walls. The start time of the day is programmed. You can set the cleaning time. A map of the sequence of cleaning the room is on its own. It recharges automatically. It receives power from a Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh. It works offline for 150 minutes. Power consumption 58 watts. If the battery is insufficiently charged, as with a jam, it will give a signal. Equipped with the Xiaomi Mi Home ecosystem, it works in the “smart home” system. Management takes place using the remote control or from a smartphone via Wi-Fi. 

  • great design;

  • convenient dust collector;

  • good filtration;

  • very high suction power;

  • wet cleaning;

  • spatial orientation system based on a laser scanner;

  • building a room map;

  • sends a cleaning card during scheduled work;

  • if stuck, sends a message to the phone and turns on “sleep mode”;

  • high-quality navigation and movement algorithms;

  • remote control;

  • good cross and maneuverability;

  • long battery life.

  • not Russified, it is difficult to deal with the application;

  • low-quality filter buttons mounted on a container with water;

  • does not clear the most extreme points of angles;

  • it is not very convenient to clean the waste bin;

  • may get confused in the curtains;

  • lidar motor is short-lived.


The robot is 34.5 cm in diameter, 8.6 cm high and 3.2 kg in weight. The capacity of the waste bin is 0.6 l. Equipped with two brushes on the sides and central. To perform wet wiping, a 180 ml water tank is provided. Infrared sensors located on the cabinet allow unobstructed movement around furniture. The soft-touch bumper protects against collisions with obstacles. Modes of operation include local and quick cleaning. The device moves with a snake, in a spiral and along the walls. It is possible to schedule cleaning by day of the week. The vacuum cleaner independently creates a map of the cleaned room. Charges to the base automatically. Equipped with a 2200 mAh Li-Ion battery. Work on a single charge lasts 120 minutes. Noise level 58 dB. It can work in a smart home. The device is controlled using a remote control and a smartphone. 

  • low noise;

  • reliable assembly;

  • capacious dust collector;

  • capacious battery;

  • suction power;

  • wet mopping;

  • map building;

  • several types of remote control.

  • problems with the application;

  • It’s not always possible to find a docking station;

  • there are cases of tangling (in wires, curtains).


The usual round vacuum cleaner with a diameter of 31 cm and a height of 7.2 cm. It weighs 2.5 kg. Dust compartment – 0.45 liters. Three-stage filtration. Wet cleaning is carried out using Smart Drip 2.0 technology, which provides an automatic dosed water supply. Dust is collected by two sides and the main electric brush. It has 30 sensors. A soft bumper is also available. 7 operating modes, including local cleaning. The device moves in a zigzag and along a spiral path. There is a timer and a built-in clock. Makes a cleaning map. Optimal Route function for sequential cleaning. The area of ​​the robot can be delimited by a virtual wall. He comes to the base for charging himself. Powered by a 2600 mAh Li-Ion battery. Independent work time 230 minutes. It takes 300 minutes to charge. It moves at a speed of 13.2 m / min. Signals of a jam. The noise level is 50 dB. It is controlled by remote control.

  • small sizes;

  • Beautiful design;

  • good equipment;

  • the convenient location of the dust bag;

  • triple air purification;

  • a sufficient number of operating modes;

  • cleans efficiently and wisely;

  • really washes the floor;

  • heavy pollution cleaning mode;

  • builds a route of movement;

  • long cleaning time;

  • virtual wall;

  • easy parts cleaning.

  • no display;

  • you can not set different times by day;

  • there is no indicator of the litter box;

  • hair remains on the rubber brush;

  • the waste bin quickly fills up;

  • According to reviews, in the intelligent mode it often “thinks”, it slows down.

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