Best Rubik’s Cube: Xiaomi Rubik’s Cube Complete Review

The new smart Rubik’s Cube – Xiaomi XMMFo1JQD: why is it cheaper?

Best Rubik's Cube: Xiaomi Rubik's Cube Complete Review

Hello. It’s no secret that the Chinese giant Xiaomi is one of the world leaders in the production of EVERYTHING! The company produces smartphones, tablets, mechanical and electrical tools, bathroom accessories and even toilet paper. For some, this is annoying, for some, respect. Everyone has a different reaction, but most agree that Xiaomi products actually have excellent quality. Today I want to talk about the new model of the Xiaomi smart Rubik’s Cube. It seems the best Rubiks cube to me.

Specifications Xiaomi XMMFo1JQD

Brand Xiaomi
Applicable age 6 years +
Main materialABS
Support system Android 6.0 or iOs 9.0 and above
Product net weight100g
Product size57x57x57mm
Battery typeCR1632 Button Battery
Wireless connection Bluetooth version 5.0
Working temperature0-40C

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Packaging and delivery

The device is delivered in a very simple blister pack, part of which is made of very soft cardboard, on which there is a company logo and some information in Chinese. A transparent plastic container is inserted inside the cardboard part, inside of which is located the Rubik’s Cube.

On this, we can say that the delivery set has ended unless of course, we take into account a small instruction in Chinese.

Build Quality and Appearance Rubik’s Cube

Visually, Xiaomi Rubik’s Cube XMMFo1JQD is not much different from the classic puzzle, but there are still some differences. The device has a slightly rounded shape.

The main difference is inside.

For fixing the faces, a whole system of magnets and springs is used, so that the faces rotate very easily, with a characteristic click. The location of the faces is carried out by the principle of magnetic induction. Sensors constantly, in automatic mode, track their movement, allowing the mobile application to determine what state the device is in. It should be said that the sensors respond very quickly to every movement of the user.

Speaking of autonomy, the manufacturer says that with daily use of the device for an hour, the battery charge should be enough for a year of operation, if this statement is true, we can talk about a very decent autonomy.

To replace the battery, it is necessary to remove the white elements from the device. It is under them that the battery is located.

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Mobile app

The mobile application has an intuitive interface, and perhaps its only drawback is the lack of the Russian language.

At the first start, the user is prompted to synchronize the device with the mobile application and enter the Xiaomi account.

After the application has been synchronized, all manipulations with the Rubik’s Cube are synchronously displayed on the display of the mobile device. Each action is accompanied by animation.

The application’s functionality allows you to take a training course on assembling the Rubik’s Cube, and at the end of each stage of training, the user must pass a kind of test according to the results of the course.

If the user cannot assemble the device on their own, you can use the help, and a step-by-step animated assembly instruction will be displayed on the display of the mobile device.

You can also arrange competitions for the assembly time, for this a special mode is provided, with the ability to view statistics. 


  • Build quality;
  • Great mobile app;
  • The autonomy of work;
  • Cost.


  • The inability to charge the device;
  • The lack of instructions in English.

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To summarize, I want to say that the Xiaomi Rubik’s Cube XMMFo1JQD Rubik’s Cube is the best educational toy with the excellent build quality, excellent mechanical characteristics and an excellent mobile application. Perhaps the only difference from more expensive models is the lack of the ability to charge the device. The user will have to periodically replace the batteries, but this is not critical, especially if you do not plan to use the Rubik’s Cube for several hours a day, but collect it several times a month. This puzzle will be a great gift for both a teenager and an adult. The device perfectly trains memory and attentiveness, it is an excellent antidepressant, but if you are completely confused and have no idea how to assemble the device, there is no need to disassemble the device.