5 Best Smart Refrigerators of 2023 for your Smart Home

5 Best Smart Refrigerators Of 2020 For Your Smart Home

Smart refrigerators are a relatively new class of devices for the home, the capabilities of which are much wider than ensuring the safety of food products under optimal temperature conditions. 

Today, in addition to their basic functions, such smart refrigerators have interactive touch displays, the ability to control their operation through a smartphone, tablet, or computer, remotely order products on the Internet. Some household smart refrigerators even provide viewing of videos and films, as well as listening to music.
What smart refrigerators to choose for solving everyday problems for an ordinary family? 

To do this, we will try to make an impromptu rating by comparing each position we have chosen according to the criteria of market value and functionality. Get ready, we are starting!

Best Smart Refrigerators

  1. Smart InstaView Door-in-Door LG
  2. Samsung Family Hub
  3. Xiaomi Viomi Internet Refrigerator 21 face
  4. Liebherr G bnpes 4878
  5. Smart refrigerator from Tupperware

5 Best Smart Refrigerators Of 2023

Smart InstaView Door-in-Door LG

Smart InstaView Door-In-Door LG

In 2017, at the CES exhibition, LG introduced its long-awaited brainchild – the “smart” Smart InstaView Door-in-door refrigerator. The Door-in-door concept from LG implies a built-in additional door in addition to the main one. Such a trip greatly simplifies access to commonly used food products, for example, milk, eggs, butter. 

Another important plus is a significant reduction in the consumption of cold air in the main chamber, which allows you to keep food fresh much longer. The first thing that catches your eye when you get acquainted with this refrigerator is a huge display located on the door of the refrigerator. 

No, this is not a tablet, as it may seem the first time, but a 29-inch LCD screen with which you can record text notes, leave reminders, and fill in recipes. You can also control the display remotely by first downloading the application and connecting a smartphone to it. 

In addition, some information can also be downloaded from the Internet, thanks to the presence of an adapter, the refrigerator is able to connect to the Wi-Fi distribution point.

The claimed Alexa Voice performs over 6,000 functions, including searching for recipes, including playing music, ordering food on Amazon, creating a list of products, calling a mechanic, setting a timer, checking the weather forecast and many other useful functions. Recall that thanks to the built-in voice assistant, all these operations can be performed by giving voice commands. 

The Smart Tag menu allows you to add stickers that make it easy to identify products and dishes in the smart refrigerators, as well as enter their expiration date. This smart refrigerator itself will warn you and your family members when a product is undesirable. 

In order for you to be able to remotely check the contents of the refrigerator, a video camera is installed in it, offering an internal overview of its shelves and cameras. You can watch the video broadcast remotely on your mobile device, tablet or home computer.

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Samsung  Family Hub

Samsung  Family Hub

The South Korean giant Samsung launched its version of the smart refrigerators on the consumer market a little earlier than direct competitors from LG. According to experts, best smart refrigerators from Samsung today are one of the best solutions in the category of smart home appliances. Let’s look at the advantages of this model in more detail.

Samsung Family Hub has a triple cooling system: 3 evaporators and 2 compressors to control temperature and humidity. There is also a multifunctional compartment located on the lower right (Flexzone). Flexzone can switch between freezer and refrigerator modes. i

n total, 5 temperature modes of the camera are declared. Flekson will help preserve products that require a certain (well-defined) air temperature to maintain their condition.

You can control such a smart refrigerators through the touch screen. The Samsung Family Hub has a slightly smaller display than its LG counterparts. Its diagonal is 21.5 inches. On it you can write notes, leave reminders, go to the Internet browser, surf and find the information you need. Thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi network, this has become even easier. 

You can control the refrigerator remotely from a smartphone or tablet. But this is far from all the possibilities. So, for example, you can duplicate the image from the TV to the display, but this function is only available to owners of smart TVs Samsung. In the absence of such, the creators offer to watch videos and listen to music through the Pandora application.

Inside the refrigerator there are three video cameras that offer a complete overview of the contents of the usable space inside the refrigerator. You can watch the insides of the Samsung Family Hub remotely from your phone, planet or personal computer.

Xiaomi Viomi Internet Refrigerator 21 face

Xiaomi Viomi Internet Refrigerator 21 Face

It is no secret that the Xiaomi campaign is to produce high-quality and, in contrast to its direct competitors in the market, inexpensive equipment. Today, virtually no review can do without gadgets and smart devices from this giant. In compiling this rating, we could not fail to include a refrigerator from this company here, namely, Xiaomi Viomi Internet Refrigerator 21 face.

So, this refrigerator has a huge LCD display on the door. Its diagonal is 21 inches. Its functional purpose is to control the main operating parameters of the unit. In addition, with the help of the display, the user can search for information on the Internet, record notes, set notifications. 

On the screen you can see indicators such as the temperature regime of the refrigerator compartments, weather forecast, news summary and much more.

Managing such a refrigerator is quite easy not only through the display, but also connecting to it from your smartphone or tablet (for this you first need to download the program from the Play Market or the App Store).

The refrigerator has two additional features: super-freeze function and temperature display. If you need to freeze several products as quickly as possible, this function will allow you to solve this problem. If you accidentally leave the refrigerator open or turn off the power, the refrigerator will notify you of this.

Liebherr G bnpes 4878

Compared with its closest competitors, the “smart” refrigerator from the German manufacturer – Liebherr Gbnpes 4878 has a compact touch screen with a diagonal of 7 inches. 

This refrigeration unit is equipped with the BioFresh Plus system, which has the ability to maintain four temperature conditions: -2 ° C, -1 ° C, 0 ° C, 1 ° C, 2 ° C. Such a gradation allows even the most delicate food products to retain their taste, condition and useful properties for a long time. 

The Liebherr Gbnpes 4878 refrigerator belongs to the Bluperfomance series. The cooling system is located in the basement of the refrigerator, and the grill is cleaned down, so the useful volume of the refrigerator has increased significantly. In addition, this part has become smooth, so less dust accumulates there, which simplifies the maintenance of the internal chambers of the refrigerator.

The NoFrost freezer function keeps you cold in the event of a power outage for 24 hours. For a day, it can freeze up to 16 kg of products. NoFrost – is a function of dry freezing, so the user no longer has to wait until the products thaw out, because ice in this process simply does not freeze. In addition, thanks to this function, ice does not freeze on the walls of the freezer.

In order to avoid the accumulation of unpleasant odors and amber from stored foods and dishes, filters with activated carbon filling are built into the refrigerator compartment. With this functionality, it is necessary to carefully ensure that the products do not deteriorate, because you will not smell when it is damaged due to the operation of the filters. 

Cooling is due to the operation of the internal fan, which forces the air to circulate through the chamber, thereby creating a balanced temperature.

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Smart refrigerator from Tupperware 

Seeing this position in the review, many probably wondered: what, in fact, does the products from the manufacturer of dishes in this top? Let’s get it right. Tupperware offers food containers with a ventilation system, using which even the simplest refrigerator will become smart. It is noteworthy that such containers can be used outside the refrigerator, placing them vegetables and fruits, as well as other products of plant origin. Naturally, their possibilities are not unlimited.

Tupperware containers are equipped with a transparent base with a grill at the bottom. The function of the grill is to prevent the accumulation of moisture between the edges of the container. 

A transparent wall makes it easy to identify stored products. The ventilation system is located on the lid under the slider. Using the slider, you can set the position necessary for individual products, while putting together products that need a different temperature regime is strictly not recommended. In total, there are three positions of the slider: half-closed, open and closed.

In a half-closed slider, you can put salad, onions, beans, cabbage, apples, pears, and various greens. With the slider closed, it is recommended to store radishes, mushrooms, asparagus, cucumbers, celery, carrots, beets, berries, grapes, pineapple. In a container with an open position: peas, spinach and corn. Next to the slider there is a designation that shows the position and protrusion with which the user moves it. The protrusion can be used as an indicator.


A smart refrigerator is not a luxury, but a completely natural stage in the development of home refrigeration units. Of course, you can do without extra features and bells and whistles in the process of storing food and dishes. But, you must admit, such a “smart” approach can provide a completely different level of convenience and comfort. 

With this unit connected to the Internet, you can take off many of your household chores by turning over the smart refrigerator to order the necessary products and tracking the status of already stored dishes. Excesses? Not at all. We are confident that in the coming years, such functionality will become a must-have option for every household refrigerator. Therefore, be one of the first and keep up to date!  This was our Best Smart Refrigerators comparison. if you know better comment and discuss.

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