10 best synth for beginners and Professionals 2023

Synthesizers have expanded the creative boundaries of both professional musicians and students of music schools. With a small size, the device can replace the orchestra.

We decided to make a rating, which included the Best Synth For Beginners And Professionals 2023.

10 Best Synth For Beginners And Professionals 2020

When the models in stores, at first glance, differ only in size and appearance, choosing which synthesizer to buy for beginners adults or children is a difficult task.

Best Synth For Beginners And Professionals

  1. YAMAHA PSR-S670
  2. CASIO CTK-2500
  3. KORG Pa1000
  4. Roland A-49
  5. YAMAHA Genos
  6. Medeli M12
  8. YAMAHA PSR-E363
  9. BEHRINGER DeepMind 12
  10. Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A49

10 Best Synth For Beginners And Professionals

The top 10 included the Best Synth For Beginners and professionals levels:

Best Synth For Beginners YAMAHA PSR-S670

Best Synth For Beginners YAMAHA PSR-S670
Best Synth For Beginners YAMAHA PSR-S670
  • selection of key sensitivity;
  • 930 tones;
  • recording and playback from a flash card.

The universal semi-professional model is available in a compact case with a built-in speaker system with a power of 2 * 15 W, two speakers and outputs for connecting pedal switches, headphones, a flash card, a computer, a portable audio player or smartphone.

930 high-quality tones and 230 preset styles come in handy for live performances, creating arrangements. The demo mode will help you quickly master the tool, and the tutorial will be useful for beginners.

The advantages of the model include 128-voice polyphony, the presence of auto accompaniment mode, a metronome, a large set of sound effects, 10 Dj-functions and the ability to adjust the sensitivity of half-weighted keys to select the optimal keyboard response. Cons – the lack of a Russian-language menu and a low volume level when recording an audio file to a USB drive.

If you choose a multifunctional model for training, take a look at the leader in the ranking of synthesizers for beginner adults. When you turn on the tutorial, the tool will prompt a sequence of keystrokes in real time. The model can be recommended to professional musicians who need high-quality sound for concerts.


One of the best synthesizers for beginners and professionals is a huge selection of sounds, instruments. You can adjust the sensitivity of pressing, record your own tracks, disassemble into chords and notes. But, to understand all the functions, you will have to spend a lot of time studying the instructions.


  • good sound;
  • mobile application for iOS;
  • affordable price;
  • write to wav files.


  • small screen;
  • English menu
  • little internal memory.

best budget synthesizer for teaching a child in the music school CASIO CTK-2500

Best Budget Synthesizer For Teaching A Child In The Music School CASIO CTK-2500
  • easy;
  • powered by batteries, mains;
  • training mode.

A budget synthesizer with good sound and simple controls is available in a case measuring 943 * 92 * 307 mm and weighs 3.3 kg. If you connect the headphones or move the instrument to another room, you can continue to study the melody even at night. Thanks to soft keys, an affordable price, the model has become a leader in the top of synthesizers for teaching the piano for children over 3 years old.

Lesson Lite’s tutorial mode displays the key sequence for pressing in real time, and the voice assistant tells you which fingers to use. To study the melody at home, the synthesizer can be connected to the network, and by installing six AA batteries, it will turn out to arrange a disco in the country or nature.

The model can be recommended to students of a music school for solfeggio classes or amateur musicians for home music making.


A simple synthesizer with a large selection of sounds, tones and recorded melodies for learning to play. There is a function of recording and playing an audio file. But the child will not be able to figure it out independently even with instructions; adult help is needed.


  • 400 tones, 100 rhythms;
  • three training modes;
  • can connect pedals;
  • light weight.


  • difficult instruction;
  • no USB connector;
  • 48-voice polyphony;
  • electronic sound.

best professional synthesizer KORG Pa1000

Best Professional Synthesizer KORG Pa1000
Synthesizer KORG Pa1000
  • color touch screen;
  • 1750 tones;
  • 430 preset styles.

The arrangement station has rich functionality, a powerful speaker system with two 33-watt amplifiers and four speakers. Using the color touch screen, you can select settings, program buttons to play effects. Half-sized full-size keys with good sensitivity quickly respond even to a light touch.

A set of 1750 realistic sounds of saxophone, keyboards, electric guitars, basses, 430 preset styles and effects of studio quality recording will open up new possibilities for fans of techno, folk, jazz and other musical genres. Using USB, MIDI, line and audio connectors, you can connect a guitar, microphone for a vocalist, headphones, laptop, tablet.

One of the best professional synthesizers that can be advised to arrangers for work in a recording studio, performances at concerts.


Pleasantly surprised by the sound quality, built-in active acoustics. You can figure out the menu settings and the choice of modes without instructions, the screen rotates, responds to a touch instantly. However, when choosing, the owners recommend inspecting the appearance for defects – there are defective keyboards, controls.


  • many sounds, effects;
  • touch screen;
  • can connect a guitar, microphone;
  • SD card support;
  • sound quality.


  • noisy keys;
  • you can break regulators;
  • marriage occurs;
  • heavy.

Best Roland A-49 MIDI Keyboard

Best Roland A-49 MIDI Keyboard
Roland A-49 MIDI Keyboard

Lightweight and compact MIDI keyboard with 49 touch-sensitive keys will appeal even to professionals. There are several buttons, rotary knobs and a modulation joystick for managing settings, selecting a mode, programming. LED indicators indicate the presence of power and the selected octave.

With dimensions of 836 * 84 * 182, the keyboard weighs only 2.5 kg – you can transfer it to another room, take it with you to the performance. You can connect MIDI devices, sustain pedals, expressions, a USB cable for power / synchronization with a computer to the instrument.

One of the best models, which has become the leader in the ranking of the best professional synthesizers, can be used not only for playing in real time, but also for mixing tracks with superimposing effects.

If you choose a lightweight but reliable MIDI keyboard with a customizable feature system, it’s best to buy the Roland A-49. The keys with rounded edges are similar in sensitivity to the piano – musicians who are accustomed to hammer mechanics will like it.


A nice keyboard with responsive, silent keys, a convenient control system and an infrared sensor. The signal is transmitted to the computer without delay. Plus – it consumes no more flash cards. The only drawback is only 4 octaves.


  • high-quality assembly;
  • sensitive keys;
  • hand control function;
  • low power consumption.


  • 4 octaves.

Multifunctional Yamaha Genos with Auto Accompaniment

Multifunctional Yamaha Genos With Auto Accompaniment
Yamaha Genos With Auto Accompaniment

One of the most expensive synthesizers in the world can replace an entire orchestra: among 1710 voices you can find the sound of percussion, string, wind, keyboard instruments of the most famous and rare manufacturers. Selecting the desired of 550 styles of auto accompaniment, you can play pop music, jazz, rock. AEM technology will allow you to achieve natural articulation and obtain the sounds of different playing instruments.

The internal memory capacity of 58 GB, you can record your own tones, songs in the format WAV, MP3. Using the touch screen, you can change the settings, program the buttons. An organ-type 76-key keyboard with a touch-after-sound feature guarantees expressive and dynamic play.

You can recommend professional musicians for performances, recording vocals or compositions in the studio. Despite the many controls, buttons, mixers and joysticks, you can quickly figure out the functionality – this will help the intuitive menu interface and Russian symbols on the control panel.


A reliable synthesizer with perfect sound quality, 76 keys, 256-voice polyphony and automatic selection of the desired shade of sound. A set of functions is enough even for live performances. You can connect multiple USB-drives, PC, microphone, 3 pedals. For personal purposes, it is still better to choose a different model – the price is too high for a home synthesizer.


  • better sound quality;
  • large amount of internal memory;
  • for any musical genre;
  • Touch large display.


  • expensive;
  • no built-in speaker system.

Inexpensive Medeli M12 at 5 octaves

Inexpensive Medeli M12 At 5 Octaves
Medeli M12 At 5 Octaves

The cheapest model of synthesizer rating for beginners can work both from the built-in battery and external batteries. The learning function will reduce the time for mastering the capabilities of the instrument and learning the melodies. You can adjust the sound volume using the force of pressing dynamic full-size keys.

46 effects and 200 styles of auto accompaniment will help you try yourself in writing your own compositions. The built-in speaker system is equipped with two 10 W speakers – you don’t need to connect it to a computer to listen to the mix.

If you need an inexpensive synthesizer for a child, you can choose Medeli M12. Allows you to record your tunes, connect to a computer, supports tuning with one touch.


It does not take up much space, easy, even a child can install it on a stand or take it to another room. Very simple control, there is a metronome with the ability to adjust the tone and speed. Unnatural sounding only with violin, guitar.


  • training mode;
  • runs on battery / batteries;
  • custom metronome;
  • There is a recording function.


  • some instruments sound unnatural;
  • pedals cannot be connected;
  • polyphony for 32 voices.

Full-size KAWAI VPC1 with good sound

Full-Size KAWAI VPC1 With Good Sound

A professional model of electronic piano is available in a metal case and is distinguished by the presence of a full keyboard with wooden keys working on a hammer mechanism – you do not have to adapt the playing technique when changing the instrument.

Due to the lack of a built-in audio system, a MIDI keyboard will require a computer with a powerful sound card, speakers or headphones, but the quality of a 256-voice polyphony, a sensitive triple pedal, and multifunctional software will please even professional musicians.

A full-sized MIDI keyboard with all octaves can be recommended to professional musicians for work in a recording studio or performances in a concert hall. The only drawback is the weight of 29.5 kg. It will not work to transport and install on their own.


A simple keyboard with chic sound, sensitive keys that respond to the slightest press. The lack of programmed special effects is more than compensated by convenient buttons, the ability to flexibly adjust the sound and preset presets.


  • piano type keyboard;
  • triple pedal included;
  • compatibility with any OS;
  • connectors for connecting to a PC.


  • expensive;
  • heavy.

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Budget YAMAHA PSR-E363 for home music making

Budget YAMAHA PSR-E363 For Home Music Making

An inexpensive synthesizer for home use and training beginners with an LCD screen is distinguished by the presence of built-in acoustics with a power of 2 * 2.5 W and low weight – with dimensions of 945 * 118 * 368, the mass is only 4.6 kg. On the rear panel there are connectors for the sustain pedal, headphones, phone / player and PC connection.

Unlike other reviewers, this model can record works directly to a computer. In the library of sounds you can find 574 tones, 165 types of auto accompaniment, 49 effects. The sleep function will automatically turn off the device after a period of inactivity for 20-30 minutes.

A budget synthesizer with a small library of sounds may appeal to beginners and amateurs.


The keys do not knock, do not creak, are pressed gently, but in size a little smaller than the piano. If there are not enough styles, you can download custom ones. A good option for a beginner and a child, given the affordable price and quality assembly. If you need the ability to read from a USB flash drive or if there are not enough 48 voices of polyphony, you will have to choose another model. The disadvantages of the owners include only the toy appearance, the lack of a microphone input and a small screen.


  • built-in amplifier with speakers;
  • weight – 4.6 kg;
  • 5 songs can be recorded.


  • unnatural sound;
  • small dull screen;
  • There is no connector for a microphone, a USB drive.

Functional BEHRINGER DeepMind 12 4 octave

Functional BEHRINGER DeepMind 12 4 Octave
BEHRINGER DeepMind 12 4 Octave

Despite having only a 4-octave keyboard, a Swiss-made analog-to-digital synthesizer is able to surprise with the modulation and creation of any sound. Using the Wi-Fi module, the instrument can be connected to iPad, Mac for remote control of settings, arpeggiator, selection of presets, tones, editing of audio tracks.

The instrument does not have an integrated amplifier, so there are many connectors for connecting an audio system and accessories: linear, MIDI, USB type B. The main advantages are an informative screen, keys with high sensitivity and multifunctional software. Disadvantages – inconvenient choice of some modes.

If you need a synthesizer with powerful functionality for recording tracks, musical performances, it is better to buy BEHRINGER DeepMind 12. An abundance of filters, resonance, tone controls, a 32-step sequencer and 4 processors allow you to get any sound in high quality.

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A reliable synthesizer with a large library of sounds, effects. The keys respond to a light touch. LED indication helps to determine the on mode. But you can’t get to some settings quickly.


  • analog sound
  • additional octaves can be included;
  • aftertouch sensitivity function.


  • no built-in amplifier;
  • It’s difficult to choose some modes.

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A49 for home studio

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A49 For Home Studio
Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A49 For Home Studio

The review is completed by a midi keyboard in a compact case with 49 half-weighted keys, with a preset function that allows you to listen to the sound before loading it. Turning on the gamut, you don’t have to worry about pressing the wrong note – the “smart” controller will substitute the sound corresponding to the key of the melody.

One of the few models that can work with equipment based on any OS: Windows 10, macOS. There are over 4,500 sounds in the library that come in handy when composing music. Using 19 buttons and two wheels, you can enable recording, arpeggiator, set the tempo, select effects.

The keyboard may appeal to professional arrangers, musicians to create a home recording studio. 9.7 GB of audio content will simplify the recording of tracks with high sound quality.


A powerful tool with a large library of sounds for any occasion. Many modes, there is a metronome, the mode of “error protection”. Previewing sound without loading it saves a lot of time.


  • simple push-button mode control;
  • inexpensive;
  • display.


  • no training mode.

How to choose synthesizer for Beginners and professionals

Modern synthesizers will be useful to children for learning the piano, for holding home holidays, writing melodies and arranging.

We will tell you how to choose a synthesizer for beginners and professional musicians, and what are the most important criteria.

  • Type . You can find two types of devices in musical instrument stores: synthesizers and MIDI keyboards. The former are universally suitable for both beginners and experienced musicians – you can learn tunes, create new ones. An integrated display simplifies the selection of settings. MIDI keyboards can only work when connected to a computer – a good option for a home studio.
  • Training . When you turn on the training mode, a sequence of keys for pressing will appear on the screen, which is very convenient when you take the first steps.
  • Number and type of keys . To properly develop motor skills, it is better to buy a synthesizer for your home with full-sized keys and 5–6 octaves. Such devices will allow you to quickly get used to the size and distance between the buttons of an acoustic piano. 7-octave keyboards are useful for professionals to perform complex works. Manufacturers install weighted keys with a hammer mechanism, which is used in live piano and piano, on the most advanced and expensive synthesizers, MIDI keyboards. Slightly cheaper models with semi-weighted keys of medium hardness – they respond to pressing and releasing a button. An unweighted keyboard is installed on the cheapest models, their minus is in a light touch, because of which the sound loses its expressiveness and volume.
  • Brands . According to professional musicians, the leaders in the ranking of synthesizer manufacturers are BEHRINGER, KORG, YAMAHA. Among MIDI keyboards, models of such brands as KAWAI, Roland are distinguished. Choosing which is better: Yamaha or Kashio, define tasks. If you need a learning tool, take a look at Casio – a good option for beginners or students of music schools. For professional music lessons, Yamaha is better – more features, good sound quality, but also the price is higher. When choosing, consider how much the synthesizer weighs. If the tool has to be transported, transported, it is better to choose light models up to 5-6 kg.

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As a result of comparing the characteristics and recommendations of experts, the following models became leaders in the ranking of the best synthesizers:

• The best option for beginners – YAMAHA PSR-S670 with a library of 930 tones, the ability to select the sensitivity of 61 keys and record / play from a USB drive.

• Budget synthesizer for teaching a child – lightweight CASIO CTK-2500 with a training mode and autonomous power.

• Professional model – KORG Pa1000 with a color touch screen, 1750 tones and 430 preset styles.

• The best Roland A-49 MIDI keyboard with noiseless keys, USB power and light weight.

The remaining review models are not inferior to the leaders in the reliability of the assembly, but differ in functionality, sound quality and cost.

In order not to be disappointed in the capabilities of the synthesizer, compare the characteristics, study the reviews in which the owners share their opinions on whether to buy a particular model. A small demonstration in the store will also help you decide which synthesizer to choose for teaching a child in a music school – this way you can evaluate the quality of the polyphony, check the modes and effects in action.

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