9 Best Tablets With Stylus in Apple Windows Android OS 2022

Smartphones are popular due to their compactness, and laptops can perform a large number of tasks, while the tablet occupies an intermediate position between these devices. With it, you can not only browse social networks or play, but also plan tasks, write articles and make presentations. The rating for 2022 will help to choose the best tablets with stylus, the price of which corresponds to the quality!

Best Tablets With Stylus

Popular manufacturers of Tablets With Stylus pen

The drawing tablet must combine a large number of abilities, therefore, it has a rather high price. Here are the best manufacturers who can please with quality, as well as a large assortment for any task:

  1. Samsung. About the bottom of the best companies for the production of household appliances and computer equipment. The tablets are made on the basis of the Android operating system, they are distinguished by innovation and increased functionality. A plus, according to customer reviews, is competitiveness with products from Apple, since Samsung attracts customers not only with a brand, but also with an affordable price.
  2. HUAWEI. The best combination of functionality and price based on the Android system. The company has added EMUI firmware to its equipment, which significantly increases the capabilities of the user interface. Other features can also be highlighted: slow battery consumption, high operating speed, interesting case design.
  3. Apple. The tablets from this manufacturer are best suited for work, so they will be the perfect gift for the professional artist. The working panel is enlarged due to the frameless screen, and the high-quality touch panel provides better contact with the stylus.
  4. Lenovo. The company specializes in the production of tablet computers that can be used both for work and for home needs: watching movies, using social networks. The plus is the slow battery drain and the presence of a removable keyboard in most models.

These firms make the best stylus-powered tablets that can replace a full-fledged graphics device. In addition, most models have their own applications – both paid and free, which are suitable for a beginner in drawing.

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List Best Tablets With Stylus

Here are the best models, selected based on the requests of professional illustrators and aspiring artists:

  • Apple iPad 128GB
  • Apple iPad Pro 11 128GB
  • Apple iPad mini 64GB
  • Tablet PCs on Windows
  • Lenovo Yoga Book 64GB
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 7 128GB
  • Lenovo IdeaPad 128Gb LTE
  • Android tablets
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 128GB
  • Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab YT-X705 64GB
  • HUAWEI MediaPad T5 10 32GB

Which of these would you prefer?

Below you can find out more about the characteristics and features of the models.

Best apple tablets with Stylus pen

Apple has long established itself as a responsible manufacturer of computer equipment for office and home needs. Despite the high price of devices with a stylus, there are also budget options in the tablet line.

Apple iPad 128GB

Apple IPad 128GB

The latest model of the device was released in 2019 with improved characteristics, namely: increased screen size, shorter frames, addition of 1 GB of RAM. Users note that it is now easy to draw and create presentations using the device thanks to additional tools – a stylus and a keyboard. This brings the capabilities of the device much closer to the functionality of a full-fledged laptop. iPad does not get hot, the camera shoots in average quality. Smudges may appear on the display due to its thinness if pressed firmly.

  • Excellent value for money and quality
  • Increased amount of RAM
  • Stylus and keyboard need to be purchased separately
  • Pressing hard on the screen creates spots

Apple iPad Pro 11 128GB

This model is convenient to take on a trip due to its reduced weight. The advantage is the improved Face ID ability, which can not only improve the security of the device but also make it faster to unlock.

Apple IPad Pro 11 128GB

It is the one of best tablets with stylus for drawing. The model is distinguished by a very thin body, which can be considered both a plus and a minus. On the one hand, this feature allows to reduce the weight of the device, and on the other hand, it makes it too “soft”, the tablet may be bent. The kit includes a second-generation pen, the screen has a fast response and updated color reproduction.

  • Improved Face ID function
  • Powerful processor
  • Accurate color reproduction, rich colors
  • Slim “soft” body
  • Stylus storage location is inconvenient

Apple iPad mini 64GB

Thanks to the well-chosen details and the low price, this tablet still has no competitors.

Apple IPad Mini 64GB

One of the best tablets for drawing, as, in addition to supporting the comfortable stylus from the first models, the device has improved color reproduction. In this line, the company tried to make small frames, because the tablet size is already small. As for the “filling”, the processor responds to different requests – from browsing the Internet to mobile games.

  • The best ratio of price and quality
  • Good processor
  • Correct color rendering
  • The design looks outdated
  • Old generation stylus, switching to a new one is not supported

best windows tablets with stylus

Transformer devices, to which you can connect a keyboard and stylus, resemble a laptop in their functionality. They are both Windows-based and have a well-thought-out cooling system. Such tablets are convenient to take on the road, because, unlike the same laptop, they are compact and weigh much less.

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Lenovo Yoga Book 64GB

A great option for a creative student who is either already drawing, or just thinking about graphic design on a tablet with a stylus. Comes with a pen and notebook. It is possible to create a virtual keyboard, the device works fine, does not slow down. This makes it a great option for study or work.

Lenovo Yoga Book 64GB

The device itself has a full office package, is small and lightweight.

  • Wide range of functions
  • Office package installed
  • Good processor
  • The design is outdated

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 128GB

After the update, the device received, in addition to the stylus for drawing, an increased amount of RAM and an improved processor. Although the characteristics are average, the applications do not slow down, and the download is fast. With active use, the device does not heat up, which indicates a well-thought-out cooling system.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 128GB

On the plus side: the tablet computer charges quickly, and also has a convenient stand for both the screen and the stylus. This is a great option for professional artists who want to use Microsoft drawing applications, as well as for beginners, as the Windows operating system expands the set of free programs for beginners!

  • The ability to use an additional memory card (there is a slot)
  • Fast RAM
  • Good processor
  • Wide bezels
  • Overpriced
  • Stylus and keyboard must be purchased

Lenovo IdeaPad 128Gb LTE

Lenovo IdeaPad 128Gb LTE

If you are looking to buy a quality mid-range device for work, then this tablet is perfect! It is characterized by high availability and fast response times. Suitable for both watching movies and working (drawing). The color reproduction is excellent, there are a few built-in graphics applications. The stylus needs to be purchased additionally, but this model has one. The handle is very comfortable and fits well in the hand. Best tablet with stylus and keyboard for making presentations or writing articles.

  • Price matches quality
  • Mobility, fast work
  • Poor quality camera

best android tablets with stylus

Tablets based on the Android operating system differ from iPads not only in cost, but also in ease of use. The models are very diverse, produced by a large number of manufacturers.

Many people need tablets with a keyboard for typing work here are the Best Tablets With Keyboards.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 128GB

One of the best Android touchscreen models with a good processor that will compete with other tablets for a long time to come. The body is metal, not very thin, but strong and solid. Charging is fast, the tablet holds the battery for 15 hours (offline mode), which is enough if you take the device on a trip.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 128GB

The advantage is the extended functionality: the device allows you not only to make drawings, but also create drawings, as well as 3D models. At the same time, the tablet does not heat up, it works normally and stably. As for the stylus, many users complain about the inconvenient placement of the buttons on the pen. In any case, the knob is fast, the response delay is minimal, and the rest is nuance.

  • Good processor
  • Pen-stylus included
  • Suitable for demanding programs
  • Inconvenient location of buttons on the stylus
  • High price

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab YT-X705 64GB

An easy-to-use device with a stylus and keyboard included and a stand. The processor is good, but it is not suitable for running mobile games – it is provided exclusively for work. You can add additional memory cards to the device since there is a corresponding slot.

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab YT-X705 64GB

A significant drawback is the weight of the device, although the body is made not of metal, but of plastic. The bezels of the screen are large enough, the color rendition is average. The stylus is responsive and therefore the 2018 model is still popular today.

  • Normal processor
  • Good stylus
  • Price matches quality
  • Heavy weight
  • Average color rendering

HUAWEI MediaPad T5 10 32GB

Don’t worry that the built-in memory is only 32 GB: the device supports slots for additional cards.

There is no stylus in the kit, but the model supports a pen from a domestic manufacturer (you can buy it or purchase it immediately in the kit). As for the price/quality ratio, the indicators converge: a normal working processor and 3 GB of RAM are installed inside. Thanks to these characteristics, you can draw with comfort on the tablet.

Best Tablets With Stylus

The tablet holds the battery for a long time, but does not charge quickly. The screen has rounded frames, the touch panel itself is of good quality and with normal color rendition. This device is the best kids tablet for developing creative talents!

  • Low price
  • Good processor
  • 3 GB of RAM
  • Stylus not included
  • Only 32GB internal storage

How to choose a tablet with a stylus or pen for drawing: XOptimum editorial tips

Before choosing a drawing tablet, you need to decide on a budget. When it’s small, you shouldn’t overpay for brands – choose models on Android. The middle version expands the range of companies, for example Microsoft or Lenovo, Samsung is also suitable.

As far as Apple is concerned, this is the professional option for illustrators or graphic designers. The products are distinguished by high-quality assembly and good color rendering, but the price for them is also higher!

Tablets for aspiring artists

The first thing to consider when choosing is what the tablet will be used for. If you just want to try your hand at drawing, and are also looking for an inexpensive, but working device, models from the Chinese manufacturer HUAWEI are suitable. They are used for both entertainment and work. The devices are based on Android, and the brand’s store has many free and paid drawing programs.

Consider also the presence of a stylus in the kit or the ability to buy a suitable pen additionally. Drawing with your finger is not easy, inconvenient and ugly.

The next step is internal characteristics. The speed of launching applications, as well as their performance, will depend on the power of the processor and the amount of RAM.It is advisable to buy a model with at least 2 GB of RAM and about 64 GB of internal memory.

If you consider the case material and the tablet computer screen, then choose metal. It is more reliable, but also weighs more. When you need a compact device, it is better to buy a plastic tablet. The screen itself should have small bezels and a large drawing surface.

Professional Stylus pen models

For illustrators, there are 3 important criteria in choosing: the quality of the screen and stylus, and the performance of the tablet.

The stylus must be with a pressure thickness! Only in this case it will be possible to make a beautiful line. Samsungpad and Apple devices can boast of this. If you are actively using the buttons on the handle, they should also be conveniently located on the pen.

Next, pay attention to the color rendering of the screen. It should be normal, not very intense. This can boast of devices from the top, namely Lenovo, which reproduce the palette of colors as accurately as possible.

But, despite all these criteria, the main criterion remains the work of a tablet computer or tablet. It is desirable that the device has at least 3 GB of RAM, as well as additional slots for expanding the internal one. As for the processor, but the best option in the work would be a device with 2 cores.

This is how you can choose the perfect drawing tablet for your needs!

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