7 Best Thermal Pads For GPU, CPU 2023 (Laptop And Computer)

Many consumers who constantly work with computer equipment, over time, are faced with a decrease in the performance of a processor or laptop, their sudden shutdown, or cessation of work. There are several reasons for such problems, but one of them is the deterioration of the thermal pad or thermal paste layer.

best thermal pads for gpu cpu
best thermal pads for gpu cpu

So let discuss what are the best thermal pads for GPU and CPU which can be used in computers and laptops.

Thermal pad vs thermal paste which is better?

So that funds are not wasted, and hopes are in vain, before purchasing heat-conducting thermal pads or paste, you must carefully study the place of their future location. So:

  • if the structural parts are in close contact with each other and they have an almost flat surface, then the best option would be to use a paste;
  • if there is an air gap of different thickness between the components, and their surfaces are rough and uneven, then it is just right to use a pads.

what is thermal pads?

This part means a thin plate (its thickness ranges from 0.5 mm to 5 mm and more) made of a certain material that conducts heat well.

Often used raw materials for the manufacture of thermal pads are:

  • silicone,
  • ceramics,
  • copper,
  • mica,
  • graphene.

Silicone thermal pads

Like any other type of gasket, the silicone layer helps to mitigate the sharp temperature drop between the component parts of the processor or laptop. Mostly it is used for cooling:

  • video and RAM;
  • north and south bridges;
  • processor;
  • graphics chip.

This thermal pad is recommended for use in a situation where there is no guarantee of contact between hot and cold structural parts, as well as if there is a gap between them larger than for the use of thermal paste. By its structure, silicone is elastic and easily lends itself to the necessary deformation when compressed or joining computer parts.

Convenience and ease of use of silicone thermal pads lies in the fact that before installation, you can not measure the width of the gap between the parts, but use the original material in several layers, applying one after the other without additional use of sealant. This is possible due to the large size of the sheets sold.

Also, silicone copes with softening possible impacts of parts against each other with small shocks or mechanical damage to the case.

The only drawback of gaskets made from this material is their short service life. Therefore, before using them, it is recommended to determine:

  • or often disassemble equipment and change layers;
  • or purchase an expensive and durable gasket.

Ceramic thermal pads

The most advanced material with high-quality indicators for the manufacture of heat-conducting gaskets is ceramics. It is based on aluminum nitride, which provides a chemically homogeneous microstructure with raw materials. As a result, this affects the remarkable heat-conducting qualities of the gaskets, which do not lose their properties during strong heating. They are able to lower temperatures as much as possible when computer systems are running. Moreover, they are used for a long period of time. This brings them to the fore among the rest of the materials. Also, due to the high thermal conductivity of the feedstock, it is possible to use a gasket of increased thickness. This will not affect their performance in any way.

In addition, substrates made from such a composition do not pose a toxic threat to human health.

Ceramic thermal pads made of aluminum nitride, contrary to the opinion of some consumers, are quite durable. Even the minimum thickness of the interlayer is capable of slight deformation to acquire the shape of the radiator and the subsequent tight fit to it.

Copper thermal pads

Copper products also occupy a significant place among heat-conducting substrates. They are more effective than silicone ones, but during installation, they require additional steps to measure the gap between the parts of a computer or laptop. This is a more laborious and costly process since in addition to the copper substrate, it is necessary to use a sealant to eliminate the distance from the gasket to the heated and cooling components. During the operation of the radiator, it is possible to squeeze out a certain amount of substance from the gaps, but this is quite normal. It is not dangerous and will disappear over time.

Graphite thermal pads

This spacer is composed of graphene and is a crystal lattice. Its thickness is only 1 atom, but at the same time it has a very high thermal conductivity. In graphite substrates, several lattice layers are generally applicable. These thermal pads show their thermal conductivity better when placed in a horizontal position than in a vertical one.

Graphite substrates are not applied to the surface like thermal paste, but are cut from the base sheet. Unlike paste, these pads do not dry out and can be reused.

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Expert advice for choseing thermal pads

Due to the variety of component parts and computer systems, as well as the fragility of some of them, the replacement of thermal pads should be entrusted to a professional. Self-intervention in the “internal organs” of processors and laptops can lead not only to the wrong selection of suitable material to reduce the heating process of equipment but also to the breakdown of all equipment.

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Best Thermal Pads

On the consumer markets, there are numerous heat-conducting substrates for computer and laptops equipment, including those not quite high-quality and durable. According to experts, the most effective products from all the availability are the following.

Best Silicone Thermal Pad

Arctic Cooling Thermal Pad

This product is excellent for use between high-temperature parts and equipment heatsink. Thanks to the elasticity and flexibility of the silicone from which the backing is made, it is easy to attach and completely fills existing air gaps. The high thermal conductivity of the material provides a high temperature-lowering effect that protects the component parts from overheating. In most cases, it is suitable for use in laptops only. Its use is not recommended for processors.

arctic cooling thermal pad
arctic cooling thermal pad

The service life of Arctic Cooling Thermal Pads ranges from 12 months.

Suitable for low-pressure applications.

Product dimensions:

  • length – 5 cm,
  • width – 5 cm,
  • thickness – 0.1 cm.
  • excellent adaptive ability;
  • ease of use;
  • does not require preliminary measurements;
  • well cut.
  • high price;
  • short-lived.

Akasa AK-TT300

Products of this brand are made of silicone elastomer, which ensures their efficient use. Akasa AK-TT300 thermal spacers smooth out possible roughness of the surfaces of parts, as well as qualitatively fill any air gaps between them. Possessing a sufficiently high thermal conductivity, they ensure the removal of the generated heat from the heating elements to the radiator with subsequent dissipation. The flexible and elastic structure of the material allows you to completely eliminate the gaps between the component parts of the structures. The temperature range in which these substrates work is from -40 ° C to + 160 ° C. Akasa AK-TT300 kit consists of two gaskets.

akasa ak tt300
akasa ak tt300

Product dimensions:

  • length – 3 cm,
  • width – 3 cm,
  • thickness – 0.15 cm.
  • versatility of use;
  • good thermal conductivity;
  • optimal shelf life;
  • ease of use.
  • not found.

Arctic Thermal Pad ACTPD00001A

These products also belong to the group of silicone thermal pads. Due to the additional additives in the material, they are endowed with low dielectric constant and high resistance to electricity. This excludes possible short circuits in the electrical circuits of structures. Basically, Arctic Thermal Pads ACTPD00001A are used in blocks of low and medium thermal load. Computer scientists recommend using this product in places where thermal grease leaking out during heating and getting on the boards can cause malfunctions in their work.

The manufacturer of the presented brand offers customers several varieties of thermal pads, differing in size and thickness. The average weight of a specimen is about 6 g. This makes it possible to independently cut the substrate of the required parameters. Effective use of products Arctic Thermal Pad ACTPD00001A with significant air gaps and uneven surfaces of component parts.

arctic thermal pad actpd00001a 145 x 145 x 0.5 mm
arctic thermal pad actpd00001a 145 x 145 x 0.5 mm

Product dimensions:

  • length – 145mm
  • width – 145mm,
  • thickness – 0.5 mm.
  • use with large gaps and surface errors of parts;
  • low dielectric constant;
  • high resistance to electric current;
  • choice of size and thickness.
  • use at low and medium heat load;
  • high price.

Alphacool Thermal pad

Products of the presented brand are used to remove heat from heating electronic parts of computer equipment to radiators with subsequent dissipation. Made from silicone components, they have a flexible and resilient texture that ensures a snug and good fit of substrates to surface contours, which often have roughness and unevenness. Also, this composition allows them to be used at low pressure. The product is sold per piece.

alphacool thermal pad
alphacool thermal pad

Product dimensions:

  • length – 100mm,
  • width – 100mm,
  • thickness – 0.5mm.
  • versatility of application;
  • good quality;
  • efficiency.
  • not detected.

Thermal Grizzly Minus Pad 8 TG-MP8-30-30-05-1R: Best Ceramic Thermal Pad

This product belongs to the category of ceramic substrates. They are made of nano-aluminum oxide and ceramic silicon. Due to this composition, they have high thermal conductivity, flexibility, and elasticity. They are convenient to use since these thermal spacers perfectly fill the smallest gaps between electronic parts of structures.

Optimal and uniform heat transfer ensures that all parts in contact with the substrate work well. This product is environmentally friendly and does not harm human health.

thermal grizzly minus pad 8 tg mp8 30 30 05 1r

The range of temperatures in which the Thermal Grizzly Minus Pad 8 works is from -100 ° С to + 250 ° С. The product is sold individually, each weighing 11 g.

Product dimensions:

  • length -30 mm,
  • width – 30 mm,
  • thickness – 0.5 mm.
  • high quality;
  • ease of installation;
  • efficiency;
  • environmental friendliness.
  • not detected.

Gelid gp extreme: Best Copper thermal pad

This product contains the components used in the manufacture of thermal paste of this brand and which has perfectly proven its high efficiency among computer technicians. Gelid GP Extreme thermally conductive underlays are characterized by good elasticity, which allows them to easily adapt to parts in the field of application. Due to their good thermal conductivity, they carry out heat removal from the heating parts to the radiator, where it is further dissipated. This prevents overheating of computer components and extends their life.

gelid gp extreme
gelid gp extreme

Product dimensions:

  • length – 80 mm,
  • width – 40 mm,
  • thickness – 2 mm.
  • high performance;
  • convenience and ease of use;
  • optimal parameters.
  • not identified.

Coollaboratory Liquid MetalPad: Best foil thermal pads

Products of this brand are thin sheets in the form of foil, made on the basis of liquid metal. Such thermal pads can effectively replace paste, which is not able to solve the arising problems with heat removal from heated parts to radiators. Attaching Coollaboratory Liquid MetalPads is easy. The material used is safe during use. Due to its high thermal conductivity, excess temperature is transferred rather quickly and efficiently.

coollaboratory liquid metalpad
coollaboratory liquid metalpad

The product is sold individually and has the following dimensions:

  • 0.02×1.5x 1.5 inche
  • perfectly replaces thermal paste;
  • high level of thermal conductivity;
  • ease of use;
  • material safety.
  • cannot be used with air gaps.


If you suspect that computer equipment is not working properly, you should not postpone contacting professionals for advice or help. Perhaps every lost day or hour can aggravate the problem and lead to irreversible consequences and, as a result, to equipment breakdown. But timely advice, current inspection, and joint replacement of thermal pads (at the request of the customer) from the list presented with you will help keep the equipment in proper order and expand knowledge in the partial repair of a computer or laptop.