Best Tv in 55 inches: RATING TOP 7 OF THE BEST TVS 55 INCHES 2022

Best Tv In 55 Inches

which one should you choose? In this article, we have prepared a rating of the TOP 7 Best Tv in 55 inches 2022! Which one to choose, reviews, prices and a complete overview of models.

When entering a modern house, you can rarely see a bulky kinescope TV. The latest technology allows you to acquire plasma. Large apartments often have thin TVs on the entire wall, and small rooms are equipped with plasma a little smaller. But they are all united by new developments: ultra-high-definition, viewing programs with 3D support, or the latest technology that allows you to rewind or pause the broadcast – Timeshift. Today we are faced with a huge selection of high-quality televisions suitable for every taste.

RATING TOP 7 OF THE Best Tv in 55 inches

It was incredibly easy now to purchase the television of your dreams. Previously, few new products were released, and few became the happy owners of thin, fashionable TVs. In the article below we will consider only 7 televisions with a size of 55 inches. But they become the best for 2022. List of models under consideration:

  • Samsung UE55MU7000;
  • LG 55EG9A7V;
  • Haier LE55Q6500U;
  • Sony KD-55XE9005;
  • Philips 55PUT6101;
  • Samsung UE55LS003AU;
  • LG 55UJ634V.

Let us consider in more detail each of the presented models.

7 Best Tv In 55 Inches


This model is considered the best advanced technology among those presented below. Incredibly high quality viewing is ensured by the latest techniques. The Ultra HD function provides maximum resolution, giving the impression of a “live” picture. A Smart View system allows you to view any desired content, controlling only the screen of a mobile device. Also, this model is equipped with surround clear sound due to subwoofer speakers.

Screen size139.6 cm
Screen resolution3840×2160 pixels
Wi-Fi Availabilitythrough the module
Dimensions78.3 × 122.6 × 24.6 cm
Weight17.9 kg


  • 4K image quality;
  • multiple image settings (focus, color, contrast, clarity);
  • ease of installation of programs (the self-tuning function will easily install all the programs for you);
  • fixing wires at the bottom of the TV;
  • high-quality surround sound.


  • 1 color (silver).

Despite the price, I liked the TV, high-quality image resolution and good, loud sound. Also, you can control your phone or computer and watch what you want or sit on social networks. I think there will be no problems with the life of the company, the company is famous for high-quality goods and good reviews.


The main quality of this model is a fashionable and slim design that can fit into any interior. The TV has wide angles, which makes viewing programs more quality and overview. We also note the high Full HD resolution, which provides you with maximum immersion in your favorite movie or television program. Clear and surround sound makes viewing more interesting and memorable.

Colorthe black
Dimensions229x708x49 mm
Screen sizes139 cm
Weight20 kg
Resolution1920 × 1080 pixel
Wi-Fi Availabilitythrough the module


  • fast and clear color reproduction;
  • superior quality of resolution;
  • good sound.


  • it is difficult to wipe the screen from fingerprints, etc.
  • long Wi-Fi connection (10-12 minutes).

I would not say that the sound in this TV is so clean and good, as the manufacturer says. There are interference, and sometimes it disappears altogether. But, this rarely happens. Mostly a good model. The viewing quality is on top, there are many image settings, which makes the resolution even clearer. Interesting design, looks more expensive than its money.

HAIER LE55Q6500U23

Just want to note the design of the presented product. The TV is made in the color of gold and silver, and these 2 shades, as you know, carry chic and sophistication. Also, the model has a high-quality resolution in 4K and dynamic, surround sound. Naturally, there is support for Wi-Fi and smart TV. The main feature of the model is a curved screen.

Resolution3840 × 2160 pixels
Screen140 cm
Weight15.8 kg
Colorgolden silver
Dimensions1235x778x252 mm


  • interesting design color (silver and gold);
  • curved screen;
  • does not leave fingerprints;
  • pure sound.


  • the plug is too wide.

I heard that this company has recently begun to be sold. I read the reviews, mostly only positive, I decided to purchase. The first thing that hooked me was the design and color of the TV, suitable for any interior. Quality, I think, needs to be further developed, it is unlikely that there is 4k. Blurred image in places. Only after the settings are more or less improved. This is the main minus of the model. I hope the problem lies only in the settings, and not in the main resolution function.

SONY KD-55XE9005

Improving the model, experts made the main emphasis on pixels with maximum resolution. Also, the TV is equipped with many features that enhance the quality of sound and image. In addition, the model has a wide color gamut when playing HDR, so darkened scenes can be seen in a new and bright color.

Weight 27 kg
Colorthe black
Dimensions122.8 × 70.7 × 6.0 cm
Screen138.8 cm
Wifithrough the module
Resolution3840 × 2160 pixels


  • HD-4k;
  • high-quality sound;
  • clear, lively picture;
  • self-tuning is enabled;
  • ergonomic remote control (convenient location in the hand);
  • synchronizes with PC and phone.


  • one color on sale (black).

They could have come up with a better design for that price. Nothing unusual and memorable. The rest of the TV pleases. Good, necessary functions and image quality with sound. The developers were not too lazy and made synchronization with the computer, it is very convenient to work with a large screen. Overall, I am satisfied.


An elegant model that can fit into any interior. It is mounted on two small legs on the sides, or you can attach the TV to the wall. It is famous for its rich features and image quality in 4K. The model is equipped with Smart TV technology, which is incredibly easy to use. A clear and surround sound will help convey the atmosphere of your favorite movie.

Dimensions1239x725x88 mm
Weight15.5 kg
Screen139 cm
Colorthe black
Wifithrough the module
Screen resolution3840 × 2160 pixels


  • rich, lively image, with a resolution of 4k;
  • good sound;
  • self-tuning.


  • Available in one color (black).

I believe this model is no worse than other expensive TVs. Yes, the design resembles an ordinary black box, not suitable for every decoration of the room, but the functions are pleasing. The image is bright, clear. One gets the impression that you yourself are on the other side of the screen. In addition, the main advantage of the model is smart TV.


The presented model is distinguished by an original, fashionable design, in the form of a picture that fits perfectly into any room interior. Ultra HD resolution allows you to enjoy a live image, and helps to plunge completely into the screen world. Ideal is the sound of the model. Without interference and excesses transmits surround clear sound. All this provides a powerful stereo system.

Screen sizes139.6 cm
Colorthe black
Resolution3840×2160 pixels
Dimensions75 × 123.5 × 20 cm
Weight19.1 kg


  • live image;
  • powerful stereo system;
  • synchronization with PC;
  • voice search system is included.


  • leaves fingerprints;
  • one color on sale (black).

Quality is on top! I have not seen so many functions in any TV yet. Voice search, self-tuning of sound, image, colors. The stereo system does not strain your hearing at all. Everything is clear and clean. The image is also perfect. Truly a “live” image. Thanks!

LG 55UJ634V

This model provides an opportunity to plunge headlong into a new, bright and unknown world! To do this, the developers updated the interface and added a new, more modern Magic Remote to the package. Also, the presented model received awards for the best privacy protection system. It stops scammers and prevents the loss of your personal data.

Resolution3840×2160 pixels
Screen139.6 cm
Wifithrough the built-in module
Dimensions73 × 124.9 × 8.4 cm
Weight15.6 kg
Colorthe black


  • Advanced Magic Remote
  • high-quality image in 4k;
  • pure sound;
  • scam protection system.


  • one color (black).

Incredibly clear sound and perfect picture quality. My family is just thrilled! Also, there is protection of personal data, before buying this model, we did not see TV with similar functions. The functionality of the TV is on top. Thanks to the manufacturer!


To ensure that your search for the ideal TV model does not take much time, we suggest you look at the comparative table of the above products.

ModelScreen Resolution (pixels)Screen size (cm)Weight, kg)ColorDimensions (cm)
Samsung UE55MU70003840×2160139.617.9golden78.3 × 122.6 × 24.6
LG 55EG9A7V1920 × 108013920the black22.9 × 70.8 × 49
Haier LE55Q6500U3840 × 216014015.8golden silver123.5 × 77.8 × 25.2
Sony KD-55XE90053840 × 2160138.827the black122.8 × 70.7 × 6.0
Philips 55PUT61013840 x 216013915.5the black123.9 × 72.5 × 88
Samsung UE55LS003AU3840×2160139.619.1the black75 × 123.5 × 20
LG 55UJ634V3840×2160139.615.6the black73 × 124.9 × 8.4


The assortment of the best products includes models that are not included in our Top. But they also differ in quality and improved functionality. Let’s take a look at which TVs we have not yet made out. Product List:

  • The highest quality assembly.
  • TV with the interaction of most consoles.
  • The fastest internet.

Consider in detail each of the presented models.


Firstly, the presented model is characterized by an ideal design that fits easily into any room. Secondly, this TV has an incredibly strong build. It is checked up on personal experience: not a single gadget, not a single screw fell out during a fall. The screen is whole, without a single scratch. Pretty fast internet and great resolution quality.


A beautiful, modern model, with the best resolution and clear, surround sound. The beauty of this product is to maintain a huge number of different game consoles. For every taste, both for children and adults. If you want not just TV, but want to plunge into the game world, then this model is right for you.


We will not say that the presented model has a brilliant design and is suitable for almost any interior. Far from it. The model is completely simple, without any modern chips. Only suitable for a large and bright room, a small one will be blocked. But it has a lively image and unrealistically fast Internet. If some models think for about 10 minutes, then Philips instantly responds to any of your team.


There are essential criteria or requirements for selecting Best Tv in 55 inches. if you have any suggestions please comment and share the post to friends and family.

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