8 Best Windows Tablets In 2023: Overview Of Popular Models

Windows 10 is the most affordable and easy-to-use operating system for a tablet. The system updates itself, has a lot of built-in tools that make using the tablet simple and convenient. After the full-fledged entry of Microsoft into the market, different models of gadgets became available to users. In order not to get confused in such a variety and choose a really worthwhile product, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the rating of the best Windows tablets in 2023.

Best Windows Tablets In 2020: Overview Of Popular Models

Popular Tablets Brands in 2023

Modern tablets are becoming more and more sophisticated and may well replace a computer or laptop. Due to the high popularity among users, manufacturers are literally competing with each other, trying to offer buyers a gadget that is able to cope with countless tasks. Today a tablet is no longer just a “big phone”, but a computer, camera, cinema and a full-fledged office in one bottle.

However, the functionality of the device directly depends on the manufacturer’s reputation. Based on this indicator, it is worth highlighting several of the most popular companies:

  1. Haier. The fact that the products of this company are rare does not mean the poor quality of the devices. On the contrary, this Chinese firm was founded back in 1984. Today, Haier factories are located in major cities in Europe, Asia and North America. The manufacturer is included in the TOP-50 innovative companies in the world.
  2. Lenovo. Despite the fact that the domestic consumer found out about this company 10-15 years ago, this Chinese company has existed since 1984. The main principle of the manufacturer is innovative technologies that will be most convenient for customers and will significantly expand their capabilities. Today, the popularity of the Lenovo brand continues to grow as the company offers affordable technology of very high quality.
  3. HP Inc. The company was incorporated in the United States in 2015. It appeared after the separation of the popular Hewlett-Packard brand. The manufacturer also offers high quality tablets. The main motto of the company is human empowerment.
  4. Microsoft. It would be surprising if Windows tablets weren’t made by a company that changed people’s lives with the advent of the operating system. It’s no secret that Microsoft has been creating software for computers and laptops for many years. When the era of Windows XP (and now Windows 7) ended, the company started thinking about creating its own tablets. At that time, smartphones running on Windows were already presented on the market, but Android devices still held a leading position. But with tablets, the story was completely different. As a rule, they require more functionality and performance from such gadgets. This is where no one dares to compete with Microsoft.
  5. Acer . This Taiwanese company is a tech old man since it started back in 1976. Today “Acer” is the largest manufacturer of electronics in various price segments.

If we are talking about Apple and Samsung, then, despite the immense popularity in the world, in terms of tablets on Windows, everything is complicated. Apple representatives are categorical on this issue and continue to promote their own operating system. Samsung is giving more preference to Android technologies.

Which smartphone operating system is better: Windows, iOS or Android? We look at the table:

Operating SystemProsCons
Microsoft (Windows)Affordable price- Installing common Windows programs- Ease of use- Security (a large selection of antivirus and built-in protection programs)Lack of games (Windows tablets are more suitable for work)- Small selection of apps in Windows App Store (compared to Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store)
Apple (iOS)Intuitive interface- Minimum software failures, high speed (no freezes and “brakes”)- Long working time (economy)- High security (from hacking and viruses)- High-quality work in wireless networks- Multitasking (many open applications do not “slow down” the system)Closed file system- Memory limitation (no support for memory cards)- Small selection of software- High price- Low customization
Android (Google)Best customization (flexible customization for the user)- Large selection of applications and games- System openness- Popularity of the operating system (application sharing)Updates. Each model requires different firmware versions.- Not the best scrolling smoothness- Color rendering- Not the fastest interface

Best Windows Tablets

  • Best budget Windows 10 tablets
    1. Jumper EZpad 6
    2. Haier HV103H
  • Best mid-budget Windows 10 tablets
    1. Microsoft Surface Go
    2. Lenovo IdeaPad D330 N4000
  • Best premium Windows 10 tablets
    1. Microsoft Surface Pro 6 i7 16Gb 1Tb
    2. Getac EX80 LTE
    3. Dell Latitude 7285 i5 8Gb 256Gb LTE
    4. Acer Switch 7 i7 16Gb 512Gb

best budget Windows 10 tablets

Models in this category cost no more than budget and have basic functionality. They are designed to work with Internet browsers, office programs, or text documents. Budget tablets are optimal for short everyday use.

Jumper EZpad 6 : Best window tablet in Budget.

Jumper EZpad 6 : Best Window Tablet In Budget.

The main feature of the model is the increased amount of internal memory – 64 GB. The screen resolution is 1920×1080 pixels, the diagonal is 11.6 inches. Thanks to the support of IPS technology and anti-reflective coating, the display maintains high image quality in any light.

The tablet supports connection to a third-party monitor and all modern audio and video recording formats, including MP3, WAV, MKV and MP4, which provides a comfortable work with media files. The device is equipped with a 7000 mAh battery and fast charging function, guaranteeing long-term operation.

  • capacious drive;
  • long work;
  • high-quality image;
  • wide screen.
  • takes a long time to charge.

Jumper EZpad 6 can be used for both work and network communication. Compatibility with various equipment and high performance allows the owner to efficiently carry out any task.

Window tab Haier HV103H

Window Tab Haier HV103H

The model has a removable QWERTY-keyboard, which simplifies typing and working with programs familiar to PC users. The possibility of vertical installation on a flat surface and support for USB OTG technology facilitate the use of the device, facilitate connection with third-party equipment, which makes the tablet universal.

The screen resolution is 1280×720, the battery capacity is 6000 mAh. The speed of the device is provided by a quad-core processor with a clock frequency of 1.4 GHz. The passive cooling system prevents the model from heating up and makes it quiet.

  • high-quality image;
  • capacious battery;
  • the presence of a keyboard;
  • convenience of work;
  • quiet.
  • small amount of memory.

Haier HV103H is worth buying for users who often work at a computer. The compactness and performance of the tablet allows you to carry out the usual activities in any convenient place.

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The best mid-budget Windows 10 tablets

The cost of models in this category is for mid range budget for average user. As a rule, they have high performance and can be used to solve various problems. Such devices are purchased for both work and entertainment.

Microsoft Surface Go Window Tablet

Microsoft Surface Go Window Tablet

The features of the model include low weight and large memory capacity. The built-in drive can store up to 128 gigabytes of files, allowing you to install a large number of applications and programs. The keyboard included with the device features a precision glass touchpad to simplify tasks previously available only to laptops.

The device is equipped with a 1.6 GHz processor and 8 GB of RAM. This ensures high performance and no lag when working with complex programs. The security of the owner’s data is guaranteed by biometric identification at Windows startup.

  • high performance;
  • large amount of built-in memory;
  • the convenience of use;
  • high-quality image;
  • light sensor.
  • high energy consumption.

Microsoft Surface Go is a great purchase for working in a remote location. The tablet is recommended for purchase by graphic specialists or active users of online services.

Lenovo IdeaPad D330 N4000 Window Tab

The main feature of the model is the high quality of the audio signal. The device is equipped with built-in stereo speakers and an amplifier. This achieves great power and sound volume.

The screen resolution is 1280×800 pixels, the diagonal is 10.1 inches. 4 GB of RAM and support for multitouch technology allow you to work comfortably in multitasking mode without delays.

  • high performance;
  • high-quality sound;
  • removable keyboard;
  • large amount of memory;
  • powerful processor.
  • heavy.

Lenovo IdeaPad D330 N4000 will be useful for fans of watching movies or users of online applications. The perfect solution for getting things done anywhere.

best premium Windows 10 tablets

Such models are distinguished by high performance, high-quality components, and a large amount of memory. Top-end tablets are designed for the most demanding tasks and are a complete replacement for a laptop or personal computer in any aspect of use.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 i7 16Gb 1Tb Best Windows Tablets

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 I7 16Gb 1Tb Best Windows Tablets

The main features of the model include a large amount of internal memory and a powerful quad-core processor with a clock speed of 1.8 GHz. This provides a solution to the most complex problems previously available only with a personal computer.

The diagonal of the screen is 12.3 inches, the maximum resolution is 2736×1824 pixels. 16 GB of RAM and support for multi-touch technology with ten simultaneous touches allow you to work in multitasking mode.

  • a high resolution;
  • powerful processor;
  • work without recharging for about 13 hours;
  • high-quality image;
  • memory size – 1024 GB;
  • a large supply of RAM.
  • high price.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is worth getting for long battery life. Great solution for image processing, video editing or graphic design.

Window Tablet Getac EX80 LTE

The model is reliable and resistant to adverse external influences. Shock-resistant, waterproof silicone shell and short circuit protection help extend the life of the device. Special mention should be made of surface temperature control and intelligent power management, which contribute to safe and long-term operation.

The built-in memory is 124 GB, the processor frequency is 1.4 GHz. The tablet supports GPS technology, which allows you to quickly find the desired object on the map or determine your own location.

  • durability and protected performance;
  • large amount of memory;
  • anti-glare screen coating;
  • high-speed performance;
  • dedicated
  • weight 1480 g.

Getac EX80 LTE will be useful when working outdoors, in conditions of low temperature or high humidity. An excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Dell Latitude 7285 i5 8Gb 256Gb LTE

Dell Latitude 7285 I5 8Gb 256Gb LTE

A magnetic connection is used to securely and quickly dock the tablet screen and keyboard. The device’s processor supports Hyper-Threading technology, which processes up to four data streams simultaneously.

The screen resolution is 2880×1920 pixels, the diagonal is 12.3 inches. Thanks to its protective Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and oleophobic coating, the display is resistant to scratches and dirt. The viewing angle of 178 degrees contributes to comfortable work with the device in any position.

  • realistic image;
  • high performance;
  • stereo sound;
  • wide viewing angle;
  • screen protection.
  • low autonomy.

Dell Latitude 7285 LTE is worth buying for active Internet users or fans of demanding online games. It is a reliable and efficient solution for various tasks.

Acer Switch 7 i7 16Gb 512Gb

Acer Switch 7 I7 16Gb 512Gb

The main features of the model should be considered the high quality of the image and sound. The screen of the device has a resolution of 2256×1504 pixels and a diagonal of 13.5 inches (about 33 centimeters). IPS technology ensures the most accurate color reproduction and lifelike images.

The high performance of the device is provided by the powerful Intel Core i7 8550U quad-core processor with a clock frequency of 1800 MHz. Additional features of the tablet include a cooling system that prevents it from overheating under high load.

  • the convenience of use;
  • wide screen;
  • high image quality;
  • powerful processor;
  • Fingerprint’s scanner.
  • low battery capacity.

Acer Switch 7 is recommended for working with media content or online services. The tablet is worth buying for both active Internet users and professionals in the field of graphic processing.

Features of Windows tablets

Features Of Windows Tablets

Microsoft marketers, as they should, position Windows tablets as universal devices for all occasions and completely without flaws. In fact, the products have their own characteristics that determine the target audience. However, it may well be that someone will not like such devices.

So, you should buy a Microsoft tablet in these cases:

  • the personal computer is a priority in your collection of digital gadgets;
  • you like to use mobile technology to solve tasks that seem incredible to others without a good computer or, at least, a laptop;
  • watching the long-standing confrontation between communicators and smartphones, you prefer the first option.

But there is also a category of people for whom the purchase of such a device is only a useless waste of money:

  • if you expect the tablet to be able to install new interesting toys;
  • you are hoping for maximum application functionality. In fact, Windows touchscreen software is far from perfect;
  • You don’t like the idea of ​​Metro UI with tiles too much. Using “Windows” without them is meaningless.

Based on the features of the new technology, you will have to independently answer the question: is it worth buying tablet technology equipped with an operating system that everyone is used to seeing only on full-fledged computers? You want a comparison Laptop Vs Tablet Pros And Cons Which Is Better.

Advantages and disadvantages Windows Tablets

Advantages And Disadvantages Windows Tablets

First, about the parameters that distinguish Windows-based gadgets from similar equipment with other operating systems:

  • high screen resolution. By this parameter, many tablets are as good as laptops or even surpass them. On some expensive modifications, it reaches 2100×1000 p;
  • well thought out autonomy. Many users of Android technology complain that the gadget literally “eats” the charge. Windows tablets are much more energy efficient. Processors use electricity quite economically;
  • powerful video cards. This advantage will be appreciated by lovers of gaming gadgets (take a look at best tablets for gaming). In terms of the quality of picture reproduction and performance, the equipment on Android lags far behind.

There are also a number of disadvantages:

  • high price. If you are used to saving money, this option is not for you. The chances of getting an inexpensive Android tablet are much higher;
  • lack of permission to install applications other than the Store. In this respect, Microsoft strictly guards its own interests;
  • lack of flexibility in settings. In this respect, Microsoft products are significantly inferior to the “green robot”. Using a variety of launchers and settings for them, you can easily customize your Android tablet. Windows doesn’t allow that freedom.

As you can see, this OS, like other systems, has its advantages and disadvantages. Whether to put up with the latter is up to you.

Criterias of choice for Windows Tablets

Let’s try to figure out how to choose mobile equipment on Windows in order to get the maximum options for work and entertainment, as inexpensively as possible.

Criterias Of Choice For Windows Tablets


There are several processor options for such devices.


Many consider this option, and, quite rightly, the optimal one. The processor is budget and high-performance at the same time. Its main feature is its low power consumption. If you choose a good processor of this brand, you can safely forget about the need to charge the tablet for the whole day.

Nvidia Tegra

This type of processor is distinguished by good power and high performance. It is quite enough for both work and entertainment tasks. Users claim that tablets equipped with these processors are the best option for gaming. However, you should never forget about the existence of the charger.

Intel Core M

Its main characteristics are power, balance and complete freedom in terms of choosing work tasks. The advantage of the processor is its multitasking. If you connect a good docking station to a tablet equipped with Intel Core M, you get a good netbook.


One of the most important factors when choosing a gadget. For basic computing tasks, 2 GB of RAM is sufficient. As for the main memory, the following principle works here: the more its capacity, the more preferable. However, if you focus on average parameters, then storage of 64 GB is an acceptable option. More expensive devices support much higher volumes.


Battery charge when working with a tablet is important since the autonomy of the device depends on it. Even if the device has amazing technical characteristics, a low-power battery negates these qualities. There are other factors besides battery capacity. In Windows tablets, a lot depends on the processor used. For example, when equipped with an ATOM chipset, even a battery with a minimum capacity will last long enough. For Tegra processors, the optimal battery capacity is between 7000 and 10000 mAh. Thus, the best option is a battery from 8000 mAh. With such a battery, you can forget about the problem associated with constant charging of the gadget. On a trip, such a gadget will be an excellent alternative to a full-fledged laptop.

Internal memory view

SSD is considered the best option, because, when compared to gadgets on Android, the amount of RAM is small, and the processor is relatively slow (but it does not need separate cooling). Such drives are more expensive than budget eMMCs, but they provide stable performance even when solving resource-intensive tasks. Tablets with SSDs boot faster and use less electricity.

Number of external ports

Naturally, the more, the better. This is logical: as their number increases, the number of peripheral devices that can be connected to a tablet increases: a monitor, a USB flash drive or a mouse. Let the USB port be not full-sized, but USB Type-C or micro-USB, you just have to buy additional adapters.

Additional functionality of windows tab

Additional Functionality Of Windows Tab

Many good and relatively inexpensive Windows models come with a variety of docking stations. This allows you to use the gadget as a compact laptop, use it for writing text documents and other tasks. Models with a USB keyboard are very popular.

4G communication allows you to use the gadget like a mobile phone. There are also models on sale with a GPS navigator with a set of maps, LTE, a stylus and a number of other features. The specific set of functions depends on the needs of the buyer.

Which Windows tablet is better to buy, according to Xoptimum

First of all, the tablet is used outside the home, therefore, rather high requirements for battery life should be imposed on it. Therefore, you should choose the device that works longer without recharging. To determine how long the tablet will function offline, just pay attention to the battery capacity parameter. It is not worth purchasing a model that has a 3000mAh battery or less.

Although Android is the OS that major manufacturers of mobile phones and tablets are actively using, Windows is still more convenient for working with documents and most applications that may not support Android technologies at all. Therefore, the best tablet will be the one in which this particular OS is installed.

Camera quality is not the most important parameter for most users. Nevertheless, if the tablet is planned to be used for negotiations in skype, video conferencing and other things, then it is worth giving preference to more expensive models. It makes no sense to buy a device with a 0.8 or 2 MP front camera. The picture quality will be very poor.

Not every tablet has the ability to use a SIM card to connect to the Internet. Models with the ability to connect via Wi-Fi are popular, but there are also devices in which a connection to a 3G / 4G network is realized. In this case, you need to be guided by your personal preferences.

If the tablet is planned to be used primarily for games, then you need to choose more powerful devices. As a rule, there are no such in the low and medium price category, so you need to be prepared for financial costs.

Today, a huge number of gadgets from little-known Chinese companies are presented on the market. They are usually cheap, but not long lasting. Therefore, it is better to give preference to proven manufacturers and brands.

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