Building a smart home from the ground Up (7 Criteria 2023)

Smart Home Systems, which are part of IoT, give us time, confidence, speed and comfort. Smart Houses are based on 7 Criteria for Building a smart home from the Ground Up.

Building a smart home from the ground Up

Building A Smart Home From The Ground Up

Want to build Building a smart home from the ground Up here 7 most wanted criteria must be filled before home automation. because it is in need of time.

The New Smart Home concept has been on the agenda for more than 10 years. Especially with the rapid development of digital technologies; With the shrinkage and cheapness of technology, it is much more accessible and usable today.

Once you get used to it, it’s not easy to give up the confidence and comfort that the “smart home” concept brings to your life. Not only houses but also with Smart OfficeSmart Building, all our living spaces are becoming more comfortable thanks to technology.

In fact, nowadays many homes are “a little” smart. Because most household electrical appliances have sensors for specific purposes. In addition to the examples given in the above paragraph, devices such as robotic vacuum cleaners that clean the room by means of its sensors and televisions with internet connection are part of this. All of this is a part of home automation, but it is still not a “smart home feature.

The smart home concept takes this technology one step further and provides centralized control. The task of this central control is to do what we normally do so far as people do.

In other words, learn the house by observing the daily life routine and ensure that all these devices operate correctly at the right time without the need for human intervention.

For example, adjusting position according to the amount of light entering through the windows, starting the systems such as light, music, heating in the necessary rooms by understanding that you are coming home with motion or sound detectors, or stopping these systems when you leave the house.

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7 Criteria for Building a smart home from the Ground Up

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1 Accessibility and comfort

Accessibility today stands out as an important Good Home criterion. Accessibility includes being close to workplaces and social areas, as well as being close to basic service points such as hospitals, schools and where home needs can be met.

If comfort is important to you, smart home is for you. Did you open the window when you came out to let my house air, and you saw that the house was freezing and you increased the temperature of the boiler? Solution smart home. A comfortable environment awaits you as soon as you arrive when you have a home that ventilates your home while you are away, bringing it to a certain temperature level before you arrive.

If your house is facing west, you can turn the evening sun into joy when you have a house that automatically adjusts the blinds in the evening.

You can check your water bottle and automatically order when it decreases, and you can come home late and avoid situations where you realize your water runs out.

The benefits of smart home systems cannot be counted. It will be most efficient for you to make the order of importance according to your budget and needs and to apply accordingly. As much as the installation of the systems, it is important to use these systems actively and get benefits. There is no point in spending money on a system that you will never use after you install it.

2 Time

Automation is one of the biggest factors in a smart home. With home automation, a lot of time-consuming work becomes automated, and your number of interventions is decreasing. For example, in the evening when it gets dark, you won’t have to deal with closing the curtains one by one.

For example, when your kitchen robot starts preparing breakfast 15 minutes before you wake up, you will enter the kitchen only to eat smart home ready breakfast. While some may seem like small time-consumers, it is possible to accelerate a large number of similar topics through automation throughout the day, saving you a considerable amount of time.


3 Smart home design and construction

In “Good Home” design; lighting, insulation, infrastructure, cleaning, and maintenance. In addition, both consumers and industry stakeholders attach great importance to the use of healthy materials.

• Every room in the house can benefit from daylight;

• illumination with a metered light, not only during the day but also at night;

• Designed in accordance with sound and heat insulation to minimize adverse environmental impacts;

• Having a good infrastructure firstly as an individual area of ​​use, first of all the house and then the close environment;

• Having a design that helps the house to be well-maintained and healthy at all times brings a house closer to the definition of “Good Home özellikle especially for the user.

4 Personalization

The fact that the indoor use of the house is open to flexibility stands out as another important issue for consumers.

Since residents tend to make their homes a living place through personal interventions, brands often develop product strategies with a view to personalization.

5 Security

One of the most basic features of consumers’ choice of home is that houses with improved security systems or neighborhoods that can live without any security add-ons.

With a simple security system installation, you may think your home is safe and smart home ecosystem. Up to one level. But with Smart Security Systems, security level can be strengthened. With the increase in the number of sensors, is there a real breach of security or whether a cat is scratching the door, not detecting unnecessary alarms and even monitoring suspicious situations?

Don’t think about security only in terms of theft. You do not need to think whether I left the iron on after leaving the house when you have a smart house that cuts the electricity of the iron you forgot in the socket. A system that alerts you when your young child is out on the balcony alone can prevent unwanted situations.

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6 Entertainment

Your home entertainment systems can also communicate with other systems in your home and work more effectively. Are you taking the remote to increase the volume of noise when children enter the room? Are you trying to reduce the loud sound again when children come out? Sound systems that can adjust themselves according to the ambient noise, you can ensure the continuity of your entertainment and increase the level with the video systems that start recording in case you don’t miss the program you watch when you get up from the TV.

7 Productivity and cost

Consumers define “Good Home productivity in terms of efficiency, including cost, energy, and lighting; They also pay attention to the fact that various expenses such as rent, dues and invoices are affordable.

You make the smart home investment to increase the money and There is nothing so beautiful. New build smart home you will build on energy saving can be very beneficial to you in the medium and long term. You can meet your investment with smart boiler in the first year with your falling natural gas bill.

For example; Are you complaining that the children leave the room lights on after they leave? With the intelligent lighting system that turns off the lights when you realize that there is no one in the room, it is not possible to notice the decrease in your electricity bill. Security solutions are essentially solutions to keep your money in your pocket.

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These was essential criteria or requirement for building a smart home from the Ground Up. if you have any suggestions please comment and share the post to friends and family.

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