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Capsule Coffee Machine

Coffee has entered our lives tightly, not only at home but also hard to make at work. They drink in cafes and restaurants, social chats and business meetings. But if you can make yourself a cup of coffee, you will need more than one cup for a large group of guests. So it’s worth thinking about how to choose a Capsule Coffee Machine for the home, so you can look after everyone with a fragrant drink.

What is Capsule coffee Machines?

Capsular coffee machines were invented to provide the appropriate dosage when preparing drinks. They use special capsules to make coffee. The appliances are right in all catering businesses, offices, and home kitchens. You don’t need to calculate how much coffee, sugar or water you need to prepare a cup of coffee drink. Just enough:

  1. Make sure that the appliance contains water.
  2. Insert the desired capsule.
  3. Press the “Enable” button.

Depending on which capsules are available, you can make different types of coffee, for example:

  • Espresso, a classic drink with golden foam.
  • Coffee with milk.
  • Powerful ristretto.
  • Sweet chocolate

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Advantages of Capsule type coffee machine

Coffee lovers have already appreciated all the benefits and usability of capsule coffee machines:

  1. Ease of use and complete automation of the process (you only need to press a button to make coffee).
  2. Ease of maintenance for them (no need to clean used ground coffee).
  3. They have compact dimensions and beautiful designs.
  4. Works almost silent.

Selection Criteria for Capsule coffee maker

How to choose the coffee machine model to quickly prepare coffee, has a great taste and good aroma? The selected coffee unit must meet your wishes, so you should ask yourself the following questions before you buy:

  1. How many cups of coffee do you plan to make each day?
  2. How many kinds of coffee do you prefer?
  3. How much money would you spend to buy a capsule coffee machine?

To learn how to choose a capsule coffee machine for your home or apartment, you should pay attention to the following features:

  1. Dimensions (it is better to choose a small coffee machine that can be used in the living room, kitchen and even in the country house).
  2. Power (brewing affects the speed, aroma and strength of coffee).
  3. Water supply pressure (may affect the taste and brewing power of the beverage).
  4. Volume of the water tank (how many cups the machine can make at a time).
  5. Availability of additional functions that facilitate the use of the device (self-cleaning, automatic shutdown).

As for coffee capsules, they can be purchased at the online store or at specialty coffee shops. However, it is important to remember that suitable types of capsules are suitable for a particular type of capsule machine.

When buying a capsule coffee machine over the internet, you can find and read user reviews of capsules, user reviews of capsule coffee plants, and how to use them correctly.

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Working principle Coffee Capsule Machines

First, it contains a few words about the composition of the capsule apparatus and the following:

  • A heating element block for boiler water heating.
  • pump In the form of a special pump responsible for the entire coffee-making process.
  • To open the control panel on-off software
  • System mechanics to brew coffee with later elimination of used capsules.
  • Use the optimum amount of liquid in the water dispenser.

Now about the coffee machine’s movement plan:

  1. The capsules contain pressed coffee in an airtight enclosure (usually 6 to 11 g, depending on the type).
  2. They are placed in a separate compartment of the machine through which the shell is perforated.
  3. Then, after escaping the coffee crust, it is filled with hot water coming here under high pressure.
  4. Pre-prepared coffee flows in the prepared container (eg a cup).

Arrangement of capsule coffee machines

All operations are automatic, temperature and durability need not be adjusted.

Manufacturers produce a large number (over 20) of different types of capsules for coffee machines with different flavors. So you can always choose the capsules as you like.

Popular models

A simple capsule coffee machine is about 2-3 thousand rubles cheaper. But by improving functionality, the price increases. Cost may also depend on the popularity of the manufacturer:

  1. Dolce Gusto Company model with Nestlé capsules. You can use a large number of capsules to make coffee, there are more than 20 varieties, indicating an increased variety of coffee drinks. They are ideal for fans of various types of coffee drinks (espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, latte, etc.).
  2. Nespresso Company models are also distinguished by Nestlé’s capsules with high-quality coffee preparation, but the choice of capsules is not as large as in the previous series. Suitable for those who want a cup of espresso in their home apartment.
  3. Tassimo foam models can be eaten perfectly and make classic coffee. “Tassimo” distinguishes good quality at an affordable price. The models of this company have a function that reads the bar code in the capsules. Based on this information, the machine can select the desired mode for preparing a unique coffee beverage.
  4. Paulig model Although the selection of capsules (coffee types) is not very large here, Paulig capsules can make excellent quality coffee.
  5. Switzerland company models Cremesso has a stylish design and uses coffee for about 15 different capsules. This is less than that of Nespresso, but m Cremesso ”capsules are more cost-effective.
  6. In addition, coffee machines from companies such as Bosch, De’Longhi, Krups are also popular. The main thing here – to monitor the compatibility of capsules for these devices.

Capsule Coffee Machine Functionality

The cost of coffee machines is also influenced by the presence of additional functions that make it easy to control the units:

  • Automatic function (emergency in case of forgetfulness) shutdown of the device.
  • Some models have a water treatment system (if it is not always possible to use filtered water).
  • For cappuccino lovers, there are special capsules containing powdered milk, but there are also machines with a cappuccino function to thoroughly eaten the milk until the foam appears.

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Before choosing a capsule coffee machine or machine, you must familiarize yourself with the different models, their functionality, and user reviews to read. Capsule coffee machines are comfortable and easy to manage. However, at a sufficiently high cost of the capsules themselves, it will likely fit a small number of coffee drinkers. If you love to drink a large number of cups per day, it is better to buy regular coffee machines. It will be much more profitable.

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