how to charge laptop without charger?

To charge your laptop without using a power adapter and charger, you need direct intervention. There are several recommendations on How To Charge Laptop Without Charger and turning on the laptop in automatic mode without a battery and charger (through the use of type C and other methods). After the recommendations below, your PC will be able to work without a power supply built into it at all.

How To Charge Laptop Without Charger
Charge a Laptop Without a Charger

Before trying the presented charging options in practice, you need to make sure that the laptop is working properly.

How To Charge Laptop Without Charger

The point is disconnecting the battery from the PC and using other tools to replenish the missing power. In this case, you should still have an adapter from the device at hand. Any other that meets the technical characteristics will do.

One of the options for charging through another laptop. This is the simplest and most reliable method. To charge the battery, you just need to install it in the device and connect the mains supply. This method has a drawback: the possibility of failure with further battery charging.

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Using power adapter: How do I manually charge my laptop battery?

This is a radical method to charge a laptop battery without inserting it into the laptop, which requires special tools:

  • The adapter itself with a voltage higher than the battery voltage;
  • Multimeter;
  • copper wires (several pieces).

Additional parts will also be required: for example, electrical tape or tape, a soldering iron.

Step-by-step instructions on how to charge a laptop battery without charger:

  • Take the battery and inspect the contacts (the number of terminals can exceed 7 pieces, this is normal);
  • Determine the polarity (in the absence of the necessary information, use a multimeter);
  • The terminals are connected to the wiring, having previously cleaned the ends of the latter, in order to secure more securely, use adhesive tape.

The preparatory measures have been completed and then it is possible to proceed using a conventional adapter. Attach the wires to the pins on the input connector. The scheme always works here, according to which the middle segment corresponds to the “plus”, and the extreme “minus”.

This is the most common way to charge your laptop battery directly.

Connect the plug from the power supply. Charging started.

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Charge laptop battery with direct connection

This option is even more radical and requires experience in handling electrics. It will take some soft copper wires, an adapter with enough power. Its minimum voltage must match that of a standard adapter.

Before charging, inspect the plug socket. It is usually round. Connect the prepared wires to the contacts on the input connector. The polarity on all models of laptops is the same: in the center “+”, from the edge “-“. The neutral line often runs along the edge.

For a stronger fixation, the positive pole is wrapped with electrical tape or tape. The negative edge is secured as well. The wire should only touch the metal edge.

Attention! With the help of a multimeter, the intersections of the contacts are detected.

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After connecting the wires, go to the power supply. The “minus” side intersects with the framing of the power supply output part.

Using an external power supply without a plug:

  • The contacts are bonded to each other taking into account the polarity;
  • Isolate contact points to avoid short circuit;
  • The power supply is charged;
  • Check the performance of the resulting circuit.

If the power of the selected adapter exceeds that of the original one, proceed carefully so that neither the PC nor the batteries overheat.

After completing all the steps, install the battery in the laptop until it is fully loaded.

Can You Charge A Laptop With A USB

Can you charge a laptop with a USB?

Conventional USB ports open up a lot of possibilities on any laptop. Moreover, the modern, updated version of Use Type C. One of these convenient and useful features is battery charging without the original device. Before purchasing a cable, you must first find out all the information from the technical data sheet of the laptop with a description of all the ports it has.

So, charging a laptop via USB:

  1. Buy a power supply.
  2. Connect the prepared USB cable to the laptop and adapter.
  3. Charge until fully charged.

While charging via USB, you can use the laptop as usual, without restrictions.

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Charge Laptop battery with external battery

This is a very convenient way with which it is possible to charge both at home and elsewhere. It can be used if the charging from the PC is broken, as it is not required. All that is needed to implement this method is the purchase of a special battery.

The dimensions and power of such a device may vary. Chosen according to the requirements of the laptop.

It is convenient to purchase a Power Bank, because it can also recharge a laptop and other portable gadgets.

Charging process:

  1. Fully charge the external battery.
  2. An adapter is connected to it.
  3. The same actions are carried out with the port on the PC.

This is another option for charging your laptop via USB.

Charge Laptop Battery using auto-inverter

Frequent traveling PC owners face the problem of running out of battery. A car convector is well suited to solve this problem. It transforms the main tension of the car. This way you can charge your laptop without a charger.

Attention! A USB adapter is required.

The connection process is simple: a PC is connected to the installed inventor on the car through a PC adapter. It is worth paying attention to the port, because its appearance affects the charging process.

There is another option for charging a laptop in a car – through a cigarette lighter. This will require the purchase of a car adapter. Not every PC model can be charged this way. This is an optional option.

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Charge Laptop Battery with electric generator

How can you charge your laptop without a charger yet? Now they use devices such as solar panels and other compact energy generators. And this is appropriate because recharging happens very quickly. There are drawbacks to choosing this method of replenishing the lack of charge. For example, dependence on the weather. It is practically impossible to charge in this way at home.

When buying in a store, you should definitely check the power and ask if there are any features for recharging your PC.

An adapter is used to connect an electric generator. As a rule, all the necessary items come with a gadget. After connecting, they check for interruptions and other problems in work.

This is the most modern and eco-friendly way to charge your laptop without charging over the network.

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How can I charge my laptop on a plane?

In long-distance trains, the device is charged through 220 V sockets. They were designed to charge phones and other weaker devices. Only the PC is allowed to recharge. On airplanes we charge by asking the conductor. The sockets are under their authority.

Can I charge laptop with USB?

Only if the batteries of both devices are compatible. The USB port will not work because there is not enough power.

Can you charge a laptop with a wireless charger?

It’s impossible. But brands are working on it.

Can you charge your laptop with a phone?

Unfortunately, this is not feasible even with a full connector. There are some limited edition models. For example, Philips Xenium or Xiaocai X6. The reason is simple – the lack of energy for the PC.

how to charge phone from laptop faster?

Everything is simple here. You can use the cable that comes with your phone, connect one end to your smartphone and the other to your PC.

It is not surprising that the laptop will not charge from the phone, because even the power of the power supply of a stationary laptop is not enough for it. He needs from 19 W. And the laptop unit has only 12.5.

How do you fix a laptop that won’t turn on without a charger?

There are several reasons:

  1. Battery breakdown. The service life may have ended. If the battery runs out quickly and it takes a long time to charge, then it’s time to replace the part.
  2. Problems with the charging cable socket.
  3. Display is too bright.
  4. Heavy load on PC. Even a new battery will drain quickly under heavy load.


This article provides several ways How To Charge Laptop Without Charger. Some of these require experience with an electrician. In its absence, it is worth choosing simpler methods in order to avoid possible equipment breakdowns. In any case, you can choose the most convenient one. A simple, economical, and modern way is to purchase a solar battery.

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