how to check laptop graphics card?

The name of the graphics card and other information on it may be needed for various reasons. For example, preparation for changing it to another, more powerful graphics card or during installation, updating drivers for this graphics adapter. But the question is, How To Check Laptop Graphics Card if there is no label on the panel? Any user can handle this.

How To Check Laptop Graphics Card

How To Check Laptop Graphics Card?

There are different ways to check graphics card details on a laptop let discuss them all in detail step by step.

Check Laptop Graphics Card Using Windows Device Manager

The first method to check the name and health of a video card on a laptop is Windows Device Manager. It is used on any version of the system starting from 7. How to do it:

  1. We go with the “Device Manager” through the start menu. It is located in the “Control Panel”, which is either among the list of programs or in the “Standard” folder (depending on the version of Windows);
  2. If the location is found correctly, a list of installed equipment on the laptop will appear in the open window. We need to click on the “Display Adapters” option. It will open another drawer with the name of the video card;
  3. By right-clicking on it, you can view its parameters;

In the case when only the name “Video controller (VGA-compatible)” appears in the drop-down list, you need to use another method for determining the video adapter.

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There is another easy way to get into the “Device Manager” to see which video card is on the laptop. To do this, just right-click on the “My Computer” icon and select “Properties”. In the window that opens, on the left side, click on the safe link “Device Manager”.

Check Laptop Graphics Card Using Windows Device Manager

Check Laptop Graphics Card With device id

Device ID is the standard hardware identifier on Windows 7 and above.

To find out which video card is on a laptop using it, you need to enter the “Video adapters” parameter similarly to the first and second paragraphs of the previous search method. But now, select that unknown “Video controller (VGA)” and right-click on it. Select “Properties” from the context menu. In the open window with tabs, click on “Information” and pay attention to the item “Property”, where in the drop-down menu, click on Device ID (equipment ID).

If everything is done correctly, then several lines with incomprehensible words and numbers will be knocked out in the window field, which by such a “cipher” indicates the name of the “hardware” manufacturer. We need to copy any of them and paste them into the search engine on The service will show all the necessary information about the embedded microcircuit.

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Using the gpu z program

GPU Z is an application utility that is suitable not only for computer professionals, but also for inexperienced users. This program provides all the detailed technical characteristics of the graphics adapter installed on the laptop, up to the BIOS firmware version or pixel processing speed.

You can find this program on the official website of the developer in completely free access. An additional advantage of this program is the ability to compare the current video card with other video adapters from different manufacturers via the Internet. This function is especially useful at a time when you decided to update the “hardware” of the laptop.

In addition to this utility, there are also its multifunctional counterparts:

  • AIDA 64 – will show not only the name but also its temperature under load and the approximate technical condition.
  • Speccy – informs the user about the hardware of the laptop.
  • HW Monitor is a free program that knows how to find out the model of a video card and its temperature regime.

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How to find out the video card if the laptop is broken?

With a working device, it’s not so bad, but how do you know which video card is installed on a laptop when it does not turn on?

  • The easiest way is to search for a passport or other information on a laptop on the Internet. If this does not work, then in the documents for the device or on the bottom of the case, you can find a marking (sticker) from the manufacturer of the video card. The code must contain the name of the module. For example, in the code “RGSTRIX-GTX1050-O4G-GAMING”, the part “GTX1050” is what the graphics card is worth.
  • Another option is how to determine the brand of a video card, but more complicated. You need to open the laptop and get to the chip itself. It will be stamped with the name and model. With a standard assembly, in order to find a video chip, we remove the battery, the processor and video adapter cooling system. Under them is a board with a microchip, on which the defining marking should be applied.

Some of these options should definitely work for How To Check Laptop Graphics Card. There are more methods — how to look at the video card both systematically and documented. But in comparison with the listed methods, they are more costly in terms of time and effort.

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