Climate control for homes and apartments: device and system advantages, subtleties of choice and installation.

Most people try to make their home a comfort zone, paying particular attention to climate control, and making home their home smart home And this is no accident, because clean air of moderate humidity, heated or cooled to the optimum temperature, which does not contain harmful or pathogenic particles, is capable of much.

Climate Control For Homes And Apartment

But running to the store and buying the first climate control for a house or apartment is not worth it – the electronics responsible for air quality are expensive. Such equipment is not a universal solution, so it is not suitable for everyone. As a result, a mistake in the choice will result in unreasonable financial expenses.

To avoid such consequences, you need to understand how the equipment is arranged and works, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of its use, and also understand the intricacies of the choice and installation of the climate system. Our article is devoted to the solution of all the identified issues.

What is a climate control system?

Climate control is a system consisting of an air conditioner, heater, temperature and humidity sensors, a filtration system and an electronic control unit. The purpose of the system is to support the climate in the , regardless of the weather outside.

The device and principle of operation of the equipment

You can not only make life more comfortable but also protect the human body from the effects of negative factors and climate control issues.

And all this can provide modern climate control heating and cooling equipment, which, moreover, will carry out its work taking into account the requirements of the economy. Modern climate control for an ordinary apartment is able to provide a higher standard of living to everyone living in it, and taking into account the priorities of each of them. But you should be aware that such a system is more about luxury, so it will not be available to everyone

In short and simple, such a set of electronics provides centralized management of all available climate systems and their individual elements in housing.

Its basis is an intelligent unit that regulates the operating parameters of the equipment in order to change the characteristics of the air, taking into account the preferences of the owners of the room.

At the same time, the system, called climate control, optimized for an apartment or a house, is able to control all devices that affect the microclimate.

These include:

  • air conditioners and split systems ;
  • radiators;
  • systems of “warm floors”;
  • boilers, other similar heating units;
  • devices for ventilation;
  • Filters
  • ionizers, ozonizers;
  • any embedded systems.

Among the built-in systems are heating, as well as cold supply, ventilation . The last two are usually frequent options for luxury housing.

In addition, any other climate equipment can be centrally controlled. For example, automatic sun blinds, blinds.


How does climate control work?

Control electronics has become in demand due to the fact that it is able to perform its functions in automatic mode, and almost without the participation of people.

The role of which is only to set the necessary parameters and perform periodic monitoring of the situation, the correctness of the operating modes, and the health of the system.

Any climate control system designed for housing is a set of electronic and electro-mechanical equipment that controls the performance of heating, air cooling, filtration, ionization, ozonation, ventilation devices set by the owner of the parameters and makes adjustments if necessary

That is, any modern climate system is able to do, and independently, the following:

  1. Measure the chemical composition of air, determine the presence of carbon dioxide.
  2. Measure the temperature in the rooms.
  3. Explore humidity.

After that, the intelligent climate control unit compares the readings with the ones set by the user. And if necessary, sends a command to one or more elements of the system to change them.

For example, if the temperature drops below the set norm, then the processor will signal to the control unit:

  • the air conditioner about the termination of work;
  • heating appliance to increase productivity.

That is, the owners of the apartment/house after setting the necessary parameters do not even have to think about maintaining the optimal microclimate. Moreover, this statement is relevant for any situation, regardless of the composition of the system and the complexity of the processes.

For example, in a multi-room apartment, electronics is able to provide different operating modes for HVAC equipment in various rooms, a bathroom, and a corridor. That will maintain the optimal climate for any of the listed premises.

So, you can fall asleep at a lower temperature, and wake up at a higher, which is useful and just nice.

Modern systems that control the creation of a microclimate in an apartment have wide functionality. So they are able to maintain different temperature conditions in each room, in fact, like humidity, the level of carbon dioxide. This creates not only comfort but also allows you to save, create the optimal microclimate in any situation. For example, when guests arrived or the owners are long absent from their housing

As well as a system called climate control for an apartment and other rooms, it is capable of performing, at the same time, the following:

  • maintain the lowest temperature in the corridor, which ensures profitability;
  • take into account the microclimate in the kitchen, where additional heat sources are often located, and the air is the driest and most polluted;
  • deal with increased humidity in the bathroom;
  • timely eliminate the problem of dry air in the nursery.

In addition, a number of processes can be carried out in parallel. Their number and sequence is determined only by the priorities of the owners.

Management System Composition

A set of equipment may include the following components:

  • a control unit equipped with a processor;
  • a temperature regulator responsible for maintaining a given air temperature in the premises;
  • a thermostat controlling thermostat via radio signals;
  • sensors for monitoring air temperature and other parameters;
  • servos, which, having received a command, control the regulators, valves of the heating equipment ;.

And also in all cases, controls are used, which can be wall panels, control panels. They are united by one thing: a convenient graphical interface that makes it easy to manage the entire system.

An important advantage is the existence of many design options, so the noticeable parts of the climate control will fit into the atmosphere of almost any apartment.

Manufacturers take into account the fact that the structural elements of climate systems will be installed in apartments with different designs, so their aesthetic properties are high, and most importantly, a variety of colors, shapes. As a result, correctly selected sensors, servos, blocks are almost invisible in the room

If necessary, the kit may also include other equipment, for example, sets of ducts, ventilation deflectors , etc.

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pros and cons of climate control

pros of climate control

According to the foregoing, it can be argued that modern climate systems are able to provide a number of benefits.

These include:

  • full autonomy – users will mainly have to enjoy and enjoy comfort, rather than take care of anything related to equipment management;
  • a variety of climatic conditions – most smart blocks support a sufficient number of pre-installed programs;
  • setting modes for each individual room ;
  • setting modes for special rooms – this option will be indispensable for those who have a wine room at home, have a collection of paintings, for storage of which certain parameters must be observed or an ordinary pantry, where preservation is stored, which requires a lower temperature than in living rooms.

The range of modes is very rich. For example, the distinguished “Guests” mode, which, after activation, contributes to more efficient air purification, but at the same time it will warm up less, stands out among them.

And after the excess number of people leaves the room, you can activate the Comfort mode. That will allow you to maintain the desired microclimate while spending a minimum amount of electricity.

The most economical users, if desired, will be able to use the Economy program – this will bring tangible benefits in the form of energy savings.

An important point is the existence of a program that provides economical work when people leave the premises for a long time, for example, they leave for work, on vacation. Climate control is able to detect this and go into sleep mode, which helps to save up to 40% of electricity. All the necessary parameters will be respected.

An important advantage of any climate control system is the ability to remotely monitor the performance of specified parameters. In addition, in the event of any malfunction, the processor will send a signal message to the indicated phone number, which will allow taking urgent measures to normalize the situation.

A program that provides preparation for users returning home will significantly increase the comfort of living. So, if there is no one in the room for a long time, then the system switches to an economical mode of operation which will exit after they return.

But, when you need to make adjustments, you can remotely enter the graphical interface or send a special message with the appropriate command.

As a result, climate control will go into active mode. Moreover, immediately or at a certain time, but in any case, even before the owners arrive. This feature will provide the most comfortable conditions at the time of user return.

An important feature is the ability to monitor the air condition remotely and in all available rooms.

Therefore, the user on the screen of his tablet, phone at any time and anywhere in the world can display the current temperature, humidity, and the amount of carbon dioxide gas.

Moreover, when for some reason a failure occurs or the system simply cannot maintain the set parameters, the control unit will send the corresponding signal in the prescribed manner. For example, to the phone number of the owner in the form of SMS.

And most importantly, climate control is able to fulfill its responsibilities effectively. Therefore, even with a large number of diverse climatic equipment, the possibility of its operation in the “on meeting” mode is excluded. That is, when the cooling and heating operations are simultaneously performed.

Installation of the climate control system should be carried out by specialists. In addition, it is advisable to coincide such an operation with the repair of the premises, which will allow you to select components suitable for each other without unnecessary expenses and install them, hiding everything unnecessary from the eyes

With the use of intelligent control systems, the security of residence is also increased. Since with its presence, the number of wires and controls in the house is significantly reduced.

It also reduces the likelihood of network congestion by several actively working independent devices, for example, in the “on-call” mode.

cons of climate control

Despite the many advantages and high functionality, the essence of climate control can be identified in just a few words, namely: it was created for convenience. That is, the owner can perform almost all the provided functions manually, namely with the help of the controls of individual devices.

But for this you will have to spend a lot of time, use a large number of remotes, other controls, scattered in different rooms. In addition, in this case, “suffers” profitability.

It should be borne in mind that climatic systems bring maximum benefit if there are a large number of various climatic devices in the apartment/house.

This photo proves that the installation procedure of the climate system is difficult and time-consuming. In addition, the fire safety in the apartment depends on it, so you should not save on such an operation

The main drawback is the rather high cost of the climate control kit, even in a budget version.

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System recommendations

It should be understood that there are no ready-made integrated solutions on the market, since each individual case is unique. And the control system is completed taking into account the characteristics of each room separately.

As a result, the right decision would be not to search for equipment, but to select the contractor.

The specialists of which will be able to:

  • create a project in accordance with current standards;
  • select equipment suitable for the parameters , even corresponding to the design style;
  • perform installation of the system , and with high quality.

The optimal solution is the acquisition and installation of climate control in conjunction with heating, ventilation and any other equipment with which it will be used to provide the necessary microclimate.

The reason is that not all devices and assemblies are compatible and have internal control units to which a command signal can be sent.

And in some cases, it is not even possible to install servo valves and other equipment, which is guaranteed to not allow the integration of individual elements into an integrated climate system.

It should be understood that the current versions of smart climate control systems are quite expensive, so they will not be the best option for everyone. You do not need to try to find a way out by purchasing cheap equipment from unknown manufacturers

This is another reason to start the selection process by searching for qualified specialists who are able to understand the situation and draw up a project that allows you to get everything you need without monetary loss.

Complicating the independent choice of components of the climate system and the fact that among manufacturers, even those belonging to the group of leaders in the field, are many unknowns.

As well as the employees of the organization engaged in climate systems, the only people who can determine the cost of the necessary equipment in a particular case, its installation, which is also not cheap.

In any case, climate control will be expensive, because the necessary control unit can cost tens of thousands of rubles.

For example, 15-25 thousand rubles will cost one sensor that measures the temperature, and they may need from a few pieces to several tens, if the area of ​​the apartment is impressive, and there are a lot of rooms.

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How do you install climate control?

Installation of HVAC equipment is also a crucial moment.

The quality of work performed depends on:

  1. Efficiency , correct operation of individual components and the system as a whole.
  2. Security . The control unit, sensors, and other components work from the electric network, which, if improperly installed, can lead to sad consequences in the form of failed expensive equipment, electric shock, and even fire.
  3. Aesthetic properties of the premises . If the controls, other structural elements will look like foreign objects in the room – this means that the work is done poorly.

Initially, it is necessary to determine how to solve the problem of creating comfort.

A popular scenario for today is the creation of an optimal microclimate by controlling radiators, underfloor heating, and air conditioning. For remote control, just install the application on your gadget

At the same time, the creation of a climate control system can be achieved in several ways:

  1. Connecting radiators, underfloor heating, air conditioning to one controller. This way of controlling the microclimate is the simplest, most convenient and efficient – the user will only have to indicate his preferences and enjoy the benefits. But this option of creating a system is the most costly, since many components are used.
  2. Connection of the listed heating devices to one controller, an air conditioner to another. This option is more reliable than the one described above, because in the event of a failure of one controller, the second will be able to fulfill its duties. At the same time, connecting an air conditioner can be an optimal solution only when using an external control unit will make it possible to expand its functionality.
  3. Connection of radiators, air conditioner to one controller, while the air conditioner is not connected to any control systems. This installation method is as reliable as the previous one, in addition, it is the most affordable. It is considered optimal when the air conditioner is equipped with an effective internal control unit.

Moreover, the latter method is often chosen as less expensive, as a result, the user will have to install only heating equipment.

The basis of any system is a controller to which all structural elements are connected. The correctness of the choice of all functions depends on the correctness of its choice.

Why do you have to purchase a set of equipment, including:

  • controller;
  • temperature sensors – one for each room;
  • relay block;
  • servos – one for each radiator, and for a warm floor the same amount for each room, circuit;
  • electrical cabinet with a DIN rail, which can be DR-30-12.

In addition, you will need power wires, twisted pairs.

Next, you can proceed to the installation itself, which involves the following actions:

  1. Installation of the control cabinet, on which the controller, relay block are located.
  2. Installation of servos. They are placed on the heat transfer control combs or on each radiator.
  3. All servos are connected to the power cable, and those in turn are connected to the controller.
  4. A temperature sensor is installed in each room (in the center), then it is connected to the relay using a twisted pair cable. If wireless products will be used, it will be necessary to establish a data reception gateway.

After all of the above, verification and adjustment procedures are performed.


The modern climate control installed in the apartment is able to provide not only optimal living conditions, but also protect against pathogenic bacteria and other harmful elements that may contain air, especially from the outside.

That’s just for a set of the necessary equipment, its installation, as well as customization, the buyer will have to pay an impressive amount of money. Therefore, it can be argued that climate equipment today, unfortunately, is a solution that is not accessible to everyone.

Share with your readers your experience of using climate control for your home. Tell us what the choice of the system was based on, and whether you are satisfied with the purchase. Please leave comments on the article, ask questions and participate in discussions. The contact form is located below.

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