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lga 2011 vs lga 1151 socket

LGA 2011 Vs LGA 1151 Sockets: Features Comparison 2022

The Socket is the specification of a computer's motherboard and it dictates which processors, graphics cards, and peripherals can be ...
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intel core m3 vs m5 processors

Difference Between Intel Core M3 Vs M5 Processors: Best 2022

Intel Core M3 and Intel Core M5 are both great processors. They are both very efficient, but there are some ...
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hp pavilion desktop vs envy desktop

Hp pavilion desktop vs Envy desktop: Which is Better 2022

The HP Pavilion Desktop is a more affordable option for desktop computers. It has a wider range of specifications, which ...
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CORSAIR lL120 vs mL120 fan

CORSAIR lL120 vs mL120 fan: Comparision of Features, Specification

The CORSAIR ll120 and ml120 fans are two of the most popular high-performance fans on the market today. Both fans ...
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vrm overheating symptoms and solutions

VRM Overheating Symptoms and Solutions

There are times when the video card resets the driver, or the image may disappear for a short time during ...
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power supply top or bottom

Power supply top or bottom: which is better?

Assembling a new computer has a lot of nuances and subtleties. When buying a system unit, you will have to ...
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motherboard vrm heatsink

Motherboard VRM heatsink: Budget option with Replacement

The success of a budget motherboard on the market is determined by what consumer qualities and functionality it can offer ...
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acer predator x34a vs x34

Acer predator x34A vs x34: Differences Which Better to Buy

The Acer Predator X34A and X34 are both ultrawide monitors that offer great features for computer gamers. There are some ...
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argb vs rgb

ARGB Vs RGB Lights, Fans, Connectors: Which is Better

There are two types of RGB light: ARGB and RGB light. ARGB (Addressable RGB) is where the color is controlled ...
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3200mhz vs 3600mhz ram

3200mhz Vs 3600mhz RAM: Which Is Good Option (Expert Choice)

Today we will discuss the 3200mhz vs 3600mhz ram comparison in detail. which one is better and why. When it ...
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gtx 1060 laptop vs desktop

GTX 1060 Laptop Vs Desktop: Which Is Better Performance 2022

Gamers and laptop users alike are always looking for the best gaming experience, which is why GTX 1060 laptops are ...
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do i need java on my computer

Do I Need Java On My Computer? Still in 2022 Explained

My friend ask me do I need java on my computer? So let's discuss when and why java is needed ...
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computer green screen crash gsod

How To Fix Computer Green Screen Crash (GSOD) In Windows 10?

While working on a computer based on Windows OS, users often encounter a blue screen of death (BSOD), which accompanies ...
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the recycle bin on c is corrupted

How to fix The Recycle Bin On C Is Corrupted in window 10?

An integral element of the Windows 10 interface is the Recycle Bin folder. Recently deleted files get into it so ...
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pc3 vs pc3l ram

PC3 Vs PC3L RAM: Which Better to Buy And Compatible 2022

In this article, we will deal with the compatibility of pc3 vs pc3l RAM modules. We will also find out ...
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1rx8 vs 2rx8 memory modules

1rx8 Vs 2rx8 Memory Modules (Stick, Rank): Explained (2022)

Choosing the right RAM for your system can be a daunting task. It is important to consider your budget, needs, ...
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toshiba vs seagate external hard drive

Toshiba Vs Seagate External Hard Drive: Which is Better 2022

Comparisons of Toshiba vs Seagate external hard drives are inevitable. Both companies make reliable products and both offer great value ...
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Which I7 Processor Is Best For Gaming

Which I7 Processor Is Best For Gaming in 2022 Expert Choice

Intel is one of the most popular companies that develops processors for computers and laptops. Gamers and other users consider ...
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system error 1231 has occurred

How to Fix system error 1231 has occurred? ( 5 Best ways)

A local network allows you to combine several PCs, which is a very useful option for organizing work in an ...
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unexpected kernel mode trap windows 10

How To Fix Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap Windows 10 ( 5 Ways)

The Windows 10 operating system, despite its well-thought-out architecture and complex system for distributing access rights, sometimes still fails. Sometimes ...
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