How To Connect PlayStation 4 To Laptop? Recommended Ways

Over the long period of its existence, the PlayStation game console has gone from an expensive toy that not everyone can afford to an affordable entertainment center that attracts both children and adults. The latest version of the console, which was released by Sony Computer Entertainment Corporation PlayStation 4. Thanks to its gaming capabilities, it became the best gaming platform.

How To Connect PlayStation 4 To Laptop?

In order to enjoy the gameplay, you need three things: the console itself, the game, and the display. The console is a portable device that stores games on your hard drive. Unfortunately, portable monitors and TVs are little used. Alternatively, instead of a TV, it is possible to start a game on a laptop display. Now let’s take a look at How To Connect PlayStation 4 To Laptop.

How To Connect PlayStation 4 To Laptop?

There are several To Connect PlayStation 4 To Laptop, where you should highlight:

  • Connect via an access point via a Wi-fi router.
  • HDMI connection cable.

Using a Wi-fi router is a good way to do it, but only if the user has really outstanding internet speed. From about 50 MB/sec. Since not everyone has such a speed, and even more so in “mobile” conditions, it is more expedient to purchase an HDMI cable. Let’s take a closer look at this method of connecting ps4 to a laptop.

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Connection conditions for Connect PlayStation 4 To Laptop

The HDMI cable has become such a popular digital solution to many problems that all modern technology from audio systems to televisions. The main advantage that distinguishes it from other similar cables is the absence of noise, interference, and distortion of the transmitted data. Only a clean and high-quality signal.

The first and most important connection condition, without which nothing will work, is the presence of an HDMI In (Signal Input) connector in a laptop. It should be noted that there is also another kind of high-quality HDMI for signal output (Out). Connecting ps4 to laptop via HDMI requires In, and only In.

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Every PS4 owner who has connected it to an LCD TV at least once in his life should have such a cable.

Selection Of HDMI Cable For PlayStation 4

Selection of HDMI cable for PlayStation 4

As it turns out, not everything is so simple when connecting a set-top box to a laptop. This is not about the connection itself, but specifically about the selection of the High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable. There are several types of it, divided into:

  • View A is the same type of cord that we need to connect the PlayStation 4 to a laptop. It is intended for use on laptops, game consoles, TVs and other similar devices.
  • Type B is a type of cable that is quite rare on the free market. And in principle, there is nothing to it. Since, it is designed to transmit digital information with dimensions larger than 1920 × 1080 pixels. And, in practice, such an action occurs very rarely.
  • View C is a complete functional analogy of the first type A, but in a reduced version. Such connectors are installed on smartphones, tablets and PDAs.
  • Type D is also rarely used due to its super-small size.

As already became clear, in order to connect the ps4 to a laptop monitor, we need an HDMI type A cable and no other. However, this is not all. The same cord A, in turn, is divided into several specifications:

  • Standard Cable High-Definition Multimedia Interface The most inexpensive, but at the same time functionally useful cord that transfers data at speeds up to 2.25 Gb / s. The operating clock frequency is 75 MHz. It copes with the transfer of pictures with Full HD and HD resolution. Cheap and cheerful.
  • Standard with Internet An analogue of the first specification, but more advanced. Thanks to the ability to bidirectionally exchange information, its speed increases to 100 mb / s. It also has support for Internet connection speed and audio data transfer. Recommended for purchase.
  • High Speed HDMI A powerful cord that is designed to transmit digital information with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. This type is usually set in cinemas, server stations and other computer installations that require the most of the picture quality. The bandwidth is 10.2 Gbps, and the CHO is 27 Hz. Not cheap, but it will work quickly.
  • HDMI High Speed ​​with Internet. It has identical technological parameters, but now it is possible to work with the Internet at speeds up to 100 Mb / s. In addition, this view, like the two previous ones, has the ARC function, which allows you to do without a second cable for sound transmission.

Another parameter that is worth deciding before buying is its length. This will already depend on the situation where you will connect to the laptop.

As for sales, the main length is 10 meters. Of course, in highly specialized online shops and real stores, there are configurations from 20 to 100 meters, but this length is necessary only for serious enterprises where the movement of electronics is a daily event.

Therefore, for home and portable use, it is recommended to take from 5 to 10 meters so that the extra “tail” does not get confused among the heap of other wires.

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connecting PlayStation 4 to laptop

Connecting PlayStation 4 To Laptop

Now let’s take a look at the most important thing the procedure for connecting the PlayStation 4 to a laptop screen. The process does not apply to tasks with an asterisk, so an ordinary user can easily handle it, without additional knowledge:

  1. Find and connect one end of your existing HDMI cable to the appropriate jack on your game console.
  2. Insert the second “plug” from the cable into the input connector on the laptop.
  3. Start the laptop and wait for the system to boot.
  4. Connect the Playstation 4 to the laptop, after which the system image of the console will automatically appear on the laptop display (if everything is done correctly).

It is worth recalling that the quality and speed of image transfer also depend on the hardware of the laptop, namely on the processor and video card. On a weak device, slowdowns and delayed reactions are noticed for ps4.

It is not recommended to play on ps4 with a weak laptop, as this leads to a quick failure of the video card.

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