CORSAIR lL120 vs mL120 fan: Comparision of Features, Specification

The CORSAIR ll120 and ml120 fans are two of the most popular high-performance fans on the market today. Both fans have a lot to offer, but which one is the best option for you?

Read on to find out!

CORSAIR ll120 vs ml120 fan: Which is the Better Option

Are you looking for an RGB LED fan to light up your PC build? CORSA`IR has two great options: the ll120 and ml120. But which one is right for you? Let’s compare CORSAIR ll120 vs ml120 fan

Corsair ll120:

Corsair LL120 RGB Fan Kit is a product of a well-known manufacturer of cooling devices and other equipment. With a high probability, you will be able to fully equip the cooling system of the system unit: the kit includes three 120mm fans. In addition to the main components of the kit, the kit includes a control unit, mounting screws, and documentation.

corsair ll120 rgb fan kit
corsair ll120 rgb fan kit

The fans included in the Corsair LL120 RGB kit have a maximum airflow of 43.25 CFM. The maximum noise level is 24.8 dB. The fan speed can vary from 600 to 1500 rpm. Rotation speed is controlled automatically. A feature of the appearance of the fans is the presence of spectacular multi-color illumination. If the case of your system unit has a viewing window, then you can constantly admire the backlight. Like all Corsair products, the fans are highly reliable. Your system will be under reliable protection.

Corsair ml120:

The Corsair ML120 fan is equipped with an original sleeve bearing that embodies the principle of magnetic levitation, which guarantees zero friction of parts on the shaft and low noise level. The 120mm x 120mm fan fits most standard computer cases in the most versatile size. The fan speed is controlled by the motherboard and depends on the load of the operating components of the PC system unit.

corsair ml120
corsair ml120

Even operating at maximum speed (2400 rpm), the Corsair ML120 cooler creates noise within 37 dB without distracting the user. The kit includes two completely ready-to-use fans that can solve problems with cooling the system unit of a home or office PC during operation. The self-tapping screws required to mount these durable fans inside a computer case are provided with the hardware.

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CORSAIR ll120 vs ml120: Design

Corsair ML120 fan kit Corsair LL120 RGB Fan Kit
Fan size120 x 120 mm120 x 120 mm
Bearing typesliding (with magnetic centering)slip (hydrodynamic)
Number of fan blades79
frame colorblackblack
Impeller colorgreywhite

CORSAIR ll120 vs ml120: Specifications

Corsair ML120 fan kit Corsair LL120 RGB Fan Kit
Maximum rotation speed2400 rpm1500 rpm
Minimum rotation speed400 rpm600 rpm
Airflow at maximum speed75 CFM43.25 CFM
Maximum static pressure41.2 Pa15.8 Pa
Maximum noise level37 dB24.8 dB

CORSAIR ll120 vs ml120: Power and connection

Corsair ML120 fan kit Corsair LL120 RGB Fan Kit
Fan power connector type4-pin4-pin
Adapters includedNo4-Pin (12V-GRB)
Rated voltage12 V12 V
Maximum current219 mA300 mA
Minimum rotation speed400 rpm600 rpm
Speed ​​controlautomatic (PWM)automatic (PWM)
Maximum static pressure41.2 Pa15.8 Pa
Maximum noise level37 dB24.8 dB

CORSAIR ll120 features

The main features of the cooling system:

  • 16 independent RGB LEDs per fan divided into two separate light loops
  • Easily control software and customize RGB lighting effects with the included Corsair Lighting Node Pro Controller
  • Stunning RGB lighting with more Corsair RGB fans or RGB LED strips (sold separately);
  • PWM fan control allows you to dynamically adjust the speed from 600 to 1,500 rpm, minimizing noise or maximizing airflow;
  • The 120mm blade fan is designed to operate in low noise environments without sacrificing performance;
  • Bearing type: Hydraulic;

Are ML120 good?

Yes, CORSAIR ML120 fans are good. They have a high airflow rate and static pressure, making them great for cooling down your system. They also come with a noise-canceling feature that makes them very quiet when in use. Additionally, they are easy to install and use, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a new fan. They are also RGB capable, so you can change the color of the fan depending on your mood.

Are ML120 fans PWM?

Yes, ML120 fans are PWM. This means that they can be controlled by a motherboard or other device that supports PWM. When using a PWM signal, the fan speed can be adjusted to match the needs of the system. For example, when the CPU is under load, the fan speed can be increased to ensure proper cooling.