5 Difference Between Tablets And IPads: OS, Display Options

Surely everyone at least once in his life has heard of such a miracle of electronics as the Apple iPad. But if you are far from modern technology, then you hardly know much about this device. And, most likely, in this case, the following question could have been brewing for a long time: what is the difference between tablets and iPad? After all, in fact, outwardly, these devices resemble the same thing. And all because the iPad is a tablet.

Many are misled by the fact that the owners of this device in their speech never call the iPad a generic word “tablet”. Thus, they emphasize the status and high class of this device. Indeed, the iPad, produced by the American company Apple, is undisputedly the best tablet PC. Leadership is constantly trying to challenge other companies, but so far unsuccessfully. The first position for this device provides a number of fundamental differences from other tablets. And now we will figure out what exactly these differences are.

Difference Between Tablets And Ipads

let discuss differences based upon appearances, functionality, price, display, and operating systems.

5 Differences Between Tablets And Ipads

Appearance Difference Between Tablets And Ipads

Despite the fact that in general, all tablets are similar, the iPad can be seen from afar. And this does not mean bright colors or unusual shapes. No. These devices have a simple but recognizable design. The iPad has a fairly thin silver aluminum body.

Behind is the famous bitten apple the Apple logo. All models of this PC are available in two versions black and white. Other tablets can have interesting designs as well. But most of them are much cheaper than the iPad, so there is no need to talk about a durable aluminum case.

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Operating System Difference Between Tablets And Ipads

And no matter what they say, the very heart of every computer, let alone a tablet, is the operating system. Currently, the following software can be found on tablets: Android, Windows 8 or RT, iOS. Each of these OS has its own characteristics.

But the most common platform is still Android. This operating system is installed on many devices from different manufacturers. It features extensive personalization options and a large number of supported applications. So, among the tablets on this platform, the popular Samsung Galaxy Tab or ASUS MemoPad can be noted.

The Windows platform on tablets is a fairly promising direction, but not yet widespread. Here we see interesting functionality and unusual design. The only but significant drawback is the very small number of applications and games to install.

Now let’s move on to the fun part the iOS platform. After all, the main difference between a tablet and an iPad lies precisely in the operating system. The fact is that iOS software is Apple’s development for its own devices. That is, every iPad is equipped exclusively with this OS. It is characterized by simple, intuitive operation and at the same time enormous possibilities. It is also important that there are a huge number of applications for the iPad in the App Store. And all of them, without exception, are adapted specifically for your device. At the same time, not all games and applications are played on the same Android devices.

You can describe all the nuances of different software for a long time. But it is impossible to say with absolute certainty which of the three existing platforms is the best. Each of them has both pros and cons. To understand what exactly suits you, it is worth observing the device in operation.

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Display Options Between Tablets And Ipads

Display Options Between Tablets And Ipads

Any tablet from an iPad will also differ in screen parameters. On the one hand, a screen of excellent quality will always be installed on an “apple” device of any model. Here, both the excellent matrix and the number of pixels per inch are significantly higher than those of competitors. When you pick up your iPad, you’ll be fascinated by such a bright and crisp image. And if this is an iPad model with a Retina display, then there are no words here. Depending on the model, the iPad screen size ranges from 8 to 10 inches. The only “but” is the display resolution. Here it is inferior to many Android devices.

Differences in Functionality and Performance of Between Tablets And Ipads

One of the main differences between a regular tablet and an iPad is performance and functionality. It should be noted right away that the advantage of any tablet PC over the iPad lies in the support of an external memory card. So, if a tablet PC running Windows or Android has too little built-in memory, it can be supplemented, for example, with an SD card. But on the “apple” device you will have to make do with what you have.

Also, you can’t just take and download files from your computer to any iPad. To do this, you will have to install a special iTunes program. Although, if you dig deeper, you can also find pluses in this moment. The list of shortcomings also includes the lack of USB support, as well as an external Internet modem. That is, it will be difficult to connect peripheral devices. And finally, it should be said that Aipads are not “friends” with a flash player. This means that online games and many films on the Internet, played with flash technology, will not be available to you. Moreover, most other tablets, even the cheapest ones, are equipped with all these functions.

Having finished listing the minuses, it is worth mentioning the amazing property of the iPad, or rather, the peculiarity of the operating system: there are no viruses here. They are simply not supported. This means that you can forget about the numerous problems of device protection. In addition, this PC plays applications much more stable than its competitors due to a good processor. OS updates are released quite often.

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Cost Difference Between Tablets And Ipads

No matter how trite, but the decisive moment in choosing between a tablet and an iPad is often the cost. For some, price is an indicator of prestige, while for others it is important to save money without losing quality. Regular tablets based on Windows or Android cost from 100 to 300$. Naturally, the more options a device has, the higher the price. But the cost of the most inexpensive Aipad at the moment is about 800 to 1000 usd and reaches almost forty. Here the price is determined by the amount of memory, parameters, and size of the display, as well as the presence of a 3g module.


So, let’s summarize the above:

  • Unlike many other tablets, the iPad has a monolithic aluminum body
  • IPad has a high-quality matrix, thanks to which the image is always clear and bright
  • Almost all tablet PCs support an external memory card, and Aypad does not have such an opportunity
  • There are many more apps adapted for the device in the App Store than in the same Windows.
  • IPad does not support flash technology

And finally, consider a small but nice nuance: the iPad is one of the most popular devices. Therefore, unlike other devices, you will never have problems finding accessories for it. After all, there are entire departments with various little things specifically for “apple” products.