fix dead pixel tv: Causes, Detection, and Fixing

One of the most annoying drawbacks of monitors or LCD TVs is the appearance of dead pixels. It is noteworthy that this problem cannot be avoided there will always be broken pixels, it is important that their number does not exceed the permissible norm. 

fix dead pixel tv
fix dead pixel tv

Only the premium segment of TVs is devoid of such shortcomings, but the price of such devices will also be appropriate. 90% of buyers in any home appliance store pay attention to TVs of the second (II) and third (III) class, which are considered optimal in terms of price-quality ratio. If you trust the seller and find at home that the TV has a lot of dead pixels, it will be almost impossible to return it, because many manufacturers warn that this is not a warranty case. Therefore, it is important to check for dead pixels before buying, especially since it is not so difficult,

What is Dead Pixel on Tv?

Pixel is the smallest rectangular element used to transmit an image to the screen. In case of minor damage, faults, or assembly errors, the pixel may “die”. 

The problem manifests itself in the form of dots, the color of which does not match the image. The reason for the violation lies in the malfunctioning of the matrix or its damage. 

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How to detect dead pixel?

Dead pixels can be detected as follows:

  • Closed Pixels. When you turn on your monitor or TV, some pixels on the screen remain dark. They are called “dead” and look like black dots.
  • Open Pixels. Some pixels remain working after turning off the device and continue to “burn” on a black screen.
  • Stuck Pixels. They are the hardest to spot. They become visible only when there is an obvious discrepancy between their color and the check table.

Checking for dead pixels is necessary if several defects are found on the screen in one of the areas. In some cases, the defects are so noticeable that the size of the “broken” area is 10 points in length and 10 in width. Sometimes “broken” pixels line up horizontally or vertically and form noticeable stripes. The operation of such a device will inevitably cause discomfort.

The matrix of a standard monitor carries about 6 million subpixels. In 4K displays, this figure can be equal to thirty-seven million. A huge number of elements cannot work without failures, but the dead pixel test carried out allows you to avoid buying a TV or monitor with large damaged areas.

When a dead pixel test is needed

When buying a TV or monitor, it is necessary to test for dead pixels. Checking helps to avoid the red tape with the warranty service of the product or with its replacement. In order to prove that the product is eligible for a return, it will be necessary to conduct an examination. And only after the matrix is ​​checked for broken pixels and the presence of a defect is confirmed, it will be possible to talk about a malfunction. But this is not a guarantee of exchanging the device for a new one, because the owner will still have to prove that it was not his actions that caused the breakdown.

ISO13406-2 standards state that each monitor may have a certain number of faulty dots upon sale.

Different manufacturers have different standards for the presence of dead pixels, depending on:

  1. how they are located;
  2. what is the resolution of the monitor;
  3. or what is the diagonal of the display.

For example, LG has 10 stuck and 3 dead pixels on a 20-inch screen. Samsung’s guidelines call for 7 dead spots, while Dell has 6 stuck and 13 dead spots, depending on which display was found to be faulty. Therefore, even a pre-sale check of the Samsung screen for dead pixels revealed several dead pixels in acceptable quantities – there is nothing to worry about. But if there are multiple devices, the dead pixel test will help you choose the healthiest device.

Cases when it is worth abandoning a purchase if testing for dead pixels revealed a deviation from the standards of the standard:

  • if the monitor or TV is classified as class 4 (it can have up to 50 hot spots, 150 “dead”, 500 “stuck”),
  • if the monitor matrix corresponds to class 3 (this implies the presence of 5 “hot” spots, 15 “dead”, 50 “stuck”),
  • the second class of monitor quality assumes only 2 burning or “dead” points and only 5 “stuck”,
  • if the monitor matrix belongs to the first class, there should be no inconsistencies or defects on such a product at all.

Most typical brands of monitors or screens correspond to the second class. They also need to be checked for dead pixels. The check should reveal no more than 5 incorrectly working pixels.

The class of a product influences its price. For example, monitors from the same manufacturer, but having a different class may differ in cost several times.

Warranty claim for dead pixels

Why do manufacturers release equipment that already has a number of faulty or defective points? The technology for creating monitors or televisions is complex. Not every electronics brand owner dares to launch the production of LCD displays. Writing off screens with minor faults will lead to a significant increase in the cost of goods. Therefore, manufacturers and sellers have found a way out of this situation in offering the buyer at a reduced price monitors with insignificant defects. It allowed:

  • keep the production of screens at the same levels and produce products in the same volumes without increasing prices,
  • buyers will use equipment with a certain percentage of dead pixels (these cases are not covered by the warranty).

But buyers need to know and enforce their rights and check the technique before paying. Pixel testing should be done in-store.Attention! Sellers in selected stores often offer dead pixel checks for a fee. By law, the buyer has the right to independently check the equipment he is interested in! Therefore, instead of paying sellers who want to earn extra money, it is enough to take an ordinary USB flash drive with you.

But today more and more electronics are bought in virtual stores – over the Internet. Therefore, the customer needs to be able to check dead pixels at home. For this, special tests or simple but effective programs were created. They are not needed only when dead or burning spots can be detected with the naked eye.

It is important to check for “bitysh” before the signing of the document on the admission of the TV!

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How to check screen for dead pixels visually?

Installing a standard color grid on the screen is a test of dead pixels or rather stuck pixels. The test is a grid of squares, stripes, or a specially designed drawing. Any test contains five primary colors that allow you to find stuck pixels. Working with the checker program will help you determine if the dead pixels are dead or stuck. If the “stuck” pixels are to be restored, then the “dead” ones cannot be restored. You can download images to check TVs or monitors for dead pixels.

You just need to transfer them to a  USB stick, install the USB stick in the TV in the store and start the images. 

If you check the TV using software, then it must be connected to the computer’s processor. Smart TV can be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. There are special online services for this. But sellers are not interested in such checks. Therefore, it is better to take a laptop with you and download test utilities to your computer. You just need to connect to TV via HDMI cable and run the test. Among the software that offers colors for checking dead pixels, stand out:

  1. TFTTest.
  2. Dead Pixel Tester,
  3. IsMyLcdOk

Each program has several verification modes and allows not only to perform a test for dead pixels but also helps to eliminate the so-called “stuck” cells.

The interface of TFTTest is extremely simple – you just need to start the test by pressing one button and the program will build a grid with dead pixels.

Before checking for broken points, you need to run an uninstalled application. The Pattern section allows you to select the desired mode and check the colors using the Color Selector option. Changing the test mode is done by selecting the Auto Color Cycle option. This program helps you quickly find stuck points. The Exerciser option can be used to test different areas of the screen. With a dedicated dynamic area, you can carefully examine any area of ​​the screen.

The second program helps to diagnose the monitor matrix. It does not require pre-installation. The program has a special training option that appears on the screen after the program is downloaded.

Matrix testing is carried out using the F2,3,4,5 keys. The program displays:

  • painted areas,
  • rectangles,
  • vertical or horizontal sections.

All programs help to flash pixels with several standard colors, so you can get rid of “stuck” pixels. But nothing can be done with the “dead”.

How to check for dead pixels online?

If the download mode on your computer is limited, you will not be able to download and run the program. Then you can use the online monitor checking services. There are many sites out there to help with testing. Among them stand out:

  • Monteon,
  • Vanity Monitor Test.
how to check for dead pixels online
how to check for dead pixels online

With the first service, you can carry out seven types of checks. To start a test, you need to press the button and stop choosing one of the test types. The check is carried out using a looped video. It helps to detect stuck points and control their refresh rate on the monitor.

The second program helps to quickly detect image defects. To use it, you must have a browser that supports the Adobe Flash Player program. The program allows you to select the appropriate test modes. This resource is good because it allows you to “catch” dead pixels not only on a computer monitor or TV screen but also on a tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

How to Fix Dead Pixel Tv?

It is important for online store customers to be able to recover broken or stuck pixels on their own. 

what causes dead pixels?

The choice of a solution to the problem is possible only after testing for dead pixels. The test will help you understand how the problem appeared. Among the causes of problems are the following:

  • Breakdown of the control transistor. In this case, “broken” pixels are removed from the monitor screen only with the help of a laser.
  • Hanging subpixels. This breakdown is eliminated using special software. Freezes are eliminated using the Bad Crystal program.
  • Pixel error. It can be fixed using the UndeadPixel utility. Dealing with errors is done by using a special area that can be placed over the defect and constantly changes color. Running the program for several hours allows you to eliminate the malfunction. This program is not suitable for dead pixel recovery.

Fix Dead Pixel EIZO Test Monitor

Eliminate pixel errors on any device with the EIZO Test Monitor software. It includes 24 tests. This makes it possible to quickly identify malfunctions anywhere on the monitor. Restoration of violations is carried out according to eight scenarios. The pixel will not only be set, but will also be calibrated for contrast and brightness. The program helps the user to change the settings.

There are a number of other programs that allow you to remove defects from the screen:

  • Bad Pixel is a professional paid service that helps save equipment owners from problems in 10 minutes.
  • DeadPix is ​​a universal program suitable for both Windows and Android. It makes it possible to detect and then correct the work of stuck pixels using a cyclic color change.
  • PixelHealer is a Windows utility. It helps correct stuck pixels by quickly changing and flickering different colors.
  • JScreenFix is ​​an online service. It is suitable to work with a computer, tablet, phone and any other device. It can only detect faulty points. This is done by moving the study area to the desired area of ​​the monitor.

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PixelFixel service

The Internet resource YouTube has also created its own program to restore the normal operation of points. This is a PixelFixel service that allows you to restore points in 12 hours. It is recommended to turn it on and leave it to work overnight. The high speed of changing the image is not suitable for a person with normal vision. Therefore, while the program is running, it is better to turn the monitor to the wall.

Fix Dead Pixel using special software

In addition to using special software, it is possible to restore pixels in manual mode. But this method is only suitable for stuck or hot pixels. You need to take an ordinary cotton swab and gently press the black points of the screen with it. Then you need to wait 10-15 minutes. After that, the “hot” pixel can work in normal mode, and the stuck one can come into balance with the rest of the points. But this method of restoration can lead to damage to the matrix. If you press the cotton swab too hard, then the neighboring pixels will also die and the equipment cannot be exchanged or returned.It is not recommended to perform technical checks on your own or to physically influence the matrix, as this can only exacerbate the problem and lead to more serious problems.