How to Fix discord is not starting on Computer or Phone

Fix Discord Is Not Starting

On the forums and in the support service of the program, you often come across a question – why Discord does is not starting, and how to act in such circumstances.  Difficulties arise very different, for example, the program does not start, is not updated, there are difficulties with loading or other problems. Below we will consider the main errors, as well as ways to fix them on a PC or phone.

Discord does is not Starting on a computer: what to do

Most users install Discord on their PC, which is due to the convenience and ease of customization of the desktop version. During installation, updating or use, difficulties may arise that require a prompt solution.

Discord Does Is Not Starting

Problems installing Discord

A common situation where a user cannot install Discord on a computer. As a rule, this happens due to damage to the installation files or the presence on the PC of unnecessary “garbage” associated with the application.

If the installation suddenly does not work, take the following steps:

  1. Log into Task Manager and stop all processes related to Discord.
  1. Uninstall the program if not already done.
  2. Make sure the application is closed, including the web version.
  3. Click on Win + R , and in the next step enter % AppData%.
Discord Does Is Not Starting On A Computer - What To Do
  1. Delete the Discord directory.
  2. Bring up the command line again and type % localappdata% .
  3. Delete the Discord folder.
Delete the Discord directory.
  1. Perform a registry cleanup with CCleaner (preferably).
  2. Reboot your system.

Now try downloading the app from and reinstall it on your PC. If Discord still does not work in this case, look for the problem elsewhere (we will dwell on possible malfunctions in more detail below).

Audio suddenly stops working and then Discord freezes: Fix Discord Freeze

Fix Discord Freeze

Another situation is when an unexpected failure occurred during operation, and the server freezes, problems with voice communication or other difficulties arise. To troubleshoot the problem, follow these steps:

  • remove Discord from your PC using Revo Uninstaller or another similar application in “enhanced” mode;
  • after the end of the process, restart the PC;
  • download the latest version from the official website;
  • install the software on your computer.

If these steps are still unsuccessful and Discord is not working, please contact developer support at

Fix Discord Server crashed

Discord Server Crashed

Another situation when Discord went to bed at all or, in other words, died and did not work. In this case, the user can enter the program, but it will not work to create a server, create a channel or chat with someone. A system crash could be the cause. For information on what’s up with Discord now, follow the link If Discord does not work due to lack of connectivity to the server, you will have to wait a while before restoring to normal mode.

Fix Discord Not Updating

There are situations when a person cannot update the program. Junk files may be the cause. To troubleshoot the problem, use the recommendation from the “Problems with Installation” section above. If this did not help or you do not want to uninstall the program, take these steps:

  1. Type the combination Win + R on your keyboard.
  2. Enter the command %localappdata%.
Fix Discord Not Updating
  1. Enter the folder of the program that is not working – in our case, Discord.
  2. Locate the Update.exe file.
  3. Rename it, for example, just remove the period.
  4. Move this file (just in case) and delete the base Update.exe.

Now update the program again. If Discord works, a gray screen appears, please update your flash player. The problem may be related to the operation of the antivirus system or a network filter. One of the reasons why the update does not work may be a driver or hardware failure on the PC.

Fix discord stuck on starting

Another situation when Discord does not start and freezes at the boot screen. In such circumstances, try the following steps:

  1. Make sure the day and time in the OS are automatically synchronized.
  2. Check your PC with the Malwarebytes app. Remove the threats, then restart Discord. Check if it works or not.
  1. Make sure that the firewall settings do not block the program’s access to the global network.
  2. Go into proxy settings and make sure they are turned off. For Windows, go to Control Panel, then to Networks and Internet, and then to Internet Settings. In the next step, go to Connections, LAN Settings and disable “Use a proxy server”. In the case of MAC, go to System Settings, and then Network, Advanced and Proxy. Make sure you don’t have Proxy enabled. Make an additional check. To do this, press Ctrl + Shift + i for Windows or ⌥ + ⌘ + i for Mac for the fact of errors.
Fix Discord Stuck On Starting

If the program does not work, see what is happening with Discord today at Perhaps the cause of the crashes is a problem on the server itself.

Discord Does not connect

Another common situation when Discord does not open and, accordingly, does not work. There may be several characteristic reasons for this:

  1. Internet problems. One of the explanations for why Discord is not working is global network outages. Try downloading a few other sites to check, or check your connection speed. If the software does not load, or it happens with delays, and the speed test shows a parameter less than that declared by the manufacturer, call the provider and ask for a solution to the problem. If there are no difficulties with speed and sites, proceed to the next step.
  2. Check the system for interference. Using a PC proxy server can result in an “infinite” connection. For normal operation, try disabling Proxy. To do this, go to Windows Settings, go to Network and Internet, and there Proxy Server. Turn off the items for using a proxy server and auto-detecting settings.
  3. Check the region. Sometimes Discord does not work if the system has incorrectly determined the server region. In this case, enter the software settings, and then go to Server Settings. There, enter the Server Region line and set your country. After selecting, save the settings. Next, check if Discord is working or not.
  4. Try disabling your antivirus or firewall. Sometimes Discord doesn’t work due to antivirus software blocking the connection. Try to turn off protection for a while. If the application works, add it to the firewall and anti-virus system exceptions.
  5. Reinstall the app. In many cases, when Discord does not work, uninstalling and installing from scratch saves it. How to do this correctly has already been discussed above, so we will not repeat ourselves. The main thing is to clean the system of all old files before installing.
  6. Update your OS. Sometimes updating the OS version on the computer is enough to resolve the issue. In the case of Windows, go to the system settings, select the Updates and Security section, and then on the left side, go to the Windows Update Center. In the next step, check for updates and install them if available.

Always check the server itself. If Discord crashed due to global failures on the other side, the connection will also fail. The details of the check are discussed above.

I can’t login the Discord

Users often complain that they don’t log into Discord. Common reasons are anti-virus software action, file corruption, untimely OS update, etc. All solutions have already been discussed above, so there is no point in repeating. If older versions of Windows are installed on your PC (for example 7 or 8), try entering the program in compatibility mode. For this:

  • right-click on the Discord shortcut;
  • go to the Properties menu;
  • click on the Compatibility tab;
  • in the Compatibility mode column, check the box next to the software launch field in compatibility mode;
  • select Windows 7 or 8 (as appropriate);
  • Click Apply.

If Discord still doesn’t work, try reinstalling it.

Please note that difficulties with entering may arise due to non-compliance of technical or software characteristics with the manufacturer’s requirements. In particular, the PC must have a CPU processor – 1.2 GHz, random access memory (RAM) from 256 MB, internal memory – from 182 MB, a sound card. Windows version must be 7 or higher.

Fix discord not working on phone

Complaints often come across the Internet, they say, I can not access Discord from my smartphone. Other difficulties that are typical for the PC appear. Let’s highlight the main reasons and briefly give their solution:

  1. Antivirus software action. Try temporarily disabling your antivirus software if installed.
  2. Server problems. Check for failures online.
  3. Corrupted application files. Completely remove the software using CCleaner, clean the registry, and then install again.
  4. Phone malfunctioning. Perform a factory reset.

If Discord still does not work after following these steps, please try to find an answer at There are contacts for communication with developers.


If Discord Is Not Starting and working, this is not a reason to panic and immediately refuse to work with the software. In many cases, the solution to the problem lies on the surface, and in most cases, the problem is solved by reinstalling the software. If none of the methods gave a result, there is always an extreme option – to find the answer on the support page For a faster solution, you can directly ask a question on Twitter. Contact details are indicated on the page above.

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