How Many Watts Does A Laptop Use? | Laptop Power Consumption

Besides the fact that a laptop is an entertainment and work device, it should be remembered that there is a downside to the coin the amount of electricity consumed. To properly control the costs that a laptop brings and even be able to manage this indicator, you need to be able to calculate How Many Watts Does A Laptop Use and for how much time.

There is nothing supernatural in the calculations, they can be mastered by the most ordinary user of a laptop.

How Many Watts Does A Laptop Use?

How Many Watts Does A Laptop Use?

The first and only indicator that we have to deal with is the power consumption of the device. First, consider the factors that affect the growth or decline of this indicator:

  1. Power Supply.
    This device is the main controller and power distributor in the laptop, but it also has a direct power consumption.
  2. Running software, drivers from the filling, operating system and other technical configurations.
    All this also has an impact on the power consumption of the laptop.
  3. Time of active operation of the device and type of activity.
    For example, there is a significant difference between an hour of playing on a laptop and an hour of surfing the Internet.

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Based on the data obtained, a completely logical conclusion suggests itself: the power consumption of a laptop is an individual matter. In principle, there is truth in this judgment, but only partially. It is quite possible to make calculations of consumption by taking the average values ​​described by the manufacturer in the specifications.

How Do I Know How Many Watts My Laptop Uses

How do I know how many watts my laptop uses?

To calculate how many watts does a laptop use, first of all, it is worth looking at the technical specifications, which are located on the power supply itself. If the device is rather old and during this time the presentation has been lost, it is possible to find the necessary information in the passport for the laptop or on the Internet.

So, we took the laptop battery charger in our hands and are looking at the label where the technical information is painted. The language in it is usually Chinese, but the translation into English is written in brackets on the original power supplies. First of all, you should pay attention to the line in which the English word “Input” appears, which means “Input”. This is information about the input voltage that this device requires. In most cases, the voltage can range from 110 to 230 volts. The current strength in amperes is also prescribed there.

The next important indicator is located in the line with the word “Output”, which is accordingly “Output”. Here, you will find detailed information about the converted current, which already comes out of the power supply and directly powers the laptop itself.

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It is these indicators that are needed when calculating the cost of electricity per hour. But do not forget about another important value – error. To be more precise, the error here is the number of losses during the flow of the wire from the power supply unit to the device itself. This coefficient is always taken as the average, which is 20%, that is, 0.8.

So, let’s go over again what should be remembered or written down on paper: the value of input, output and the loss factor. The input current does not appear in the calculations, but it is necessary to know it.

How many kilowatts does a laptop use per hour?

Let’s move on to the very process of calculating how much a laptop consumes kW per hour. To do this, you need to adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

  1. First, we take the value of the current “Output” in both kilowatts and amperes. For example, let’s take a power supply unit with values ​​of 19V and 3.42A. We multiply the factors together. In our example, the number will be 64.98.
  2. Next, the resulting product is also multiplied by the loss coefficient, which is 0.8. So, the product of two numbers 64.98 and 0.8 equals 51.9. Let’s round it up to 52. Here, we got the number of how many watts per hour a laptop consumes.
  3. In order to convert this number into kilowatts, you need to divide it by 1000. Since 1 kW is 1000 watts. At the output, we get 0.0052 kilowatts A Laptop Use Per Hour. This is how much this device consumes.

This indicator is considered the main one, since all other calculations of electricity consumption and the cost of paying for it are calculated with its help. To do this, you need to keep track of how many hours a user works at a computer per day and multiply these values. For example, the owner of a laptop and, in parallel, the recipient of payments for electricity bills, is an active user. Let’s say he spends an average of 10 hours at a laptop, which means that he consumes about 0.520 kW per day.

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Based on this, it is possible to calculate how much electricity is consumed per month.

How much power does a gaming laptop consume?

All of the above examples are for mid-range laptops: without powerful hardware and not specifically designed to serve as a server or gaming. What about gaming and powerful devices? Is it possible to calculate in detail the electricity consumption on such laptops? Of course, it is possible, but a little more complicated.

To do this, it is necessary to carry out almost similar calculations, but add a few more values. The calculation is carried out using the following values:

  • The “Output” and “Input” values ​​are in volts and amperes.
  • The coefficient of resistance, remember that it is equal to 0.8.
  • Working hours at a laptop (the more accurate the time, the more accurate the answer will be).
  • Characteristics of individual elements of the device (cooling system, display, clock frequency of the processor, video adapter, etc.). All detailed information can be found on the Internet or in the documentation for the laptop.

After carrying out the calculations, you should get a more accurate “picture” of how much a laptop with a high performance eats kilowatts per hour, day and month. The result obtained should be multiplied by the price per kW indicated in the tariff from the energy supplier.

How can I reduce the power consumption of my laptop?

How Can I Reduce The Power Consumption Of My Laptop

If, after receiving an answer to How Many Watts Does A Laptop Use, the user begins to understand why he received a high amount in the payment receipt, then there is no need to despair. There are several options for how you can save energy with a demanding device.

A few practical guidelines:

  1. In the Windows 10 operating system (also in older versions) there is a special power saving mode. To enable it, you must find the “Control Panel” in the start menu, where we are looking for the “Power supply” section. Here, click on “Power Scheme Setup”. Next, you should specify the gentle parameters. Also, if possible, you should lower the screen brightness, turn off wi-fi, reduce the working PM of the central processor.
  2. To reduce the figure on your electricity bill, it is recommended that you do not leave the device turned on when not needed. This is why “Sleep Mode” was invented. In this mode, the device consumes 7 times less energy than in the on state.
  3. Be sure to unplug the laptop when turning off the laptop, as the battery remains active when it is off, requiring recharging.

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