Best Steam Generator Irons 2023 which iron to buy for home

Modern iron with steam generator is equipped with many additional systems that affect work efficiency. For example, anti-drip system, self-cleaning and anti-scale, display, backlight, etc. So here we will discuss on best steam generator irons

Iron With Steam Generator

Any additional features associated with the use of water in the generator will be useful. But various “special effects” and extra electronic filling are not mandatory. So you have to decide whether you are ready to overpay for them.

which is the best steam generator iron? what to look for

When choosing iron with a steam generator, you should consider the following:

  • filling capacity with water;
  • what material is made of iron and base;
  • instrument power;
  • weight and size;
  • Is it safe to use;
  • cost;
  • modes;
  • design

Please pay attention to the reservoir model you want to buy. If you plan to iron a large number of things, this means that the capacity should be impressive in size. Make sure that the iron is filled with water, this model should not be produced during ironing and after switching off and cooling.

The materials on which the product is made must be durable. If the base is made of aluminum, it will take very little. It is recommended to look irons on top of stainless steel . Ceramics and metal ceramics are brittle materials, so you should not choose iron with such a base.

If the power will be large, then the ironing process will finish faster. A small capacity device is also useful if you don’t like to rush.

The great weight and size would not be suitable for home use and if a person wanted to travel – even more.

Steam generators should have automatic shutdown . If this function is not available, this model may be fake.

Tip: When choosing, do not rely on specifications, but prices. High price is not a guarantee of quality.

Useful features Steam generator iron

These include:

  • change in temperature;
  • changing the ironing mode for a particular material;
  • spray function;
  • regulating the steam supply;
  • vertical steam;
  • Is turbop;
  • Independent mode switching and others.

Tip: Look at least in iron look, especially if you choose it as a gift.

Types of Irons with Steam Generator

Irons steam generators:

  • professional;
  • half;
  • Home.

Which model is better between the steam generator and the irons? Depends on your goals.

Of course there will be professional high power and large water tank. They are strong and durable, steam is always supplied and water is not filled regularly. However, such devices are large, so it would be inconvenient to use them at home. This option would be ideal if the purchase was made for a company, factory, studio or other business.

Semi-professional irons are medium size and have excellent technical characteristics. They are smaller than professional ones, but not lower than quality. It has stainless coating and cork handle. Steam is supplied continuously and the tank does not require frequent water supply. It is good to use for home, especially if you do it regularly.

Household steam generators have ceramic base and plastic case. They are small in size, light in weight and emit steam in a short time. They are not as durable as semi-professional and professional irons, so you should use them with caution.

benefits of steam generator irons

What kind of iron is better? which is the best steam generator iron good housekeeping? It’s up to you. Someone is looking for a reasonable price, but someone needs quality. Compare steam irons and steam irons.

The steam generator has dry steam and can be steamed vertically. Wet spots and stains usually remain of ordinary iron during stripping. Steam generators are more powerful and have more functions. Its main features are an independent shutdown and speed. They are also higher in price, but the ability to quickly get iron and the quality is worth it. The steam generator does not have to be cooled down after ironing. The steam generator platform does not heat up to critical numbers, so it does not burn even the most delicate and delicate fabrics. It has a strong vapor pressure, so it instantly smoothes wrinkled things. Folded several times can be straightened even without returning the fabric.

Steam iron will never do this. Of course, a regular iron will cost less, smaller and lighter. But in his work, he’s far behind the steam generator. Professionals and technicians know that an iron with a steam generator is the best invention for ironing. Whichever you choose – decide for yourself. If you have too many items and clothes that need to be ironed daily and quickly, buy a steam generator. The semi-professional appliance will make you fall in love with ironing!

When choosing an iron with steam generator, a number of characteristics should be taken into account:

  • Power – the higher it is, the more complex the device can handle. Even for budget models, it should not be lower than 2.3-2.5 kW, otherwise the steam preparation will have to wait a very long time.
  • The steam pressure at the outlet must be at least 4-5 bar. Only in this case will it be possible to smooth dense fabrics and multilayer things without turning them over on the board.
  • Steam consumption depends on power. 70 g / min is enough for most things. But some capricious fabrics (the same linen) are smoothed better when steam is supplied at least 100 g / min.
  • Tank volume – affects the frequency of refueling and the dimensions of the steam generator. But if the tank is removed for the bay under the tap, you can do with a smaller capacity.

An important selection criterion is the sole material of the iron. The most popular options are inexpensive and fast-heating, albeit scratch-resistant ceramics.

A model with a stainless steel base will cost more, and it heats up for a long time, although there will definitely not be problems with such a sole.

There are also irons with an aluminum work surface – these heat up faster and are quite resistant to damage.

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13 Best Steam Generator Irons

  • Philips Steam generator iron GC6709 / 20 FastCare Compact
  • Tefal Steam generator iron sv6040
  • Steam Iron Endever SkySteam-734
  • Kitfort KT-922 Steam generator iron
  • Steam generator iron Morphy Richards 332100
  • Steam generator iron Polaris PSS 7510K
  • Bosch Steam generator iron TDS 6110
  • Steam generator iron Braun IS 2043 CareStyle
  • Philips Steam generator iron PerfectCare Elite Plus GC9690
  • Steam generator iron Tefal GV9620 Pro Express Ultimate
  • Braun IS 7144 BK
  • Steam Generator Iron Rowenta DG 8985 Silence Steam
  • MIE Stiro Non Stop

Best low cost Steam Generator Irons

Budget irons with a steam generator include all the functions necessary for the operation but without frills. They are suitable for home use, while the best models, as a rule, have a ceramic sole that glides well and does not damage the fabric.

Philips Steam generator iron GC6709 / 20 FastCare Compact

Philips Steam Generator Iron GC6709 / 20 FastCare Compact

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The presented model of the iron with steam generator has a high power of 2400 W and intensive steam supply of 110 g / min, which compares favorably with its counterparts in the lower price segment. And although the price of iron is on the verge between low and medium, users attribute it to affordable technology.

The device has a Smart Calc-Clean system that protects it from scale without any replaceable filters or cartridges. It automatically reminds you to clean the container.

The steam generator has a medium capacity tank of 1.3 liters, and you can add water without turning off the device.

A steam boost with a force of 200 g / min allows the device to cope with complex folds, and constant pressure of 5.2 bar makes it possible to steam even dense fabrics.


  • High power;
  • Good pressure and steam flow rate;
  • Anti-scale;
  • Simple cleaning system;
  • Topping up water without shutting down.


  • There is no eco mode.

A powerful iron with a Philips GC6709 / 20 steam generator can handle horizontal ironing and vertical steaming of both delicate and dense fabrics.

Tefal Steam generator iron sv6040

 Tefal Steam Generator Iron Sv6040

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Affordable and reliable iron with a steam station thanks to a good power of 2200 W and a ceramic sole heats up quickly and provides a stable steam supply under a pressure of 5.2 bar.

The steam boost option of 180 g / min increases the efficiency of the device, and the eco-mode saves up to 25% of electricity.

Ease of use of the model provides electronic control, adjustment of steam power and topping up water during operation. The volume of the tank is 1.2 liters, which is quite enough for home use.


  • Fast heating;
  • High vapor pressure;
  • Eco mode
  • Electronic control.


  • You must buy descaling cartridges;
  • Fixed tank.

Steam generator iron Tefal SV6040 is a reliable and practical assistant for the care of clothing and textiles. This is convenient to use if you do not accumulate a lot of ironing.

Steam Iron Endever SkySteam-734

Steam Iron Endever SkySteam-734

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.A high-performance steam generator with a power of 2300 W with a steam supply of 60 g / min heats up quickly and provides high-quality ironing and steaming of natural and synthetic fabrics.

It is equipped with a strong, durable stainless steel sole and has grooves on the nose for effective ironing around buttons. The model allows you to adjust the heating power of the sole and has the option of “dry ironing”.

It is convenient to fill the 0.9 L detachable tank with water directly from the tap. Self-cleaning of the device from scale ensures a long service life of the device.


  • Fast start;
  • Sole heating adjustment;
  • Button grooves;
  • Dry ironing;
  • There is a self-cleaning.


  • Small tank;
  • No steam boost.

An affordable and compact iron with a SkySteam-734 steam station from Endever is the perfect home solution for a modest budget.

Kitfort KT-922 Steam generator iron

Kitfort KT-922 Steam Generator Iron

A powerful iron with a 2400 W steam station easily copes with ironing even several layers of knitwear.

The generator is equipped with a large tank, which holds 2 liters of water. In combination with a steam flow rate of up to 50 g / min, this makes it extremely rare to “refuel”.

The device is suitable for horizontal ironing and vertical steam. A hose of 1.5 m is more than enough for convenient use of the iron in both cases.

Ceramic sole glides easily on the surface of the fabric. Anti-limescale and self-cleaning ensure long iron life.


  • Large steam station;
  • Long hose;
  • Self-cleaning mode;
  • Vertical ironing available;
  • Measuring cup included.


  • There is no stop-drop system;
  • There is no auto power off.

One of the most affordable irons with a steam generator in the manufacturer’s line is appreciated by users for the simplicity of its operation, although there were no compromises here.

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Best Steam Generator Irons of an average price category

Steam generators with an average price are still available to most customers, but already have high performance and reliability. Such irons are more powerful than budget models, so they are suitable for ironing and steaming fabrics of any density.

Steam generator iron Morphy Richards 332100

Steam Generator Iron Morphy Richards 332100

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This model is the most productive in the line of Steam generator iron Morphy Richards. Its power is 3000 watts, steam is continuously supplied in an amount of 140 g / min under a pressure of 7 bar, which allows you to iron a jersey folded in several layers.

To solve especially complex problems, a powerful steam boost of 400 g / min is provided. The iron is securely fixed at the steam station, which is protection from children and allows you to conveniently carry the device.

A 2 liter removable tank is easy to refill from the measuring cup. Self-cleaning system, electronic control, automatic shutdown – all this makes the iron reliable and safe.


  • High power;
  • Fixing the iron on the boiler;
  • Very powerful steam boost;
  • Electronic control;
  • Auto power off.


  • Not everyone likes the vibrant design.

The Morphy Richards Steam Generator is a state-of-the-art and durable device that makes jersey care easy and efficient.

Steam generator iron Polaris PSS 7510K

Steam Generator Iron Polaris PSS 7510K

The stylish and technologically advanced PSS 7510K iron from Polaris takes home steam to a new level.

It is equipped with a Smart Temp system that keeps the temperature at the optimum level for all types of fabric, as well as Smart Heat, which evenly distributes the heat on the ceramic sole. There is also an eco-mode that saves up to 25% of electricity.

The power of the iron is 3000 watts – in just 30 seconds it is able to start work by supplying steam under a pressure of 7 bar and with a flow rate of 120 g / min. And the strongest steam boost of 400 g / min makes it as efficient as possible.

Topping up the water to the tank by 1.5 l during ironing allows you to practically not interrupt the process. The model has a “dry ironing” mode, anti-drip system, auto power off and a lock-lock.


  • Very high power;
  • Good steam pressure at the exit and a strong blow;
  • “Smart” features and eco-mode;
  • Auto power off.


  • Fixed tank.

The convenient, productive and safe iron with the Polaris PSS 7510K steam station is a profitable purchase for domestic and professional use.

Bosch Steam generator iron TDS 6110

Bosch Steam Generator Iron TDS 6110

Thanks to the EasyComfort and i-Temp technologies that Bosch’s steam generator is equipped with, users don’t have to manually adjust the operating mode and heating power of the device.

The iron easily copes with horizontal and vertical ironing and steaming of various materials. Its power is 2400 W, and steam is supplied with a force of 6 bar and a flow rate of up to 120 g / min.

The model is equipped with a Ceranium glissee sole made of anodized aluminum with a ceramic coating – it glides easily and heats up quickly. The steam boost of 360 g / min increases the efficiency of the iron.

Automatic shutdown, anti-scale protection and self-cleaning make the steam generator reliable, and the presence of an “eco-mode” makes it a practical solution.


  • Automatic adjustment of work;
  • Eco mode
  • Auto power off
  • Electronic control;
  • Steam boost;
  • High-quality outsole.


  • Fixed water tank.

The Bosch TDS 6110 steam iron is an example of modern steam technology integrated in one device.

Steam generator iron Braun IS 2043 CareStyle

 Steam Generator Iron Braun IS 2043 CareStyle

The Braun IS 2043 CareStyle steam generator differs from its counterparts in design and form. Unlike other models, the iron is placed vertically on a steam station, while the device has a lock-lock for easy carrying.

The model is equipped with a Smart iCare system that maintains an ironing temperature that is safe for all types of fabric. To handle very delicate things or save energy, you can use the eco-mode.

Iron power and steam pressure are average – 2200 W and 5 bar, respectively, which is quite enough for domestic use.

Another distinguishing feature of this model is the unique Eloxal FreeGlide 3D sole, resembling a snowboard in shape. Rounded edges allow you to easily pass areas with buttons and rivets.


  • Original design;
  • Unique outsole
  • Eco mode
  • Smart iCare system;
  • Auto power off.


  • Not the highest power.

The price of a Braun steam generator is one of the most affordable in its segment, while the characteristics of the iron are not much inferior to more expensive counterparts and are a worthy competitive model.

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Best premium Steam generator iron

Expensive models of iron with steam generator are characterized by maximum performance, reliability and durability. They use the latest technologies, are practical and not only facilitate the ironing and steaming process, but make it a pleasant experience.

Such devices can be used not only at home, but also in a professional environment: in clothing stores, ateliers, workshops, wedding salons and laundries.

Philips Steam generator iron PerfectCare Elite Plus GC9690

PerfectCare Elite Plus GC9690

Check Price at Amazon

Best steam iron. Philips GC9690 is one of the most powerful iron with steam generators on the market. The device provides uninterrupted steam supply at a pressure of 8 bar with a force of 170 g / min.

The power of steam boost reaches 700 g / min, which leaves no chance for even the most complex folds on dense fabrics.

The iron is equipped with the OptimalTEMP intelligent system, so it does not require manual temperature settings.

The steam generator adjusts itself to the type of fabric and provides effective ironing without risk of burning it.

The device has noise-canceling filters, high-quality anti-scale protection, a capacious 1.8 liter tank, a lock-lock and an ultralight, easy-to-use iron.

A 180 cm hose allows you to place the steam station on the floor, ironing board, or any other convenient place.


  • Unrealistically powerful steam boost;
  • High and stable pressure;
  • Intelligent management technology;
  • Noise reduction filters;
  • Lightweight and compact ironing.


  • Very high price.

The Philips GC9690 iron guarantees the most comfortable and efficient care for your wardrobe and textiles.

At the same time powerful and compact, it will provide a high ironing result both in everyday life and in the professional field.

Steam generator iron Tefal GV9620 Pro Express Ultimate

Steam Generator Iron Tefal GV9620 Pro Express Ultimate

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Tefal’s state-of-the-art steam iron is made in a stylish futuristic design. It is equipped with Smart Steam technology, which automatically detects the movement of the iron thanks to an intelligent sensor and only at that moment delivers steam, saving water and electricity.

The power of the installation is 2600 W, steam is supplied under a pressure of 8 bar, which provides an excellent result.

With a particularly dense tissue, a steam boost of 650 g / min copes – this figure significantly exceeds models with a similar power.

The iron has an eco-mode, protection against drops and scale, self-cleaning, noise blocking, auto power off. The device is equipped with a display and electronic control system. Sold with a storage case.


  • Steam pressure;
  • Heavy duty steam boost;
  • Silent work;
  • Intelligent work system;
  • Display and electronic control;
  • Stylish design.


  • The button for switching modes is awkwardly located.

Tefal GV9620 is a technologically advanced professional assistant, guaranteeing the perfect result of ironing and steaming of any knitted surfaces.

Braun IS 7144 BK

Braun IS 7144 BK

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The modern Braun ironing system is equipped with the iCare function, which treats all types of fabrics with care and does not require the user to independently configure the operating modes.

The iron received a unique Eloxal FreeGlide 3D sole, which glides perfectly both forward and backward.

A constant steam supply is carried out with a force of 7 bar, a steam boost of 450 g / min can remove even the most complex folds.

The model is equipped with a removable tank, which holds 2 liters of water. The iron has an eco-mode and automatically shuts off in case of prolonged downtime. It’s convenient to control the device thanks to the display.


  • Large tank for water;
  • The presence of a display;
  • Increased steam pressure and powerful blow;
  • Eco mode
  • Unique super-slip sole.


  • Big dimensions.

The stylish and efficient Braun IS 7144 BK iron will smooth out delicate and durable fabrics with ease.

The anti-drop system, anti-scale, self-cleaning and many other technologies make this model practical and durable.

Steam Generator Iron Rowenta DG 8985 Silence Steam

Steam Generator Iron Rowenta DG 8985 Silence Steam

Check Price at Amazon

Rowenta’s compact and efficient steam generator is equipped with a unique stainless steel sole with nanoglass spraying. This provides incredible strength and easy glide of the iron.

In addition, the sole has 400 holes creating a real steam cushion and providing excellent ironing and steaming results.

Silence steam technology reduces the noise level of a iron with steam generator. The model has 5 modes of operation for different fabrics. Steam is supplied at a pressure of 7.5 bar with a flow rate of 120 g / min, the impact force is 500 g / min.

Special attention is paid to the automatic winding of the cord, eco-mode and auto power off – all this makes the iron as reliable and efficient as possible. The main difference is the boiler integrated in the tank, which reduces the waiting time for steam generation.


  • Unique high-quality outsole;
  • Silent work;
  • Even distribution of steam;
  • 1.4 liter removable tank;
  • Powerful steam blow;
  • Built-in boiler.


  • There is no intelligent technology for determining the power of work.

The Rowenta steam generator iron DG 8985 is a state-of-the-art appliance that makes ironing simple and efficient.

MIE Stiro Non Stop

MIE Stiro Non Stop

This Iron with steam generator was liked by users for the original design. The device is made in retro style, while it is a modern model with a 1.5 liter steam station. The iron is equipped with an aluminum sole, which quickly heats up and is not afraid of damage.

The power of the device is 2150 watts. Steam is constantly supplied with a force of 6 bar and a flow rate of up to 100 g / min. To remove complex creases, provided with Steam generator iron boost. Thanks to the long hose (2 m), using the device is quite convenient.

The nozzle for delicate fabrics is included. Reliability of the model is provided by a thermal valve, a water indicator in the tank and a pressure sensor.


  • Original design;
  • Anti-drip system;
  • Pressure meter;
  • Long hose;
  • Thermal fuse.

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