How To Charge Laptop Without Charger? | Problem and Fixes

In this manual, we will consider the problem of why Laptop Not Detecting Phone USB Cable. The given recommendations will be effective even in case of tablet malfunctions. Consider the operating systems iOS and Android.

Why Laptop Not Detecting Phone USB Cable?

Why Laptop Not Detecting Phone USB Cable?

There are many reasons for the problem that the laptop not detecting phone USB cable. Here we are going to discuss every problem and how to solve the issue.

Laptop Not Detecting iphone USB Cable

Your device can only be charged via a cord if you connect it to a Windows computer or laptop. The fact that the laptop does not see your smartphone is due to the peculiarities of the iOS architecture it is partially closed.

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To access videos, photos, music, and other files through YUSB, you must download the iTunes application on the official Apple website. When you connect your iPhone to your laptop, a message will appear to confirm access to the file system. On Mac computers, iTunes is included in the base software package. When you connect your iPhone or iPad, it starts automatically.

Laptop Not Detecting Iphone USB Cable

Laptop Not Detecting Phone USB Cable

A non-original cable may differ from the original in a smaller number of pins. When connected to a laptop with such a cord, the phone will charge, but file transfer will not be available. To be able to realize all functions, only original cables should be used.

The second possible cause is physical damage to the cord. Visual inspection does not always reveal defects. The wire inside can be interrupted by a strong blow or broken from constant bends, but externally this will not be visible. The cause of cable breakage can also be pets that gnaw it – a cat, a dog, or a parrot.

A laptop does not always see an Android smartphone if you use not a direct connection to the port, but a USB hub or hub. Try connecting your device directly.

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USB Port having problem

Windows can find thousands of reasons to simply “glitch” and stop seeing the USB ports of a computer or laptop. Usually, such problems are fixed in the most reliable way – by rebooting the device. On the other hand, the phone itself can “shut down”, so it will be useful to reboot it too.

On a stationary computer, the USB ports on the front panel may not be connected to the connectors on the motherboard. Try connecting your mobile phone through a different port.

High-speed USB 3.0 ports do not always work correctly (marked in blue). To connect an Android device, it is better to use USB 2.0 ports (marked in black).

The cause of the problem may be the incorrect operation of not the ports themselves, but the drivers for them. Download the latest motherboard drivers from the manufacturer’s website. To find out your model, press the Win + R key combination and type msinfo32 in the search bar. In the window that opens, the brand and model of the part are indicated. Please note that different modifications of the motherboard require different drivers.

You can check whether the laptop sees the phone or not through the Task Manager. To do this, click the “Start” button, go to the Control Panel and select the appropriate item in the menu. When the computer recognizes a mobile phone or tablet, its brand will be displayed in the list of devices. And if data transfer between devices is not available, the reason may be in the phone itself.

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Smartphone problems

It should be borne in mind that Android devices work correctly only with Windows operating systems no older than “Seven”. For the XP version, which even in 2019 continues to be used in some places, you need to install the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) driver. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft website despite the end of support for Windows XP.

If the phone was recently repaired at a service center, it may be that the master did not solder (or rather, did not solder) the contacts on the motherboard incorrectly. In this case, the laptop also does not see the phone, but it is charging. We’ll have to repair the device again. Do not trust handicraftsmen and only repair electronics in reputable service centers.

By default, many phones connect to the computer in charging mode without giving a file transfer notification. This is already regulated in the settings of the phone or tablet itself.

Another possible source of problems is custom firmware, which incorrectly handles data exchange between different devices. Official firmware does not suffer from such problems.

A loose connector on your phone may not detect all of the pins on the USB cable. In this case, you will have to take the device to a service center to replace the port.

A locked phone cannot communicate with other devices. This is not about locking the screen in idle mode, but about locking Android after entering a wrong password, pattern or incorrect fingerprint scan.

If you used your smartphone or tablet as a USB modem, this option should be disabled in the settings. In this operating mode, file transfer to the laptop is not available.

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If Laptop Not Detecting phone USB due to Viruses

There are many viruses that, among all other “joys” for the PC user, block the operation of USB ports. There is a similar malware for Android. Be sure to use antivirus – both on the laptop itself and on the smartphone.

If you have any suspicions about the presence of Trojans in the system, but your antivirus cannot find anything, download the free diagnostic utility Dr.Web CureIT! This is a “healer” program. It often finds viruses that other antivirus programs cannot detect.

If Laptop Not Detecting Phone USB Due To Viruses

If all above ways are not working

If, after all the above manipulations, you still have not determined why the laptop does not see the phone or tablet, the only option that remains is to contact the specialists at the service center. Before that, it is advisable to determine which device is not working correctly a smartphone or the laptop itself. If possible, connect your phone to another computer, and another smartphone to your laptop.

The cost of the repair depends on the complexity of the breakdown and the need for hardware repair. If this is a malfunction of software or drivers, you can keep within a few bux. If it is necessary to replace components, it can cost several thousand.

And most importantly don’t panic! Any breakdown can be repaired, even the most difficult one.

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