How to know my Laptop screen size?

The specifications of the laptop are definitely important information for the user. Sometimes it is necessary when installing some software, setting up games, and other parameters. As for the filling of the laptop, this information can be suggested by the laptop itself. But the laptop will not show the external dimensions, the screen size, including information about the screen diagonal.

But what if this data is needed? Let’s consider several options for How To Know My Laptop Screen Size?

How To Know My Laptop Screen Size?

What does diagonal screen size mean?

Before measuring a diagonal, you need to know the general term what it is. So, a diagonal is a straight line connecting the corners of a figure that does not belong to the same plane. Simply put, the diagonal of a laptop is the length of a line from the upper left corner of the screen to the lower right corner and is measured in inches.

What Does Diagonal Screen Size Mean?

How To Know My Laptop Screen Size?

Now let’s go directly to all sorts of methods for determining the size of the laptop screen.

  • Manual Measurment
  • laptop box
  • Back of Laptop
  • With Programs and Softwares

How do I measure my laptop screen size?

The easiest and surest way is to measure the distance manually. For this, a simple construction tape or a soft poly fiber measuring centimeter is used. The result obtained between opposite angles must be divided by a constant factor of 2.54.

For example, take the screen of the popular gaming laptop Asus Republic of Gamers Strix G531GT. The length between opposite corners that do not lie in the same plane of the monitor is 39.6 centimeters. We take 39.6 and divide it by 2.54 to get 15.6 inches. It’s simple – this laptop has a 15.6-inch screen.

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Remember that manual measurements do not take into account the monitor frame.

laptop box and booklet

The most logical option is how to set the diagonal of the laptop. If the device was purchased new, it means that the kit included documents and its packaging without fail. It is in the passport or instructions for the laptop that all the information about the laptop is indicated. The required data can also be found in the available specification.

If the documents were accidentally lost, it doesn’t matter, the size of the laptop screen should also be indicated on the box from the device. This number will be written with two apostrophes (15.6 ”).

How Do I Find Out The Size Of My Laptop Screen Without Measuring It?

How do I find out the size of my laptop screen without measuring it?

It is possible to find out the diagonal of the laptop screen using more modern methods. For example, using the worldwide Internet. It has long been known that there is everything on the Internet. Therefore, without a doubt, there you can find any information about the very first laptop that was released. Not to mention modern devices, sales of which are 50 percent carried out through the “World Wide Web”.

To do this, enter the name of the laptop in the search box, wait for the query results and select the appropriate hyperlink, where there are most matches by keys.

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How To Know My Laptop Screen Size with Third Party Programs

The internal software of the Windows operating system, unfortunately, is not able to determine the external configuration of the laptop. However, the creators of the third-party software took care of this. There are a number of programs that are able to identify the diagonal of the laptop monitor on which they are installed:

  1. AIDA 64. The most important program, where the screen configuration is viewed. This information is viewed in the “display” section and in the “Monitor” sub-item. Further, in the window on the right side, click on the “Screen Type” line and get the necessary parameters. There is also a lot of more detailed information about the screen: release date, serial number, model, manufacturer, and more.
  2. Advanced Sysinfo Tool and Reporting Assistant (ASTRA). The software is used to diagnose the computer system and determine its parameters. Here it is possible to see the parameters of the CPU, graphics, sound, network adapter and specifically determine the diagonal of the monitor.
  3. Everest Ultimate Edition. This program is similar in its capabilities to other similar software (diagnostics, testing, and all the “ins and outs” about a laptop).

And this is not the whole list of programs. There are dozens of similar software on the Internet with different additional features and functions.

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Other display specifications

Knowing the screen size it is recommended to write down other important display parameters somewhere. Let’s consider the most basic ones:

  • The aspect ratio of the monitor is a parameter that shows: what is the ratio of height and width in the frame. This concept applies not only to computer technology, but to cinema in general. There are such ratios “4: 3”, “3: 2”, “16: 9”.
  • The resolution of the monitor matrix shows: how many elements of the full-length image are available per unit of display area.
  • Pixel density (ppi) – this parameter shows how many pixels are located per one measured unit. In our case, this is an inch. For example, a MacBook has 72 pixels per inch.

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