What to do if laptop slow to load?

If the laptop slow to load, this signals some system failures. Even new laptops can freeze. But most often breakdowns occur after a long period of use and memory filling with various programs, including viral ones. The laptop owner can fix the problem on his own if the failure is caused by overheating of the system or the use of inappropriate utilities. If the laptop begins to slow down and work slowly due to internal breakdowns, then the help of a specialized master will be required.

Laptop Slow To Load

Why is my laptop loading so slow?

The laptop began to slow down, what is the reason – the question of many users of equipment from brands such as Lenovo, HP, Asus. System failure occurs as a result of the influence of many factors.

Most often, the gadget hangs for the following reasons:

  • The computer has been used for a long time without stopping and overheated;
  • As a result of downloading various programs, viruses appeared on the device;
  • The laptop automatically loads unnecessary utilities that slow down its work;
  • There is little memory left on the device, so it takes a long time to load and incorrectly displays some programs;
  • With a long absence of cleaning, the registry got dirty, which led to slower work;
  • A system failure has occurred;
  • The laptop is running low on power;
  • The computer is simply outdated and cannot work with some modern programs.

If the laptop takes a long time to boot, this does not always indicate serious problems and the need for urgent repairs. Most often, even a schoolchild can cope with minor problems.

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methods to Fix laptop slow to load problem

Here we are going to solve laptop slow to load and work problem by different methods for all laptops brands Acer, Lenovo, Dell, hp, etc

Methods To Fix Laptop Slow To Load Problem

Increasing virtual memory

If the laptop takes a long time to boot, you can fix the situation by increasing the virtual memory. Virtual memory is a system file that allows you to offload RAM on a device. The standard amount of RAM is not enough for the full operation of the gadget (2-4 GB). If the laptop thinks for a long time how to fix the situation:

  1. Go to the system menu.
  2. Select the “My Computer” option.
  3. Find the Properties tab.
  4. Go to settings.
  5. In the “Virtual memory” section, select the “Custom size” item.

Now the user needs to set the maximum possible and initial values ​​and reboot the system. To restore the operation of the device after increasing the virtual memory, you will need to defragment the files.

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Defragmenting the swap file

If the laptop starts to slow down and work slowly, then after increasing the virtual memory, you need to defragment the files. This is a procedure that allows you to redistribute file fragments to speed up your computer. To carry out the operation, standard Windows programs are indispensable. The user will need to download a special program. What to do if the laptop becomes dull:

  1. Download and install a file defragmentation program from official sources.
  2. Load system files window.
  3. Choose the degree and method of defragmentation.

The computer will need to be restarted to work again.

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Defragmenting the hard drive

If the laptop slows down and starts up for a long time, you need to defragment the hard drive. Many computer experts advise using this process as often as possible to avoid further system crashes. If your laptop is slow and slow, what to do:

  1. Go to the “Start” menu.
  2. Select standard programs.
  3. Open a tab with service applications.
  4. Click on the line “Defragmentation”.
  5. Wait for the process to complete.

Reference! To eliminate the likelihood of repeated system failures, the user will need to go into the settings and select the automatic defragmentation option by setting the schedule. In this case, the device will independently start the procedure for redistributing file fragments when the system requires it.

Cleaning the registry and disabling the autorun of unnecessary programs

If the laptop slows down, how to fix it – many users ask this question. With the launch of the gadget, many programs are automatically activated that are not needed by the user. Subsequently, this leads to malfunctioning of the laptop. To avoid system problems, you need to manually clean the registries and disable automatic launch of programs. If your computer starts up slowly, what to do:

  1. Go to the “Start” menu.
  2. Click on the standard programs.
  3. Find the “Startup” folder and click on it.
  4. Remove from the list all utilities that should not be loaded in automatic mode.

As practice shows, many utilities that start when the laptop is turned on are unnecessary for the user and are not used at all. If the laptop is loading files for a long time, you should try cleaning the registry. This procedure is necessary for the full and correct operation of the equipment. As you use the computer, its registry is replenished with new entries that relate to the installation and software, the connection of various devices. After some time, the register is completely filled. This causes the system to slow down and some programs do not work correctly.

Timely registry cleaning helps to optimize the system and speed up the laptop. You can carry it out yourself or using specialized utilities. Professionals advise using the second option. You can use the Ccleaner program to complete the procedure.

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Checking hard drive for bad sectors

When the laptop slows down and takes a long time to load, users need to check the hard drive. Broken sectors are areas of the hard disk that have lost their functionality as the device was operating. Because of their appearance, the gadget malfunctions. The process of checking the hard drive will not help recover some of the lost files. However, it will be able to speed up the operation of the device and prevent further failures. If the laptop starts to load for a long time, how to check it for bad sectors:

  1. Go to the menu.
  2. Select the section “My Computer”.
  3. Find the “Service” tab and go to it.
  4. Activate the hard disk check process.

The user needs to wait until the check is complete, and then restart the device. Computer masters claim that if you periodically check the hard drive, you can increase its life by 2 times. Above, a standard system check for bad sectors was described. Users can also use special utilities to help diagnose problems with the laptop. For example, Chkdsk program, HDD Regenerator Drive Test.

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Checking the laptop for viruses

If your laptop is very slow, you need to check it for viruses. Users who actively use the Internet, visit unverified sources, download dangerous files, and regularly fill the device system with malicious elements. Sooner or later, they make themselves felt and start to slow down the computer. The system is checked for viruses using specialized programs:

  • Avast;
  • 360 total security;
  • Panda antivirus pro;
  • Kaspersky.

Reference! All modern antivirus programs scan the files on the device and help users get rid of malicious tools. Wizards believe that if you do not perform a periodic system scan, there is a risk of infection of all files. In this case, it is unlikely that you will be able to cope with the problem yourself.

Checking the laptop for overheating

Why the laptop is slow – many active users are looking for an answer to this question. It often happens that the device simply overheats after prolonged use (for example, during the continuous use of powerful games). Not all laptops are equipped with a cooling system, so in some cases, you will have to fix the problem yourself. For stable operation of the device, temperatures of 35 degrees are considered acceptable. At a similar level, the laptop works fully and practically does not fail.

When the temperature rises to 65 degrees, the systems fail, which leads to incorrect operation of the device. In such cases, the computer starts to slow down and may even turn off automatically. To test the system for overheating, you need to download the appropriate programs:

  • speedfan;
  • hwmonitor;
  • core temp;
  • speccy.

If the selected utility showed that the computer began to work slowly precisely because of strong heating, it is necessary to find the source of the problem and neutralize it. Why the laptop slows down and overheats – most often it is influenced by the following factors:

  • Clogged cooling system;
  • Cooler malfunctions;
  • Working at a computer in a room with high temperatures;
  • Heavy load on the hard drive;
  • High power consumption.

To prevent further overheating of the system, you need to turn off the gadget immediately after completing work on it.

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What To Do Laptop is outdated

Why the laptop slows down – this question can often be seen on technical forums. The reason for the frequent braking and incorrect operation of the device is often the irrelevance of its model, an outdated operating system that does not support many files and applications. Every computer has its own expiration date, just like things. The technique is regularly updated, new formats of programs, applications are released, new opportunities are added. Therefore, gadgets released for 10-15 years no longer fully work and support new utilities.

This leads to system crashes, slow loading of files or automatic shutdowns of the device. If the user works in the field of it or simply regularly uses all kinds of programs, then he will need to periodically update the technique. In some cases, you can get by with the purchase of a new video card or hard drive. But if the laptop is more than 10 years old, then even such measures will not help speed up its work. For full use, you will have to purchase a new device.

To understand whether it is possible to avoid buying a new computer and replace some parts with an old one, you need to seek help from a specialized wizard. He will give his advice and recommendations on how to further prevent system errors.

Driver check

Typically, on computers running Windows 10, drivers are checked automatically without user consent. But periodically it is necessary to carry out this procedure yourself in order to speed up the work of the gadget. What do we have to do:

  1. Hold down the WIN and Pause / Break keys.
  2. Find the item “System Manager” and click on it.
  3. Use the right mouse button to update the drivers for all components.
  4. If some files are marked in yellow, then you need to start the update process from them.

Reference! If the system crashes due to driver updates, you will need to roll them back.


Why the Laptop Slow To Load this question is asked not only by the owners of old computer models but also by the owners of new, improved gadgets. many active users face the problem of braking. Crashes happen for many reasons: overheating, viruses, insufficient memory. In most cases, users will be able to fix the problem themselves and continue working on their laptops.

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