laptop speakers sound distorted: Cause and Fix

The laptop is a multifunctional technique. Previously, it was mainly used for work. Today, this technique fully replaces stationary personal computers. The advantage of laptops is that they are mobile and do not take up much space and Uses Of Laptop In Our Daily Life. But in terms of functionality, they are in no way inferior to a PC.

But, as with other equipment, they break over time. So, if the laptop speakers sound distorted, then this creates many problems when listening to audio files or watching a movie. When such a problem occurs, it is necessary to determine the root cause and approach a solution. So how do you fix sound distortion and wheezing?

Laptop Speakers Sound Distorted

What to do if Laptop Speakers Sound Distorted

If you have any problems with your laptop during video playback, you should immediately start repairing it. This will help prevent more serious problems from occurring in the future. This applies not only to sound, but also to images and other functions. At the initial stage, it is necessary to establish the root cause of this. Experts recommend turning off any additional gadgets that may interfere. At the same time, some auxiliary equipment can, on the contrary, eliminate them.

How to turn off sound effects and unnecessary tools

If the Laptop Speakers Sound Distorted of window 10, it is not a novelty for both users and professionals. Various elements and effects for audio transmission can cause this deviation. It is from them that you need to get rid of in the first place.

The error is corrected in the following sequence:

  • On the bottom right panel there is a “sound” sign;
  • Click on it with the mouse;
  • On the window that will pop up, click “Playback device” (in previous versions, this function is called “Sound”);
  • Wait for the device to sync;
  • Click on the icon corresponding to the device;
  • Apply by default on the appeared window;
  • If this option did not give the desired result, then it is worth disabling all “Additional Tools” in the “Properties”;
  • Turn off all effects in “Additional Features”.

Important! After completing all the steps, you need to save the adjustments. If this is not done, then the method will not give any result.

What To Do If Laptop Speakers Sound Distorted

How to change communication settings in Windows 10 audio settings

It is also important to eliminate the hiss and crackles that audio playback sources can produce. They turn off completely.

If a sound crackles, you need to make a few simple movements:

  • Click on the “Start” panel and select “Control Panel”;
  • In the parameters, click on the item “Sound”;
  • As a result of these clicks, a window pops up in which you need to select the “Communication” section;
  • In the next step, select “No action required”.

All changes are saved. If after that the sound on the laptop disappears, then it is worth using other methods of troubleshooting audio transmission.

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Wrong playback format in Windows 10

Sometimes problems with your laptop are caused by using outdated sound cards. If the speakers wheeze, you need to go to the playback settings and perform certain actions:

  • Find the “Sound” icon on the control panel and click on it;
  • Go to the properties of the used audio device (it is important to choose the right device);
  • Choose default settings;
  • Insert the required CD (16 bit);
  • Save all adjustments.

This method is universal and is suitable for almost any laptop model in which old sound cards are installed. This is because they have the same support installed. The software is easy to modify. The main thing is to choose the right commands. And do not forget that all changes must be saved. Otherwise, all the work done will be down the drain.

how to fix problems with wheezing sound in laptop

If the software change did not work and there is still a problem with the sound, then you should go to the “Sound Devices” and perform a number of actions:

  • Choose default settings;
  • Disable all features that enable exclusive mode;
  • Confirm and save changes.

This option can help, but only for a while. It all depends on the root cause of the interference in sound transmission. If the sound is wheezing on your computer, there may be a problem with the speakers themselves.

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Solving Sound problem by updating drivers

Often, malfunctions in the audio system occur after reinstalling the Windows 7 operating system. After flashing, you will need to install the appropriate software. If the sound stutters, you need special drivers.

Their installation is carried out in the following sequence:

  • Select the “Start” menu with the left mouse button and go to “Device Manager”;
  • Double click to go to the section “Sound and other devices”;
  • As a result of such actions, the entire list of sound devices will appear, among which the required item is selected;
  • Check the box next to the desired name;
  • In the window that appears, select the driver update;
  • A new window will open through which you will search for drivers on the laptop.

If the reason that the sound stutters is the installation of a new operating system, then just select a driver from the list provided. Going further, there is a definition of the instrument with the necessary support. After completing all the steps, the computer will restart. This is necessary to save and implement all changes. If after starting the sound problems on the laptop do not disappear, then you should use other methods.

Important! When reinstalling the software, it is better to use the drivers from the manufacturer’s official website. This will allow you to choose a really suitable firmware.

Audio distortion in monopoly mode

Even installing the correct drivers on MSI laptops may not fix the problem. In such cases, it is recommended to carefully examine the monopoly regime. It may be turned on by mistake, which explains the problem with the sound on the laptop.

To check if Monopoly Mode is working, you need to do the following:

  • In the Windows 10 taskbar, select “Sound”;
  • In the window that will open, select the playback device;
  • Use the mouse to display the tool and go to properties;
  • Go to the “Advanced” tab and check the status of the corresponding mode;
  • Uncheck all checkboxes, if any.

Confirm all changes and check the sound status. If the sound on the laptop is distorted further, then the actions could be carried out incorrectly. You need to do everything in accordance with the specified instructions.

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Sound enhancement software

If the sound stutters on a laptop, then it makes sense to think about using special programs aimed at improving the sound.

Among the popular ones are:

  1. Sound Booster. The most simple and easy-to-use program that works in automatic mode. To start, just download it to your computer and click “Autostart” Additionally, sound settings are performed.
  2. Audio Amplifier. The program is very popular, as it performs high-quality adjustments and can help if the sound on the computer wheezes. To use it, you need to select Load File. At the end, all data is saved.
  3. Razer Surround. With this program, you can make the sound more spacious. It is often used to enhance audio when setting up a home theater or laptop connected speakers. The program improves special effects, bass, and volume when communicating over the Internet.
  4. SRS Audio SandBox. The program is very simple and convenient to use. Consists of several modules to optimize the performance of the entire audio system. The program is in the public domain, which allows each user of not only a laptop but also a personal computer to use it. Very effective for a hissing sound.

To use such software, you need to go to the developer’s official website and select a product. It is important to choose the right program for the appropriate operating system. After that, download and install it on your computer. If necessary, registration is carried out on the site with the indication of e-mail. After installing the program, a reboot is performed. The sound quality on your Windows computer should be improved.


Modern laptops are very popular with consumers. They are distinguished by their reliability and ease of use. But, even with high-quality equipment, problems may arise. One of these is the violation of video and sound playback. With certain information, the elimination of such deviations will not be difficult. An exception is a damage to the structural elements of the laptop. Installing programs and drivers will not give any results. The only way out is to contact the service center.

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