Why Laptop Won’t Connect To Tv HDMI? | Cause and Solution

A situation is possible when, when setting up the equipment, the user encounters a problem: Laptop Won’t Connect To Tv HDMI. I connected and configured it correctly, but there is no picture or sound, or even all at once. What to do in a situation if the laptop does not see the TV via HDMI will be discussed in this manual. We will talk about the Windows 10 platform, as well as early assemblies.

Why Laptop Won't Connect To Tv HDMI

causes of Laptop Won’t Connect To Tv HDMI

Starting with revision 1.4, HDMI cables have 5 varieties at once. One of them is used exclusively in cars, the share of connecting acoustics and other multimedia devices is not of interest to the laptop user: there and the connectors are not suitable. You need to decide between the 4 others:

  • Standard without Ethernet
  • Standard with Ethernet.
  • High-speed without Ethernet.
  • High-speed with Ethernet.

The standard cable is designed for home use connecting a laptop, DVD, or media player, as well as a satellite receiver to a TV receiver or plasma panel. Supported resolution up to 720p. If the TV is with a high resolution, then for the normal signal transmission you need to use a high-speed wire.

A signal-over-Ethernet cable is used to connect devices to a single network and exchange data between them. If you just need to connect the laptop to the TV to watch a movie, there is no need for such an option. You can buy a cable cheaper.

Despite the tricks of the manufacturers, they never “taught” the HDMI cable not to lose signal when transmitting over long distances. A wire longer than 10 meters must be equipped with a signal repeater or amplifier, otherwise there can be no question of image and sound quality.

The information on the quality of the cable is not indicated on the package, however, this is determined by some indirect signs. As a general rule, the thicker and stiffer the cable, the better. About this at the end of the article.

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Hardware verification steps

The first step is to check the cable for mechanical damage. They can be obvious (cracks in the insulation and braid or teeth marks from pets) and hidden. In the latter case, the only way to detect a defect is to gently feel the cable with your fingers. If a kink is present, the breakage is easy to spot.

If you have a spare cable, you can also use that to connect your laptop to your TV. The presence of a signal indicates that the first cable is defective.

The problem may also be on the HDMI port side. To identify the cause of the malfunction, you need to try all the connection methods: connect the laptop to another HDMI port on the TV, if there is one, and also connect another device to the TV.

In a TV with several HDMI ports, the signal source may not be set to the one to which you connected the wire. You can change the default port in the settings menu using the remote control.

Also, the problem may be on the side of the video card. Outdated driver revisions do not support signal transmission through the HDMI port. In this case, you need to install the latest revision of the video card drivers. How to do this will be described later.

Some viruses take control of computer components, which causes glitches. Even if the user uses a good antivirus with up-to-date databases, it is possible that the laptop is infected with a new virus that has not yet managed to get into these databases.

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Troubleshooting Laptop laptop won’t connect to tv hdmi windows 10

A broken cable can be soldered by yourself if it is not torn to shreds. As a rule, it is sufficient to restore the integrity of the broken wires in the inner layer of the wiring. It is difficult to confuse them: as a rule, they are all marked with different colors.

In case of malfunctions in the operation of the port itself, you need to solder it and mount a new one. For such repairs, it is better to contact a specialized service center.

Antivirus software is required to catch viruses. If you haven’t used antivirus before, then it’s time to start doing it. By the way, according to the reviews of many users, the standard Windows Defender is not the best antivirus. It is better to disable it through the Control Panel and install software from a third-party developer.

Troubleshooting Laptop Laptop Won't Connect To Tv Hdmi Windows 10

A good option is the free Avast antivirus. Unlike many similar applications, this application can scan the computer before the operating system boots, thus detecting viruses that normally hide their presence. A full scan takes a couple of hours, but in this way you can detect all malicious and simply suspicious software.

Another good option is Dr.Web CureIT! It is usually used when conventional antiviruses can no longer cope with infection. The program is not installed on the computer and is not updated, but it can also be launched from a USB flash drive. Before each check, it is recommended to download the latest version with up-to-date anti-virus databases from the developer’s website.

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update video card drivers

If a discrete video card from AMD or NVidia is installed on the laptop, it is better to update all drivers in automatic mode. To do this, you need to download the NVidia GeForce Experience utility or AMD ATI Catalyst Control Center from the manufacturer’s official website.

When a newer version of drivers is available, these applications will prompt you to install them. In the settings, you can assign a fully automatic installation without user intervention.

It is best to install the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant to automatically update Intel integrated graphics drivers. The application is compatible with modern versions of Windows, starting with the “Seven”, and updates all drivers for equipment from this manufacturer, including the chipset.

Expert tip on Laptop Won’t Connect To Tv HDMI

To understand why Laptop Won’t Connect To Tv HDMI, you need to dig a little deeper into the cable design. To begin with, not every manufacturer makes wires strictly adhering to the standards: cross-section, materials, fiber arrangement, connector coating, etc.

Unscrupulous manufacturers, in particular, Chinese, are trying to save on everything they can: copper, which is needed for internal conductors, is replaced with cheaper aluminum, the diameter of each wiring is reduced, and less high-quality insulation is used. Hence – a very affordable price for HDMI cables, especially if you order them on Aliexpress.

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But do not think that all sellers, without exception, are trying to impose low-quality goods. The difference in cost: a good cable can cost not $2, but at least $10. It should also be borne in mind that retailers often take numbers from the ceiling to set the margin. It is possible that the cost of a frankly low-quality cord that meets all the standards will not differ much.

Thanks to such “paradoxes”, many users are confident that all cables are the same and there is no point in overpaying for a better one. The total cost is also influenced by the technological process. A hand-welded cord will cost more: there are 38 contacts, each of which must be connected correctly.

Due to the use of low-quality materials with the declared 10 meters, the signal with a resolution of 720 barely overcomes 5, while being distorted to a disgusting state. A cheap cable will not transmit a higher resolution, “drowning” in the data stream. Therefore, one of the reasons why the laptop does not see the TV is an inappropriate HDMI cable.

Fortunately, this can be determined not only empirically. A decent online store or marketplace has customer reviews for a specific product, including on Aliexpress. Also, one should not ignore such a useful platform as Yandex Market. Despite the criticism about the rating cheats, it was noticed that only reviews about stores are winding up there. Admins do not edit product cards, so you can find reviews for specific models of HDMI wires.

When it comes to offline marketplaces, it is best to buy from a seller you know personally. However, remember that the consultant’s interest is in the sales volume, not the customer satisfied with the quality.

For the frequency range with which HDMI works, the following patterns are true:

  • The thicker the wire and foil is used, the better the conduction of the cable will be.
  • Longitudinal foil mounting is better than spiral mounting, but such wire is stiffer and less flexible.
  • An external double-layer shield is better than a single-layer one, as it suppresses interference more strongly.
  • Each twisted pair should be placed in a separate shield so as not to interfere with each other’s signals.
  • Each screen must be isolated from one another.
  • The lower the resistivity of the conductors, the better the signal will be transmitted.

From this it follows that it is simply impossible to make a thin and flexible HDMI cable. Also, the signal is ultimately influenced by the quality of the soldering of the contacts.


As you can see, often the reason for the lack of a signal when connecting a laptop to a TV is a poor-quality HDMI cable. However, any problem Laptop Won’t Connect To Tv HDMI can be fixed by software or hardware, and the cable can be changed to normal. It is better to pay more at once than try to find a cable that meets the stated parameters.

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