How To Overclock Laptop Processor? Best Ways With Guide

How To Overclock Laptop Processor? You can increase the frequency not in every processor, but only in the one adapted for overclocking. This is achieved by increasing the so-called multiplier. Processors with a locked multiplier do not support this option, however, they are usually cheaper than overclocked ones.

Different versions of a laptop can use both types of CPUs within the same model range. For clarification, you need to study the specification for the device.

What happens if you overclock a laptop processor?

It is often more profitable to buy a device cheaper and overclock it yourself. This may be irrelevant when buying a new laptop that copes with the tasks at hand. Over time, the device becomes obsolete, as the system requirements of applications and especially games are constantly increasing.

Sometimes it is enough to raise the clock speed a little for a laggy game to work properly. However, in any case, this is a temporary “crutch”: it will not work to increase the frequency endlessly.

It should also be borne in mind that the structure of silicon crystals leaves its mark on the production of processors. A kind of “ceiling” – the 4 GHz mark. Above this frequency, neither the factory nor the overclocked manufacturers usually increase. This is due to the fact that above 4 GHz, the cost of every tenth part increases exponentially.

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CPU manufacturers take a different path and solve the problem of power in a different way: they increase the number of cores, each of which performs its own calculations, as well as the number of threads. Knowing about these overclocking features, you can be aware of how much you can overclock the processor in a laptop.

How To Overclock Laptop Processor

How To Overclock Laptop Processor? Step by Step Guide

If you decide to overclock your laptop, you should take into account that not only the clock speed of each of the cores is increasing. At the same time, energy consumption increases and, accordingly, heat generation. A battery charge in autonomous mode will last for a shorter period. A more powerful cooler may be required for effective cooling. Alternatively, you can use a special cooling pad that is powered by a USB port.

Before overclocking, it will not be superfluous to carry out unscheduled maintenance by cleaning the inside of the laptop from dust and replacing the thermal paste with a compound with a higher thermal conductivity. Remember that overclocking the CPU is essentially a work out of the box. In the long term, the life of the “stone” in this mode is reduced.

Easy Windows Overclocking

In Windows 10 and older versions, you can overclock the processor using the operating system itself. To do this, click the “Start” button and go to the Control Panel, where you can find the item “Power Management”. If the performance is set to high, the CPU will be supplied with more voltage and will run slightly faster.

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Software overclocking using special utilities

You can find out the parameters of the CPU in use using the CPU-Z utility, although it does not know how to overclock it. So you can get complete information about the part and determine what to count on when overclocking.

Of the utilities for overclocking, it is better to use those created by the manufacturer: AMD Overdrive or Intel SetFSB. This should be done carefully, increasing the frequency by 0.5 GHz steps and performing a stress test each time. If errors appear, the frequency should be reduced to the one at which the device works stably.

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How To Overclock Laptop Processor through BIOS

To get into the BIOS, you need to press the F2, Del or Esc button before loading the operating system. The required menu item may have different names for example, CPU FSB Clock or CPU FSB FrequencyWith these settings, you can slightly raise the clock speed of the bus, which links the CPU to other components. The clock frequency of the CPU itself does not increase.

The performance gain, in this case, is negligible. It is difficult to achieve unstable operation of the system since a full-fledged “protection from the fool” is implemented here. If you set inappropriate parameters, the computer will simply shut down and restart with working parameters. The bus step in these settings is usually 1 MHz.

How To Overclock Laptop Processor Through BIOS

Some processor models support changing the voltage through the BIOS. In this case, the clock frequency of the CPU already rises. It is better to set the rotational speed of the cooler with such overlocking to the maximum, since overheating is possible.

Should I overclock my laptop?

Thanks to the efforts of marketers, many users have formed a stereotype that, in terms of its capabilities, a laptop is not inferior to a stationary PC, including in terms of overlocking. This is not entirely true: laptops win in terms of mobility and autonomy, however, in terms of performance they are left behind.

Moreover, even the very concept of a “gaming laptop” is not entirely correct: a portable PC is designed for work and only for work, and not for entertainment and even more so for games. The slightest increase in voltage during overlocking is fraught with overheating.

And if in the case of a desktop PC it is possible to improve the cooling system by installing additional coolers, in the case of a laptop it is difficult to do this: the dimensions of the “filling” are calculated up to a millimeter, and there is simply nowhere to install an extra fan. The manufacturers themselves take this into account, ensuring the user against overclocking the laptop processor by installing non-overclocking parts.

Of course, you can increase the frequency of the CPU of a laptop, like any other, if the device supports this option. However, it is better to do this carefully, remembering to monitor the operating temperature using special diagnostic utilities.

Failure due to overheating of an expensive processor is too high a price for a couple of extra megahertz, which do not solve anything.

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So here was several methods on how to overclock laptop processor. Choose the suitable one for you and perform the task.

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