Apple Airpods Review: 2nd Generation Wireless Headphones

Today’s review of Apple AirPods the popular 2nd generation wireless headphones Apple calls them the most popular wireless headphones in the world, but is that so? Yes, on the street you often meet people with such headphones in their ears. They really have great design, superior sound, and good functionality. But frankly, the price frankly bites. And is it worth it to overpay for a brand?

Review of Apple Airpods

Review of Apple Airpods

Specifications of Apple Airpods:

  • Headphone Type: In-Ear;
  • Type of connection: wireless;
  • Connection Interface: Bluetooth;
  • Charging case: Lightning connector;
  • AirPods sensors: dual optical sensors, motion and voice recognition sensor – the headphones understand when you put them on, and there are also dual directional microphones;
  • Power and battery: AirPods without recharging – 5 hours in the mode of continuous listening to music and 3 hours in talk mode, with recharging in the case for more than 24 hours in listening to music and 18 hours of talk time, 15 minutes of charging provide up to 3 hours of continuous listening to music;
  • Size (each earphone): 16.5 x 18.0 x 40.5 mm;
  • Case size: 44.3 x 21.3 x 53.5 mm;
  • Weight: headphones – 8 grams, case – 38 grams;
  • Features: quick connection and setup, just say “Hello Siri” and the assistant will answer you, playback or switching to the next track is carried out by double-tap, quick charge, high sound quality.

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Review of Apple Airpods  Specifications

Packaging and delivery of Apple Airpods

The headphones come in Apple’s proprietary packaging, which is made of hard cardboard. On the front surface of the box are headphones. The pattern itself is slightly convex, made with high quality, looks stylish.

At the bottom of the box is an image of a charging case, a charging cable, equipment, logo and company address.

apple airpods Packaging and delivery

There is a small sticker on the sides of the box, on it you will find all the necessary information, as well as the serial number. You can independently verify the originality of the gadget. 

The box itself was sealed in a dense cellophane wrap. Inside the box on top, an ordinary envelope with numerous instructions.

In a white liner, which is made of thick cardboard, there is a case for charging with headphones inside.

A charging case with headphones in a protective film with a special tongue, which you should pull and the case will be in your hands. 

The lightning charging cable is located under a thick cardboard liner. Honestly, for a given price, you could put a cable plug in the kit.

Appearance of Apple Airpods

As for appearance, it is quite strict, universal and concise. Second-generation AirPods have a corporate identity. 

apple airpods apperance

The case is made of high quality plastic. It looks expensive, like all Apple products. There is a small metal insert for the cover opening mechanism and the edging of the Lightning connector. The only LED is inside the case. To see it you need to open the cover. It is located next to the headphone caps. 

  • No indication: the case is completely discharged and must be connected to power
  • Orange: if the headphones are inside the case, the headphones are charging
  • Orange: if there are no headphones in the case, you should connect the case to the network, since the charge is not enough even for one charge of AirPods
  • Blinking orange: error, headphones must be reconnected
  • Green: headphones are charged  
  • Flashing green: this occurs when you are pulling or inserting headphones into the case 
  • White: headphones awaiting connection

The model number is written inside the case. The lid opens and closes with ease, I suppose the lid is on magnets.

 On the back of the case is a small round button that is designed to switch to other devices, such as a laptop or other phone. Headphones work with both iOS and Android.

At the bottom of the capsule is a charging connector.

apple airpods apperance

The charging case is compact in size. It’s convenient to take AirPods on the go, and they won’t take up too much space in your bag, the headphones fit easily into your jeans pocket. Thanks to the robust case of the case, you will not worry about the safety of the headphones.    

 I want to note that the case will sooner or later begin to scratch, so I advise you to immediately purchase a protective case. 

reviews of apple airpods appearance   heaphones

The headphones are lightweight and comfortable. AirPods sit well in the auricle and do not fall out. Losing such headphones is quite difficult, even while jogging. Of course, if they are too expensive you can only use them at home or at work, where to lose them will be almost impossible. While wearing, they do not cause discomfort and are almost not felt. 

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Connection and use of Apple Airpods

 To connect the headphones for the first time, you should enable Bluetooth in the phone’s settings and open the cover of the case, the AirPoods icon will immediately appear on the phone’s display. It takes just a few seconds. 

apple airpods connection with iphone

Each subsequent connection of the headphones is automatic, you just have to get the headphones out of the charging case.

A nice feature of the headphones is the automatic playback or pause of music, you just have to remove one of the headphones from your ear. This is very convenient, for example, when you are walking along the street and you need to talk with someone. This feature can also be disabled. 

After connecting, an icon with the percentage of charging the case and headphones is displayed on the smartphone screen. At the top of the icon is the name AirPods.  

 If you remove one earphone from the case, the charge level will be divided and the charge of the left and right earphones will show separately. 

 If you remove both headphones from the case, then the charge of both headphones will be displayed on the icon. 

Using the Battery widget on your iOS device, you can also check the charging status of your AirPods with a charging case. 

Sound of Apple Airpods

apple airpods sounds

Headphones AirPods have a good loud sound, which is pleasantly pleasing. To listen to the track in a minibus or bus, 50% is enough, 70% of the volume is enough in the subway. But if you use headphones as a headset, then it is recommended to twist the volume to 100%. 

Talk quality is not perfect. The interlocutor hears you quietly, the noise is suppressed by digital processing. During the conversation should speak more clearly and loudly.

In music playback mode, AirPods have high-quality sound. They amaze with the depth of the scene. All channels are perfectly separated, all instruments are very clearly audible.

Headphones perfectly reproduce high notes; they do not hiss and do not dissolve into melodies. Mid frequencies are perfect. As for the low frequencies, they are not humming and you don’t really need to rely on the fact that you will definitely let a tear go. 

 It is worth paying attention to the fact that the headphones play outside. And if you listen to your favorite tracks at maximum volume, then the people around you will hear the music well. 

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Hi Siri

Siri’s assistant can now be called without pressing a key. You just have to say “Hello Siri” and the assistant will answer you.

This greatly simplifies the conversation with Siri. You no longer need to get your phone out of your pocket or bag to write and send a message or make a phone call. Siri can also automatically voice incoming messages, include a party playlist, make the sound louder, and more. At the same time, Siri will not bother you if you are talking on the phone or listening to music. 


  Headphones Airpods are good quality headphones that are worthy of attention. Are they worth the money? The question is rhetorical. It all depends on the user and how much he is willing to pay for the headphones. AirPods combine lightness and comfort with wireless connectivity. New opportunities for using Siri’s assistant will delight everyone. For me personally, the sound quality is really good. If we talk about ease of use AirPods headphones leave a large number of competitors behind. 

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