Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Reviews of owners Complete Buyers Guide

Thinking about whether to buy a robotic vacuum cleaner for the home, you have to evaluate your living conditions and compare them with the real capabilities of the unit.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

After all, robotic technology, which appeared on the market relatively recently, has not yet become an absolute substitute for the good old vacuum cleaner. Although with the right choice, it can significantly save time on cleaning.

In this article, we consider the capabilities of robotic vacuum cleaners, get acquainted with the opinions of the owners regarding the advisability of buying such an assistant for the home. We also give recommendations on choosing the appropriate model of a robotic assistant.

Key features of the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

World-renowned manufacturers offer a wide variety of robotic vacuum cleaner models. They differ not only in weight, shape, size, and appearance but also in a set of functions

Moreover, it is the latter factor that is fundamental, directly affecting the price tag of each model.

In order to decide on the purchase of this kind of vacuum cleaner or close the question, completely abandoning the thought of acquiring, you should familiarize yourself with its capabilities. And then compare them with the real conditions in which the robot has to work.

It is worth noting that far from every unit is able to cope with dried drops of juice or coffee. The ability to wipe stains is the prerogative of washing modifications of the vacuum cleaner. Only robots capable of processing the same place several times will be able to do this.

Also, an important characteristic is the shape – round models do worse with cleaning in the corners of the room. An exception is models that have elongated side brushes.

Among the capabilities of robotic vacuum cleaners are the following:

  • the ability to build a map of the room so as not to encounter obstacles during subsequent cleaning;
  • installation of a virtual barrier – walls to prevent the unit from accessing a specific place/room;
  • inspection of the room with an optical camera located on the case, and transfer of the received information directly to the owner;
  • control of some models from the remote control.

The newest representatives of robots from many manufacturers are synchronized with the user’s gadgets. This will require the installation of a mobile application.

A virtual barrier – a wall – is an additional opportunity to optimize the work of a smart assistant. An accessory can have several modes of action, for example, you can limit the area that is a mini-dining room for a pug / Persian / other pet

The pros and cons of buying

Not all potential users will become happier after buying a robotic vacuum cleaner – it may turn out to be another piece of furniture that reminds you of wasted money.

Pros of buying robotic vacuum cleaners

It is important to understand that a robotic vacuum cleaner is not able to 100% save the owner from cleaning his home. It only simplifies daily care, picking up small litter in a dust collector or wiping a laminate/parquet/linoleum with a napkin.

Therefore, the unit will be very useful for your beloved grandparents with disabilities – just give the user a remote control or set a cleaning schedule.

Smart models of robotic vacuum cleaners are able to report on the work performed, sending a report to the owner. In which there is a map with marked areas where it was possible to get out, and where not

Another argument is the presence of an animal in a fur coat. Even the shortest woolsheds and stays on a carpet, sofa, or accumulates under the legs of a sofa/chair. To get acquainted with the best robotic vacuum cleaners for carpets, please

Among the advantages of buying a robot, one should also note the following:

  • his presence disciplines – the owners get used to hiding wires, socks, children’s toys, removing all unnecessary from under his feet;
  • clean kitchen after the meal of children – to collect crumbs from the floor in the kitchen, you can run a robot, and this time can be spent on a more pleasant lesson;
  • no need to get a vacuum cleaner every day – just program the robot for daily cleaning, for example, while the hostess is walking with a pug;
  • cleaning time is reduced – weekly general cleaning is simplified because almost clean rooms are easier to bring to shine.

A robotic assistant is able to free up a few hours per week that can be spent usefully. Moreover, dust particles do not accumulate in the corners – the unit will regularly collect dust from the floor.

Arguments of opponents of such a technique

Ardent opponents call a robotic vacuum cleaner just a toy. They give a number of arguments against buying it. Firstly, the high price. It is difficult to argue with this – indeed, not everyone who wants to can buy household appliances for 40 or more thousand rubles.

There are cheaper analogs that can facilitate routine household tasks. In addition, the personal time of most working people is more expensive than a robot cleaner

Secondly, the preparation of the area. There is a need for preliminary cleaning of the floor from small objects and wires. Some models are able to get tangled up or pull the iron, laptop, hairdryer, and other small household appliances onto the floor.

Thirdly, poor assembly and damage. This sin cheap robots come from China. Many of them do not have a guarantee and a Russified instruction manual. Therefore, no one bears obligations to the buyer.

In order to protect yourself from falsification or low-quality equipment, it is better not to be tempted by the low price tag – such vacuum cleaners may not meet the declared parameters or even break down in a week

Fourth, possible problems with the quality of cleaning. Many opponents of robots retell the same story about cat/dog products, a thin layer smeared throughout the apartment.

Moreover, this counterargument is given, as a rule, by people who have not personally seen such vacuum cleaners. And thousands of cat/dog owners leave enthusiastic video reviews on their robotic equipment and there is only one such story.

Moreover, to avoid an incident is easy – you need to walk animals in a timely manner, and protect the place of feeding or cat’s toilet using a virtual wall.

Fifth, a cluttered apartment. The modest dimensions of the room, where every centimeter matters and the maximum of useful furniture is squeezed in, is not the best place for the robotic vacuum cleaner to live.

He will not be able to rearrange the furniture, and the area for cleaning will not justify the funds spent on his purchase.

Owners of small apartments filled with furniture really do not need such a technique. And for large rooms with carpets and animals, categorically you can’t buy cheap Chinese robots – they will not cope with such tasks

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Reviews of real users about robots

After evaluating reviews of robotic vacuum cleaners on specialized online platforms and forums, you can notice one pattern – if the purchase was deliberate, then there are no complaints.

Such owners are quite happy with the new housekeeper.

Many bachelors and pet lovers have been using a robotic vacuum cleaner for 3-5-7 years and are happy from its presence in their home

They especially like these features:

  • set a cleaning schedule and come in the evening to a clean apartment, where there are no debris or wool of your beloved cat;
  • the unit is able to wipe the floor and vacuum under the sofa, where the owner himself gets once a week/month;
  • you can specify the place of cleaning and the robot will not cross these boundaries.

As for the negative reviews, people who received such equipment as a gift or bought under the influence of advertising or enthusiastic responses from a neighbor/friend played for a week or two and put the unit dusting in the far corner of the pantry.

Some opponents of robotic technology do not like that for various types of tasks they have to acquire a separate unit: for the pool, one robot, for windows – another, for polishing parquet – the third and so on

They also do not like a number of points, among which are the following:

  • the robot cannot clean in the corners and wash the skirting boards;
  • regularly need to clean hair brushes, dust collector;
  • the unit may get stuck under low furniture, heating radiators;
  • the robot cannot make a full-scale general cleaning by washing and cleaning the entire apartment;
  • a working unit scares individual pets, and some like to ride on it;
  • this kind of equipment is too expensive.

Moreover, I do not like that for wet cleaning it is not enough to indicate the desired cleaning time and to fill the tank with liquid in advance – the owner will need to be in the next room.

From time to time, a robotic vacuum cleaner may need help – add water, it is possible to put a virtual wall so that it does not climb onto the carpet, etc.

Therefore, it is important before buying to really assess your living conditions and select a model based on them.

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Rules for choosing a robotic cleaner

The choice of the potential owner is truly great – the robotic technology for the home is distinguished by functionality, height, shape, color and, of course, price.

Moreover, the latter in some cases is a consequence of the model belonging to the family of the eminent manufacturer. It is not surprising that when faced with such an assortment for the first time, it is easy to get lost.

Therefore, it is important to immediately highlight the main criteria that you will be guided by when choosing a robotic vacuum cleaner. If he has to rub the parquet, then the polisher of the Irobot Braava Jet 240 type will cope with the tas.

And if you need to vacuum the carpets and wipe the floor, you will need a more functional model.

A robot from a famous brand is not only a higher price tag. A positive reputation is attached to it, the availability of service centers throughout the country, affordable consumables, and other accessories

In addition to the estimated area of ​​the room and the type of flooring, attention will be paid to the following technical parameters of the unit:

  • suction power;
  • dust collector volume;
  • the presence of a self-cleaning function and a base with a trash can – this option is justified for large rooms;
  • various operating modes;
  • number of brushes;
  • battery capacity and recharge time;
  • the ability to build a map of the room, planning their movements;
  • promptly and independently follow to the base for charging the battery;
  • the ability not to get tangled in wires;
  • remote control/smartphone and the ability to schedule cleaning.

Not all robots are equipped with a base – this fact should be considered by the owners of small apartments. Sometimes it’s better to choose a model that charges directly.

If you plan to buy in the online store and there is no way to inspect the robot you like, then it will be useful to look for an online overview of this model. After all, brushes that are difficult to maintain and with a ton of extra parts can ruin the impression of even perfect cleaning.

Among users, house cleaning robots from iRobot are especially popular. Models are presented in a wide assortment and price range – from budget ones available to most buyers to more expensive versions with lots of technical bells and whistles

Smart vacuum cleaners of such brands as:

  • philips ;
  • samsung ;
  • polaris ;
  • iCLEBO ;
  • iRobot ;
  • universal assistants from Hobot;
  • highly intelligent robots brand Xiaomi .

The latter, by the way, differ in more than acceptable cost with an extensive set of functions and skills. One of the prominent representatives of this brand is Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum .

Another important criterion is ease of maintenance. It is advisable to immediately check how the cleaning brushes are removed, especially if family members with long hair or periodically molting pets live in the house.

Also, an important criterion for choosing is the presence/availability of the service in your hometown/city. So, if necessary, there are no problems with the warranty service.

It is advisable immediately, even before purchase, to study the market of components/accessories for availability – where you can purchase everything you need and how much it will cost.

Well, if the model you like is not picky and agrees to work with cheap Chinese brushes at a price of 1-2 dollars per pair.

The purchase should be approached carefully, taking into account your wishes and comparing them with real characteristics. Then there will be no disappointment in the operation

Having picked up the optimal robotic vacuum cleaner that best meets the stated requirements, you need to study the reviews on it by the real owners.

But it’s worth looking at forums and specialized platforms, paying special attention to the negative ones, and evaluating them for adequacy.

It is important to check that the operating instructions and manufacturer’s warranty are attached before purchase.

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Pros and cons of a robotic vacuum cleaner in a recall of a real owner living with a furry friend:

Having studied the reviews of the owners of robotic apartment cleaners, as well as the arguments in favor of buying this kind of equipment and the arguments of opponents, you can form your opinion on this matter.

Moreover, when deciding to purchase, it is important to carefully select the optimal model, taking into account the area of ​​the room, household features, type of flooring and other characteristics that affect the final decision.

Do you have questions about choosing the right model of a robotic vacuum cleaner for your home? Or do you want to consult with our experts and other site visitors about the advisability of buying a particular model? Ask your questions in the comments section – our experts will try to help you. And the real owners of the model you like, if there are any among the visitors to our site, will share their impressions about using this robotic vacuum cleaner, talk about the pros and cons seen during operation.

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