Samsung Tv Keeps Turning Off And On: Causes And Fixes

No equipment is immune from premature failure. Therefore, even if you buy expensive equipment, still keep in mind that there is a possibility of device breakdown. Of course, TV equipment from Samsung is no exception to this rule.

There are many different symptoms that indicate equipment malfunctioning. The most common sign of a device failure is the Samsung TV Keeps turning off and on itself.

samsung tv keeps turning off and on
samsung tv keeps turning off and on

Samsung Tv Keeps Turning Off And On: Causes And Fixes

What to do in such cases? Of course, first of all, you need to find out the reason for the incorrect operation of the equipment. By determining what caused the malfunction of the Samsung TV, you can quickly fix the breakdown. This can be done both independently and by contacting the service center.

External causes

After carrying out elementary diagnostics, the user will determine why the Samsung TV turns off itself or, on the contrary, starts up randomly. As a rule, the elimination of minor failures does not require special skills, so you can handle it yourself without contacting a service center.

Now we will analyze the most obvious reasons for the incorrect operation of external type equipment, and also analyze the best ways to solve the problems that have arisen.

It is clear that immediately disassembling the TV is absolutely definitely not worth it, first you need to check it for external faults:

  • breakdown of the remote control;
  • damage to the power cable;
  • sleep timer;
  • failure of the antenna or module for wireless Internet connection.

Now let’s take a closer look at all of the above reasons why TVs turn on automatically.

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Broken remote

If the TV turns on and immediately turns off, and does not respond to the remote control, then you need to check the operation. Inspect the device for mechanical damage, check if the buttons are sticky, change the batteries.

Using the smartphone camera, you can check if the remote control is feeding on the infrared sensor. Point the camera at the sensor so that you can see it on the smartphone screen. Then press several different buttons, if there is no glow, then the remote control is broken. The reason the battery life has run out or mechanical damage.

problem is Power outlet

If the TV stops working on its own, be sure to inspect the cable, power adapter, and outlet to which the device is connected. Lack of power supply during non-contact causes malfunctions, as a result, the TV will turn off, thus going into protection mode.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Check connectors and plugs for mechanical damage.
  2. Are there any fractures or kinks in the power cable?
  3. Look for dark spots or charred spots on the fork.
  4. Fix the socket firmly.

If possible, connect the TV to a different outlet.

Sleep timer set

Sometimes the TV turns on and off by itself due to incorrectly set sleep timer parameters, understand the setting of this function. It is possible that the timer is set to automatically turn off the TV device. What to do in such a situation? It’s actually quite simple, just change the settings.

Wi-Fi disappears

Problems with a wireless Internet connection can arise not only due to a breakdown of the Wi-Fi adapter, but also due to software failures, incorrectly specified settings. It cannot be ruled out that the cause of the problem was the router. Try connecting to your home network using other devices such as a smartphone. If everything works, then the LCD TV Smart TV requires replacing the Wi-Fi module, for this contact the service center.

Problems on TV

Elimination of malfunctions in the operation of television equipment should begin with a full reboot, perform a full reset of user settings. Disconnect the device from the mains to temporarily relieve the capacitors, they should cool down a little. Wait literally 1-2 minutes, and then turn on the TV again.

The main thing is not to confuse a hardware failure with a software failure. Operational issues are addressed by installing a fresh service pack. Hardware is a little more complicated, because you have to disassemble the TV.

If you have updated the operating system, but Smart TV still lives its own life, then you need to dismantle the back panel and look for the cause of the problem with the hardware component of the device. If you do not have the skills to disassemble TVs, then it is better to contact a service center.

What should be considered when disassembling television equipment? First, to remove the back panel, you need to unscrew the screws, for this you need a screwdriver of the appropriate size. When unscrewing the fasteners, remember their location, otherwise you will face serious problems during the assembly process.

Secondly, if you replaced the faulty hardware module and now want to check if the TV is working, you should replace the back cover and tighten all the bolts. All this is done for security purposes.

samsung tv keeps turning off due to dust or moisture got inside
dust got inside

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Samsung Tv Keeps Turning Off due to Dust or moisture got inside

If dust has accumulated in the hardware, it must be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Advantageously, such a simple action allows you to solve the problem with the periodic spontaneous switching on of the TV device. The thing is that the dust conducts an electric current, in addition, even a small clot will be enough for static electricity. The result is a short circuit. The TV switches to protection mode.

Due to moisture, corrosion forms on the contacts, as a result of which the signal is not distributed evenly. Therefore, if moisture gets inside, then you should immediately clean it.

Broken buttons

After removing the back cover, turn off the module with buttons, and then turn on the TV. Each non-contact will put the device into a protective mode, so the technique starts to shut down randomly. In no case should you turn on the TV with the rear panel removed, as mentioned earlier, this is not safe.

Software crash

If Smart TV turns itself on and off, then it is possible that the problem lies in the software. Install the latest updates, download them only from the manufacturer’s official website. If this does not help, then reset the user settings after a while.

Problems in electrical circuits

If you still have doubts, then you can diagnose a breakdown of this type yourself:

  1. Turn off the TV and then remove the back cover.
  2. Examine the state of the board yourself, for this you need a magnifying glass, a magnifying glass.
  3. If the part is cracked, then it needs to be changed, spare parts can be bought in the appropriate stores.

The restoration of electrical circuits is an extremely serious problem, so it is better to entrust its elimination to a specialist.