how to set alarm on laptop windows 10

The era of mechanical watches is long gone, and their function is most often performed by smartphones. But quite often there are situations when the battery on the phone runs out, and it is necessary to get up at a certain time. In this case, you can set an alarm on a laptop using the built-in utilities or installing one of the special programs. Here we are telling you How To Set Alarm On Laptop Windows 10.

How To Set Alarm On Laptop Windows 10?

Enabling sleep mode

To prevent a disconnected laptop from running out of power overnight, it is advisable to limit power consumption. For this you need:

  1. Open the “Control Panel”, from where you go to the system and security settings, and then – to the section “Power supply”.
  2. Go to lid close action settings. If necessary, click on the line to go to the currently unavailable parameters.
  3. Set “Sleep” or “Hibernation” as an action when closing the lid both during connection to the network and during autonomous operation.
  4. Return to the section “Power supply”, open the settings of the current scheme. Select to change additional parameters.
  5. Find the item “Sleep” in the list, open it. Within the sub-item allowing the wake-up timers, note the operation on battery and mains. Save settings.

On some devices, the alarm does not sound when sleep mode is enabled. The only solution to the problem is to set the display off or the absence of any reaction in the actions when closing the lid.

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How To Set Alarm On Laptop Windows 10?

The easiest way to set up a laptop with Windows 10. To turn on the alarm, you should:

  1. Find the section “Alarms and clocks” through Start.
  2. At the bottom of the window, click on the plus sign. Set the time, the ability to repeat, the melody and the period for which the signal can be postponed.
  3. Save.

When setting up for the first time, it is recommended to set an alarm for the next few minutes to test the operation of the application when the sleep mode is activated.

Earlier versions of the OS do not have special software, but you can use a universal utility. For this:

  1. Find and run the “Task Scheduler” through the Start menu.
  2. Start creating a simple task, in the first step, specify an arbitrary name.
  3. Mark daily execution. Unfortunately, the day of the week setting is not available.
  4. A subsection will open where you can select the date of the first activation of the alarm and specify the time.
  5. At the next step, you should mark the launch of the task, and then select a melody (the “Program or script” field).
  6. In the window for finishing the settings, mark the checkbox confirming the opening of properties.
  7. Ready to click on the button.
  8. Additional options will open.
  9. In the “Triggers” tab, using the “edit” button, you can configure the task repetition.
  10. In the “Conditions”, it should be noted the need to wake up the computer and uncheck the box that allows starting only when the laptop is connected to the charger.
  11. If the selected melody has a format other than .wpl, you may need to open the “Actions” subsection, click on changing the parameters. In the “Program or script” field, specify the path to the player (by default – ” C:\Program Files \ Windows Media Player \ wmplayer.exe”), and in the arguments – the path to the melody file.
  12. After saving the changes, among the list of tasks, you need to select the newly created one and click on the “Run” item in the right menu. If you succeed in setting the alarm, the selected melody should play on the laptop.
How To Set Alarm On Laptop Windows 10 Through Software?

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How To Set Alarm On Laptop Windows 10 through software?

Custom applications are designed to be more flexible and feature-rich. The ranking of the best includes:

  1. Hot Alarm Clock. Allows you to create tasks, reminders, alarms, schedule. You can add important dates to the calendar – holidays, birthdays. After the trial period, you will need to pay for further use, but there is a free version – Free Alarm Clock. The functionality is slightly reduced on it, but you can still set the alarm.
  2. Atomic Alarm Clock. Built into the system clock and calendar, supports setting reminders, creating an organizer, turning off the laptop and starting programs on a timer. You can turn on online time synchronization, a large selection of themes and melodies is provided. The free period is one month.
  3. Alarm clock from MaxLim. The interface is Russified, you can install a “spare” melody, in case the main one is unavailable. A gradual increase in volume is available. The app is completely free.

All three utilities support waking the laptop from sleep mode.

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How To Set Alarm On Laptop Windows 10 Using AIMP?

Special programs are not always needed. If AIMP is installed on the laptop, then you can set the alarm in the media player interface:

  1. At the top, find the timer icon, click on it.
  2. Switch to the “Alarm” tab. Set the necessary parameters – time, file for playback, volume.
  3. Apply changes.

AIMP must be open for the alarm to go off.

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