3 Ways To share internet connection windows 10 on Laptop

Every year Microsoft improves its developments for Windows OS, supplements its products with new functions and capabilities. The windows latest updates include ways to Share Internet Connection Windows 10 on laptop through a mobile hotspot and the ability to share Wi-Fi.

How to Share Internet Connection Windows 10 on laptop?

You can Share laptop Internet Connection Windows 10 in different ways:

  • Mobile hotspot
  • From Network And Internet Connection Settings
  • Using CMD

Let’s discuss each way in detail.

Share Internet Connection Windows 10 through Mobile hotspot

Most users who actively use version 10 are not aware of this innovation, moreover, they have no idea how it will show itself in-home use. It is not necessary to go into the technical component of the option, in a simple sense, a mobile hot spot is an opportunity that allows you to create an Internet distribution point for other equipment used by the user.

In other words, a hot spot is a utility for transforming a home PC into a station that broadcasts a connection. The PC acts as a router (modem) using a wireless connection. To set up a mobile hotspot, you need to identify the device that subsequently dispenses, names the connection, specifies a password (required).

There are a lot of connection options and ways to distribute the Internet from a laptop. When activated by the same connection method, any device can be used, including PCs, mobile phones, etc. Devices must have built-in or external Wi-Fi adapters with correctly installed drivers.

Share Internet Connection Windows 10 Through Mobile Hotspot

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From network and Internet connection settings

The new version of the product appeared during the upgrade to build 1607. Users who have not installed the update in automatic mode should search for updates on their own using the “Update Center” menu.

Upon completion of the update installation using the Windows menu, the icon is located in the system tray, in the lower right part, when the “Mobile hotspot” option is expanded.

There is another way to use the function. The command is pressed and through the menu, the necessary network and Internet connection settings are selected, where the required line is displayed in the list. The icon located in the tray regulates the mechanism for enabling the hot-spot, the option is configured in the “Mobile hot-spot” section.

After entering the menu, you need to configure the hotspot access point: come up with a connection name, generate a password set by the system by default.

Below is the option for adjusting the parameters. In the settings, you can change the name, password, but the number of characters must be up to 9.

The use string indicates the available connection. To activate, it remains to move the enabling slider to the “Enabled” position.

The main thing to do for everything to work is to ensure a smooth network connection, as well as install the drivers. The OS installs the driver itself. It is important to check all this before configuring the access point.

From Network And Internet Connection Settings

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Share Internet Connection Windows 10 using CMD Command line

A command prompt opens with administrator rights. Click Win + X, select “Command Line (Administrator)”. The unconditional execution of a special command is required.

Login information is set. Performing this action allows you to configure the connection, login. If the command is executed correctly, a report on the resolution of the hosted network will appear. The allowed network starts like this: netsh wlan start hostednetwork. Actions are taken, the connection is started. The laptop is distributing.

After completion, it will be possible to connect devices to the connection, but it will be inactive. To activate, you need to set up Internet sharing.

The OS acts like this:

  1. Click the right switch button on the connection icon, select the “Network and Sharing Center” item.
  2. On the left, the option “Change adapter parameters” is selected.
  3. Click the adapter making the connection. If a standard network is installed, the “Properties” option is selected in the drop-down menu.
  4. A transition is made to the item “Access”, a check mark is set in the section “Allowing other network users to use the Internet from the device.” Below are selected from the list options for the appeared connection.

After performing the above actions, the network starts up, a special command is executed: netsh WLAN stop hostednetwork. If the network does not start, it is recommended to restart the PC.

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Summing up

Despite the simplicity of the installation procedure and the versatility of the chosen option, users have a lot of problems when forming access to the Internet in a similar way. If the above rules are followed, the task is simplified, and the user can correctly install the Internet through a laptop with Windows 10.

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