It would seem that most recently people were happy about the invention of a washing machine, microwave oven and refrigerator, but all these smart home innovations and devices managed to enter our lives so firmly that we can no longer imagine how we could do without them before. Will over time the technological innovations offered now become the same in demand?

The technology is developing rapidly, and today the market and smart home companies offers a wide variety of home innovation products, including smart home systems that help their owners to clean, cook and even relax.

More recently, we couldn’t even dream of such devices – a smart bed that monitors sleep patterns, a smart toilet seat that heats the seat, and a smart toothbrush that tells you when you put too much pressure on your gums. Many do not even suspect the existence of the smart home innovations presented below, however, they can take their rightful place in our new homes. Here is a list of smart devices.

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Google Home is a smart speaker compatible with the Google Assistant on your smartphone. With its help, through voice commands you can go to e-mail, calendar, contact list, make calls, control your TV, music speakers and other smart home devices, and even find a lost phone. Among the advantages of the gadget is a compact and aesthetic appearance – the column can be placed anywhere – whether it is a kitchen shelf, bookcase or cabinet in the living room.


Smart LED lamps with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are the first step to help transform your home into a smart home. Smart lighting systems allow you to control and adjust the brightness of the light in the house or apartment (from bright to twilight), as well as change the color of lighting, which helps to save electricity and is very convenient during holidays and parties.


The connoisseurs of the smart home system may like the smart toilet – a toilet that heats the seat, as well as flushes, dries, and even opens and closes the lid, saving the inhabitants of the house from the eternal debate about who did not lower it (did not lift it). In addition to the features described, smart toilets can be equipped with LED night lamps, foot warmers, scales, an integrated tank warning sensor, and a self-cleaning function. Moreover, the latest models are capable of measuring sugar levels and even conducting urine tests. Top smart toilet manufacturers include Toto Washlet and Kohler Numi Toilet.


If you still don’t have a smart toothbrush with a Bluetooth function that monitors your brushing quality, you’ve lost a lot! Of course, you are an adult and consider yourself practically an expert in this field, but you will be surprised after the new brush tells you how many things you are doing wrong.

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A smart toothbrush with built-in Bluetooth and 3D sensors records how many times you brushed your teeth, what attention you paid to each place, with what pressure you pressed the brush, and tells you at what angle it should be held – and all this using a special application.


Samsung SmartThings can undoubtedly be the brain of your updated smart home. its Hub connects to any smartphone device and allows you to control electronics throughout the house, including lighting, temperature, cameras, doorbells, speakers, smart toilets and much more. All this is done using voice commands and Wi-Fi. Samsung SmartThings is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.


Alexa Skills is another talented smart home manager. With voice commands and Wi-Fi, Alexa Smart Home Skills helps you control lights, switches, TVs, speakers, and other smart devices, including a robotic vacuum cleaner.


Think the perfect bed doesn’t exist? Sounds like you’re wrong. Smart beds allow you to adjust the rigidity of the mattress, raise and lower it, cool and heat, and also monitor your movements during sleep and even the habit of snoring, thanks to built-in motion sensors and a microphone.

The latest smart bed models also have features that can help stop snoring. When such a bed receives the appropriate signal from the sensors, it slowly raises your head by 11-12 degrees, helping to relieve air pressure.

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Your pet will no longer eat off-schedule! A smart device will allow you to adjust the time of feeding the pet, serving size and even the ability to feed at a distance. To feed a pet during his absence, you just need to use the special application on your smartphone.


Smart toasters will surely bring their owners a lot of pleasant minutes. Using the application, this device allows you to control the level of roasting of various types of bread. Today, one of the best smart toasters is the Breville Smart Toaster.


What could be better than being sure that your home is safe and secure? Its the most demand smart home innovations. By installing a smart security system, which consists of several protection devices connected to the Internet, you will receive a signal every time someone tries to open the door or window of your house. Such a smart system includes video cameras, smart door locks, motion sensors, glass break sensors and alarms. Thanks to the water sensors, the security system also warns about the possible leakage of water.

Now every one want to trasform home to high tech home.what you say about recent smart home innovations.

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