In this section of our technology blog. Choosing a tablet for home, study, games, for a taxi. Ratings of the best tablets in categories: powerful, inexpensive, with a good camera, with a keyboard, on Windows. Popular brands participate in the selections: Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Lenovo, etc.

Best Tablets Rating and Guide

9 Best 7 Inch Tablets For Every Purpose.

9 Best 7 Inch Tablets for every purpose.

Compact enough to carry anywhere, yet powerful 7 inch tablet models. The tablet market is currently undergoing severe stagnation. The ...
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Best Tablets For Gaming. How To Choose A Gaming Tablet?

10 best tablets for gaming. How to choose a gaming tablet?

Tablet computers appeared on the digital market back in 2010. Their main purpose was an attempt to fully replace bulky ...
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