how to take screenshot on laptop?

Screenshot a scan of the screen, a quick way to copy what is happening on your laptop, record, and share it in correspondence in order to avoid unnecessary explanations. Various programs, online services, and hotkeys allow you to both take a screenshot on a laptop and edit the resulting image. Here we will discuss How To Take Screenshot On Laptop?

How To Take Screenshot On Laptop

How To Take Screenshot On Laptop using hotkeys?

Hotkeys provide quick access to system and program capabilities, allowing you to bypass multiple menu items without searching for the desired operation.Taking screenshots is one such task that requires instant execution.

How To Take Screenshot On Laptop Using Hotkeys

Almost any computer keyboard has a Print Screen button (if you didn’t recognize it right away, it may be hidden under the abbreviation Prt scn, Prnt Scrn or PrtSc). She is responsible for copying the entire screen image of the monitor to the clipboard. Its color (or the color of the label) can match the color of the Fn key – in this case, you need to press them together.

To get a graphic file, it is better to open a program that can work with images (standard Paint, if available – Adobe Photoshop), create a new document in it and paste the contents of the buffer into it (Ctrl + V). If you plan to immediately publish the file on a social network, when saving, you need to select a format that will allow you to get good quality with a small size (jpg, png).

If editing is required, for example, applying filters, adding text, photographs, graphic elements, it is better to give preference to such a format that does not reduce the quality (tif). Also, the file can be inserted into a word processing document, presentation or email.

Similarly, you can take a screenshot of only one active window by pressing Alt and Print Screen at the same time.

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Windows 10 now makes it possible to save a screen without the participation of additional programs. Using the Win + Prntscr buttons, you can take a picture of the screen and immediately get the finished png file in the “Pictures” – “Screenshots” folder. The combination Alt + Win + PrntScr saves the active window to the “Videos” – “Clips” folder.

Win + S + Shift

This keyboard shortcut starts the function of selecting the desired part of the screen and then opens it for viewing and processing, including cropping, pencil, pen, highlighter, and saving.

Snipping Tool

The standard Snipping tool in Windows offers a choice of the shape of the display picture (arbitrary, rectangle, window), recording formats, and allows for small editing (pen, marker). If that’s not enough and needs some work, you can send the file to Paint.

How To Take Screenshot On Laptop using online services?

Online services offer to paste an image from the clipboard ( or screen the site page at the entered address (, after which you can edit the picture and get a link.

How To Take Screenshot On Laptop with Screenshot software?

Almost all screenshot programs require installation on a computer, but some of them also work online.

How To Take Screenshot On Laptop With Screenshot Software?


A simple and convenient program for creating screenshots and further work with them. Its capabilities:

  • installation (Windows, Mac OS), use on the site, adding a button to the browser;
  • full screen, area, active window;
  • work with the clipboard, hotkeys;
  • editing pictures;
  • output to a graphic format file of your choice;
  • link formation;
  • publication on social networks;
  • Search for analogs through Google Image Search & Tineye.


A fast resource for sharing files on the web. Key features:

  • full screen or partial capture;
  • Hotkeys;
  • available history of actions;
  • image editing;
  • formation of a short link to a file, code for insertion into sites
  • posting the file to social networks.

Installation on a computer is required.

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Screen Capture

Service features:

  • requires installation;
  • takes a screenshot of the entire screen or area;
  • allows editing;
  • works with clipboard, hotkeys;
  • provides a short link to the file.


The program, whose development was stopped in 2011, can nevertheless be installed and used for:

  • a snapshot of a whole screen, an area of ​​a rectangular or free form, a single window, a page with scrolling;
  • editing pictures without drawing and effects;
  • saving the file in a graphic format of your choice;
  • getting a link.

Faststone Capture

Lightweight, functional program. After installation, the following are available:

  • full screen screen, incl. with scrolling, areas of the desired size or free form, windows;
  • repeat capture option;
  • image editing;
  • capturing video from the screen, selecting an area, adding titles;
  • recording sound from a microphone;
  • saving as a graphic or video file, output to an FTP server, in Microsoft Word, Power Point.

Microsoft Snip

A utility capable of providing a screenshot with a voice comment. Key features:

  • screenshot, capture of webcam frames, blank slate;
  • minor correction (pencils, eraser);
  • recording sound from a microphone;
  • file output to a png image or a presentation;
  • formation of a short link to a file.

Microsoft Snip discontinued on May 1, 2018


A fast and functional program to be installed on your computer. With its help you can:

  • create screenshots of screens, sites;
  • edit images;
  • scan QR / Bar Code, passwords from “asterisks” in Total Commander, WinScp, etc .;
  • record video from the screen;
  • save to graphic or video file;
  • receive short links;
  • publish files on forums, blogs.


Simple and intuitive program with a user-friendly interface. After installation, it performs:

  • full screen capture, screen area, single window, scrolling pages, sites;
  • advanced editing using effects;
  • saving a graphic file;
  • sending to websites, e-mail, FTP, social networks and file hosting.


The installation process requires registration on the site. Main functions:

  • screenshot of the whole screen or part of it;
  • image editing, drawing, adding elements, text;
  • saving a graphic file;
  • providing a link;
  • uploading files to cloud storage.

You can upgrade to a PRO account with advanced features.


Ultra-fast program for creating and publishing screenshots. Features of work:

  • the need to install on a computer;
  • the ability to make a full screen screen, area;
  • the presence of hot keys;
  • the possibility of obtaining a link.


Program with interface in English. After installation will execute:

  • screenshot of the whole screen or its part, active window, scrolling area, according to schedule;
  • image editing;
  • capture video from the screen, frames from a webcam;
  • sound recording with a choice of signal source;
  • saving a graphic or video file;
  • file transfer to cloud storage, FTP server, websites, social networks.


Screenshoter that supports a large number of modern graphic formats. By installing it, you can:

  • take a screenshot of a full screen, area, window, scroll page;
  • edit the picture;
  • output to a graphic format file;
  • send to sites, email, office programs.

Powerful graphics editor. After installing and pasting a screenshot from the clipboard, the program performs:

  • advanced editing: dialog boxes, working with layers, effects, text, multiple files at the same time;
  • saving the file in a graphic format of your choice.

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How To Take Screenshot on MacBook?

MacOS, like Windows, has a built-in service for taking screenshots.

How To Take Screenshot On MacBook?

The fastest way to do them is with the keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Cmd + Shift + 3 – screenshot of the whole screen. The file is immediately saved to the desktop in png format.
  2. Cmd + Shift + 4 – selection of a screen area. It can be moved (Space), scaled arbitrarily (Shift) or in specified proportions (Option).
  3. Cmd + Shift + 6 – Screenshot of the TouchBar.
  4. Cmd + Shift + 5 – call the “Screenshot” utility in MacOS Mojave. With its help, you can take a picture of the entire screen, a separate area of ​​it, the active window, and also take a video of the entire screen or a selected area.

In the “Terminal” you can change the location and format of screenshots, enable the window shadow or remove it if it gets in the way.

In addition, you can take screenshots on a MacBook using the above online resources (Lightshot, Yandex.Disk, dropbox) or programs that can be downloaded and installed for free (Greenshot, SSmaker, etc.).

Why can’t I screenshot my screen?

If you can’t take a screenshot using the Prntscr button, it might just not work. First, clean the keyboard, at least around the desired button.

Maybe you need to press it in combination with the Fn key (if they are the same color).

The function key lock F1-F12 (F-lock) can also prevent Print Screen from working – check if it is enabled.

The keyboard driver could have failed – it will have to be updated or reinstalled. Restarting the laptop may help. Background utilities can also block Prntscr – try disabling them. If the button is definitely out of order, you can use the standard “Scissors”, install a screenshot program or use the online service in the browser.

Perhaps everything is fine with the Print Screen key, but nothing seems to happen from pressing it on the screen. The snapshot remains invisible until it is pasted into a graphics editor, so you should try to launch Paint and press Ctrl + V. In Windows 10, if you pressed Print Screen in combination with the Win button, look for the file in the folder where the screenshots are automatically saved “Computer” – “Pictures” – “Screenshots”.

Where is the screenshot button on the laptop

The Prntscr key on a laptop is located in the upper right corner and can be either separate, clearly visible, or hidden among buttons with other functions. In the event that its color (or the color of the Print Screen letters) matches the color of the Fn button, you can use it only after pressing Fn.

Where are screenshots saved in laptop?

Screenshots taken using the Prntscr button or the “Scissors” button can be saved in any convenient folder, created specially or already on your computer.

If in Windows 10 you used the Win + Print Scrn keys and are looking for saved files, open the Pictures – Screenshots folder. The keyboard shortcut Alt + Win + Print Scrn saves the screen of the active window to the “Videos” “Clips” folder.

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