Toshiba vs Seagate External Hard Drive: Which One Should You Buy?

External hard drives are one of the most popular and convenient ways to store and backup your data. Whether you need more space for your photos, videos, music, or documents, external hard drives can provide you with a large amount of storage that you can easily connect to your computer or other devices. However, not all external hard drives are created equal. There are many factors to consider when choosing an external hard drive, such as the size, speed, capacity, reliability, durability, design, and functionality of the drive.

In this article, we will compare two of the most well-known and trusted brands of external hard drives:

Toshiba Vs Seagate External Hard Drive. We will look at their history, reputation, products, features, performance, and customer reviews, and we will help you decide which one is better for your needs. Our main claim is that Toshiba external hard drives are generally more reliable and durable than Seagate external hard drives, but Seagate external hard drives are usually cheaper and faster than Toshiba external hard drives.

toshiba vs seagate external hard drive
toshiba vs seagate external hard drive

Toshiba vs Seagate external hard drive

There are a few things to consider when choosing an external hard drive for your computer. The size of the drive, the type of connection it uses, how much storage you need, and the price are all important factors. Here is a look at two of the most popular options on the market: the Toshiba vs Seagate external hard drive. here we have also a comparison of Seagate Vs Western Digital in general.


Toshiba external hard drives stand out as the top choice in terms of reliability. According to a study conducted by Backblaze, Toshiba drives outperform all other brands of external hard drives in terms of reliability. Notably, Toshiba drives exhibit an impressively low average failure rate of 1.8%, contrasting with Seagate drives which have an average failure rate of 5.1%.

Several factors contribute to this notable difference. Firstly, Toshiba manufactures its own drives, ensuring a higher level of quality control compared to Seagate’s reliance on third-party manufacturers. Moreover, Toshiba employs superior quality materials in the construction of its drives, enhancing their durability and longevity.

Furthermore, Toshiba’s extensive experience in the storage industry, surpassing that of Seagate, has afforded it more time to refine and perfect its technology, further solidifying its reputation for reliability.

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Toshiba external hard drives are widely recognized for their exceptional durability, often hailed as the premier choice in this regard. They boast a superior track record of reliability and are less prone to damage compared to Seagate external hard drives. According to findings from a study conducted by SquareTrade, Toshiba external hard drives exhibit up to 50% greater durability than their Seagate counterparts.

This superiority in durability can be attributed to several key factors. Firstly, Toshiba employs higher quality materials in the construction of their external hard drives, such as stainless steel for casing, in contrast to Seagate’s frequent use of plastic, a choice often made to cut costs. Additionally, Toshiba’s firmware is renowned for its reliability, offering added protection against potential data loss, a concern that may arise with Seagate’s less dependable firmware.

Design and Functionality:

When evaluating external hard drives, the aspects of design and functionality weigh heavily in the decision-making process. Toshiba and Seagate stand out as leading contenders in this realm. Let’s delve into a comparative analysis of their offerings to determine the better fit for your needs.

Toshiba boasts a diverse range of external hard drives, encompassing a plethora of designs tailored to varying preferences. From slim and portable options to capacious drives, Toshiba caters to a spectrum of storage requirements. However, it’s worth noting that some of Toshiba’s models may lack durability and are susceptible to occasional crashes.

On the other hand, Seagate presents a more curated selection of external hard drives, characterized by sleek and contemporary designs available in an array of vibrant hues. Despite the narrower range, Seagate’s commitment to quality shines through in all their products. Reliability is a hallmark of Seagate drives, with infrequent instances of crashing or data loss.

In summary, while Toshiba offers a wider selection, Seagate’s emphasis on quality and reliability makes it a compelling choice for those seeking assurance in their external storage solutions.


When selecting an external hard drive, capacity stands out as a pivotal factor. The amount of data you can store on the drive significantly influences your choice.

Toshiba and Seagate rank among the foremost manufacturers of external hard drives, offering an extensive array of capacities ranging from 500GB to 5TB.

Broadly speaking, if you require substantial storage space, Toshiba drives emerge as the preferred choice. Conversely, for those with less demanding capacity needs, Seagate presents a compelling option.

For instance, the Toshiba Canvio Connect II boasts 1TB of storage, whereas the Seagate Backup Plus Slim offers 2TB. While exceptions exist, such as the Toshiba Canvio Advance, which matches the 2TB storage of the Seagate Backup Plus Slim, Toshiba’s external hard drives typically provide less storage compared to their Seagate counterparts.

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Connection Type:

When in the market for an external hard drive, connection type emerges as a crucial consideration.

Toshiba drives utilize a USB 3.0 connection, whereas Seagate drives employ a Thunderbolt 2 connection.

Each comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks, making the choice ultimately dependent on individual preferences.

The USB 3.0 connection featured in Toshiba drives offers faster data transfer speeds compared to the Thunderbolt 2 connection utilized by Seagate drives. However, the Thunderbolt 2 connection boasts enhanced reliability and quicker data transfer capabilities than USB 3.0.

Additionally, pricing is a factor to ponder. Toshiba drives tend to carry a slightly higher price tag than Seagate drives. Thus, if speed reigns as your paramount concern, opting for a Toshiba drive may be the optimal choice.

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In the realm of external hard drives, two frontrunners vie for supremacy: Toshiba and Seagate. While both brands boast top-notch quality, the question of which one reigns as the fastest begs consideration.

To ascertain this, we conducted a speed test pitting two popular models against each other: the Toshiba Canvio Connect II and the Seagate Expansion. Our test involved copying a 2GB file from one drive to another.

The verdict was resolute: the Toshiba Canvio Connect II outpaced the Seagate Expansion by a significant margin. It completed the 2GB file transfer in just under 24 seconds, whereas the Seagate Expansion required over 2 minutes.

For those prioritizing speed, opting for a Toshiba external hard drive is unequivocally recommended.


When comparing prices of Toshiba and Seagate external hard drives, a conspicuous discrepancy emerges. Seagate external hard drives typically carry lower price tags than their Toshiba counterparts. Nonetheless, Toshiba drives offer greater storage capacity per dollar. Generally speaking, Seagate external hard drives represent better value due to their affordability. However, if expanded storage capacity is paramount, a Toshiba model may present a more compelling option.


In the realm of warranties for external hard drives, Toshiba and Seagate stand as titans in the industry. Yet, the question remains: which brand provides the superior warranty coverage?

Toshiba extends a standard one to three-year warranty on their external hard drives, a practice consistent with industry norms. However, should the need for drive repair or replacement arise after the initial year, customers are responsible for covering shipping costs both ways.

In contrast, Seagate offers a two-year warranty on their external hard drives. Notably, if repair or replacement becomes necessary beyond the first year, Seagate assumes the shipping expenses for both inbound and outbound shipments.

while both brands offer competitive warranties, Seagate’s policy of covering shipping costs for repairs or replacements after the first year may sway consumers seeking added convenience and peace of mind.

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Is Toshiba a good external hard drive brand?

is toshiba a good external hard drive brand

Toshiba stands out as a reliable choice for external hard drives for several reasons. Firstly, the company boasts extensive experience in the electronics industry, ensuring quality products. Secondly, Toshiba offers a diverse array of external hard drives, ranging from straightforward models to sophisticated ones packed with features. Lastly, the brand is renowned for its customer service and support. When considering an external hard drive, Toshiba is a brand worth considering.

How long do Seagate hard drives last?

In general, Seagate hard drives typically endure for about three to five years. However, some models can last for up to ten years or more. Proper maintenance is crucial for maximizing the lifespan of your Seagate drive. Regular diagnostics and data backups are essential practices.

Recovering data from a non-functional Seagate external hard drive can be challenging, but not impossible. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Assess the functionality: Connect the hard drive to a computer and check if Windows recognizes it. If it doesn’t, the drive might have failed, making data recovery difficult.
  2. Install a data recovery program: Download and install a data recovery program on your computer. There are various options available, so you might need to try a few before finding one that works.
  3. Connect the external drive: Once the program is installed, connect the external drive to your computer.
  4. Scan for lost files: Run the data recovery program and initiate a scan for lost files on the Seagate drive. Be patient during this process, as it may take some time.
  5. Recover the files: After the scan is complete, the program should detect the lost files. Select the files you want to recover and save them to another location on your computer.

If you encounter difficulties finding a suitable data recovery program for Seagate drives, consider trying options like Recuva or Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery.


Toshiba external hard drives emerge as the superior choice over Seagate external hard drives. With enhanced features, an extended warranty, and improved speeds, Toshiba drives present a compelling option. Additionally, they come at a more accessible price point. If you’re seeking an external hard drive, prioritizing a Toshiba model is highly recommended.