how to turn off touchpad on asus laptop?

Asus is considered one of the most famous and strongest manufacturing corporations among the total number of laptop creators. This title belongs to her by right, since especially bright and different models of devices are created here. Form factor, design, high performance, build quality all this is radically different from other companies. This list can be continued to the smallest detail. Take, for example, disabling the touchpad, and here in this content, we will discuss How To Turn Off Touchpad On Asus Laptop. This is a useful feature that becomes a must for those who type a lot on a laptop.

How To Turn Off Touchpad On Asus Laptop?

To disable the touchpad on an Asus laptop, you need to know a few tricks, which will be described below.

You can turn off touchpad on Asus laptop by

  • Using the keyboard
  • In BIOS
  • Using Device Manager

Disable Asus Touchpad Using keyboard

The first and most convenient method of disabling the touchpad on a laptop. Modern technologies are constantly moving towards improvement, facilitating some actions in the life of their consumers, and Asus has been a leader in this business for many years now. The developers are trying to bring all the main functionality to an open and convenient place. This place was and remains the functional row of buttons on the keyboard of the laptop.

In most models, the function of disabling and enabling the touchpad on a laptop is displayed on one of the F keys. Unfortunately, it is not well-established and its location varies depending on the model and line of devices. But the pressing method remains the same for everyone: quick alternate pressing of hot buttons “Fn” + “F”. For example, in the “Republic of Gamers” line of gaming devices, the necessary function is hidden under the “F10” button. And on models in the Chromebook line “F9”.

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Also, on some Windows operating systems, the touchpad is disabled through the settings. To disable the touchpad on a laptop Asus windows 10 version – you need to go to the “Settings” start menu, wherein the “Device” section, select the “Touchpad” menu. Further, nothing complicated just move the switch to the “Off” position. Here you can find a few more convenient functions related to the operation of the touchpad.

How do I disable touchpad on ASUS BIOS?

The next method is limited to using BIOS I / O settings. In this way, those users who do not use the touchpad at all usually turn off the touchpad on an asus laptop.

To do this, during a full reboot of the operating system, you need to get into BIOS and repeat the following algorithm:

  1. In the open Bios window, use the arrow cursor to find the “Advanced” section.
  2. “Internal Pointing Device” line: instead of “Enabled”, it needs to be changed to “Disabled”.
  3. Save the changes that were made.
  4. Restart the system again.
How Do I Disable Touchpad On ASUS BIOS

When using this option, remember that this is the root of the device shutdown. This means that if it was disabled in BIOS, then using the keys or Windows settings it will not be possible to enable it. It is also activated in Bios.

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How do I disable Asus touchpad in Device Manager?

If the touchpad on an asus laptop on the windows 7 operating system does not turn off, then the device manager will definitely work. To get into the “Device Manager”, call the line “Run” using the key combination “Win” + “R”. Next – copy and paste the line “devmgmt.msc” and click “OK”. After that, the window we need will open, where among the general list we look for the section “Mice and other pointing devices”. In the drop-down list, we find the name of our touchpad and click on it with the right mouse button, after which we press “Disable” in the context menu. Thus the mouse on the laptop will be disabled.

It should be noted that in different laptops, in the dispatcher, its name will be different. On an Asus laptop, either the standard name “HID-compatible mouse” or “Port TouchPad” remains.

With the laptop in full technical and systemic health, all ways above on How To Turn Off Touchpad On Asus Laptop work flawlessly on devices from Asus. In general, there are several other ways to disable the touchpad on laptop computers. For example, Hewlett-Packard manufacturers are bringing a separate touchpad on/off button to the keyboard or directly to the touchpad. You can’t argue, it’s really convenient. And Japanese developer Toshiba mainly uses a touch-sensitive mouse from Synaptics. Its installation provides for the presence of special software on the laptop, with which the on and off control is performed.

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