How to turn off voicemail iPhone?

The function of automatic reception and answering of incoming calls was used even in fixed wired telephones. It was useful if the subscriber did not want or did not have the opportunity to answer calls. Over time, the same opportunity appeared in mobile devices. On iPhone, the voicemail is present by default and turns on automatically. Some people like this function, others are annoyed by it, so it is not surprising that the question of how to turn off voicemail iphone.

How To Turn Off Voicemail IPhone

How to turn on voicemail iPhone?

To use auto-answer to incoming calls, you do not need to install third-party applications, since the availability of the service is determined by the capabilities of the mobile operator. To activate this service, you can use any of the convenient options below.

  • Mobile app.
  • Personal Area.
  • USSD command.
  • Customer service office.

You can also activate the function through the phone settings by going through the path: “Settings” → “General” → “Universal access” → “Sound source” → “Auto answer calls”. Here, move the slider to the right to activate the mode and select the length of the pause before answering the call automatically.

How to set up voicmail on iPhone

The auto-answer option for incoming calls is part of the functionality of the Apple mobile device, and is located in the “Phone” section. Setting up the voice assistant is performed according to a specific algorithm and does not depend on the model and version of the iPhone. Beginners can use the following instruction,

  • Open the “Settings” menu in any convenient way.
  • Tap the “Phone” icon and go to the section.
  • In the lower right corner, find the “Voicemail” icon and click on it.
  • Select “Configure” from the list of available operations.
  • To access the remote storage, enter the password, and then follow the instructions of the iPhone and the cellular operator. Confirm the end of the configuration process by pressing the call key.

Now you need to configure the Visual voicemail feature. For this you need:

  • Click on the “Configure now” button;
  • Come up with a combination of characters and enter it twice in the appropriate fields;
  • Specify a greeting. You can choose a ready-made version, enter a written phrase or record it by voice (click on the “Record” button, speak the prepared text, and then click on “Stop” and “Save”).
  • To finish, click on the “Finish” button.

This completes the setting of the voicemail service. But if for some reason the need to use the voice assistant disappears, the function can be turned off.

How To Turn Off Voicemail IPhone?

Deactivating the voicemail function on an Apple device is simple and does not require certain skills and knowledge. Depending on the purpose for which this step is taken, you can temporarily disable the service or abandon it forever.

Temporary shutdown

This option allows you to disable the forwarding of missed calls to voicemail for a certain period of time, which the user has the right to define independently. For this you will need:

  • Switch to dialing mode;
  • Enter the short service code ## 002 # from the keyboard and press the call key.
  • Wait until the end of processing the request.

From now on, the function will be temporarily deactivated, which, however, will not cause changes in the use of the service provided by the mobile provider. If it is connected within the selected tariff, it will be charged as before.

Complete removal

If the auto answer key in the Phone app remains in place when temporarily disabled, you can easily get rid of it when completely removed. The procedure to permanently stop using a voicemail can be easily done on smartphones that have previously been jailbroken. For this you will need:

  • Go to the Cydia store.
  • Find the application “VoicemailRemoveriOS7” and download it.
  • Install the selected utility on the iPhone.
  • Go to the general “Settings” of the smartphone.
  • Find the line “VoicemailRemoveriOS7” in the list of installed programs.
  • Move the slider to the left, setting the position “Disabled”.

Finally, you will need to restart your mobile device and the voicemail key from the Phone application will disappear.

How To Turn Off Voicemail IPhone through telecom operators?

There are several large telecom operators and each of them provides a voicemail service.  Voicemail is considered a convenient means of communication, especially if the owner of the iPhone cannot answer an incoming call. But when the service is no longer needed, you can turn it off with your cellular provider. Similar to connecting to a service, there are several ways to deactivate the function.

Popular Cellular Company

  • AT&T

USSD request

This option is convenient if Internet access is limited or absent. To deactivate the “Voice Mail” package in use, you need to dial the service command and press the call button:

Short SMS

This option, like the first one, does not require an Internet connection. All that is required from the subscriber is to send one of three possible combinations of numbers to the short number.

Mobile app

The functionality of the program specially created for the iPhone allows you to manage all your services. There are a few simple steps to turn off the voicemail function.

  • After launching the application, touch the icon with the image of three stripes in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • In the menu that opens, find the line “Services”.
  • Expand the Connected tab.
  • Select “Voice mail” in the list of available services;
  • Move the slider to the left to deactivate the option.

If all actions are performed correctly, a short notification will be sent to your phone.

How To Turn Off Voicemail IPhone using third party app?

Speaking about using and disabling the voicemail service on Apple mobile devices, one cannot fail to mention such an option as a special program created for this purpose. It allows you to completely delete the voicemail from the smartphone’s memory, as well as the icon on the bottom panel of the desktop. This method is considered extremely convenient, but only suitable for those models that have been jailbroken.

How To Turn Off Voicemail IPhone using third party app?

To remove the auto-answer feature from your iPhone, you will need:

  • Enter the Cydia app store.
  • Find there a free program “VoicemailRemoveriOS7” and download.
  • Install the utility and wait for all components to be installed.
  • Next, you need to open the “Settings” through the menu or quick access panel.
  • Go to the “Applications” section.
  • In the list of available programs, find a utility named “VoicemailRemoveriOS7”.
  • Touch the slider, and, without releasing your finger, move it to the right until it stops. This will activate the program.

All that remains for the owner of the iPhone is to restart the device. After it turns on again, “Voicemail” along with its icon will disappear from the phone’s memory, and all unread messages will be erased with it. If after some time you need to reactivate the service, you can do this through the phone’s general settings menu. You just need to move the switch to the active position opposite the application name.

Frequently asked question about voicemail

What is voicemail service?

The service allows you to automatically record and save voice messages from subscribers who could not get through for any reason.

When is the “Voice Mail” option activated?

• The phone is out of range of the network;
• The device is turned off;
• The subscriber is busy and cannot answer the call (he is driving or attending a business meeting).

How does voicemail work on an iPhone?

The principle of the service is quite simple: if a call is received on the iPhone, which remains unanswered or was dropped, it is forwarded to a special number provided by the cellular operator. After the audio greeting, the subscriber is asked to leave a message, and then the recording starts.

What are the features of the voicemail service?

Recordings left by callers can be listened to at any time of the day without creating inconvenience with callbacks.
In the recorded greeting, the owner of the iPhone has the right to provide relevant information, for example, the reason for the absence and the time of availability for direct communication.

When is an incoming call forwarding to a service number triggered?

The duration of the call and the response time of the answering machine are set directly by the owner of the iPhone.

In which regions can the voicemail function be used?

Voice Mail operates both in the US and abroad. The rates for listening to messages are charged in accordance with the conditions of the region where they came from. Therefore, the fee for voice recordings received from abroad is charged in accordance with international roaming rules.

Why is there interference with the voice assistant?

• The “Virtual Voicemail” service is not included in the tariff plan used;
• Lack of money in the account (some operators charge a separate fee for using the services);
• The function setting is missing or the parameters were entered incorrectly.