9 Uses Of Tablet Computer For Everyone in Daily Life in 2023

The tablet was at the peak of popularity a few years ago, and now many have thrown them to gather dust or given them as toys to children because smartphones with large diagonals and cool functionality have appeared. But this gadget can be given a chance to be useful. what are other uses of tablet, in addition to surfing the Internet and scrolling through social networks in this article. 

uses of tablet Computer

Let’s discuss each use of tablet computer step by step.

9 uses of tablet computer
9 uses of tablet computer

Use Tablet as a remote control

TV remotes break quite often: they are dropped, flooded, buttons are torn out, and some are completely lost. In this case, an Android tablet will help to urgently correct the situation, the main thing is that there is Wi-Fi at home. Install a universal application, for example, Universal TV Remote Control.

If your TV has its own application, such as Samsung Smart View, then it is better to install it – in such applications, it is enough to select your brand of TV from those offered and you can safely control it. If you use a TV set-top box, then you need to install its proprietary application. Next, pair it with the tablet by finding the prefix by searching or by entering the IP address.

Of course, these methods also have disadvantages. Some applications are buggy and cannot connect to the TV. Another disadvantage is the size of the tablet, which can be inconvenient for some to use. You need to understand that this is a temporary option. Better in the end to get a normal remote control and not suffer.  

You can also make a remote control for a laptop from a tablet. The Monet application, which has a ready-made remote control, is suitable here. The functionality is small, but it is quite possible to turn down the sound or pause the video without getting up from the couch. To do this, install the application on both a laptop and a tablet. Synchronize them and, by clicking on Media, direct.

Another remote control that a tablet can serve as is a smart home remote control. This system can control lighting, heating, and surveillance cameras from a single control center, where signals from numerous sensors enter. All this is controlled with the help of special applications from manufacturers of smart things. Once installed, the user will keep their home under control by viewing surveillance cameras and controlling home systems by clicking on various buttons and sliders. Perhaps the tablet is ideal for such control.  

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Use Tablet as an e-book

The tablet can be used as a regular reader or textbook in schools where it is allowed. But there are also nuances. The battery drains faster than dedicated readers, eyes can also tire more quickly, and it can be difficult for some to hold the tablet in their hands for a long time. But if you choose an option with a diagonal of 7-8 inches and install special programs for reading, then these disadvantages can be leveled.

Use tablet as a graphics tablet

Let’s move on to more creative use, namely, to turn an ordinary tablet into a graphic one. But, as always, there are pitfalls. Firstly, you can make a tablet graphic only with the help of third-party applications and if the device’s sensor supports the use of a stylus. And secondly, an ordinary tablet will never be able to become a full-fledged replacement for a special graphics one, at least due to the lower sensitivity and accuracy of the sensor. But for those who, in principle, do not plan to become the new Van Gogh, this is quite a suitable option.  

For drawing, for example, the Architecture application is suitable, in which you can draw with a stylus and even with your finger. To create a drawing, there are all the necessary tools and functions: a pencil, a pen, a brush, a choice of line thickness, and others. If you want to draw and see the masterpiece being created on the computer screen, then specialized applications will be useful here. One such Virtual Tablet. We download the mobile version to the tablet and install Virtual Tablet Server on the computer. You can connect devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB. In the latter case, you need to configure USB debugging. 

Use tablet as a display screen

For those who give lectures, lessons, courses or shows presentations, the tablet can also be useful. It can even be connected to a projector using the HDMI connector on the projector and micro HDMI on the tablet (you need a special adapter). If there is no HDMI in principle or there is no possibility of such a connection, then the good old VGA will help, which connects to the tablet via a VGA-micro HDMI adapter. You can make other connection options suitable for the user.  

Use tablet as a teleprompter

Bloggers and presenters can also use the tablet as a teleprompter. Of course, you can buy a professional device, but you can get by with improvised means. For example, as in the photo below (the text on the tablet is not mirrored). To do this, you need glass, a camera on a tripod and, in fact, the tablet itself. All that is missing is something dark, for example, a fabric or a box, to cover this design on top and sides, otherwise the letters will be difficult to see. Glass must be installed empirically, choosing the appropriate angle of inclination. When choosing glass, it is necessary to pay attention to transparency and reflectivity.

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Use tablet as gamepad

On the Internet, you can find a lot of applications for turning a tablet into a gamepad. Let’s take the already familiar Monect application. Install the server part of the application (Monect PC Remote) on the PC, and the mobile part on the tablet and make sure that they are on the same network. Having connected via Wi-Fi, select the type of gamepad depending on the game you want to play, and go ahead. There are few layouts, but it is possible to design your own by customizing the buttons depending on the specific game and preferences. In general, you can play, but this option is suitable when the desire to play outweighs the comfort when passing the game. 

use tablet as gamepad
use tablet as gamepad

Use tablet as a keyboard or touchpad

The favorite cat gnawed the cord from the keyboard, and you need to type urgently. A tablet will help out, which, with the help of the already mentioned Monect program, can also be used as a keyboard or mouse, or rather a touchpad. With their help, you can type text, write, send a message and move the cursor.

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Use tablet as a security camera Screen

When there is a need for a video surveillance camera, specialized equipment is usually installed. But what if you urgently want to know what your pet is doing alone. A tablet will help out on which you need to install the necessary software, for example, the well-known IP Webcam application . 

We install the application on a tablet and the server part of the IP Camera Adapter on a computer or laptop. Then you can immediately click the “Start Broadcasting” button or configure something: select a camera (main or front), adjust video quality, orientation (portrait, landscape) and much more. You can watch the broadcast through the VLC program or a browser by entering the IP address displayed at the bottom of the screen during the broadcast into the search bar. Through the browser, you can not only watch, but also take photos, record videos and much more.

Use tablet as a second monitor

A second monitor can come in handy for both work and play. If there is no full-fledged device available, you can take a tablet. This will also require a third-party application, the choice of which will depend on the user and the capabilities of the device. For example, the very popular Spacedesc. As in other cases, you need to install it on your tablet and computer by downloading the server part from the official website. The main condition is that the devices must be on the same local network. 

We launch the program, after which the application on the tablet should independently detect the IP address (if this does not happen, it must be entered manually). After connection, you can adjust the screen, make an extension to two monitors, duplicate the image, etc. Playing with this arrangement of the monitor and tablet is not very convenient, but the second screen can help when working with various programs. The photo below shows an example of work in the Sony Vegas program, with the audio mixing window placed on the tablet. 

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In addition to all these Uses Of Tablet, the tablet can be used to watch TV or listen to music. It is useful for showing cartoons to children at home and, importantly, on the road. You can download educational games, applications for drawing, video editing, etc. to it. In general, it all depends on your desire and imagination. Share your options for using tablets in the comments.